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Comments: I have been using the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Plus for four years and decided to change racquets. I was trying the Pestige S and it was wonderful racquet along with the Wilson blade. I tried to give this racquet a chance and it was by far the best decision I have ever made. I am a very aggressive player that likes to have a really heavy ball with control and the angles in this racquet are just amazing. I strung mine with Diadem Pro Solstice 15l at 50 lbs and wow, I cannot emphasize the greatness of this racquet. I really recommend this racquet for players that are afraid of over hitting the ball because with this one it will be impossible to do that.
From: Gabriel, 2/15/17

Comments: It plays like a Prestige but with extra oomph. I strung it with Kirshbaum Pro Line 2 18 gauge rough at 50 lbs. I have been playing with a Prestige for 30 years, this came to me as a surprise, knowing that Babolat makes light powerful racquets. I like the sound it produces when you hit a well struck ball. I am going to buy another one before it runs out. Try this one, if you like Prestige racquets.
From: Joe, 10/16

Comments: I have played with multiple Babolat racquets and this one is nothing like them. Two years ago I developed severe tennis elbow with the Aero Pro, so I switched to and elbow friendly Prince racquet. I bought this racquet on faith, based on the recommendation of several friends who play with it. Dropping the tension to 50 pounds brings out the beauty in this racquet. It has a huge sweet spot. It has so much pop and control, I feel like I am almost cheating when I use it. At 50 pounds tension I can feel no vibration. And the sound of a well struck ball with this racket is glorious. I have loaned one of these to several players, and every single one of them has bought one and strung it at 50 pounds tension. It is now my not-so-secret secret weapon.
From: Rink, 9/16

Comments: You can drop the tension in the racquet strings and sure it's softer on the arm. Let's face it, the tennis racquets of yesteryear were more flexible, softer, more forgiving on the arm and players like Sampras cranked up the tension as did club and amateur players and we let the materials help us to soften the blow and yet still give more control.
From: Tim, 8/16

Comments: I've always played with an open string pattern. I played with a lot of them -- Yonex (RDS 001, RDS 002, VCORE 95d), Dunlop (Revelation Tour Pro, 4D 300, Biomimetic 200), Wilson (nCode nSix 95), Donnay, etc. I have a confident one-handed backhand that at my level is considered good, but my forehand is western and my technique is not as good as I want. I usually hit the ball late and don`t have a good follow through. I don`t feel confident with my forehand. I always have been searching for the perfect racquet and I found it in the PST -- solid with a generous sweetspot and with a leather grip (or lead tape in the handle) to make it enough maneuverable. The 18x20 pattern allows me to hit my forehand with more confidence. You need to swing fast, but you`ll be rewarded. It is a bit hard to find the perfect string tension and the perfect strings. But I can say that Signum Pro Poly Plasma at 51/53 lbs (24/23 kgs) works good for me.
From: CF, 8/16

Comments: Agree with many of the complaints about the vibration issue of this racquet. I lowered the tension of the main string to 51 lbs (23 kgs) and the cross string to 47 lbs (21.5 kgs), and the vibration still exists. That is definitely the problem of the frame. I developed tennis elbow earlier after using this frame in just one week. Fortunately now I have changed to use the Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph and there is no problem with my arm anymore.
From: Ping, 8/16

Comments: I have had a similar experience as Jay. Playing for 30 years, no issues. Switched to the Pure Strike about a year ago. First developed golfers elbow after a few weeks which I was fighting for over 6 months. I tried different strings, tensions, hybrids. Now I'm trying to go from 16x19 to 18x20. The last 30 days, I added tennis elbow and I'm literally losing my arm. After weeks of acupuncture, massages and icing I think it's time to switch to another racquet. The problems of this racquet are vibrations and inconsistency. I have about 8 of these racquets and there are no 2 that are the same. The weight varies on each of them. Differences are from 2 to 10 grams. There is something wrong with quality control as Jason mentioned below.
From: Oskar, 8/16

