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Comments: Love these weights, stuck them on at 12 and 6 then 3 and 9 they have been on for more than a year now. Cleaned the area and pushed hard on adhesive strip. The one at 12 got mushed when the racquet was restrung. Ball hits have removed the shinny finish and bent it around a bit. I will replace weights when I restring the racquet.
From: Alan, 1/15

Comments: I like these. I glue mine on with super glue.
From: Michael, 11/14

Comments: Wrap narrow duct tape strips over the weights and transversely around the frame and through the strings to keep the weights in place. You can also use duct tape lengthwise over the weights to the frame sides.
From: Ray, 9/14

Comments: The strip is great, easy to customize my racquet. The only pitfall is that they come off when you hit the ball hard, especially on my serve. And yes, the surface was properly cleaned before installation.
From: Elton, 7/14

Comments: If you really want to put these strips perfectly, I suggest that putting them on without the strings in. Works fine for me.
From: Johnny, 6/14

Comments: I set these in my Wilson 99s, at 3 and 9 -- it does not fall off as long as you are hitting the sweet spot. Now a frame clip knocked and bent these beyond their function. I had to switch to the other lead tape you cut with a scissor.
From: Frank, 3/14

Comments: It never fell off, and it has a very good amount of weight on each strip. (I had to put 4 or 6 layers of the traditional lead tape for each side: 9, 12, 3 o'clock, which was super messy) One to 2 of the power strips on each side are perfect and clean for my setup.
From: Jack. 5/11

Comments: If you are don't mistreat the weights - ie, bend them more than you need to - these go on great and don't fall off. I put them on my Head microgel mp radicals and they're still holding flush after a year. Make sure you press and hold them on for a significant amount of time when you put them on though as others seem to be complaining of issues where the weights fall off.
From: James, Stillwater, MN, USA, 11/10

Comments: I put these on my Prince Warrior TT MP with the strings on and I like them. These are really the first weights I've experimented with and I'm very pleased with the boost in Stability/Performance that these have provided. My advice would be to make sure that the area you are applying these strips to is clean and dry. (as with applying any adhesive product to pretty much anything ) and any problems with them moving or falling off shouldn't come up.
From: Dallas, Petaluma, CA, USA. 6/10

Comments: Symmetry makes this tape convenient to use but installation in a strung racquet (bending it then straightening) seems to cause the glue to lose stickiness that it falls off if the ball hits the frame. I bought another brand to try out but one that just installs on one side of the racquet so that symmetry is achieved if you cut and paste an identical piece to the opposite side of the racquet. We'll see what happens after I use the new one.
From: Joel, Sugar Land, TX, USA 02/10

Comments: I always put some on after I buy new racquets. Like the prestige fxp, the racquet is head balanced... I put some lead to set the balance more to the grip. It feels much better now to manipulate it's head and generate spin on my groundstrokes and slice on the serve. I guess lead is a "must" every player can set his racquet to match with his needs. And also: TW Ships to many countries... Save yourself from abusive local prices! Cheers!
From: Victor, Blumenau, SC, Brazil, 09/08

Comments: Doesn't stay on the racquet. It falls off after a rally or after a single serve.
From: Stan, Hinsdale, IL, USA. 6/08

Comments: The weight feels great up until they fall off when you mishit or hit the ball hard. I'm a top 10 junior player, so I need something that will stay on the racket. Not recommended for anyone who hits the ball harder or tends to find the frame more than others.
From: Anon. 5/08

Comments: Weights seem to be ok. When the ball hits the frame, the weights (that I put in the 3 and 9 o'clock position) seem to bend upwards a little. Other than that, these weights provide a quick and easy way to add weight to your racquet.
From: Nick, Honolulu, HI, USA. 1/07

Comments: Not bad, but doesn't add the full solid feeling a good 6 inch strip of lead tape cut from a larger package does -- the Sampras lead swing weights are only about 3 inches long -- and I think 3 grams each. But, on the plus side, they are easier to put on if you don't like taking time to cut lead tape or punch grommet holes in uncut pieces. Can be put on with or without strings already on, but you have to bend them a bit to push them through if your strings are already on.
From: Don, Oakland, CA 04/06

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