Wilson Pro Staff 97 Racquet 2015 Customer feedback

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Comments: I loved the PS RF Autograph version -- great stability, control, and power; but I just couldn't handle the weight for extended periods of play. The PS97 was the natural choice as it is the lighter version of the RFA, but I wanted to see if there was anything else that could compare. After demoing a number of different racquets, I finally decided to buy the PS97. Compared to the RFA, the PS97 does lack in all three categories (stability, control and power), but not by much. And after 2+ hours of play, I am still able to hit well with the PS97, whereas my shots get sloppy with the RFA. I had the PS97 strung at 52 lbs with Volkl Cyclone 16 Black and it is amazing. It provides great spin/control without sacrificing any power. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with this racquet and how it turned out with the string set up. Thanks TW! I'm a 4.0 all-court player, with an eastern grip forehand and one handed backhand.
From: Mike, 2/13/17

Comments: I have been demoing a lot of racquets recently and it was between this one and the 97S. For me, this one was a little more maneuverable but if you really want to enhance the feel of this racquet I would recommend putting on a leather grip after that you just get really good feel and control.
From: Anonymous, 10/16

Comments: I love this racquet. It has so much control. I hit hard and my shots rarely go out. I also have fewer double faults. I'm a 5.0 and I use a semi-western forehand grip and a two-handed backhand. My friends say that I hit like Kuznetsova. I mainly play singles, but I also play doubles. I use Luxilon M2 Pro or 4G strung at 48 to 53 pounds depending on the weather.
From: Jamie, 10/16

Comments: Bland. I don't understand why manufacturers are going with bigger heads and wider beams. Can't do much from the baseline. No power. Control is of typical a Pro Staff. However, net play is good. Solid volleys. I played with the PS85, 90, and 95. All these previous versions have better power generation ability.
From: J, 9/16

Comments: It's a good racquet, but one word of caution: while the specs for the PS97 2016 edition are identical to the old PS97, the weight distribution does seem to be slightly different. The new version is slightly less head light, I believe, and consequently the balance lies slightly more to the head. Just try to balance it with one finger inside the racquet's throat, you'll see it. But more importantly, you will also feel it, with the new PS97 seemingly coming through the hitting zone slightly later. That being said, they are quite similar, and I was able to switch between them in a match today, and got used to the difference in just one service game.
From: Asger, 9/16

Comments: I love this racquet! Love Tennis Warehouse! I will be a customer for life. The staff and customer service are all wonderful. Thank you!
From: Jeremiah, 9/16

Comments: I have been using the Wilson Blade 98 for about 5 years, switching from the 18x20 to the 16x19 about 3 years ago. I really liked the Blade 98 16x19, as when they added the vibration absorber, amplifeel, I thought I would loose feedback. I acquired the Pro Staff 97 about a year ago, thought I didn't like it, so they sat in the closet or my tennis bag. I was going to either give them to my son, who is a 4.5 player, but doesnt play tennis anymore. I restrung them a couple of months ago, and have been playing great with them, although they seem to have much more power, but less feel than the blade 98 16x19. This less feel kind of surprised me, as i would have thought PS97 would have more feel. So I am trying to transition to them, as some days I play good with the PS97, and other days I switch back to the Blade98 16x19 for more control. I do load up both frames with leadtape, about 15 grams to give me more swingweight. I am using a RPM Blast equivalemt at 50 lbs and play mainly doubles, singles occasionally for fun, no more USTA. I guess if I finally do transition to the PS97, I will give my son the Blades.
From: Chris, 9/16

Comments: I wish Wilson would produce this racquet in an 18x20 or 16x20 string pattern. I am convinced that would give this frame the control and stability it lacks. The updated version of this frame out in early Septemebr is merely a new paint job. I keep hearing Wilson is coming out with new frames in November. Come on Wilson, you can do it.
From: David, 8/16

Comments: I've been using the RF97A for the past year, but I starting looking for a slightly lighter stick for playing doubles. The RF97A is great for singles, but in doubles I need something I can whip around much quicker at net. I thought the RF97 would the answer, but I just wasn't feeling it. I would have to say this racquet is extremely unremarkable in every aspect. Mediocre power, mediocre control, not much spin. Compared to the RF97A, this stick is just bland, with no qualities that stand out.
From: Jeff, 8/16

Comments: I've demoed this and played with it for a couple of hours. I'm a 5.5 player (maybe 6.0 on a good day). For the weight, the racquet was stable. I've not felt any arm discomfort. The feeling was plush. Very fast through the air, I did not feel any drag on swings like I do on some racquets similarly balanced. At net, there was plenty of stability. Great spin potential. I had no trouble spinning the ball in on the hard 2nd serve kickers. The power on the racquet was a bit too much at times. The demo was strung around 54/55 lbs with Luxilon 4G but the power generated of the string bed at that tension was surprisingly hard to control. This was especially true on put away shots when the swing speed was higher than on regular ground stroke. Comparing this to other Pro Staff 97, I felt that it was a lot easier to swing than the 97RF and surprisingly has less control than 97S. All 3 racquets were comfortable and plush feeling at different tensions. Overall, if you like maneuverability, stability and comfort with a sub 12 ounce weight, it's worth a try and see if you can keep the control as desired.
From: Boris, 8/16

Comments: I'm a high school player equivalent to a 4.5, and strung up this stick with ALU Power at 54 lbs. In terms of power, this racquet had enough power to put away shots but not too much where it was uncontrollable. On serve, I was able to place my serves easily, and I was able to get tons of racquet head speed on my kick serve. My favorite shot with this racquet were volleys. I could punch deep volleys with ease and mixed in drop volleys aswell. The weight and balance felt perfect for me, It was maneuverable enough to generate plenty of racquet head speed while maintaining the stabillity. Coming from a PS97LS, I thought this racquet generated more spin than the LS version. It took about 3 hours to adjust from my lighter version to this, but these two felt very similar despite differences in their sweetspot and the weight (obviously). In general, I had a lot of fun playing with this racquet, and I would definitely recommend this racquet to advanced players looking for a blend of power and control and good stability and maneuverability.
From: Kevin, 7/16

Comments: I'm a high school player equivalent to a 4.5, and strung up this stick with ALU Power at 54 lbs. In terms of power, this racquet had enough power to put away shots but not too much where it was uncontrollable. On serve, I was able to place my serves easily, and I was able to get tons of racquet head speed on my kick serve. My favorite shot with this racquet were volleys. I could punch deep volleys with ease and mixed in drop volleys aswell. The weight and balance felt perfect for me, It was maneuverable enough to generate plenty of racquet head speed while maintaining the stabillity. Coming from a PS97LS, I thought this racquet generated more spin than the LS version. It took about 3 hours to adjust from my lighter version to this, but these two felt very similar despite differences in their sweetspot and the weight (obviously). In general, I had a lot of fun playing with this racquet, and I would definitely recommend this racquet to advanced players looking for a blend of power and control and good stability and maneuverability.
From: Kevin, 6/16

Comments: I am a little surprised by the previous comment by Ed. I am a senior 4.5 player and have played with this racquet for 1 1/2 years and have had no arm problems at all. I put a leather grip on to up the weight closer to 12 ounces and it plays great. I use Babolat RPM 16 strung at 54 lbs. Maybe it is about technique?
From: DV, 6/16

Comments: This should come with a warning label -- read on please -- I normally play with Wilson Ncode NPro Opens but I am out of frames so I need a new stick. This is an important part, I am an NTRP 4.0, total gym and weight room guy with a lot of power and at 6' 190 (and no I'm not fat, thanks!). I can handle almost any racquet but this is a bit much. I have been playing tennis for 43 years been as high as 5.0 and as low as 3.5 so for only the second time in my life I got arm fatigue, this swings a lot heavier than its 320 gram swing weight, if you restrict the racquet it will make you pay the price. It has all the stability, feel and power you could want, as long as you let it swing. If you try to control the racquet your arm will fatigue then your wrist will be tender, then the inside of your elbow. We figured this out over time, I had it strung at 50 lbs with Luxilon and it was sweet, it does have hot spots as the TW review indicated but you rapidly get used to them. I can't stress enough that you have to have very pure strokes to swing this, it will not forgive poor technique and unfinished strokes as it swings so heavy. Just trying to share my experience so you can make an informed decision.
From: Ed, 5/16

Comments: I enjoyed it. I tried it with a Wilson leather grip then took it off and finally put the leather back on. I find a full bed of quality poly or Kevlar hybrid is most suitable. I am 38 years old and strung my poly set up around 54/55 lbs (with Black Code 18). With the leather grip, it swings a lot faster. Without the leather grip, it s still good with that extra momentum. It s a matter of preference. Multi and softi type of strings snap very quick, of course if you can afford it, the game is on!
From: Patrick, 5/16

