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Comments: I added some weight to the 3 and 9 o'clock position, 2 and 10 o'clock position, and 12 o'clock position. This stabilized the frame, widened the sweetspot, and pulled the sweetspot upwards. Overall, making the sweetspot larger. I found groundstrokes to be great on this racquet. I struggled on with serves and volleys. I think this is a great racquet for 3.0 to 4.0 level players. If you're an advanced player looking to enhance your all around strokes then you might find that this racquet isn't for you. I like the racquet a lot, but it won't help my all around game (I'm a 4.5 player). But I would recommend giving this racquet a try.
From: Lee, 10/15

Comments: Long time user of the 6.1 18x20. Best iteration in my opinion is the K-Factor. But my new coach says, massive topspin offers more consistency, and gave exact specs (300 grams weight, 100 square inch, stiffness under 69, open string pattern), and I tested 3-4 racquets -- Head Extreme MP, Pacific BLX2, Babolat PD, and Wilson Burn) -- they did not work for me. I stumbled over this one. You get both worlds with this one: solid old style solitdity and that spin. Easy to handle, perfect weight/balance ratio. Iconic stick. I put four in my bag, stat. Strung with Wilson Revolve at 25 kgs and it complements this one perfectly.
From: Andrew, 10/15

Comments: I got this racquet about a month ago and I'm starting to adjust to it. Here are my observations. It is very string sensitive. I use RPM on the mains and Gamma Glide on the crosses strung at maximum tension. I am a lefty 4.0 player with a one handed backhand and I am coming from a Yonex RDS001 Mid. First the good -- my serve is much improved with tons of spin and pace. I have easier access to spin on both sides. The extra 5 square inches is very welcome at the net. No arm issues. I think I am quicker through the ball. Now the bad -- accuracy is down on the groundstrokes especially from the backhand and this sucker just chews up strings although that's to be expected. All in all, I'm very happy and recommend it.
From: Robert, 10/15

Comments: A great racquet! Incredible precision, but you really should know what you are doing to use it. You must be focused to use it successfully.
From: Oliver, 1/15

Comments: Recently switched from AeroPro Drive (with VS-Blast hybrid) to a Pro Staff 95S (with Luxilon 4G). This racquet set-up is far better suited to my game. I play with lots of topspin and a slice serve. I'm giving up a little power, but the control on all shots is markedly better, especially at the net. As others have pointed out, volleying with this racquet is an entirely new experience. What had been a weak spot in my game is now a strength.
From: Duncan, 11/14

Comments: Here's the deal, I've been playing with Pro Staffs for quite some time now and the PS95S is my favorite by far. The frame has everything I've come to expect from a Pro Staff -- crisp, soft feel, pinpoint accuracy, just enough weight to not get pushed around by bigger heavier shots, and just enough power to compliment whatever game you'd like to play. However, and this is a big however, strings will simply not last, at least for me anyway. On my worst day, I went through two freshly strung racquets in 3 hours. I keep the tension quite low, 40-37 lbs full bed of any poly, and still they pop. I've now switched to the standard string pattern Pro Staff 95, but I miss that lethal spin. If anyone has any recommendations i'd love to hear them!
From: Robbie, 10/14

Comments: I gave my feedback earlier in July, so this is my 2nd round of feedback. Having played with my PS95S for 4 months already, I must say that I have really grown to like this racquet because it suits my style of play. I play with lots of topspin, backhand slices, forehand slices and backspins too. I play mainly recreational tennis and my opponents have a hard time handling the spins they receive. I have customized my racquet and it weighs 352 grams. I would rate this racquet 90 out of a 100 marks after customization.
From: Vic, 10/14

Comments: Worth getting just for volleys. The plush feel one expects but amazing pocketing and control too. I have used PS 85 on and off for years and enjoy the control, but the 95S is like nothing I have ever used at the net. The downside is that it lacks pop on serves and groundstrokes. I added a lot of lead but found that it became less playable and rewarding. Might just be a case of making use of the accuracy and come in to the net, or hitting lots of spin and picking off the volleys. This racquet will leave you smiling at the net. Of all the iterations of the ProStaff after the 85, I liked the nCode90 most, and felt the others had nothing to offer over that. The 95S downsides could be addressed with customization and a lower string pattern, and has the big plus of great volleys.
From: Anon, 8/14

