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Comments: Been playing with these strings for about a week and right away I noticed they have a lot more power than my old Prince Recoil strings. I had the strings done at 62 lbs and found that they also move quite a bit right away. Overall though I am happy with these strings as they give me a little more pop than my other ones without really sacrificing any control. I use a Prince EXO3 100 white also.
From: Rob, 5/12

Comments: I do like these strings. Lovely feel but do lose elasticity after a while. I play 4-5 times a week and these lasted me 2 months. They break before they become unplayable which I like. I'm tempted to search around for other strings but this is my favourite so far.
From: Josh. 7/11

Comments: Itís like a smoother version of prince syn. gut. It does move in less than a day of play. Used on my O3 speedport silver.
From: Ken, 11/08

Comments: I used Luxilon in the mains and premier in the the crosses. If you are a big hitter, I don't recommend this string for big hitters. It will probably bust in 5-7 days. I switched to Unique Big Hitter 16 in the mains and Gamma TNT2 18 Natural in the crosses.
From: K A, S A U. 6/08

Comments: I tried this string by accident. It's a good string while it is still tight. It becomes a problem when it stretches and loses its pop, which doesn't take very long. Overall, I am not too impressed considering the price too. I am better off looking for a string that holds its playing properties.
From: Roberto, Manila, Philippines. 11/07

Comments: This is great stuff - more durable than natural gut and similar in playing characteristics. It has a soft and crisp feel. I get a lot of spin out of these. They also fix in place pretty well compared to other synthetics. I like the soft feel. I haven't experienced a better string than this so far.
From: Anon. 5/07

Comments: I used this string when in my 03 red a couple of times. It felt really nice and provided a good amount of pop. Although it only lasted about a week or two until it started to fray a lot.
From: Daniel, Louisville, KY, USA, 04/07

Comments: This one is good for fishing shark. It won't break even when I saw a hundred cuts in it. It feels too stiff and has no feel- only the feel of a metal wire. All I know who have used it agree that this is a fishing line.
From: EC, HK, 02/07

Comments: I like it. I've had elbow problems, and so I was discouraged from using the Luxilon Big Banger that I love in my Prince Air Vanquish OS, and so I stuck with Premier Softflex. Can't say it's a huge downgrade from the Luxilon. It even frays EXACTLY like natural gut. My only complaint is that it moves way too much. My pro is always surveying the disarray of my strings and talking about how "loose" they are, when in fact they are at the upper-middle range for recommended tension.
From: Bill, Washington, D.C. 08/06

Comments: I have been using Topspin for as long as I can remember, but I have been having some elbow twinges lately. The Guy at the Local tennis store recommended this string and I tried it. I don't really get the same bite on the ball as I did with topspin and many of my balls sailed a little longer than normal. That night, I realized that I had no pain in my elbow at all. This really is an amazing string for tennis elbow, but I do miss the stiff textured stuff. I am going to try to adjust my strokes to account for the added flex. It really is great not to feel pain in my arm.
From: John, Atlanta, GA, USA 06/06

Comments: When I brought this string to my stringer, his first impression was "this feels like natural gut!". This string is soft and plays very well. It gives al ot of control and pop on my shots. It also has a good pop sound when I get good contact on the ball. The down side of this string is that if you are a hard hitting baseliner, it only has about 8-10 hours of playing time. Afterward, it starts to fray and looses its power. I want to save some money by playing with it until it breaks, but it was just painfully frustrating to find it does nothing for my serve as the string bed just seems dead. So I decided to cut it out anyway. 4.5 player, Wilson Ncode nSix-one Tour 90, @55 lbs.
From: Robert
Vancouver, BC, Canada 10/05

Comments: I have tried the Prince Premier with Softflex and all I can say is that this is one terrific string. I normally play with the Prince Perfection and am very pleased with it, but I wanted to try the Premier to see if it would suit my game. I use the Diablo Midplus strung up at 58 lbs. I had allowed the string to sit for a couple of weeks as I was on vacation with my family. The string seems to be quite resilient. It worked well with all of my strokes. It felt almost as if I was playing with natural gut. The Prince Diablo and the Prince Premier combination is a superb one. I felt confident hitting slice ,topspin and flat strokes. I really like this string. I am a 6.0 rated player and coach. I find this racquet to be extremely comfortable. Take this string for a test drive and believe me you will really like it.
From: Hayward. USA. 8/05