Comments: After tons of testing, matches played, money spent and TW reviews watched, the PS97 is the one. I play well with the Blade 98 18x20 also, but get more enjoyment out of the PS for some reason. The DR 98 is nice too but more muted with less feel. So it's the PS 97 with 4G or Cyclone at 52 lbs for me.
From: Ru, 4/16

Comments: After almost 1.5 years of experience, If you want to buy a RF97, I'd recommend you go for a smaller size grip than you are used to. It will help increase the maneuverability a lot.
From: Murat, 3/16

Comments: I'm a 3.5/4.0 player and I currently play with the Head Graphene Radical MP which I've been playing with for almost a year. Anyway, I absolutely love the Pro Staff 97! It kind of reminds me of the K-Factor K-Six.One Tour 90 and the Pro Staff 6.0 85 just because of the solid feel it has. I have the Pro Staff 97 strung up with Double AR Twice Shark and NXT Duramax at 52/56 lbs. Overall, I would recomend this racquet to any 3.5/4.0 player out there.
From: Justin, 3/16

Comments: I am a 4.5 player. I felt that now it was time for me to give some input, since I benefited so much from yours. I have been using a Head Prestige Mid and Prestige Pro for 20 years but, since the Graphene series, I was very deceived not feeling the plow through and touch characteristic of the previous generation. Fortunately, I was reacquainted with a player's racquet feeling and a satisfying plow through with the Pro Staff 97 plus a bonus of a little more power without sacrificing control. The switch from a Head to Wilson grip was not obvious and took me 2 months but I realize now that a rounder grip is faster alternating between forehand and backhand. Also, I'm stringing with Luxilon 4G 125 and am experimenting with different tensions from 46 to 50 lbs and now settled at 50 lbs. I love the feeling of that racquet sensing it is a continuation of my arm providing my shots with the desired spin, touch and power is was looking for.
From: Frank, 3/16

Comments: This is the racquet you have been looking for. I'm a Pro Staff enthusiast and have been tinkering with my PS 95 to get just the right weight, balance, grip strings, tension, etc., but have never quite got the perfect feel. As much as I hate to admit it, the old Pro Staff was underpowered for me. I needed to unleash on every shot to get decent pace, and my one-handed backhand was always sort of a liability if I was on defense. I also have a Pro Staff 90 and almost convinced myself that I liked it better because it seemed to have better mobility despite weighing an ounce more -- not to mention its stability. But enter the Pro Staff 97. Same static weight as the 95, but more swingweight, which is exactly what the 95 lacked. It does have a firmer feel, but retains a recognizable muted feel from the Kevlar layup. But the major difference is access to power. I was thumping some ridiculously heavy balls from both wings on my first outing with the 97. I just felt like I could crush every forehand and get solid pace on the backhands. The feel is different, but it still has excellent feel, touch on volleys and drop shots, and solid mass to put behind serves. So make no mistake -- even though there is great access to power, this is not a power racquet. It has controllable power, in a way that I think makes this racquet truly unique. It's there when you want it, and not when you don't. And the whole "erratic stringbed" is total non- sense. It seems entirely consistent and predictable to me. That was the main reason I waited on buying this racquet, and it turned out to be a compete myth. This may seem like hyperbole, but I actually think this racquet has finally brought me out of the 4.0 rut up to a 4.5.
From: RW, 1/16

Comments: After 15 years of playing with the same original Pro Staff 6.0 95 and trying 15-20 demos in the past couple of years, I finally made the switch to the Pro Staff 97. I wish I would have done it sooner. It has a very similar feel, just quicker around the court and at the net. Plus it has a with bigger sweetspot. Very solid and stable on returns where most lighter racquets are not. If you like the old school Pro Staff racquets, this one is worth a try.
From: Anonymous, 1/16

Comments: This racquet needs to be given a bit of time to get used to. Initially, I wasn't very happy with this stick while serving and while at the net. Fortunately, my strings broke and I decided to get it re-strung at 49 lbs from 52 lbs previously. In hindsight I guess it was a good decision as after that I rediscovered my serves. The deft touches at the net are still missing but I'm getting there. The racquet has an excellent blend of power and spin. Control goes awry with the inconsistent response (at times). All in all, a fabulous racquet if you have the right intent on every ball you hit.
From: Matt, 1/16

Comments: My previous racquet was the Six.One 90, I bought it about 6 years ago and played with it every day until I injured my shoulder (rotator cuff) and then stopped for two years. For the last 3 months I've been playing tennis again, two times a week, but I already lost my power serve and groundstrokes. I decided to buy this racquet because it is 1 ounce lighter and 7 square inches bigger and you know what?! I'm back! I feel I never left the court/game. Although I only play one to two times a week, I'm very happy I decided to upgrade with this PS97.
From: Yerwin, 1/16

Comments: Like Craig below, I am truly a Wilson man at heart. Coming from a high school level of about a 4.5 rating, I tried the PS97, the RF97 Autograph, and the PS97S in a period of five months. This was the one I enjoyed the most, as it helped my backhand better than the slightly sluggish Autograph. The 97S seemed to be a lot better for slices and topspin winners, but this came through on groundstrokes and serves and really improved my game.
From: Matthew, 12/15

Comments: Coming from a PS95 BLX, I find the PS97 has given me all I was lacking with the 95. Faster serves, more kick, solid slice backhand, solid returns, ripping forehand, excellent control at the net, and punishing overheads. I had to adjust my swing to a slower one but the result was exponential. The slower I swing, the more the PS97 returns. I string mine with Ripspin and Revolve at 53 lbs in the mains and Gamma TNT2 at 55 lbs in the crosses.
From: Anne, 12/15

Comments: Ok, I admitted it. I am a racquetaholic. I love Tennis Warehouse and I love the customer reviews so thank you to one and all. This is my fist review and I am writing it because this Pro Staff is the answer to my racquet quest. I am a Wilson man at heart, and have 4 Blades (various models), a 6.1.95 S (disappointing, sorry Chris), but also have 5 Babolats (Pur Drive, Storms and Strikes) a Head MP3, plus 2 Yonexes, etc. I also have a really sensitive elbow and have to play with multifilament strings, 56.5 lbs both ways. (Wilson NXT are the best -- they are amazing, but don't last long). So here we go -- this is an incredible racquet. It has great power, amazing controllable spin, and for its weight, it has great plow through. Its head light balance means it is quick and great at the net and good at getting you out of trouble. It's great at all shots -- serves, groundstrokes, volleys, smashes, etc. Buts let's be clear, this is not a pussy cat of a racquet, it's not super soft, it constantly will get you out of trouble and smooth out your game, etc. This is a stick that that will amplify what you can do and when you start to get it right this racquet delivers in spades. Also, and this is fantastic added bonus, this racquet has a great harmonic. In car terms, this is a petrol V8.
From: Craig, 11/15

Comments: I agree with Pedro. This racquet bothered my elbow but it played and felt awesome.
From: Gibbz, 10/15

Comments: Best frame Wilson ever made!
From: Pete, 10/15

Comments: I'm a 4.0 player and have played with/demo'd several racquets in the past couple of years including: Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 classic (played with this in high school), Wilson Six.One 95S, Babolat AeroPro Drive, Babolat Pure Aero, Head Graphene Extreme MP, Head Graphene XT Speed MP A. This Wilson Pro Staff 97 is the best stick I've played with of all of them and it's not really close. It has the best control and feel of any of those listed above. It also has plenty of access to spin (personally I feel the spin-emphasized racquets tend to be a gimmick and anyone with a technically sound swing will get all the spin they want with this). My forehand shots are getting lots of spin but aren't hollow like what I was getting from the AeroPro Drive (which I played with for about 6 months). My shots are coming across with more force and though I play with a lot of spin, now the spin is coming across with more momentum through the court rather than dying. My two-handed backhand in particular is light years ahead with this stick. I've never felt so confident hitting that side before, and I relish hitting it now. For the first time ever I'm dominating weak second serves from my backhand side, powering returns that end points. And I'm not nearly as apt to run around my backhand in rallies now, making me a more well rounded player. If I had one criticism I'd say it's not as maneuverable. Around the net it's difficult to be on point when shots are coming fast at me, but I've never had a super strong net game so take that as you will. And if my opponent blasts a particularly powerful shot while I'm at the baseline and I'm not prepared, I can find myself still winding up my swing when the ball arrives due to the fact that's slightly more difficult to maneuver. My serve, when my form is on point, is forceful and tough to return. I suppose I would say I feel I have less margin for error on my serve with this stick but the potential for blasting serves with good technique makes up for it. I'm glad I've tried some of the other more "modern" brands/racquets to see what's out there, but it only confirmed to me that Wilson still makes the best players racquets.
From: T, 10/15