Comments: In stock form it is extremelly dificult to be used. The power is missing and sweetspot is minimal so it is extremelly hard to be consistent. Maybe some leadtape at 9 and 3 o o'clock will help to increase sweetspot and give some power. In few words, this raquet is a good platform for customization but hard to use in stock form. I forgot to mention that I got the raquet for testing from Wilson local store so, I cannot customize it. As well I consider the TW testers to be too kind with this raquet. 3 points less in each category is much more realistic and when I'm saying that I use comparison with their ratings on raquets that I used or tested.
From: Cristian, 8/14

Comments: I am a 4.0 level player with a one handed backhand. It's been almost 2 weeks since I started using this racquet and there's one thing I want to share, the 16x15 pattern is not an easy one at all. I am still having hard time to keep the ball in. If you're not a heavy spinner then you may have the same problem.
From: Murat, 7/14

Comments: I am a 4.5 level, double handed backhand player who loves to slice the ball quite often. I am coming from a BLX ProStaff 95 (with customised lead tape) which I have used for 2 years. Played with this racquet in stock form, felt it was a bit whippy and decided that it could do with adding lead tape (total 9 grams, 3 grams each at 3, 9 and 12 o'clock) for more stability and plow through. Strung with Solinco Tour Bite Soft 16 at 54 pounds. My racquet now weighs 348 grams or 12.3 oz (plus overgrip, dampener, protective transparent tape). Pros: Played with my PS95S customised racquet for about 10 hours already and do not have broken strings or notches on the strings. Reason could be that I am not a very big hitter. Increase in spin as compared to my old ProStaff 95 is better but not that significant. It is arm friendly although its stiffness is 2 points higher than BLX Prostaff 95. Adding lead tape to the racquet gives it more power, plough through and stability but still very maneuverable for v olleys. This racquet still retains about 90% of the ProStaff feel. Cons: Racquet has less control as compared to my BLX Prostaff 95. Slap returns without topspin usually end beyond the baseline. Before buying this racquet, I was aware that Dimitrov uses this racquet but with an 18x17 string pattern. Recently, I also found out that Dolgopolov uses this racquet but with an 18x16 string pattern. I would have gone for the Wilson Six.One 95S for better ball control had it not been that the stiffness of 67 is a bit too high for my liking. Those of you who prefer more control may consider getting the Six.One 95S if you are comfortable with a stiffer racquet and save $50. All said, PS 95S is a good racquet that I enjoy playing with.
From: Vic, 7/14

Comments: This racquet really rocks as long as you don't mind experimenting and customizing it. In the stock form, it's not that good due to the lack of power (one of the lowest I've tried so far) but it's definitely loaded with spin potential. It was OK for my forehand but definitely hurting my one-handed backhand as I netted a lot of shots in this form. However, after experimenting with different setups, I find adding 4 grams on each of 3, 9, and 12 o'clock significantly improve the racquet's playability. The 3 and 9 o'clock widens the sweet spot and the 12 o'clock compensates for the lack of power on my backhand. Now I can feel that I'm actually playing better than when I'm playing with my Blade 93: I play more aggressive and hit more winners. Sometimes I miss the control and "safety" feeling that closed-string pattern racquets provided me but I'm slowly learning to compensate the lack of control with "spin-control." Regarding string, it's no surprise this racquet chews up strings a lot quicker than the others, but the overall tennis experience with this Pro Staff 95s easily overcomes the added restringing costs. Bottom line: Get this racquet if you need a spin oriented racquet with small headsize, but most likely you'll have to customize it to get the most out of it.
From: Steven, 6/14