Comments: Stringing this below the recommended tension range -- 47 lbs and below, brings this racquet to life! It is a closed 18x20 pattern and the pattern alone will give anyone tennis elbow (I got tennis elbow from an IG Prestige doing this, and it's a very soft racquet). Plus, if you string at a tighter tension with even a multifilament, you can not only get tennis elbow, but shoulder problems as well. I liked this racquet as a lighter, flexier, more controllable version of the RF97. It is anything but stiff. Whether you like the feel of the racquet or not, I think it has to be strung looser, with a smaller gauge string -- 17L or 18L to bring out the power, then it's a beast. It has plenty of power (more than a lot of 16x19 patterns) and an abundance of control. If you're looking at a slightly more user friendly version of the Federer racquet, this one is it. I've got two of them. NTRP rating: 4.0
From: Mark, 5/16

Comments: I've been playing for 40 years. I'm a certified coach (PTR). My mechanics are not my issue. I bought 2 of these to try, and strung with multifilaments strung at mid tension -- I developed tennis elbow within 2 weeks. They are stiff as boards with a lot of vibration. There is a good reason why these are on sale everywhere. Thanks Pure Strike Tour for ending my 40 years of tennis.
From: Jay, 4/16

Comments: To all players who wish for a Pure Strike Tour in a 16x19 -- try a thin poly at a low tension. When I started using Tour Bite 18 at 20-22 kgs/44-48 lbs, the racquet was transformed. Before I used to have RPM Blast 16 at 24 kgs/53 lbs. I had the same wish before, but not any more. Now I feel lucky I have this 18x20.
From: Sven, 3/16

Comments: Stiff as a board. I would recommend using gut or a soft premium multifilament and avoid poly. Then this racquet will be amazing! I usually use Babolat Pure Hurricane Tour 17 and Signum in my racquets (depending on which one) and love polys. But in this racquet, it's time to go old school. Put Xcel, NXT, or Prince Pemier in it and will be living a dream! Pockets, responsive, and feel.
From: Derrick, 1/16

Comments: This is a very impressive frame from Babolat. Like many of the other reviewers I don't care for the Pure Drive or the Pure Aero lines due to their lack of feel but this Pure Strike Tour is nothing like those clubs. It's crisp, precise and powerful with a scalpel like feel. It's fairly stiff for a players racquet but not overly so. I don't understand how anyone can say this racket is too heavy or cumbersome though, if anything it was a little on the light side compared to the RF97 and Vcore 330 but nothing that some lead tape can't help with. A word of advice to 4.0+ players under 70, ditch those oversize feather-light frames and pick up a stick with real plow through. Once you get used to a player's racquet anything less feels like a kid's toy. Like a few others I also would prefer the Tour in a 16x19 string pattern but the spin potential is good enough with 18x20. Unfortunately Babolat made the 16x19 into one of the toys rackets I referred to.
From: Chris, 1/16

Comments: I've never liked Babolats at all and I've tried a few and sold all of them. I wanted to like them because they all look cool but just couldn't play with any of them until now. I found this racquet by accident actually, I went to play with a guy that just ordered and received a bunch of racquets to try out and the Pure Strike Tour was among them. I've asked to try one of the Tours (he had 2) and it was love at first sight...or hit. What a fantastic racquet! It has just about everything I desire in a racquet. I had already ceased to search for a stick with a similar feel and vibe of the Pro Staff 90 and had settled with the Prince Tour 100 of David Ferrer. It's curious David has just changed to Babolat recently and, without knowing it, I just did the same. I bought one of my friends Babolat and after 2 weeks hitting and playing with hit I've ordered 2 more of these from TW strung with Luxilon 4G Soft. I must say the TW review is spot on and don't need to repeat what they've found except I didn't find it cumbersome or too hefty and actually find it very maneuverable and fast and solid on volleys and serves. Just want to share my satisfaction in finding my perfect racquet! I won't be writing reviews for more racquets in the near future. This is a winner!
From: Bernardo, 1/16

Comments: I bought two of these. One is rock solid and has a buttery feel, no vibration. Another has vibration running down the handle that is reminiscent of a kazoo or harmonica. Really unpleasant and I am sure will be bringing on tennis elbow. Something definitely wrong with quality control on this. I wrote Babolat and still have yet to hear back. If you get a good frame, this is the best stick money can currently buy.
From: Jason, 1/16