Comments: The Autograph hurt my shoulder. This one hurts my elbow. We'll see what the Spin version does. Hopefully it is more player friendly.
From: Pedro, 9/15

Comments: I have a RF97 and a PS97 that I alternative between and I string both with identical strings and tensions. In stock form, the PS97 is too head light and does not give enough power and control. There is a clear difference as compared to the RF97. I got around this by placing lead tape at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock and now it works. I basically hit with my RF97 until I'm exhausted then switch to the (still) lighter stick if required. I'm happy!
From: D, 9/15

Comments: I originally used the Babolat Aero Pro Drive+ but I recently bought this racquet and the first shot I hit with it, I knew I loved it. It is so easy to get a bunch of spin, I could hit the ball anywhere on the court, and hit a slice like no other. Adjusting my serve was hard to get used to but after a couple of tries I got a decent serve going. I put Wilson Revolve 16 strings in at 56 lbs tension. I think if you're looking to be aggressive, then this is your racquet. It's great!
From: John, 9/15

Comments: This is a great stick. It does everything well and is light enough out of the box for customizing. Coming from an RF97 for a few months and before that the Six.One 95 18x20, so this played light for me but served better -- I just cant create as much speed with a 357+grams club anymore. Changing the synthetic leather for real leather beefed it some while sharpening the bevels. Some lead strips between 10 and 2 added more thump for me from the baseline and on serve while bringing balance back to 6.5HL. Dressed out with a rubber band and a Pro Overgrip -- it's 340.5 grams. I haven't found/had a problem with any 'hotspots.' Slice backhand and volleys are very good and slice/kick serve have real bite.
From: Mike, 9/15

Comments: I think this stick is great. I know everyone has different tastes but it took a little experimenting with this to make it work. For my needs I added lead tape at 12 o'clock so it would not be so head light. This I found out helped me drive through the ball better and helped ramp up my serve speeds. I use Luxilon 4G at 52 lbs. I would take the time to add lead to spots on the frame before you just throw it to the side. It took hours on the ball machine and hit around sessions to finally figure out the perfect set up.
From: Barry, 9/15

Comments: Love it, but couldn't keep it. Caused me too much pain. I was struggling between powering through it or adjusting to it, but I don't think I will anytime soon. I'm coming from an AeroPro Drive and as stiff as that racquet is, it sent less shock to my arm and shoulder. I thought this racquet with it's advertised "forgiving feel" would feel more forgiving, but it is not. And it's also less stiff and more heavy which I thought would mean more plowthrough and less shock. I can't say why exactly this racquet hurts me more but it does. I actually hear that a lot, too. I don't see much around here about that but I do from people I talk to. I guess I still don't know what specs attribute to more or less arm pain for me...that's too bad. Wish it were that easy. I'm a pretty heavy hitter, quite a bit of topspin but flatten out when I want/need to. Solid 4.0 player. Not sure what I'll try next.
From: Anon, 8/15

Comments: I recently demoed this through TW, and have to say, I came away very impressed. It was strung with Wilson Revolve. I suspect different polys will yield noticeably different levels of spin. Very nice maneuverability at the net. I agree with some commenters that plow through, on flat serves and groundstrokes, may be lacking compared to some other racquets. Some lead tape at 3 and 9 would likely remedy this. Spin when serving was something else entirely, and easily accomplished, especially on slice and kick serves. It definitely plays like a Blade (I personally play with the 2011 model), but with better net handling.
From: Frank, 8/15

Comments: This a very stable racquet with much allowed consistency. Controllable serve performance in addition. And great feel when approaching the net.
From: Mourad, 8/15

Comments: This is the best racquet in terms of feel. Wilson did a great job to improve the small head size of the Pro Staff and Six.One series. With the traditional feel but bigger head size, it's very easy to hit the ball and maintain control (very stable racquet). I previously used Prince Exo3 Rebel 98. Of course the feel is very difference from this Pro Staff 97, but I don't feel any pain in my arm even stiffness rate is much higher. Finally, I recommend this racquet to anyone who love the traditional feel but want the head size around 98 square inches for easy hitting.
From: Korn, 8/15

Comments: I'm a 4.0 all-court player, and I was searching for a new racquet to bring my game to the next level. After a difficult decision between this racquet and the Ezone Ai 98, I finally settled on the Wilson. Best decision I've ever made! The controlled power is incredible, especially on my serve. I found Volkl Cyclone complimented this racquet perfectly by adding more spin. Also, I recommend the used section of TW. I got my stick for $50 less in near mint condition!
From: Kevin, 8/15

Comments: I'm trying to correct/improve my one-handed backhand and this racquet gave me a good reason to enjoy tennis more as my backhand is now catching up with my forehand. Now I'm having a lot of confidence whether playing offensive or defensive. Best stick I've used so far.
From: Manny, 8/15

Comments: I'm 5.0 baseliner, but I wanted to improve other aspects of my game, so I moved from AerPro Drive 2013 to the PS 97. First of all, as other people already suggested, change to leather grip (+200% feel), then you can add 3 grams of lead to head tip to retain same balance. Compared to the (APD), the PS97 has much better stability (easier to change ball direction and to volley). It's a bit less spin friendly than the APD, but still allows me to generate tons of spin and everything else is just better: touch, feel, stability, arm friendliness! String setups I've tried on it: full poly: Solinco TB 16 (53/53 lbs), Luxilon 4G (51/51 lbs). A full bed of 4G was OK, but no feel and feel is such a strong component of this racquet, so a hybrid setup is a must for this racquet. Hybrids: VS gut 16 mains (54 lbs)/4G cross (54 lbs) and VS gut mains (56 lbs) /Solinco TB 16 cross (56 lbs). On the APD, I always played with VS gut/4G hybrid, but when I tried VS gut/TB 16 on PS97 it was even better. VS gut mains snaps back better with TB cross than with 4G and it improved spin greatly! Usually I don't bother writing reviews, but I feel like cheating with this setup and I don't want to end up like Morte from planescape torment.
From: Denis, 7/15

Comments: The Pro Staff 97 has elevated every part of my 4.0 game. I played Yonex RDS1 until it was discontinued and then shifted to the older version of the Babolat Pure Control (Pure Storm Ltd with lots of lead tape). I had tried "modern" players frames but none felt right (too powerful, no feel). I thought I was playing well with the leaded-up Pure Storm Ltd until I borrowed a Pro Staff RF97 one day. It was amazing but it was just too heavy for me; so I went with the Pro Staff 97 and haven't looked back since -- 6 months later. I added 10 grams of lead inside the butt cap and 4 grams total at 3 and 9 o'clock. I'm now 12-0 in 4.0 and 4.5 league matches since the change. The PS97 is what I had dreamed a "modern" players stick would be -- it feels like an old school players stick but it just does everything better.
From: Scott, 7/15

Comments: This is simply a great racquet. I use a Head myself but I would definitely pick one of these up to be my number two. It's maneuverable; it's precise and has that Wilson Pro Staff feel. I have demoed the 90 5S, this racquet and the RF97 and this is my favorite one. For any of you that are considering this racquet, try it out. It's great. It's very maneuverable so you can really whip your serves in and spin your groundstrokes. I am surprised at how much I like this racquet.
From: Dan, 7/15

Comments: I have been playing with this racquet for 8 months already. This is my 2nd time leaving feedback. Awesome racquet that has a modern feel in terms of its power and yet retaining some old school racquet qualities that I like such as touch and feel. This racquet does everything well. I disagree that the racquet's control is erratic. I've added lead to 3 and 9 o'clock (3 grams each) and a 5 gram Tecnifibre frame protector from 10 to 2'clock for additional stability and plow through. It weighs 346 grams. Recently strung it with Solinco Tour Bite 17 at 50 lbs (instead of 54 lbs previously) and it has helped relieve the stress I feel on my elbow. The lower tension needed some getting used to but the comfort I derived was worth it. I am an all court 4.5 level player. I still love and use my previous racquets which are BLX PS95 and PS95S (both weighted up to 348 grams). I will choose which racquet to use depending on how I feel and who I am playing against. It is like having 3 different cars to drive instead of having 3 cars of the same kind.
From: Vic, 6/15

Comments: Coming from a Pro Staff 95 with 12.2 ounces in weight, I liked the new PS97 a lot on my one- handed backhand since I was looking for a bigger head sized racquet. As others mentioned, I also got arm pain over time. I didnīt have any arm pain in the first set of my matches but in the second set -- wow! My elbow was sore. I demoed a couple of racquets with a lower flex rating and will switch back to a modified Radical IG Pro with 12.2 ounces. My NTRP level is 6.0.
From: Wendell, 6/15

