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Comments: For the way I hit, this racquet works very well for me. The 12.4 ounce strung weight swings quickly on slappy, flat forehands with good accuracy from a muted, small stringbed. I pretty much only slice my on my one handed backhand and that is where I feel this racquet excels. It just slices better than most other racquets. I only hit a flattish slice serve and find this racquet does as well as the PS 85, just with more crispness. I use an 18g syn gut at 55 lbs and while they don't last as long. I love the extra zing I get from them in this racquet. It's a different experience from widebody, large head racquets...better suited for shot crafters than baseline rippers.
From: Scott, 2/15

Comments: I have been hitting with this racquet, first in the stock setup and then I added weight of 4 grams total at 1 and 11 o'clock (4 lead strips of 1 gram). It has a K-Factor 90 feel with the graphite kevlar layers, which I really appreciate as it makes the racquet "honest." I can tell from the feel of the pop if I've hit a good shot and attack or a poor one and defend. I love the 12 HL unstrung balance and the 340 grams weight. This combination makes it maneuverable, somewhat whippy, but stable at the same time. I can go toe-to-toe against the big hitters at my club with confidence as I can rely on the weight to counterpunch. Some people say you need to make an extra effort to get the most out of this racquet. In my opinion, you just have to be disciplined in all areas of your game, starting from footwork, timing, swing pattern, positioning, etc. You also really need to extend your swing. On my forehands, I often find that to produce penetrating shots, I will have to really extend so that the racquet and my hitting arm wraps around my body and my hitting shoulder points to the opponent. Best shots come when contact is well away from the body (think Fed). The small headsize and the centralized sweetspot, means you really need to watch the ball and time your contact. It also isn't a good defensive racquet as you need to reach out just a tad more to aim to hit off the sweetspot.
From: Indra, 2/15

Comments: This is the best racquet I have ever used. The mains get natural gut at 55 lbs and at the crosses get Luxilon ALU Power Rough at 53 lbs. It is the best ever!
From: Sahil, 1/15

Comments: Been hitting with this for about 2 months and it's been awesome. It feels less stiff than the 68 rating it received. The plow through and stability make many shots seem effortless. Its feel and performance reminds me of the Wilson [K]Pro Staff 88 (Sampras) from a few years back, but not as taxing on the body. I currently use Kirschbaum Pro Line II (17L) at 50 lbs/48 lbs, which I think helps create a softer feel. Also, I like the handle which is relatively shorter than other mid-plus racquets and perfect for the one-handed backhand. In recent years, I've mostly used rackets with a 18x20 or 16x20 string pattern for extra control and feel. This larger head size and 16x19 string pattern still deliver in these areas. A definite new classic in Pro Staff racquets.
From: Joe, 12/14

Comments: Control, spin, power -- you can find those in most good racquets. But serves, man, that's money. I can serve flat and spin so so much easier. This is the bomb. Thanks Fed!
From: Don, 12/14

Comments: In what is likely to be the last 90 square inch frame in the Pro staff series, Wilson thankfully re- introduced kevlar back into the composition. The previous two models of 90/Tour frames did away with kevlar and it was noticed by those who cherished the feel the Pro Staff range has always been synonymous with. By bringing kevlar back, Wilson has produced probably their finest player's frame since the K6.1 Tour which was the last "Tour" frame to contain kevlar in its composition. Bravo to Wilson for making another truly great 90 square inch frame for lovers of them.
From: Brendon, 11/14

Comments: Have been trying to find a "better" racquet for quite some time. Have two K-Six One Tour 90s that I have never given up, but tend to play now more with the Pro Staff Tour 90. It feels a bit "lighter" and easier to maneuver than the SixOnes, and overall just a slightly nicer feel in the hand. Have also the old ProStaff 85, which I love for it's stability. My dream racquet would be the new ProStaff 90 design in an 85 sq. in. head...Wilson, are you listening? I've demo'ed some of the others (Head, Yonex), but still can't find anything I like better than the Pro Staff Tour 90.
From: Michael, 9/14

Comments: Following up my post from 8/14. I got the replacement from TW with the right grip size. I am happy with it. It actually feels in between the last version (the BLX ProStaff 90) and the K90, but much closer to last version and slightly better in terms of plow through and balance.
From: Mike, 8/14

Comments: I just got the racquet yesterday that comes with expensive string on it, but I have to return it today for an exchange because the grip size is not true to the spec. I ordered size 3, and the spec says 3 too, but it actually feels like 4. Then I measured it last night along with all my previous versions, it indeed measures to 4! Yes, I have all recent iterations of the 90 racquet except the N Code, plus the reproduced Pro Staff 85, all from Tennis Warehouse. Given that there seems to be a pattern to this new version that the actual grip size tends to be one size larger than the spec size, I am actually thinking to request a replacement with size of 2 (2/8) in a hope that I will get something actually measures somewhere between 2 and 3, so I don't have to retrun it again. In fact the ideal size for me is something slightly smaller than 3. Without actually hitting, I can only say that this new Pro Staff 90 is closer to K90 in term of swing feeling. In this regard, the red and black 90 BLX is closest to the Pro Staff 85 which I like the most.
From: Mike, 8/14