Comments: I bought the PS 95S wanting to switch from my PS 90 because my eyes are wavering and need a more forgiving stick. I've played with it for about 9 hours now and here are my observations. The good: the lighter mass and balance allow for quicker whip, producing (so much) more spin and pace. When properly set for my shots, I've been able to drive flats with considerably more spin, thus accuracy and lethality in one package. Service is a dream since it adds more spin to my flats and my ball would curve down a tad more. The bad: the stock version felt wobbly and unstable compared to the PS 90. The plush cushioned feel of the PS 90 is just not there and I notice more flutter and un-welcomed vibrations when hitting outside the sweet spot. The feel is hollow and I am less dialed and less connected to the ball. This racquet is also overpowered for flat drives but underpowered when brushing for spin. The serve return is more demanding as I now have less mass to stab the ball back. In short it is a more demanding less forgiving stick than the PS 90 or its previous iterations but when you set yourself up properly, it is lethal. I've tried adding weight on at 12, 3 and 9, as well as butt cap but cannot reproduce that PS 90 feel or weight that I want. I am looking for modifications and stringing options to improve stability and feel -- I'm a 4.5 player, that plays with spin, and has a straight arm forehand and one-handed backhand and I play with Babolat RPM blast 16 mains and Lux ALU Power Rough crosses.
From: Indra, 6/14

Comments: This is a very good racquet if you want to customize it to your liking. The racquet itself in its original form is on the light side for a Pro Staff, and does not have as good control or power as the typical Pro Staff racquet. It does have good spin potential given it's on the lighter side and has the open string pattern. It's also on the softer side with good flex, so you get a pretty good "feel" of the ball, plus the vibration isn't as harsh compared to other lighter racquets. Personally, I added more weight at the 3 and 9 o'clock sides, along with more weight in the handle. The 3 and 9 o'clock placement increased the swingweight and plowthrough significantly, while the weight at the handle kept the balance 8 points headlight, which is what you would want if you want a heavier racquet but still want the maneuverability. After customizing it, this racquet now feels more like a traditional Pro Staff racquet, with potential for more spin. I am weary of the fact that the open string pattern does eat away at the strings much faster. I use Luxilon ALU Power Rough, and after three matches I'm already seeing notches on the string bed. I have a Pro Staff BLX 90 with the same string, in 6 months play I've yet to see any wear on the string. Just something to consider if you want to use an open string pattern racquet.
From: T

Comments: I like to hit with lots of topspin and I have a one-handed backhand, I found that this racquet lets me hit with pace, spin, and placement from the backhand that I wasn't able to achieve as easily with other racquets. I added about 25 grams of weight to the racquet giving it a little more power and consistency. After adding the weight I also noticed improvements in arm stress. Overall this is the best racquet I have used with regard to arm comfort, (I have used stiff racquets prior to this). The downside of adding the weight was reduced topspin, or more effort to create topspin. With the stock weight you get more of a brushing effect on the ball that increases spin, by adding weight it gives more of a driving effect. The weight reduces maneuverability thereby reducing spin. It's a matter of taste but I slightly prefer the added weight due to the ease of generating pace. The main problem so far is that the open pattern will allow the strings to stretch more and apparently deaden more rapidly. I found that using 16g RPM blast the string life was 1-3 sessions before I noticed significant deadening. With the lower power strings, and the lower power frame, I definitely noticed the string deadening. Overall though, it was minor and the racquet had been a benefit to my game.
From: Anon, 6/14

Comments: TW got the review 100% correct. Not a tremendous amount of power, but fantastic control -- really didn't expect the amount of control considering the open Spin Pattern. I play with a SixOne 95 (16x18) and was always keen to try a 16x15 racquet. I must admit the racquet is much better then I anticipated. I am a big topspin player, and this is just crazy with the (extra) amount of spin you can generate. I'm normally a big flat and fast server, but with this racquet, I started serving more slice and kick serves and won more points easily. Ok, I'm impressed. Went thru AluPower Spin in about 5 sets. But RPM Blast (had a bit more power) is holding up nicely. Also, to mention, really comfortable on the arm.
From: Dominic, 6/14

Comments: Absolutely amazing racquet. Moved to it from the 90 Pro Staff. I always liked the heavier Pro Staff racquets, but this one just takes it up a notch for me. I find it really difficult for opponents to get a handle on the ball coming at them because of the spin. You can easily change the depth of your shots too. My only problem: I broke a string within 45 minutes of demoing it. After I got the racquet, the strings broke again. Maybe it's just me but I can start seeing the middle few cross strings fray within an hour of hitting.
From: John, 5/14

Comments: Amazing racquet! I switched from a Wilson 98S due do not liking the vibration on the racquet when hitting off center. The 95S feels like a lighter Pro Staff 90. It has great control and spin with a solid feel. I can generate a lot of power too.
From: Anon, 5/14