Comments: I have hit with the latest Prestige, Radical, Radical IG Pro, Blade 98 18x20 and Ai 100 and found that all of these were great but lacked in one department or another. The Prestige gave me arm pain, the Radical was slightly off balance, I couldn't quite get dialed in on serves with the IG Rad and Blade 98 didn't give me enough free power while the Ai 100 was too unstable against counter punchers. Enter the Pro Staff 97. I replaced the synthetic grip with a leather one, added 5 grams of lead at 3 and 9, strung with BB ALU Power at 52 lbs and this thing is a beast! Serves well, great groundies, excellent on the backhand slice, sublime on the volleys, basically a great all-court racquet. I can now start blaming myself when I lose!
From: Aristo, 6/15

Comments: I don't agree with Andy about sweet spot inconsistency. The racquet feels very solid and with lots of control. I've just put a little bit of tape at 3 and 9 o'clock and it feels even better.With ALU Power Soft strung at 232 kg, I've got lots of power that is under my control and stability. With this settings, there is no problem with the stiffnes and racquet feels soft and great for your arm.
From: Velinjo, 6/15

Comments: I'm a 4.0+ player and got this racquet a few months ago (transitioned from a Wilson KTour) and loved the ProStaff 97 from Day 1. I guess everything about it suits my style of play. Weight and balance in stock form was perfect -- felt no need to add weight. Stiffness is just right -- enough power when you lean in. Head light balance allows for touch shots and a really nice slice. Beam width (21.5mm) and stiffness (66) allows for a feel that is comfortable and plush and yet you can feel the ball well -- of course this depends on the strings and my favorite is Luxilon Fluoro 17 on the mains and any basic medium polyster on the crosses -- both at about 52-54 lbs. This combo gives me a crisp and stable response. I think this racquet has a more traditional feel reminiscent of the late 80s and 90s and provides a lot of variety -- slice, approach shots, volleys and touch shots as well as a precise control for a strong baseline game but with more power, larger sweetspot, stability and comfort than racquets of that era. It is the opposite of a Babolat Pure Drive which is stiff, powerful, even balanced and works well with a stiff poly, providing heavy spin and power (but lacking touch and precise control). I've used a PD and hence the comparison. My style is primarily baseline but looking for an opportunity to attack mid court and at net. The Pro Staff 97 works perfectly for me and I feel like this will be my racquet for many years to come. (Note: I did not notice the erratic string bed -- I bought the racquet in Feb 2015.)
From: Vikram, 6/15

Comments: A very solid racquet when you have good techniques and love to use your wrist a lot when striking the ball. However, I don't find this stick to be an "attacker stick" as Wilson promotes. Although it's good for volleys. But I am having hard time injecting pace with it. I would say this is a better suit for counter-punchers
From: Leo, 6/15

Comments: A powerful racquet with lots of control. I liked it very much, and I am also a huge fan of Federer.
From: Andres, 5/15

Comments: I personally like this stick a lot. As others mentioned it's great on the one-handed backhand. I also prefer the HL balance over a Blade 98. For me the flex rating is also a bit too high. I would definitely stick to this one if I would get one with a 62 (RDC). I agree with Andy from TW about the sweet spot inconsistency. I will demo the new Blade 98 (18x20) hoping for less arm pain. Why is everybody producing racquets that stiff? I love a heavy stick around 12 ounces strung, with a flex rating in the low 60s with 98 square inch head size. I'm an open level player.
From: Niclas, 5/15

Comments: 4.5 player here. Been playing with this stick for 5 months. It is very stable, though I did experience the erratic string bed when I strung with the Fed Cocktail (with vs 16/ALU) at higher tensions. With Lux 4G at 47 lbs there was much less of this, but sometimes the ball would still just experience unexpected pop. Ultimately, I went back to my MG Radical OS. Coming from the OS Radical line, this stick was a bit stiff and I missed the spin production of my Radical. I guess I'm more Agassi than I am Federer.
From: Dennis, 5/15

Comments: I am a 4.0 weekend warrior coming from a Wilson nBlade 98. The transition to the PS 97 was seamless. Weight of my strung frame was 337 grams with overgrip. Balance was 9 pts headlight. String set up is hybrid with Gamma poly on the mains at 52 lbs and Gamma synthetic at 54 lbs cross. Compared to the Blade the PS was very headlight so I placed about 2 gm tape at 12 o'clock. With this set up, serves dialed in well. I have an all-court game but with this set up coming to net to finish off points is always a delight. Forehands and backhands, both slice and topspin had adequate plowthrough. Did not experience any of the erratic stringbed mebtioned by other users. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable modern classic of a racquet. Will get one more of this!
From: Alex, 5/15

Comments: I've used this racquet for about 6 weeks now, having previously been playing with a Six.One 95S. I loved the Six.One, but found the string pattern a bit unpredictable with the amount of bite it had on the ball. The Pro Staff 97 immediately felt much lighter, although when I weighed it strung with over grip and dampener it was 10g heavier than my Six.One -- this was obviously due to the different balance. I've played it with a full bed of Cyclone 16 at 57 lbs and now with gut/PLX at 61/58 lbs, either way, it has played really well. I have experimented with a couple of grams of lead at 12 just because it felt so head light but I've ditched this now. Overall, I really like the racquet and can certainly recommend it. I have not noticed the unpredictable string bed, although if you catch a ball too near the throat it can fly a bit, but I think this is more technique than an issue with the racquet. It is firm feeling but I've had no arm pain, I've found it to be very comfortable. All strokes feel good, particularly volleys. Overall, a great racquet for those who find an AeroPro Drive or similar a bit light, but find the full weight Six.One or other heavy players racquets too much of a hand full.
From: Matt, 5/15

Comments: I'm a 5.0 former college player that came from hitting the Liquid Metal Prestige, a very stiff traditional racquet. Because of that, it took a while to get used to a more lively stick, particularly the open string pattern. However, after a month and some matches, this stick is just great. Stable, forgiving, and spin friendly, I'm duly impressed with how many categories this checks the box in. Incredible on serve, and I get compliments on how much heavier my ball is. The only issue was getting used to the sweet spot as the play testers alluded to - which for me was actually getting used to 'where' to hit the ball. On my Prestige, for volleys, I felt I could hit the ball near the base of the racquet, but the way the Pro Staff is weighted I feel I have to try and make a conscious effort to hit at the tip, or in other words further out than I was used to. However, not a massive change and I still really recommend it.
From: Sean, 5/15

Comments: Amazing stick right here. It could be a little heavier but not as heavy as the Autograph. It's not too stiff and feels really good on the arm. I love it to the moon and back.
From: Bradley, 5/15

Comments: I like this stick a lot. It plays very well on my one-handed backhand. The sweetspot isn't as nice as I thought it would be. Also the racquet is way too stiff for my liking. I was playing a tournament last week and my arm was sore after a 3 hour match. A lower flex rating would help. I'm switching to another stick.
From: Phil, 5/15

Comments: I love this racquet! I just bought two of them. I'm a 4.5 baseliner coming from a Head Graphene Speed which I bought as a "starter" racquet after being away from the game for 10 years (darn you New York City). I was looking for an arm-friendly option (flex under 68) with added heft (10.8 ounces or up), good spin potential, and maneuverable so I can whip my topspin forehand. I demo'ed Babolat Pure Drives of course (killed it from the baseline and serve, but it was a bludgeon and I felt disconnected from the ball on touch shots). I tried a bunch of Volkls which were viable options but nothing ever elevated my game. I tried the Prince Warrior, the new Head Graphene Speed MP and other Wilson Racquets (Blade 16x19) and finally settled on this one. This is a wonderful racquet and it's really elevated my backhand and net play. Forehands were not as consistent as before initially, but now after having six matches I've learned to harness the power with spin. My balls are deeper and heavier than before and my serves are stronger. This racquet deserves all the praise you see below (I won't rehash all of it). I have won six matches in a row with it and not a twinge of pain from the elbow or shoulder. Great racquet, glad I can stop demo'ing (my wife thought I had some sort of addiction to trying new racquets with all the packages I was receiving). I just felt after spending so much time and money demo'ing racquets, it wouldn't be right not to share how happy I am with this purchase...
From: Sebastian, 5/15

Comments: In stock form, the PS 97 offered maneuverability with just about enough stability to trade heavy balls and volley the ball away. The feel was a bit dry, if slightly jarring compared to the PS 90 I am migrating from. It will not offer users that plush and cushioned feel that the PS 90 does and is nowhere as precise. In short, the stock form is not a scalpel. I found that it doesn't swing as fast, despite being at least 34 grams lighter than the PS 90 (maybe because of the weight distribution). It does have a bigger sweetspot and more forgiveness though, which is a fair tradeoff. I also did experience the inconsistency between sweetspot and off-sweetspot hit on my forehand. I have to say that serve was more consistent and the backhand is easier.
From: Anon, 5/15