Comments: It's really vital that you know how to use this racquet just right. The heft of it really makes you use whatever strength you have. Granted that you have the strength to maneuver this weapon, it's really great, giving the nice blend of control and precision. I just wished this was a 16x19 string pattern, because I do like to have a bit more topspin. As a high school player, I put in Luxilon ALU Power Spin and it worked well for me.
From: Matthew, 12/15

Comments: This racquet, the Pure Strike Tour 18x20, is the perfect kind of stick that works for any intermediate player. It has great feel, good power, and very nice control. I had been playing with the Head Prestige Mid and I liked that. However, while looking for a backup racquet, a local pro told me to try this out. I did and I really like it. The weight gives you very nice plow through without tiring out your arm. I feel a certain amount of confidence when I swing with it that is difficult to get with any other racquet that I have played with. Give it a shot to see what you think.
From: John, 11/15

Comments: Awesome racquet. I have played with a Liquidmetal Prestige MP for many years and never found anything worth switching for (including the newer Prestiges), and never liked Babolats, until now. It's a very similar spec to the Prestige but plays much better. More powerful -- commands the ball with great control and touch. I find Babolat grips to be a bit large, so I went down a notch to 4 1/8 plus an overgrip and I'm very happy with the feel. Using Babolat Hurricane 16 at the high end of the tension range. Negatives? It's a little more demanding and a bit stiffer, so potentially a little harder on the arm/shoulder. Do your pushups!
From: Mark, 9/15

Comments: Best racquet I've ever used. I started with the 18x20, but switched to the Tour. I tried Luxilon 4G, Babolat Hurricane, and some other polys. I discovered the little known string Gamma Zo Verve 17 a couple months ago. Best combo of racquet and string I've ever had. I could go on for hours. I'm a 4.5 with a big serve, I dictate with my forehand and hit angles with backhands and attack the net as well. Plus, the Verve's cosmetics match the racquet. If you use this racquet, get Zo Verve.
From: Nathan, 9/15

Comments: In the end, having played with more than 30 racquets, (using for tournaments the X Red Donnay 99 and lately the Donnay Formula 100), the Pure Strike came as the ideal combination of weight and feeling. I used both the 16x20 and 18x20, not the tour (heavy). The Pure Strike is indeed a special kind of animal, it feels light and hits with amazing precision; I slightly prefer the 18x20 for the overall sensation of control, I have strung both racquets with Hurricane Pro and Excel and they play superbly; probably the best Babolat ever made, by far. It is also a beautiful racquet.
From: Lambros, 7/15

Comments: I bought this racquet when it was first released on the TW website last year. However, when I got into long rallies or tight 3 set matches, I grew tired and initially started spraying balls long. Therefore, I gave the racquet away to a good friend of mine. Yesterday, I played with it again for about 2 hours. I wanted to see what I could do after a whole year of muscle training. Another key factor that's crucial to this situation is that I tore my rotator cuff in March. Anyways, this racquet is hands down the MOST STABLE stick I've played with. I didn't have to beef it up with grams of lead tape because there's already enough mass in the hoop of the frame. Due to that, groundstrokes were absolutely amazing. The racquet never twisted on off- center shots and I could easily use my opponents pace against them. Serving was a breeze! The mass even made my serves both heavier and faster. I was getting good access to spin off my slice and kick despite the 18x20 pattern. Volleys were a great success due to the fact that the frame was stable. Rarely did the ball go long but that's more of a technique problem rather than a racquet one. The sweetspot is pretty big and due to its stability, the racquet is very forgiving. The negative cost of wielding this stick is that you have to be strong to maneuver it. I'm just your average 6'2", 180 lbs human being coming off an injury, but I'm positive if you put your mind to it, you can use this astonishing racquet.
From: Edward, 5/15

