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Comments: Bought this for my Babolat Pure Drive to match the color. Described as tacky but not as I expect (Babolat Syntec/ Prince Duratac are better). After 12 hours of playing for a week, it's already showing wear, I will have to replace again maybe next month. I will just stick with Babolat Syntec.
From: Anon, Chicago, IL. 4/10

Comments: I ordered the blue grip. At the time, the grip was priced at $4, imagine my surprise when it was $4.50 instead! However, the problem has been dealt with in a timely fashion, and I took it out for my first hit today. It looks alright, though to say that I really liked it would say a lot to my tastes in fashion. It was not exceptional in any way, but it was really very 'quiet,' in that what I needed I got, without any fuss. It absorbed reasonably (maybe well, I wouldn't know past reasonably) and was comfortable enough to prevent at least a little pain, while still being firm enough that I didn't feel like I was gripping a pillow (not that I would have minded, I love pillows). It was tacky enough to prevent excess slippage, while not sticky. All in all, I stand by my description in the beginning: unexceptional, but at the same time a 'jack of all trades,' in my opinion.
From: Nathan, Redford, MI, USA. 3/07

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