Comments: This racquet arrived the day before a club final, got it restrung on the same day. On match day, I decided to practice with it, but it felt so good I decided to play with it for the finals. I come from using the Six.One 95S and can say this racquet has more power than the Six.One 95S for groundstrokes and serves, seems to have more weight around the head of the racquet which makes it good for volleys. Anyway, I do not regret using the racquet as even though we were underdogs we won. Totally recommended it for all around power and control. Strung with Head Sonic Pro 17g at 55 lbs.
From: Jose, 4/15

Comments: I demoed this stick side by side with the Blade 18x20. Both are excellent all around the court but I just fell in love with this racquet right from the start. Perfectly weighted, sensational feel and control, and nice power. All around, this is a great racquet and I will be looking forward to this purchase!
From: Grant, 4/15

Comments: Wow -- I ordered the PS 97 late Sunday night and it was strung and at my house today, Thursday afternoon. I couldn't wait to go out and try it. I took it out with the ball machine for an hour and I immediately loved it. It felt like it was powering right through balls and gave me great control. The swing felt awesome and the racquet feels perfectly weighted. At first I thought that maybe I was just feeling good, so I switched to my old racquet and it was night and day. I'm 6'2", 200 lbs and 42 years old. I hit 400 forehands with it and 75 serves. It felt incredible. I wanted to kiss the racquet. I've never played with a racquet of this quality or feel. The problem now it that it just cost me another $200, because there's no way I'm using any of my other racquets as back-ups. I'm going to have to order another one to have ready for when a string breaks.
From: Darrell, 4/15

Comments: Best racquet ever! Control and power. Stability and maneuverability. Great for groundstrokes and volleys. No need to add lead. Great match with Tourna Big Hitter Black 7.
From: Josh, 4/15

Comments: I bought this one and tried it at stock weight. Decent plowthrough, decent spin, decent power. Overall a decent racquet. The thing is it was too light for my taste, so I changed the grip for a leather one (Babolat), and added some lead at 12, 3 and 9 (3 grams on each side). Now it weight 350 grams with an overgrip and dampeneer. The change was radical, effortless power, good spin (compared with the previous APD I were using), really solid at net and serve return, great for serve and slice. It looses a bit of maneuverable but it is ok because I win/improve all the above mentioned. Conclusion: Good racquet with the potential of being a much better one with a bit of customization. I string with 56 lbs multi main/54 lbs poly cross. NTRP Level 4, all court player.
From: Pablo, 3/15

Comments: Honestly, this is the perfect racquet. I can't say enough about it. It plows through the ball and yet is amazingly whippy for fast swings. Stable as a rock, yet maneuverable. Not too much effort on serves and the ball is crushed. Might be my perfect racquet.
From: Toby, 3/15

Comments: I agree 100% with Henry's comments below. Two words: awesome stick! Being a user of mostly heavy sticks (PS90, the Prestige line, PDR) I can say without any doubt, this is the best racquet that I have used so far. Power and precision, stability with heavy shots, feel, maneuverability, all in only one stick. After years looking for a real good replacement racquet for my Youtek Prestige MP (not the IG version), I am now sold! Precision, power and spin! Nice first and second serves! This racquet will be a best seller very soon. I played with the RF97, but if you are not a semi or professional I would tell you to step away, it is much more demanding of PS90 or KPS88 for sure (I played with them all).
From: Juliano, 3/15

Comments: Following up on my comments three below, I've decided that for me, the PS 97 matches well with ALU Power Rough. I started at 54 lbs but might go lower. I can take a full swing, get the benefit of the frame's stiffness and power, and still dip the ball into the court. With this string, I'm committed to the frame for the upcoming league season.
From: Phil, 3/15

Comments: Wilson got it right with this one. Very unique and awesome stick! No weaknesses in this racquet. Allows you to hit any shot in the book. I've never felt a more stable frame and whats really interesting is you get the stability without the drawbacks that stiff frames usually come with. Plush feel with no jarring sensation on mishits. Directional control is superb. Plenty of spin potential and plow gets better and better with more weight added. I did have a tough time dialing in depth control but I'm guessing that was the result of not being familiar with the strings that came with the demo. I would say this one suits the one hander, all court style player that likes to play a variety of shots.
From: Darrel, 3/15

Comments: Really comfortable, solid frame. I'm coming from the Wilson 6.1 95S after getting tired of breaking strings in 2 hours using my preferred setup of multi main/poly cross. This racquet gives me good spin (though less than the 6.1 95S) but where it really shines is on my serve and backhand. My first serve percentage has gone up significantly along with the amount of pace I can put on the ball. The weight and balance of this racquet are a perfect combination for my service style. My one handed backhand benefits tremendously from the large sweetspot and plow through this frame provides. Volleys are superbly wonderful and I suffer from less twisting/torquing in my hands due to such a great balance and layup. My only pain point so far with this racquet is that I find my forehand just a bit more erratic. It is getting much better but has taken me a few weeks to dial it in. Thankfully going back to a denser 16x19 pattern has allowed me to use my preferred string setup and have some kind of durability. I'm getting 4+ matches out of my multi/syn main/poly cross setup again.
From: Chris, 3/15

Comments: Love this frame. A good combination of stability and maneuverability. Comfortable for serve and volley as well as groundstrokes. Finding the right string (vs. my previous 63 RA frame) is proving a puzzle. The combination with ALU Power 16 at 54 lbs is too stiff. NXT Control 16 at 58 lbs broke after about five playing sessions. I think a hybrid is next. I'm a 47 year old 4.5 player with flattish strokes.
From: Phil, 3/15

Comments: Two words: awesome stick!
From: Henry, 2/15

Comments: I recently switched to the PS97 after playing with a PS95S and YTIG Radical the last couple years. Compared to those 2 racquets the PS97 is significantly more powerful and direct/crisp. While the 95S and Radical are much more flexible and control oriented, I did not have a problem with control with the PS97 and did not notice any signs of the previously mentioned erratic string bed. My racquet weighed in at 320g unstrung and sits at 345g (12.2 oz) after I put on TW leather grip, overgrip, dampener, and full bed of Volkl Cyclone 18 at 45 lbs. From my short time with the racquet I definitely feel this racket is perfect for the modern game. It has plenty of power, good weight (swings quite easy considering the weight due to the HL balance, mine measured at 9pts HL), but still maintains very good control. I also thought this racquet played very comfortable, despite some indicating it was harsh. My arm felt great after 2 hours of doubles and that's with a full bed of poly. Perhaps the added weight helped in this regard compared to others experience. All in all I thought this was a great racquet, particularly for serves and volleys. I highly recommend. I'm a 32 year old, 5.0 former college player.
From: Alex, 2/15

Comments: Made the switch from the Head Graphene Prestige Pro. At the same frame weight of 11.1 ounces, the PS 97 is just more stable. The Prestige Pro's hoop would shudder from being flexible on heavy balls. Not the PS 97. Even when I leaded both sticks side by side at 10 and 2 o'clock, the PS 97 serves and drives straighter and faster. I do feel there needs to be lead to keep the balls from spraying on the backhand slice. Using Head Hawk 16 at 55 lbs. I'm a 5.5 player/instructor who hits with college and ex tour players.
From: Tim, 2/15

Comments: This racquet has a lot of the specs or features I like in a racquet but there is one thing missing for my style of play; a tighter string pattern. I would love to see this racquet with a string pattern of 16x20 or 18x20. Yes, I know, the open pattern helps with top spin, etc. but I had a difficult time with control given my flat stroke style. I like the weight, balance, and the overall feel of the racquet. I hope Wilson looks at these comments.
From: David, 2/15

Comments: I've had this stick for about three weeks and am really glad a made the switch. It is solid in all aspects of my game, but especially on serve. I replaced the grip with a Wilson Shockshield grip which made it more HL. It is very whippy, which is good for my one handed backhand. Strung with a hybrid (TB Diamond Rough/Gosen Sheep), and the other (Volkl V-Star). Both play well and are relatively comfortable. Highly recommend for all-court players.
From: Robert, 2/15

Comments: I can't say anything bad about this stick. Tested it today with the new Blades. It was "betterer" in all areas compared to the Blade. Better at my groundies. Much heavier balls than with the new Blade 98. Better at kick serve. Better at net. Better on my one-handed bh. Really solid and stable. Great feel. No arm issues and HL. For me, the best racquet in a long time. Brought it up to 348g with a swingweight of 330. I'm an open level player. I can definitely recommend this stick!
From: Phil, 2/15