Comments: I first used the Prince Lightning XX strings, but when I noticed that on my racquet (Prince Turbo Shark MP) it said "Be Sure to String With Premier Softlex" I quickly chose this string after my Lightning XX broke. It turns out that Premier Softlex has very nice touch and feel, and every time I take a solid stroke I get some nice pop etc. The only thing is, I don't think the Premier Softlex is for hard-hitters or aggressive baseliners. I'm exactly that: I stay back at the baseline and rip away at the ball with tons of pace. The result was, the strings broke within 2 weeks. So, I got it restrung (and I have been using the "right- in-the-middle" recommended tension) and within 6 days, the strings were ready to break again.If you're willing to pay for re- stringing every few weeks, definitely use the Premier Softlex, because you'll get great feel etc. but if you want strings that last longer than a week or two (and again, if you hit soft or if you're a counter-puncher, then obviously, you have no worries) then stay away from the Premier Softlex Strings.
From: Cho, San Antonio, TX, USA. 8/05

Comments: I received this string as a free sample through my USRSA membership. I play with a Pro Kennex Kinetic 15G usually strung with Prince Duraflex 17g at 58lbs. I'm an all court 4.0 player and my strengths are my consistency, shot placement and net game rather than power. I have tried other brands but usually go back to the Duraflex due to the low cost. I was seriously considering switching to a different racquet, because the racquet had little feel and unless I hit the ball squarely in the center, volleys and overheads felt like miss hits. When I decided to try the Premier Softflex 16G, I strung it at 54lbs despite the other reviewers' comments that they strung at 62lbs or higher. My theory was that if I used less tension, balls wouldn't feel as dead and my game could use a little extra power any way. It felt like I had a different racquet right from the beginning. I loved the way balls felt coming off my racquet and my volleys felt solid and crisp. I took the racquet right off my stringer and into a USTA doubles match. I felt comfortable with it right from the start and my serves were going exactly where I wanted them to go with decent power and kick. It's too early for me to comment on durability (I usually restring before they break after 3 months), or how they'll play after broken in, but I'm really happy with it so far. I may have to buy it even if it's three times as much as the Duraflex.
From: Ed, Goldens Bridge, NY, USA. 01/05

Comments: Easiest string on the arm I have ever used. A tad too powerful for the first five or six sets when strung at 62lbs, but after the strings lost their translucent quality and turned opaque (were fully bedded in) the power level was comparable to Prince Original Syn Gut17. The only drawback to these strings, other than the lengthy bedding in period) is they lasted just two weeks (about 15 sets). That makes them a bit expensive. But if you want a super-easy-on-the-arm string with good feel, power, and spin, you can't get better. However, I usually get about 15 sets out of Prince Original Syn Gut 17, which provides a soft enough ride for my old arm. I am not going to spend four times as much for Premier Softflex. If the price of the Premier ever gets under $5, I'll switch. Until then I'll stick with the Original Syn Gut. Strung in a Prince Scream OS @ 62lbs.
From: Gerald, Las Cruces, NM, USA. 8/04

Comments: I had the same experience as Alan. I Have used monofilament gut and textured strings, but never multifilaments. I tried the Premier 16 at 62lbs and found the Prince Tour Diablo racquet to be wild. Loss of control was very apparent and shots had less topspin and more power. All my shots were going long. If you want power on serve and ground strokes, its good, but if you want control your going to have to string it outside the range to like 66+lbs. It is easy on the arm. These stings have less spin, less feel, more power, and a huge difference between center and off center hits. All in all, I hate these strings. I prefer winning and having a sore arm vs losing to the same guys and having a better feeling post game shoulder. Iím a 3.5-4.0 hard swinging all court player. Going back to Prince 15L Topspin strings @ 63lbs.
From: Robert, Okemos, MI, USA. 3/04

Comments: I did a 15 hour blind play test of this string for the US Racket Stringers Association in December 2003. During stringing: Very flexible and smooth, low coil memory, and easy to work with. Play test: The first time I played with this string it had way too much power and not enough control. It was difficult to keep the balls in. I played with it for an hour and switched back to my primary racquet, which is strung with Pacific Tour Gut-16 (at the same tension) to win the match. Four days later I played with it again and it felt much better. Apparently the string had time to settle into the frame. After several days on the racquet it played almost as well as the natural gut and the Tecnifibre NRG2 16 that I normally use. This string had a softer feel than those strings during play. It still had a little more power, and less control and feel than I like, but it played well. Overall, I liked the string, but would string it a higher tension to cut down some of the power and gain additional control. Racquet used in play test: Prince Warrior OS, tension: 62lbs. Iím a 4.0 all court player, stringer and racquet technician, product play-tester for the US Racquet Stringers Association, play USTA mixed-doubles, and captain my USTA menís league team. I play at least five days a week year round.
From: Alan, Somerset, NJ, USA. 2/04

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