Comments: I was one of the first to buy this racquet when it came out. I have to admit the paint job and cosmetics and the nice marketing video was the only reason I considered it. I was going to go for the Prestige MP because that suited my net game the most with its stability. But when I demoed the Pure Strike, it felt like this is what racquets in heaven would be like. My shaky one-hander suddenly became a reliable shot and sometimes even a massive weapon. My forehand, which was already great, got even better with the added directional control and the 18x20 string pattern. My volleys and half volleys are amazing because of the stability and this is important as I play on the rise a lot. But, what really stood out was the feel. Unlike most people, I like a small sweet spot because it gives me a really good response and really makes me time the ball perfectly. Yes, the racquet isn't easy to maneuver, but damn when you hit the sweetspot, you will be in paradise.
From: Abhinand, 4/15

Comments: This stick is awesome. The cosmetics are nice and plays like a Wilson Blade. Best stick I have tried.
From: Jo, 3/15

Comments: I don't know what it is about the Pure Strike Tour, but it is one racquet that has helped me improve as a player. I hated the weight and balance compared to the IG Prestige MP when I first picked up the racquet, but within a week, I was a convert. No other racquet has given me the power and consistency, which led to more confidence when going for winners and winning more matches. The best part, though, is not about power and consistency with the Pure Strike Tour -- it just grabs on to the ball when slicing, so even my forehand slice has become a serious weapon. The spin potential is simply amazing. However, this racquet does not reward wristy and whippy strokes. It does take a full swing and good follow through to maximize the racquet's potential, but when you do your topspin drives are going to be wickedly penetrating, the flat bombs will be almost unreturnable, and the slices will skid like crazy. The sweet spot is small, so it does take some time getting used to it, but what an incredible stick! The stability and the plow through is second to none!
From: Max, 2/15

Comments: Had my first hit with this new raqcuet today for about 2 hours. I knew almost immediately that this racquet was made for me. I have been playing with Tecnifibre 325 with a little extra weight in the handle for a lighter head balance and great whip. I didn't have to alter the Babolat Pure Strike Tour because it is the perfect balance and swingweight for my style of play. I like to take big swings at the ball. Strung at 62 lbs, when compared to the Tecnifibre at 64 lbs, the Babolat had less power, which is what I wanted and although the 325 is rated as low power, but I have always found them a bit too responsive. The Babolat also seems a little more forgiving with a slightly larger sweet spot. It is comfortable too, no elbow complaints. I love this racquet big time.
From: Dan, 2/15

Comments: Best stick ever made! Although it takes a lot of strength to wield, this is a beast of a racquet! Love the pop and control I get, and with enough racquet head speed, I could also get lots of bite on the ball.
From: Anon, 11/14

Comments: All I can say is what a racquet! The perfect mix or maneuverability, power and spin. I'm an intermediate highschool player and even with a 12 ounce racquet I can plow through and create a lot of mass with this stick with some to little effort. Poly strings seem to best fit for control and controllable power. Great pop on serves, easy on the arm, with the 18x20 pattern you need to hit with consistent form. Enough forgiveness around the sweet spot to stay in the game. Slice is great, backhand is superb and overall, an incredible stick. Great job on this Babolat! Thanks TW!
From: Humberto, 11/14

Comments: Been striking with it for a couple of months and I really like it -- solid feel and a nice sweetspot. Spin has been a little bit of a struggle, but I think it has to do with technique, putting in thinner Cyclone polys has definitely made it easier. I put on a leather grip to, made it easier to handle at net. Love this racquet.
From: Fredrik, 10/14

Comments: I'm a 4.5 baseline player and demoed this Babolat Pure Strike Tour along with the Yonex Vcore Tour G and the Wilson 6.1 95. I preferred both the Yonex and the Wilson to the Babolat because they had more access to spin and were more maneuverable.
From: Chris, 10/14

Comments: What an amazing racquet! Finally a company that had the guts to make a frame that rivals the Head PT630, seriously. Will be stocking up on these for the years to come! Honestly this racquet won't sell to a large range of players like the Pure Drive or AeroPro Drive does, it is just too demanding for 4.0 and below. Anyone that is complaining of it being heavy or not a friendly racquet to play with should improve their technique and overall strength. Enjoy them while they last!
From: Mike, 10/14