Comments: Wow, what a perfect racquet. I'm a 5.5 serve and volley player (When I can!) In my endless search for a racquet that plays like a PS85 or PS90 (I've customized all kinds of racquets), I tried the RF97. The RF97, even though it's the same weight is very sluggish, and this from a guy with a 13 ounce Blade 98. So on a whim I tried my friends PS97, it is perfect, while nothing can match the 85 or 90, it is close, it's fast through the air, has amazing plough through, you feel that weight behind the ball like on the smaller PS's, all on a 97 inch head. Also I've never thought much of the Graphic/Kevlar thing, but it feels so much different, it feels like my 85. I'd have to say this is the best racquet even, as I just can't play consistent enough with the smaller head 85 or 90, it's just different, I haven't read the other reviews, but if they are negative take it from a 5.5 player whose played since he was a kid -- the PS97 is the best racquet ever.
From: Mike, 1/15

Comments: After reading several postive reviews about the PS 97, I was looking forward to trying this frame. I found the swingweight to be very low and the frame lacked plow through. I an eager to try the RF 97 since a heftier version of this frame might fit the bill. I'm a 5.0 player.
From: Steve, 1/15

Comments: After testing the PS97, I bought them 3 weeks ago. I came from a Dunlop Biomimetic Max 200g that is, give or take, the same specs. More stable, better at net, a tad more power, better feel and more demanding from the baseline. It's a great attacker frame compared to racquets with the same specs. What I enjoyed the most was the comfort, feel and net play. It's not the best when returning serves and on defensive strokes from the baseline as I didn't find it that whippy. It does feel that it has a higher swing weight than what Tennis Warehouse mentions. One great thing about it is that by changing strings and tension you can really change the feel of it and adapt it to your game style (favoring power or control as you best wish); and that's something you can't tell of all racquets out there. At this moment I'm really happy with the PS97; it does performs as I expected, favored my net play, it's pretty stable from all areas of the court, has great comfort and feel and it looks of high quality and much better looking live than in pictures. It gives you a taste of Federer's playing style. I would recommend it to any 5.0 attacking player that has good and consistent technique with a well developed full swing.
From: LC, 1/15

Comments: I played a few matches with this new Pro Staff a few months ago. Awesome power and maneuverability, but if you're looking for the classic Pro Staff feel, then don't count on this racquet . I must disagree however with one of the posts saying it is arm friendly -- if you have any tennis elbow problems, beware of stick. All in all a good racquet.
From: Anon, 1/15

Comments: Played with this racquet about a half dozen times before deciding to purchase it and I have been very happy with my decision. I've been using the Babolat Pure Drive for the last 3 years so it's been quite a change for me in terms of frame style. In the past year I found that I enjoyed the Pure Drive most when it was freshly strung (and thus had the best control) but the frame's stiffness was giving me shoulder pain as of late. The PS 97 was a good choice for me in that it offered the control I wanted without the shoulder pain caused by the frame stiffness and vibration in the Pure Drive. The little bit of extra weight in the PS 97 compared to the Pure Drive was quite noticeable at first but not so much that you can't adapt to it. In fact, I now prefer the little bit of extra weight in the frame and find that this stick rewards proper mechanics much more than the Pure Drive ever did. Meeting the ball squarely and out in front results in the effortless power all tennis players crave. Off-center hits are obviously less forgiving in the PS 97 than in the Pure Drive but it just means one has to concentrate better on proper footwork and mechanics and hitting through the ball. In short, I think a player with sound fundamentals and a more "classic" all-around game will find this stick very enjoyable to use.
From: Joe, 1/15

Comments: Not too much to say but it's an incredible racquet for me. I love it!
From: Johnny, 12/14

Comments: Compared to the BLX 95 Pro Staff, this racquet has considerably more power and the sweet spot feels twice as large. I had to up the string tension by 3 lbs compared to the aforementioned racquet to maintain control but once I did that, this racquet turned into magic. It's solid from both wings on the baseline. Offensive shots are deep and controlled and even defensive shots get good pop. Volleys are crisp and controlled. It also generates more torque on the serve. I would highly recommend it. I'm a 5.0 player.
From: Chris, 12/14

Comments: The Pro Staff 97 is amazing with a little customization. Played with the RF97 Autograph for about a month and all the wonderful things aside about that racquet, it becomes quite demanding during those long rallies into the 2nd and 3rd sets. The Pro Staff 97, stock weight is good, but can get pushed around. I added a leather replacement grip, and about 6 grams of lead distributed at 12 o'clock and 9 and 3 o'clock. Strung weight is now 344 grams and the playability and feel is perfect! I string it with NXT 16 on mains and ALU rough on the cross, 57/54 lbs.
From: Faisal, 12/14

Comments: Coming off a massive rotator cuff tear it became quickly apparent that my days of swinging a 12 ounce plus frame were over so I started looking for a new frame. Had no idea this would fit the bill. After some long demo sessions I plunked down my $199 and strung it up with the same string as the demo, Lux 4G. Just a little too harsh on the rebuilt shoulder so I cut out the crosses (yeah I know what your thinking) and put in PSG. Voila -- unbelievably the frame plays even better with my makeshift hybrid. I'm not allowed to serve yet but my groundies are just on. I'm hitting with buddy, a solid 4.5 and really holding my own if not more. Awesome frame for easy topspin, large sweet spot, no vibration, I'm very impressed with this stick. I had some of my best years with the HPS 6.1 and this frame is even better. Also, I find the Wilson grip shape to be far and away the best for my 1 handed backhand. With 2 overgrips and a Wilson dampener my frame weighs in at 11.9 ounces but swings much lighter. Go grab one of these, you won't regret it!
From: Chris, 12/14

Comments: As a follow up, I have been using this racquet for a month. There have been considerable improvements in all aspects of my game -- including the slice serve, backhand slice and volleys. Surprisingly my coach's 9 year old son (under 12 champion) who used to beat me 6-0 now beats me 6-2 or 6-3.
From: HD, 12/14

Comments: Strung this with Dunlop Black Widow. I used to play with the APD. The weight is heavier but does not feel heavy. Forehands are more powerful and it forces you to add extra topspin. Backhand slice is better than with any Babolat. Topspin backhand is more powerful with more consistency. Volleys are more stable. Serves are more powerful and maneuverable. Overall, if you have the right technique (core rotation, wrist snap, proper finish, movement and timing) this racquet will improve your NTRP rating by 0.5.
From: Hormaz, 12/14

Comments: I agree with all of the comments from BM just a few days earlier. To me, there seems to be a lack of weight/stability around the upper hoop. I find the RF97 Autograph is just too heavy to generally play with. The PS97 is great because you can customize it without using a ton of lead tape everywhere. I typically play with a racquet in the 345-350 gram range. I replaced the tan Wilson synthetic grip with the Wilson leather grip (adding a firmer feel and about 7-8 grams of weight to the handle). For synthetic grips, I kinda like this new tan, smooth synthetic grip from Wilson. I really hope Wilson plans on making this an aftermarket replacement grip that everyone can purchase. I prefer leather for the stiffer/firmer feel, feeling the bevels and edges and additional weight. I also add 7 grams of lead tape under the bumper guard (running from about 10-2 across the upper hoop) about 1/2" of lead tape sticks out from under the bumper guard, but still looks very nice and professional. The added lead tape across the top really adds stability and power and spin to the racquet. I tend to strike everything in the upper-half of the stringbed, so I'm always adding lead tape under the bumper guard to raise the sweet spot. After customization, total weight comes up to 348 grams (additional 4 grams from wilson overgrip). I do string the racquet with low tension with a full poly bed of MSV co-focus hex at 46 lbs.
From: Michael, 11/14

Comments: Update on my previous comment: it feels even better with a full set of poly that takes away some liveliness of the stringbed and produce even more spin, yet its still comfortable to play with provided by the flex of the frame.
From: Pete, 11/14

Comments: While it's vastly different from the heavier RF model, this tweener stick performs exceptionally well in its own rights. It's a lively stick, less control-oriented than other similarly weighted racquets in the Wilson canon. It's not lacking in control, and the power is not excessive, so it has a nice blend of both. The 16x19 string pattern is even more open than most other 16x19 stringbeds, and the result is very good spin production. Add that with the whippiness of the frame given the low swingweight, and this makes for a great racquet for topspin shots. The touch and feel are also tremendous, not at all overly stiff or muted. My one gripe with this stick is the lack of weight in the hoop. It's not really flimsy, but it gets pushed around when returning heavier balls. I'm a 4.0 player, and I find that when my opponent of the same or higher level is hitting hard, I can't get the amount of depth I want because of the low swingweight. I fixed that with some lead tape though. The 97 is very customizable which is yet another positive. Overall, I have mostly great things to say about this racquet. I didn't notice the inconsistency in the stringbed (sweetspot) like some others have noted, but maybe my playstyle doesn't make that evident. I'm a 4.0, one- handed backhand, eastern forehand all-courter.
From: BM, 11/14