Comments: I demoed this racquet. It is very easy to swing while still offers plenty of power. The spin effect seems to really work for me as the balls stay in most of the time. I'm sold!
From: Alex, 5/14

Comments: I just demo'd this racquet. First thing I noticed is how quickly it moves through the air, making it possible to meet the ball earlier. With it I have more options of shots to hit, more top, and can crush medium high balls flat inside the baseline. It has a plush feel, very forgiving feel. Serves kick high and I can hit hard and flat as well. Placement is superb. I feel I can make use of every lesson I've ever had with this racquet.
From: Lorenzo, 4/14

Comments: Excellent racquet. My friend bought one of these and strung MSV Hex at 55 lbs. I played with it myself and enjoyed the excess spin. It takes a little getting used to, but after that the racket feels heavenly. Very easy to knife those slices. I particularly felt the effect of this racket even more while playing against it. All the balls for dropping just inside baseline and I had hard time returning them. My friend kept running me around. However, just a word of caution -- the strings broke after one session. Better to use thicker (15 or 16) gauge strings. Cant wait to try 15 gauge wilson ripspin on this and test the durability.
From: Vishal, 4/14

Comments: I hit with semi-western grip. After making too many unforced errors with Pro Staff 90, I switched to Aero Pro drive for 3 years. Most of my opponents would loose the point if they go into a clean baseline to baseline rally with me but in any other pattern I felt lost. Now that I have a Pro Staff 95S I feel I am in total control of my game. I started to use short angles with pace and with less fear of missing the area. I better now how much pace and spin the ball has and where the ball is going. I dont feel shocked from loss of energy when I smash the ball after a serve or a groundstroke. I feel calmer and conscious. When the ball is close to the net I know all options are open to me with a lot less fear of messing the situation up. Even when I cant hit a good volley the ball stays low with this racquet. Yes, it occasionaly felt wobbly but it changed nothing from the shot. If you like to play with top, under and side spin mostly then I think this would be the right choice and the perfect weight.
From: Yigit, 3/14

Comments: I have been using the KFactor Six One Tour 90 for many years and switched to this racquet a few weeks ago. In comparing with the Six One Tour, this racquet obviously generates less power but in exchange for more spin on both my forehand and backhand. The feeling of hitting is not as 'crispy' as the Six One Tour but still comfortable enough. Not sure how other players feel, it seems that it has a clean feel on spin. I use Razor Code 18 for both my racquets.
From: Vinchi, 3/14

Comments: I just hit with this string pattern one time but when I did I felt balls would fly out when trying to flatten balls out. I hit with lots of topspin too but like to flatten out when the opportunity presents itself. 16x15 just seems not to work with wanting to flatten out balls. 16x18 even is tough. I will give it a real go again after these posts and check it out.
From: Russ, 3/14

Comments: I wrote a review on this stick once before, but now I have played with it more. I am a 5.0 spin oriented player. It has great spin but feels wobbly compared to my 90 with added weight. I added a small bit of weight in the throat, buttcap, handle and end of the head. The frame already feels more stable. I'm hitting more spin and power with the added weight. Serving is a dream. My kick serve was already my go-to serve but now it's better than ever. My only complaint remains that the off the wall weight is too low (but that may just be my preference).
From: Connor, 3/14

Comments: Such a great stick. I'm a user of the regular PS95 (2012 version) and just demoed the 95S this week. It's very similar to the regular 95 and has that great Pro Staff feel. The difference, however, is that the racquet feels a little more lively. My balls were going deeper and I could really hit out on it without worrying about the ball going long. Serves were great, especially the kick serve, which was jumping up a lot. My one complaint is that slice tends to float a little bit too much, but still can be sharp if you hit it right. I also think that it is ridiculous that this racquet costs $219. Over all, it is an amazing stick and I am contemplating the idea of switching to it.
From: Alex, 2/14

Comments: This is my second racquet. The spin this racquet produces is crazy. I can place the ball deep in the court without worry the ball getting out! From my first hit, I can tell the feel is incredible. I expect more power, however spin technology made up the loss on power. Overall, I am very satisfied with this racquet. I play with Babolat RPM Blast 58 lbs.
From: Vincent, 2/14