Comments: I demo'd this racquet and for me it was a bust. I thought the directional control was poor and it seemed to have a muted or dead feel. I was hoping the 6 points HL would make it more maneuverable than it actually is. Obviously these posts are very subjective; this frame is not for me. I'm a 4.0 player with a one handed back hand.
From: David, 10/14

Comments: Solid, stable, plush, powerful, and loaded with feel. There is only one downside which is maneuverability. It isn't bad, but not as good as I'd like it to be. You get used to it though, and now I don't have any problems whipping up through low balls.
From: Eric, 10/14

Comments: Babolat officially created the messiah of sticks. If this stick doesn't revolutionize the game, I don't know what will.
From: Al, 9/14

Comments: I demoed this racquet and really enjoyed it, or so I thought. After I bought the Pure Strike Tour and used it for a few weeks I could not take it anymore. My first serve suffered, off center hits were very unforgiving, and I couldn't generate the spin I wanted. I decided to switch to the APD and it is amazing -- newer isn't always better. Babolat did it right with the APD. Of course, the paint job on the Pure Strike Tour is the best out there, but the performance didn't do it for me!
From: Stello, 9/14

Comments: I had been hitting with a Prestige Classic Mid for the past two summers in the hopes of building up arm and wrist strength as well as forcing myself to swing with better form etc. I finally decided I wanted to see if all the work had really paid off, so I went to a racquet club to test out a few racquets, once I got my hands on this stick I didn't want to let go. It had close to the buttery feel my mid had when I hit the sweet spot, which is saying quite a lot, but on top of that it had quite a bit more power, forgiveness, and maneuverability than the prestige. It also had much more spin potential which is what I was looking for because of the difficulty I had creating any on my backhand with the prestige. I ended up going with this stick over the Head Extreme Pro, which was also a great racquet, just didn't have the crispness that the strike tour had, especially on the flat penetrating shots. Overall, very impressed by Babolat with this racquet, paint job is slick but naturally I dropped it in my first game with it and now there's a couple chips missing, go figure.
From: Kevin, 8/14

Comments: This is the best 18x20 racquet I've ever used it's like a modern/better ProTour 630. Few racquets play better then the specs suggest, but this is one of the rare ones. Other then the high swing weight and lowish balance, no stick has given me the confidence to swing as free and just rip a ball yet plant it where ever I want. This is like no Babolat I've ever tried and I'm going to stock up on this gem!
From: DH, 8/14

Comments: I have moved from the Pure Drive Roddick to this. It is the best Babolat frame ever. An excellent mix of power and control. Amazing slices.
From: Alex, 7/14

Comments: After reading all the great reviews, I decided to not spend any "demo" time and move immediately to purchase. These frames are simply sublime. Like a sports car, they demand attention, but the payout is nothing I have seen/felt/experienced before. It's precise on every shot. Volleys, slices, backhands and kick serves are shots where I saw an immediate upgrade. Babolat (to me) was always a brand of racquets that were too stiff for my 45 year old arm, but there are no signs of tennis elbow with this frame, and I am cracking on my forehands and flat serves. I had my tennis pro string one with gut mains and RPM Blast on the crosses, and the other with Black Widow. When I'm feeling like taking a big bite out of the ball, and the conditions are dry, the Black Widow pattern suits me fine, and when I want to focus on control above all else, the hybrid job does the job. Try this racquet; you'll love it! I'm a 4.5 on a good day.
From: Arne, 6/14

Comments: I demoed this frame alongside the Yonex V-Core Tour G and the new Graphene Head Radical. It was a toss-up between this frame and the Yonex Tour G. The Tour G had better direction with slices. But I opted out for the power I get with this stick. I was never a fan of Babolat before they made this frame, I find their frames to feel hollow. But I'm glad I tried this one; the great combo of control and power made me switch. I bought 3 of these immediately.
From: Frankie, 6/14