Comments: After playing with the Steam 99S for the last several years, which I have really loved I decided to demo this new racquet just out of curiosity. For my game (4.0/4.5ish player) it has dramatically improved my consistency which is ironically how felt when I started playing the with the 99S. There is a bit of power loss but for me that has been a good thing. My placement especially on backhand slices and volleys feels much more accurate. It may just be the "honeymoon" phase you often get with any new racquet but I'm going to put a couple of these in my bag. If I keep winning I'll make the full-time switch.
From: SG, 11/14

Comments: I played with a demo (multi-filament, 11.9 ounces with overgrip and dampener) for two sessions, about 5 hours overall. When I had time to set up and hit, I got some pretty sweet shots. When hitting on the run, or stretched, I tended to float balls 1-2 feet deeper/wider than I expected. Returning to my normal racquet (90 square inches, 11.7 ounces, 16x18, Lux) brought things back into focus. Maybe I could adapt to the PS 97, but the floaty/unpredictable behavior didn't make me want to put in the work to switch.
From: Don, 11/14

Comments: I've just purchased this racquet and it's really cool to be playing with it. Earlier played with K- Factor. Once the ball hits the sweetspot, the ball races to a winner (most of times). Get a demo of racquet and do try it out.
From: Ro, 11/14

Comments: I played with head Youtek MP previously. I went to the store to buy the Autograph but just swinging it couple of times I knew that Autograph was too heavy for me, especially if you are hitting for couple of hours. So I decided to go with the lighter PS97 (though it is not a light racquet at all). Just hitting couple of times with it, it just felt right for me. I previously had some stability problem on my single handed backhand with youtek and PS97 performed really well. With the PS97 I really found my feel of the ball and my hittings became very precise. I beat my opponent quite easily who I could not have an upper hand for couple of months. Now I understand how a good racquet fit is important. I am not saying that this racquet would fit everyone, however, it really helped my to improve my game with the better feel and precision.
From: Bt, 11/14

Comments: I absolutely love this frame -- it does everything well, provides good power, spin and comfort. Compared to the PS 95 this one is better in every way, don't listen to some negative comments made here, it is a very user friendly racquet for a wide range of players, has a big sweetspot and easy to swing. Mine is strung at 55 lbs with 17G hybrid, I am 4.0 all court player.
From: Pete, 11/14

Comments: Excellent racquet in all aspects, however not as stable and not as much control as the RF version, even after adjusting it to the RF specs, it still is not as good. The problem is that the stock SW is too low for stability and power. So all in all, mostly good, however sometimes the ball jumps off the string bed and control is not there in the same predictable way as with the RF version. I can understand if you have an RF version on the heavier end of the spec range it might be pretty heavy to swing for less advanced players. However, it is usually a matter of getting used to before you can yield the maximum effect of the RF version. The regular is very good to but a "junior" version with less performance compared to its "big brother."
From: Jim, 11/14

Comments: For reference, I normally play with the BLX 6.1 95. I am rated 5.0. Just completed a hit session with identical string job 54 lbs VS gut/52 lbs Scorpion so I was able to compare the PS97 to the BLX. The PS97 was lighter and easier to maneuver. I actually found it more enjoyable to hit volleys using the PS97, and I could get a little more racquet speed on the groundstrokes. Very comfortable and the sweet spot seems huge. I did not notice any dead spots. Had less pace and kick on the serve compared to the BLX. Very easy to slice, with little deflection of the frame. 5 minutes into the hit, I was thrilled with the racquet, and it got better after adding 1 gram of lead at 12 o'clock. It plays very similarly to the BLX but it's just easier to swing. If I can get the mphs back up on the serve, I will be thrilled. Planning to switch to the PS97.
From: Jason, 11/14

Comments: I got these rackets a few weeks ago, having switched from the 2012 Wilson 6.1 95 BLX 16x18. After I added a leather grip and about 7 grams of lead to the head of the racquet, it came out as a 330 unstrung. It took about 2 weeks for me to get used to the 97 but I now find the racquet to be simply awesome. It has great feel, it is easy to move around, has plenty of power and the 16x19 still allows for plenty of spin. I couldn't be happier now that it has been customized and I found the right tension. I'm a former Div. 1 college player and strung with all Babolat VS 16 gauge at 59 pounds.
From: Mark, 10/14

Comments: I tried my friend's RF97A and must say it is a super stable racquet. However, I felt that it is a bit too heavy for comfort and maneuverability is compromised. So I got the PS97 instead. I was taking a risk as my 2 previous racquets (PS BLX 95 & PS 95S) had lower stiffness ratings. But who can resist owning a racquet that has at least the same paintwork as the legend, RF, himself. I was impressed and dialled in on my very first session using the PS97. I am coming from a PS95 and PS95S (both customized to 348g and 352g). I have played with this racquet for 12 hours over 5 sessions so far. It has a good blend of power and control. Racquet was impressive in serves, returns, slices and volleys. I did not find the string bed erratic. It is strung with Solinco Tour Bite 17 at 54 pounds. I used 2 overgrips over the original, 1 round dampener and it weighs 341g. No lead tape needed for now as this PS97 has enough of power and stability already. During 3 out of the 5 sessions, I experienced a slight strain on my elbow. The 2 sessions that I had no strain was when I added an extra worm dampener but the feel was too dead. I will try adding lead tape to 3 and 9 o'clock and hopefully the elbow strain will go away cos I really like this PS97 and felt it has improved my game. I am an all court 4.5 level player.
From: Vic, 10/14

Comments: First I want to mention that I disagree with the TW Team about the erratic stringbed of the PS97. I've played with the racquet for a week now and I find it pretty awesome. It's crisp, has great touch/feel, comfort and stabality - - it's all there. I find this racquet has a lot of control, too. Just like Andy said this one has more control and power than the open pattern Blade 98 16x19. Comparing this racquet to a Six.One 95S this one has definitely more control. It plays crisper than a Six.One but is still softer than a Blade 98. I wouldn't compare it to a PS90 because the new PS are too different. I also find the PS97 arm friendly. I brought it up to 12.4 ounces strung to increase the swing weight and make it 6 pts HL. I'm an open level player. I can definitely recommend this racquet!
From: Pete, 10/14

Comments: First time using a Pro Staff so I can't do any comparisons. What I can say about this racquet is that, it provides a good amount of power when I get a full swing on the sweet spot. However shots can be erratic when out of sweet spot. Stability is decent and it feels comfortable on contact. I think I would up the swing weight just a lil to add abit more power and stability. Power: 7.5/10 Control: 9/10 Comfort: 8/10 Stability: 6.5/10
From: Justin, 10/14

Comments: Comparing this racquet to a Six.One and Blade 98, I would definitely go with this one. My current stick is a Six.One 95S which I really like. But I will switch to this one. There are a couple of reasons why I'll make the switch. First, I do have more control with this one than with the 95S due to its erractic string bed. Also the sweet spot is bigger and my one handed bh is better with the PS97. The Blade 98 hurts my wrist so I don't use them anymore. I brought the PS97 up to 347g and it's perfect. Great racquet with Alu Power rough. I'm an open level player.
From: Phil, 10/14

Comments: The PS97 feels like a blend of PS 95 and Blade 98. With the wider beam it does not feel much like the classic Pro Staff. Nonetheless, it is very agile and clean contact is so crisp. There is more power from string bed than PS 95. Groundstrokes are very stable and perhaps benefit players with long and fast swings. Its 10 points headlight makes it very easy to whip heavy spin. Sweet spot feels generously larger than PS 95. At net the racquet is very agile and easy to hit clean volleys. Serves are very easy on the arm with ample power, but may be a bit harder to get lots of spin as opposed to PS 95. You may need to string a bit tighter for better control. Even with a slightly higher tension, there is sufficient power to put shots away.
From: Vivit, 10/14

Comments: I will post a much more detailed review in a few weeks, but I purchased mine about two weeks ago. Added 6 grams of lead tape under the bumper guard and replaced the tan synthetic grip with Wilson leather grip. With strings and overgrip, total weight came up to around 345 grams, which is my preferred playing weight. Racquet was strung at 50 lbs with MSV co-focus hex (1.18mm), but still after a few weeks, the strings still feel a little too tight. This probably has to do with my style or what I'm hoping to feel off of the stringbed. Even with 6 grams of lead tape across the top of the hoop, there is still a significant dead zone close to the upper-end of the string bed. I'm hoping that reducing the tension down to 46-48 lbs, will help generate more spin, more power and expand the sweetspot a little bit. After comparing to the new 97LS (again, weighted "up" to 345 grams), I'm really leaning towards the 97LS over the 97.
From: Michael, 10/14

