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Comments: I just got the Prince 100T ESP from TW. My current/previous racquet was the Wilson 99S -- I have not decided to favor which one. I like both, but unfortunately I've got arm issues. The 99S has served me well for over 2 years but what made me switch was my arm. The 100T ESP felt very comfortable and more accurate than the 99S. True, the Prince is much less powerful than the Wilson, but the accuracy and feel was much better than the 99S. My serves and volleys were much better. Baseline play required me to swing a bit more. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase.
From: Eric, 3/16

Comments: I tried the older versions of this racquet and I didn't really like this one. I find the launch trajectory to be too high for me even with a closed face. You can literally see the ball go up 8 feet over the net and dip down from the spin. Rallying and practice with friends is quite embarrassing to be honest, every ball I hit looks like it is going to fly out but still manages to dip down in time. Very slow game play due to too much trajectory. I will recommend this racquet to only flat hitters because the launch angle solves their needs, those heavy spin hitters should avoid it or maybe just give it a demo and see if it creates too much spin.
From: J, 11/15

Comments: Awesome with a little lead at 3 and 9 for plow and enhanced slice and volleys. Even with a full bed of 15g syn gut (for non string breakers). I have been playing with the 99S and modified 99LS for the past 18 months. This allows for spin and flat drives. I have demoed the "pro" version of this ESP and find this one to be more to my liking.
From: Anon, 11/14

Comments: I tried the new version of this racquet and did not like the way it felt. I am able to really hit out with this racquet with different types of string. For the cooler temps we have here in my area, I am using different multi strings all strung at 57 lbs. This racquet keeps on giving me the spin and touch I need for doubles or singles.
From: Mike, 11/14

Comments: After years of not playing, (possibly even a whole decade) due to sever Tennis Elbow, which had to be surgically repaired; I went back into hitting with pure hesitation last summer. Bought the original Prince Silver as a stepping stone (I regret this move) thinking that I would need so much power to be able to hit the ball back due to my arm issues. Apparently, I didn't need to. After about a month of hitting with the Prince Silver, I craved more spin and control on all my swings. Upon searching and reading so many reviews here at Tennis Warehouse, I came to the conclusion that the Prince 100T ESP was and is truly the racquet I needed for my arm and swing style. Thank God for Prince for making this absurdly amazing product. I strung it with Babolat RPM 17G at 55 lbs, originally I thought I had made a poor choice on the string due to lack of power but once it loosened up a bit, I was able to plow through balls after balls with wicked and mean wicked spin. My arm has not bothered me at all and my game elevated beyond expectations. FYI -- do not chicken swing with this stick; you need confidence on strokes to be able to take advantage of the spin potential from the racquet. If not the ball will tend to have high trajectory and will go out or just hit the net. On volleys, this racquet is very maneuverable; on serves, it took a bit of getting used to, but my slice serves ended packing more pace and kick serves are as easy as algebra. You cannot make a mistake with this racquet as long as it's swung with confidence. Thank you Prince and Tennis Warehouse!
From: Ryan, 11/14

Comments: Awesome racquet. I'm a steady 4.0 mens player, back in the game after a long time off. Went from my ancient ProStaff to a Volkl this year to this gem. Right off the bat, the frame is rock steady, no vibration even on off center shots, never looking at your wrist or shaking it. Worried about breakage so I went to Prince topspin 15L, at 55 lbs. I think the tension might be a little low, might go 58 lbs or so but the control, oh the control is there. Not so much spin right out of the bat, but could be more my stroke and just more time to groove it (15L might not give it). Might try a bit of hybrid sting next time. Played about 15 hours on it, no breakage so far. Very happy, was considering Wilson but glad I choose this one.
From: Byron, 9/14

Comments: I bought 2 Prince Tour 100T ESP racquets but am having problems with strings breaking in 40 minutes. Very nice and comfortable racquet but the strings keep breaking in less than 1 hour.
From: Rodrigo, 9/14

Comments: Tested two racquets tonight. I usually play with the Prince O3 Speedport Red 105 or the Prince Graphite 97. Looking for a racquet with the best of both. Tested the Prince LS100 White and the Tour 100T ESP. Both racquets are 300grams. The White felt more solid, bigger and forgiving. Probably through the string pattern (16x19). The Tour 100T feels lighter, faster and more and more accurate when hitting the ball right. More slice, power and topspin. When I would only play single-games, I might chose the White but for playing doubles, I prefer the Tour much more because there is more speed on volleys, balanced serving, lots of spin/slice and still very comfortable! Try these two racquets and I think you will choose the Tour.
From: Jereon, 2/14

Comments: The first thing you will notice about this racquet is that it really spins the ball well. You will also see that the ball now nose dives a lot more aggressively and stays within the line. The other thing I noticed about it was the powerful but buttery feeling on impact. It feels great, very comfortable, but still very much controllable. It took me a while to 'get' this racquet fully and adjust to it. I felt it was a little too light for my taste and added about 10g of lead tape on the handle. Forehands play well with this stick and if you drive through the ball you can place it anywhere on the court aggressively. Backhands also feel powerful, precise (but strangely nicely buffered). The ball spins great on the backhand as well. Slicing works very well as if the racquet grips the ball and releases once you are through with the slice and the racquet has hit the bottom of the swing pattern. After adding the weight, serves worked great too and have become very controllable. Spin serves are maybe my favorite with this racquet. After playing about 10 times with it, I took out my relatively new Wilson Blade 98 again for a rally but quickly ditched it again for this one. Great racquet. Think I will stick to Prince for a while now. Tips: add weight if too unstable initially. Get used to the racquet for 2-3 rallies.
From: Ken, 12/13