Comments: I demod this stick for a day. Very stable against hard, spin hitters. If you are strong and have a problem returning balls against hard hitting guys, you have to try this thing. You can flatten any ball you want. My one-handed backhand is amazing with this one. Directional control is great. First serve was great. Second serve kick was not as high as with the Nadal stick, but still decent. Amazing access to spin with a dense pattern. I was amazed with the generous sweet spot for a dense pattern stringed with a poly. If you are strong and have flat strokes, this stick will be a night mare for your opponents.
From: Pete, 6/14

Comments: I've been using this racquet since the beginning of this year, I am quite happy with them. They feel like the heavy version of Wilson Blade 98. The racquets have many advantages, however, there are three major problems with them in my opinion. Firstly, the heavy swingweight made me feel tired after 2 sets. Secondly, because of the balance of the racquets, I hit the ball in the net more often, so I have to adjust my swing style a little bit. Thirdly, I have troubles with my volley with this racquet. However, this racquet is a good attempt by Babolat and they are quite successful in terms of the feel, paint job of the racquets.
From: Tao, 6/14

Comments: Great racquet! Perfect mix between power and control. Excellent stability. Best frame in the market!
From: Alexandre, 5/14

Comments: After reading up and demoing this racquet extensively, my analysis for this racquet is that, depending on your intensity level, you do need to be strong to handle this racquet.
From: SL, 4/14

Comments: This racquet is a dream, smooth as silk and slices through the ball like a hot knife through butter! Ladies, don't be intimidated by this racquet.
From: SLK, 4/14

Comments: This is a great racquet. I have been playing with the Slazenger Pro Braided and I like it but I thought I would demo some newer racquets. So I tried this with the Pure Control Tour, the Djokovic Head Speed Pro, and the Volkl Power Bridge. I couldn't let go of this Pure Strike. Everything about it seemed perfect to me. The serve got the lowest score in the TW review but I serve great with it and I don't feel like it should have a lower score on serve. If I had to pick a standout feature though it would be the directional control. I will say you need a healthy arm and you need to be pumped up and ready to play hard with this one. If you are you will be rewarded. I bought one and got the free Babolat Pro Hurricane string at 58 lbs and I like it, but the racquet recommends RPM Blast/Xcel and it probably would play a little better than the Hurricane.
From: John, 4/14

Comments: So much control! I immediately felt like I could put it anywhere I wanted it to go. You absolutely have to be strong and not afraid to swing hard. It feels very heavy after about two hours of playing but it is worth it for how well this racquet plays. I have won my first two college matches after switching from a Pure Drive 2013 to this racquet.
From: Zane, 4/14

Comments: Great racquet -- very stable because of the heft which allows for great control. You need to be strong to use this racquet. Especially if you are playing matches and playing for an extended period of time. Previous reviews I have read all have referenced the fact that it can overwhelm a weaker player. Without upper body, forearm, and shoulder strength you are going to go nowhere. Your forehand and serve and all aspects of your game will be weak if you can't handle this racquet. Basically if you aren't strong, don't use this racquet. When I serve and hit groundstrokes with this racquet, I am hitting hard and it's exactly what I like to see and feel. But then again I regularly work out and I am a young and strong player with a power game.
From: Anon, 4/14

Comments: Awesome racquet! I have been playing with it for about 2 weeks. Yesterday, I tried hitting a few balls with my previous racquet and realized all over again how far superior the Babolat Pure Strike Tour is. Stability, solidity, control, and power. I have it strung with Gamma Professional 18 gauge at 57 lbs. I am a 4.0 female over 60 year old player with a one handed slice backhand and flat ball forehand.
From: Spike, 4/14

Comments: Better than any racquet I've ever used. I'm an old Head Prestige MP user for many years. This new Babolat Pure Strike Tour is far and away the best technology ever. The control is beyond description. I played with it the first time today. I found power on demand. I found control. Few balls sprayed long or wide. Everything was inside the lines and with brutal pace. Hard to find words to describe how awesome this racquet is.
From: BK, 4/14

