Prince Synthetic Gut Poly Blend String 16 Customer feedback

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Comments: Absolutely horrible tension maintenance! After a couple hours of play it was unusable.
From: Mike. 6/11

Comments: I buy this product just because I like its value. I am an upper level high school player who hits heavy topspin and power, and during high school season I tend to break these strings in under just two days. I usually break the crosses though, because the poly is just a stronger string in the mains. This string works for me because I string my own rackets, so breaking quickly is not a problem, and usually does not give the string enough time to lose all tension. I have used this string for the past two years and have been happy with it, but it does lose tension quickly if you don't break it and can become a little unpredictable. B+ Overall a good string in my opinion, though.
From: Jake, UT, USA, 03/11

Comments: This is a great overall string. It gives you that deadened control that comes with poly but because the poly is teamed with synthetic gut it doesn't become the board like arm killer of full poly. I also think this poly is a bit more flexible than most. I prefer this string to Prince's other more expensive Poly blends. I string it at 63 and must admit that it does seem to lose tension a bit quickly but the thing to keep in mind is that this string lasts a long time so you're going to have to cut your strings and restring rather than wait for one to break and complain that all tension is lost and the crosses are frayed to hell. I have three rackets and I restring them all about once every 6 weeks when I'm playing regularly.
From: Brandon, Kansas City, MO 10/09

Comments: I played with the Prince Topspin string previously and was amazed how much better feel and comfort there was from the very beginning. I play with a very stiff/lightweight racquet that has lots of power, but I was sacrificing feel and control. This string gave me some of it back. However, the string does lose tension after a while and doesn't last quite as long as the Topspin. Overall, I'd buy it again.
From: Louis, Mountain View, CA, USA. 7/08

Comments: I use Forten thin blend 18/17 gauge. This is very different, not as soft as the Forten Aramid of course, but just as much spin but a lot more pop. Not as stiff as one would think; these don't bother my arm at all. Please note that you must finish your shots. If not, say bye-bye to the ball, lol. Very good to train with, shots land 2-3 feet deeper then with the Forten. Wicked spin potential. At 5 bucks, come on it's worth a try.
From: Supa Dave, Los Angeles, CA. 3/08

Comments: Great hybrid! Nice control, power and spin. The spin this produces is surprisingly good. Tension maintenance is good too. The poly of the string doesn't feel like regular polys. It's a bit softer so it's easier on the arm. For the price you've got nothing to lose with this string.
From: Tom, Washington, VI, USA. 6/07

Comments: Seemed to be a great string for about 3 weeks then the mains (poly) lost tension and I didn't have the same level of control. The crosses (syn gut) also started to fray badly after 3 weeks. I am a 4.0 all court player and play twice a week and recently switched rackets to a Prince 03 Red Speedport, and I'm looking for a new string to give me greater control (with durability). I will keep looking for a poly main string that holds tension better.
From: Mark, Mendota Heights, MN, USA. 6/07

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