Comments: Coming from the EXO3 Tour 100, this frame is an easy transition as it feels very similar in terms of balance, weight and swing weight (even though it is actually lighter). But it also feels more stable and solid thanks to the increased stiffness and slightly wider beam. It rewards aggressive swings and the spin is easily accessible so the ball will stay in the court if you take a full swing. Though it feels great in stock form, some may want to add weight for a little more plow through.
From: K, 12/13

Comments: I liked this racquet so much that I ordered a second one. It is strung with Wilson Shock Sheild 16g at 60lbs. It feels great with plenty of power and control.
From: Mike, 12/13

Comments: This is a great racquet that has control, maneuverability and power. I like that it is flexible (61 on the stiffness index). I have tried many racquets including the Prince Warrior ESP and I like this one the best. They either had power or control, but not a nice blend of both. This one does. I also like its narrow beam look. It is replacing my Prince Warrior 100.
From: Alex, 11/13

Comments: Agreed -- this is by far my favorite of the spin racquets. Surprising power, spin, and control in a flexible frame. The demo had a full bed of multi, so I can't wait to try my usual hybrid set-up. Having played with a Pure Drive for 4 years and demoed countless potential replacements (I'm looking for something more arm friendly), this is the first frame I could actually see myself switching to without missing a step.
From: Ben, 11/13

Comments: I made the switch to the ESP from the Exo Tour 16x18. Two of my frames have the new Prince Black Tour XS 15g string in it at 60 lbs. I've never played more than 4 games with a full set of poly so I was a little nervous about trying it but the comfort has been fine over quite a few matches now. It felt like I got slightly more pop on my first serve and more kick on the 2nd serve. This racquet is better at flattening out balls than the previous version for sure, I think due to the increased stiffness. It took me a set to dial in my slice, but I got that working pretty well now. Touch shots suffer with the thick poly but another frame I have a poly/multi hybrid and touch shots are good with those strings. One of the big questions about this racquet is the light weight. For people with whippy strokes, you may actually like this at stock weight. The frame is incredibly stable for the weight. Try it stock first before adding weight. As for comfort, it is stiffer than the previous generation but still very arm friendly. I think the Double Bridge vibration addition is awesome. You feel zero vibration even on mishits. It is basically a vibration dampener built into the frame. The spin is just nasty. I love it because my opponents hate it!
From: Mikeler, 11/13

Comments: I agree that this frame is very forgiving and very solid. It is my favorite of the spin sticks from Prince and Wilson. It needs at least poly mains as the multi strings (the demo had NXT17 at 60 lbs) snapped in two hours of hitting. For my level (5.0), it does need a little more weight for me to battle some of the heavier hitters, but not much. Maybe a leather grip and 4 to 8 grams in the hoop. I'm contemplating making the switch and I'm not someone who changes sticks very often.
From: David, 11/13

Comments: So easy to use it should be illegal! Had it for a week now, instantly improved my game and after six sessions -- it is dialed. It is very light compared to the EXO3 Tour (16x18), so I weighted up the head 8 grams total on the corners for a little more plow through. Every single shot at my level (4.0 tournament player) is improved. My serve has gone from average to a weapon almost overnight. I can swing it so fast and effortlessly that my racquet head speed is greatly improved on all shots. Whipped-buttery-soft at contact and bites hard then viciously spits out any shot you are good enough to produce but is incredibly forgiving on those not so 'Ferrer-like' swings which meant a big drop in unforced errors too. I have already spanked more than a few players I rarely beat in the first week alone. A great piece of engineering, well done Prince!
From: Tim, 11/13

Comments: Great racquet! I am very pleased with every aspect of how this stick delivers spin, slice, control and power. I have it strung with Dunlop Black Widow 17g at 51 lbs. No problems so far with my arm or elbow.
From: Mike, 11/13

Comments: Very playable stick -- generates tons of spin, easy to swing, forgiving and generous sweet spot, comfortable. Great for players with arm issues. It has that muted feel that in my opinion takes away the fines of play, and I think Prince could have stayed with the 16x18 pattern on this one. I'm not crazy about the extreme open pattern, but it is a must demo for spin monsters!
From: Pete, 11/13

Comments: What tension is everyone using with this racquet, because I'm struggling at getting the right tension with this nice racquet. I had the mains tension higher than the crosses (with TB 16L at 25/24kg) and it gave me inconsistency and so much spin that the balls fly too long or too short. Stringing at 25/26kg seems a lot better though. Besides finding the right tension and gauge, this racquet is super-easy, super-maneuvrable, and has quite a dampened feel.
From: Paolo, 11/13

Comments: Im back for more comments on this raquet. You have to string it with at least a 16 (1.30mm) gauge, if not you will be breaking strings every 4 hours or so. This is due to the extreme spin pattern of the 16x16 string pattern that this racquet has. It gives you crazy spin but with a caveat which is string durability. Im trying Volkl Cyclone 16 and it feels incredible - - I'm just hoping the strings will last more than 6 hours. The raquet actually recommends 15 gauge string. I've never played with such a thick gauge so I'm trying a 16 first. I will be posting more while using this racquet. By the way, I am extremely satisfied with this raquet. It does everything well.
From: Mario, 11/13

Comments: Great raquet for players with arm issues. It delivers massive spin, great slice and serves. I play with the Aero Pro Drive but my shoulder is killing me. I've hit two times with this raquet and I like it. No shoulder issues after 2 hours of heavy hitting. It is not as stable and not as good at the net as the Aero Pro Drive but it delivers more spin, better serves and better slices than the APD. What matters the most is that it is very easy on the shoulder and arm. Very pleased with this raquet overall and plan to buy a second one. Strung it with Volkl Cyclone 17 at 57 lbs.
From: Mario, 10/13

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