Comments: My customized Wilson Blade 98 has been my racquet of choice for a long time. After playing with this racquet for about 2 hours almost every day for 2 weeks, I decided to switch. This racquet beats in every aspect of the game including comfort and arm friendly. Much easier to swing than RF97. Easy power with so much control. It may sound like contradiction between power and control, isn't it? Because it is one or another in most cases. But with this racquet, I enjoyed both. Serve and volley can't be any easier. My one-handed backhand slices are superb. This is not lighter version, but close brother of RF97 which I tried and found it very hard to master unless I am Roger Federer. This racquet is not that light. Mine is 11.9 ounces with a premium leather grip and string. I strung 4 different setups. Wilson Natural gut as mains hybrided with RPM Blast, 4G, Alu Power Rough, and Alu Power Spin as a cross. The set up with Alu Power Spin gives the best out of this racquet. At least for my game. With this racquet, I found the tennis court bigger on opponent side and smaller on my side. If you are serious about playing consistent tennis, I highly recommend to give this a try.
From: Zaw, 10/14

Comments: The first thing I noticed about this racquet was its agility. My Head Prestige Pro feels like a brick compared to this thing. With the Pristige, I always felt a bit late when trying to hit flatter. The Pro Staff has no such error. The head whips through the hitting zone like lightning, and the head light balance makes it ideal for a one-handed back hand. It feels smooth on volleys and is surprisingly gentle on the arm. I felt no pressure in the wrist, elbow, or shoulder from serving, volleying, hitting groundstrokes, and approaches with this racquet. The sweet spot feels like it's a mile wide. The only thing you'll have to get used to is the serve and overhead if you're used an even balance or head heavy racquet. Everything else feels smooth as silk.
From: Kevin, 10/14

Comments: My first impression is the PS97 feels very much like a heavier Dunlop 4D 300 Tour. I have a weighted 300 Tour and the ball response is almost the same. Both racquets are clearly made for players who can generate their own pace. Both frames even look very similar in shape and headsize if you put them side by side. Of course, the PS97 feels more solid and has more power due to the extra weight. If you can anticipate the ball early and swing freely, the PS97 will reward you with solid offensive shots. Volleys and slices feel fantastic! So far, I'm glad I only bought one PS97 to toy around with. I enjoy hitting with it, but come match time, I still prefer the maneuverability and control of my Dunlop 4D 300 Tour.
From: Steve, 10/14

Comments: Does not have the smooth feel of PS 90 sweetspot, but with an over grip and weight at 12 o'clock, it seems to suit my 4.5 game. Thanks Wilson and TW!
From: Raghav, 10/14

Comments: Honestly, the only bad thing is the horrible synthetic grip. Everything else is as it should be from a racquet with this specs. I found the PS97 as good as my Angell TC95 (same specs), but more agile, which allowed me to be quick on the court. Also, it is strange, but I find it more comfortable. I think I will switch to PS97. I'm a 40 year old, 4.5 player.
From: Radu, 10/14

Comments: Got my PS97 yesterday and took it to the court for some ball machine work. Here are my thoughts: The fit and finish of the racquet is superb. It is extremely well-balanced. I'm glad I went with the PS97 as opposed to the PS97RF, as the PS97, while lighter, still has plenty of plow through and heft. It feels like a control racquet with plenty of precision hitting if that's what you're wanting. It also has a generous sweet spot and is relatively forgiving with off-center hits. I like how mobile the racquet feels, I'm coming from a Head Youtek Speed Pro Tour, and the PS97 feels much more agile and mobile while moving from shot to shot around the court. My only complaint, at this point, is that the racquet feels deader than either my usual racquets of choice: Youtek Speed Pro and Prince Speed Port Tour. I'm fairly confident, though, that this is due to the Wilson Sensation 16 strings (strung at 58 lbs) that came free with the order. I'm going to re-string it tonight with my usual setup and will update this post. (I'm a 4.5 player, 40+ age group)
From: Shane, 10/14

Comments: Outstanding! Serve, volley, forehand and backhand groundstrokes were superb with excellent feel, control, and power. I'm a 4.0 player.
From: Kevin, 10/14

Comments: It is a good racquet but unfortunately it has nothing to do with the buttery smooth feeling of an PS90, but is better than the PS 95. It was important for me was to string at a higher tension. Balls were deep enough, power and spin were great and my one-handed backhand was astonishing once I adapted. The racquet seems to be string sensitive and you have to find the best set up for your game.
From: Gok, 9/14

Comments: During the past 12 months I have purchased and played with a number of racquets. Babolat APD, Wilson Blade 98S and 16x19, Head Graphine Radical Pro, Yonex Ai98 and finally Wilson Pro Staff 97. I have been using an old Yonex RD70 Ti Long, with leather grip, around 350g for many many years and wanted something with similar feel but slightly lighter and a bit more power. My findings are 1) APD, is a great racquet if you dont venture to the net. Ok for serving, not good for volleys as its too cumbersome and unbelievably hard on your arms to make things worse touch play is only possible if your really gifted. 2) Wilson Blade 98S was awful. Does not do anything well. The 16x19 was much better than the 98S but far too head heavy for me. Almost inert feel. 3) HEAD Radical was really a very good racquet. Unfortunately it just didnt have the manoeuvrability I like at the net. Great for serve and groundstrokes. Quite easy on the arm and sweet spot was very large and overall a great ra cquet. Its not headlight enough for me though. 4) Yonex Ai98 is a superb racquet for serving and from the back. Great for absorbing pace and also imparting a lot of spin. Really easy on the arm. Only negative is the slow speed around the net. Very arm friendly. And finally 5) Wilson 97RF. I purchased the racquet only a week ago and have played with it everyday. I replaced the grip with a leather grip since it comes with the synthetic grip (which is awful) and overgrip. By having the leather grip the racquet becomes even more headlight. Overall I am very very pleased with this racquet. Great for serving, volleying and almost as good as the other racquets from the back. Its a really fast racquet with great feel. I am so impressed I am buying another one next week. only negative is that Wilson have put a synthetic grip on this yet put a leather grip on the Autobiography which is annoying and an additional expense.
From: Sundar, 9/14

Comments: Very, very good!
From: Jim, 9/14

Comments: This is definitely a different racquet then the last two versions of the PS95 I used to play with. I think that old school, hard core, PS-box beam, dead feel stringbed lovers might have mixed emotions about the new PS97 but for the majority of players, this is a step in the right direction. The racquet is much more forgiving and lively than it's previous model. Mine was 310g in stock version, I exchanged the basic grip for a genuine leather one which increased the unstrung weight to 318g. With an over grip and dampener stringed racquet is 340g which, for me is near perfect static mass. I received my racquet through TW-Europe last week and played with it for some 10+ hours so far. My forehand and serve were immediately tuned in, volleying became natural after couple of sets, but I struggled the most with my double handed backhand. I guess it will take some tome to adjust -- slice felt great though. First string job was 24x23kgs, the second one 25x24kgs. 25x24 felt much better since PS97 brings more than enough power even with higher tensions. This PS97 will even be a great solution as transitional racquet coming from bigger head -- more power and spin oriented racquet (BPD) to a more control oriented racquet. I truly believe that PS97 will be more present and used by club players than the old PS95. Having the same paintjob as Fed's RF97 makes it even more desirable. All in all fantastic middle ground option for medium to advance level recreational players who are seeking a powerful and forgiving but yet a control oriented frame that will give them variety of options and will suite a lot of different play styles.
From: Tom, 9/14

Comments: I have never liked the Pro Staff series in the past. They have felt too difficault to play with for my technique and playing style, but with this new frame it feels like Wilson has made a players frame that everyone can use. It is fast through the air, very good spin/ball bite, good power and a very nice, forgiving sweetspot. It is rock solid on volleys and it feels like Wilson has listened to what the players of 2014 really wants and need for the modern game. Only update I have made to this frame is to install a leather grip. It will be a modern classic and the racquet for many years.
From: Henrik, 9/14

Comments: I think this is a good racquet but I believe it needs some customization. Compared to the RF97 and my racquet of choice, the Six.One 95 16x18, it feels unstable and does not have the same crisp feel. It can be fixed easily adding a leather grip and some grams at 12 and it will be ready to go.I agree with Mark saying it is not comparable to the PS95 that felt dead as well to me. Racquet was strung with Alu Power rough at 54. Great cosmetics. I'm a 6.0 tournament player.
From: Simon, 9/14

Comments: What a tennis racquet! From the very first hit, I was dialed into this racquet. Groundstrokes were easy and effortless, the balance is very good -- you feel the mass in the hoop which leads to very nice plow through and a very crisp strike of the ball. I felt like I could put the ball wherever I wanted. In a sense it's the classic Pro Staff feel, yet this racquet is not as dead as traditional PS racquets. I felt like it was as powerful as my current 6.1 racquet. Volleys were incredibly dialed in as well. I found the feel, balance and power blend to be superb. This racquet is very versatile and will suit a lot of player styles. I pre-ordered one on the spot. Wilson has hit a home run with this frame. I'm a 3.5 player.
From: Mark, 9/14

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