Comments: This is an absolutely incredible racquet. Babolat hit this one out of the park. I've never really been a fan of Babolats they are way to stiff and overpowered. I was torn between keeping my Wilson 6.1 95 18x20 or making the switch to this racquet. When I went on the court and played a match with the Pure Strike and immediately felt a better fit. The spin, control, and power are perfect for my game. I added a leather grip because I felt there was too much weight in the hoop. After adding the leather grip the racket is a gem. I have it strung with Luxilon 4G 16L at 57 lbs.
From: Kyle, 4/13

Comments: Best racquet! Better than the AeroPro and Pure Drive. Lots of control, power, and stability. Serves and groundstrokes are amazing.
From: Eric, 3/14

Comments: Tremendous frame. Babolat nailed it with this one. I am a long term Wilson 6.1 user with long fast swings and found this frame absolutely perfect for my game. I will be making the switch to Babolat which I never thought I would. Outstanding control, feel, power and spin. Very easy on my arm as well. Strung with a multi at 60 lbs. Will probably try it with poly as eventually.
From: Dave, 3/14

Comments: I was using the Wilson Blade 93, but not any more! This is probably the best racquet on the market right now. It has given me extreme power to my shots, and when paired with the right combo of strings, it can be your opponent's worst nightmare. I use RPM Blast 16 in the mains at 60 lbs and Xcel 16 or Luxilon ALU Power Rough in the crosses, both at 58 lbs. It is a perfect combo!
From: Ronald, 3/14

Comments: I have played with it twice now and it has matched or increased every stroke in my arsenal. I have been using APD for a number of years and although it was great for spin it hurt my arm and wasnt great at flattening shots out to punch holes in opponents defense. The Tour has such a solid, muted feel I have left the xcel strings in rather than use poly like usual. It also looks incredible.
From: Tony, 3/14

Comments: A perfect balance between control and power. When paired with the right strings and the right tension (which in my case is Xcel 17 on the mains at 6 0lbs and RPM Bllast 17 in the crosses at 57 lbs), the racquet is amazing. For volleys I find it forgiving enough to boost confidence and for groundstrokes it is a reliable weapon. Before switching 2 weeks ago to this racquet, I had played with the K90 for the last 7 years. The final decision was between this racquet and Head YOUTEK Graphene Radical Pro. The Pure Strike tour won in the end.
From: Faisal, 3/14

Comments: I am currently using the Pure Storm (10.4) and tried both the 10.8 and the 11.3. With my fast and long swing strokes, the Pure Strike Tour provided the best results. Serves were faster, ground strokes (topspin, flat and slice) landed deeper with an increase in speed and spin, volleys were crisper, overheads were more lethal. I did notice that I have to work a little with this racquet on drop shots. Overall a much better racquet performance compared to the Pure Storm. After playing with the Tour for a few weeks, it was hard to switch back to the Storm (I kept shanking balls). I am definitely switching to this racquet. I am a 5.0 player and play both singles and doubles.
From: Nora, 2/14

Comments: Just finished a demo with this racquet and was very happy. Much more sturdy and forgiving than the standard 18x20 Pure Strike. Great on serves, forehand, and volleys at the net. Because of the swing weight, it made returns of serve very easy for just a quick return but still get depth on the ball. Only complaint was my one-handed back hand felt a little sluggish also due to the weight (but could be my poor form as well). I think this will be my next purchased racquet!
From: Preston, 2/14

Comments: By far the best frame you will ever hit with!
From: Aaron, 1/14

Comments: Great racquet! I've been playing with it for a few weeks now, first serve is a killer! Very stable, helps a lot with one-handed backhand and volleys. Still adjusting to the weight (used to play with a Pure Storm). Strung with Luxilon hybrid at 53 pounds. Cosmetics are just great!
From: Vitaliy, 1/14

Comments: Amazing frame. Control, power, and feel is all there. Also the paint job is just wonderful.
From: Mike, 1/14

Comments: Hit a demo of this one for an hour last week and found it to be a great frame. Control is awesome, feel is great, power is always there on reserve as you can swing with such confidence. Was strung with Sonic Pro Poly, but comfort was good -- no arm pain. Better control than my Pure Storm and better pop than my Prestige Mid, what more can you ask for? Maybe 16x19 string pattern.
From: Mateo, 1/14

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