Comments: I've been using a Wilson 90 for the last 15 years. I've honeymooned with various sticks, but i've always come back to my 90s. Well, the racquet that has made me finally move on is the 2014 Wilson Pro Staff 95S. This may be the best frame i've ever hit with. The only modifying I did was adding a leather grip and now it is perfection. So fast through the air with just enough plow through, wicked spin, crazy touch and feel -- the ball just explodes off the string bed. So maneuverable, the weight is ideal as I could change strokes on the fly. I could never do that with my K90. Exceptional topspin off both sides, this stick even retained the knife through butter backhand slice and I could easily flatten the ball out for insane winners. Talk about an extension of one's hand!! I could do whatever I wanted with the ball, with ease. I'm not sure about the folks who said it was too low powered, I found easy access to tons of power. It may be because I'm coming from my K90s. If you're a thin box beam 90 user or even a PS88 or PS85 user, you owe it to yourself to demo this amazing stick if you've ever flirted with the idea of moving up in racquet head size, check this stick out. The stick I purchased had Lux 4g in it at around 50 lbs. Just ordered two more strung with Volkl Cyclone 16g at 48 lbs. My usual specs unless I'm doing a VS gut/Lux hybrid. I'm a 5.0-5.5 player.
From: Nik, 2/14

Comments: I'm 4.0-4.5. It produces heavy topspin, and many times I think the ball is out, and stays in frequently. A few players commented that my ball has more spin, and it's harder to adjust. I can really take a full cut with confidence now. The kick serve has more bite, and serve with side spin curves out a little more. If you want to hit flat balls like old ProStaff, you are looking at a wrong racket. On the other hand, if you want to punish the ball with a lot of spin, this is the racquet. The lighter swing weight allows me to swing fast too. But it's not too light, and in a pinch, it has enough plow through to push the ball deep. My only complaint is that it's not easy to hit back spin with this. You really have to take pace off from slice or else it goes long easily. You have to adjust approach slice/volley shorter than before. You should own a stringing machine. The string would last half of your normal. I demoed before the purchase, and I broke the poly (Lux) from TW in a week.
From: Tai, 2/14

Comments: Very nice racquet. I'm a 4.5 all-court player with a one handed backhand and an eastern forehand. Love the box beam. I've added weight to it to get it around 345g. Very whippy. Not that much added topspin from the spin effect stuff, but when you combine the spin technology with how the frame is built and encourages you to swing then you'll probably end up with faster, loopier spin-producing strokes that will make a noticeable difference in the type of ball you hit. Doesn't really have the "classic" Pro Staff feel, however. Others perceive that it does, but I don't. It's just not as solid and substantial as that. It's also a string-eating monster. If you hit with a lot of spin and play against others who do, then you'll be having to restring more frequently than you have in your life. No kidding. Before you invest in this racquet you really need to consider how you feel about restringing so often. I string my own racquets and I've been using bargain nylon and co-poly for years, so at the moment I'm not bothered by the constant restringing, but you're situation might cause you to feel differently. Oh, the very open pattern makes stringing a breeze. You'll probably be setting record fast stringing times with this racquet. Once again, nice racquet. I transitioned easily from my Tour 90s to this racquet and I'm hitting the ball better than ever. I miss that classic Pro Staff feel, but there's no denying I'm striking the ball better than ever. If you're in the market for a replacement for the demanding Tour 90s, you should probably give this a demo. Now if only I can find a racquet that performs like this, but feels like a real Pro Staff, then my racquet search will be over. Maybe Wilson can fix that in the next few years.
From: Jim, 2/14

Comments: I am a 5.0 player and I only tried it in a demo and the spin was amazing (54 lbs with Lux Savage black). I imagine with the very open string pattern, the string won't last too long. In my opinion, it is too light though (313g). It felt a little funny when I picked it up. That was probably due to me expecting a Pro Staff to be heavier. If I were to play with it, I would add a good deal of weight to it but that is just my preference. Great stick. Very clean, stable feel to it. Good acceleration/whip. If I were to make the switch, I would be concerned with string life but keep in mind, I'm saying that after using it as a demo and that's all.
From: Connor, 2/14

Comments: Love the feel and extra spin from this new Wilson frame. Can't keep strings in it though. I have tried Lux 4G and Alu Power Rough/natural gut strung at 58 lbs and the strings won't even last 50 minutes.
From: Rich, 1/14

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