Comments: I cannot understand why people would call this racquet heavy. It's probably as light as many junior wooden racquets from days gone by and it's certainly lighter than my trusty Dunlop Max 200g. This is a lovely stick with very centralized sweet spot which rewards a quality swing. Would I recommend it to a beginner ? Probably not. However, anyone that has a full swing or serve and volley types would enjoy this racquet provided they can get past the idea of having a smaller than average 90 square inch head size. In comparison, I would say it has less pop than my Head Graphene Prestige Pro although the Pro Staff has superior stability. The only downside I can think of is that you don't get anything for free using the Pro Staff 90. It translates whatever you do perfectly -- for better or for worse. Not a classic by any means but a very nice racquet which demands respect.
From: Alan, 7/14

Comments: I'm 38 years old, 6'0", 155 lbs and I started seriously playing tennis about 3 months ago after having messed around a bit in high school trying to learn. I have not played in a league yet but my practice group consists of 3.0 to 4.0 players and I would say there is only one 4.0 player that is better than me so I'm somewhere between 3.0 and 3.5. I started out playing with a HEAD Ti S.1 racquet which is a low power, control racquet. I really favor control over power as short, choppy swings feel unnatural to me and I often send the ball way out with high power racquets. As a beginner and mostly chatting with other beginners the perception was that the lower the weight and the bigger the head size the better the racquet. I toyed with getting a Wilson K-zero 118 sq. in. racquet but then asked my 4.0 practice partner if I could play with one of his two Prostaff 6.1 90s (BLX 2012 version). I held the racquet and kind of laughed at its old school looks, heavy weight and small head size. I didn't expect much from it and thought I would hate it. Boy was I wrong! As I hit the first ball, I was completely addicted at the feel and control of this racquet. It was so different from any other racquet I had ever swung. As long as you keep your eye on the ball, as you should with any racquet, the head size does not feel like an issue, especially since across the middle it is close to the width of more typical racquets. I shanked a couple of balls but I do that with my HEAD 107 racquet as well. After demoing the racquet for a 4 or 5 games, I went back home did some research and overall liked what I read about the Pro Staff 90. I offered to buy one of my friend's Pro Staff 90 and he agreed. Today I played doubles for 2 hours with my "new" racquet and had a great time placing the ball into corners and on the line. On my serve I was getting nearly 100% of my first serves in so for one of the final games, I was serving and decided to turn up the heat I have never served so strongly! I served a nearly perfect game and even my 4.0 friend had trouble getting solid returns. Serves and slice backhands are my favorite shots with this stick. I'm in love with this racquet!
From: Tony, 7/14

Comments: This racquet will serve as a good coach. You will lose matches with your friends, but the beauty of this racquet is that it improves your game. The small sweet spot forces you to use perfect technique. Plenty of shanks, and frustrating miss hits will ensue. However, when I played with a more normal headsize racquet (98 inches to be exact) after having played with the 90 for a few months, I was unbeatable. Definitely try this racquet if you are interested in improving your game.
From: Sridhar, 6/14

Comments: Used to play with the N Six.One Tour 90. Since then I've tried lighter racquets with larger head sizes and more pop. I picked up the new Pro Staff 90 and fell in love all over again. This stick is like a scalpel. Yeah, I lost some pop and some pace on groundstrokes, but I can put the ball anywhere and that's priceless! In retrospect, my point construction was sloppy and clumsy with my Pure Drives, whereas everything just flows so much better with the 90. The more head light balance makes it easy to get it around and attack. It is so stable that returning big serves is another opportunity to attack! Makes me wish I'd never strayed from the pro staff line in the first place. A must have for anyone who can handle it!
From: Danny, 5/14

Comments: Just tested it with TWE (great program) with some poly (@38DT/I would prefer a hybrid). Specs are on paper the same as the BLX PS, but the leather is thinner, and the frame is 3g heavier which feels when you hold it. Also, the grip 4 seemed a bit larger than the BLX. If I buy one I would go for a 3. Among the initial review, I would be close to what K wrote expect on serve which I felt was very solid (poly impact?). Compared to previous version: The racquet is stiffer buy still buttery, more powerful for drilling, better to stab slices, less spinny and less lenght, less manouvrable, so you will net more often while on the move. To some extent it is a bit in the direction back of the K series, which I did not like so much in tube (pipetube feel). But with some great modern feel. My ample opinion more for a powerful baseliner than someone who goes to the net quite often like me. May be with some moding we can make it closer to the BLXPS and even better, with some time. Still compared to the 10s of racquet I have tested (Head, Pacific, Donnay, Dunlop etc.), it is among the best (very difficult to beat the Pro Staff lineage).
From: Denis, 4/14

Comments: This is a racquet is for a player 4.5 and up -- you need technique and strength. If you have it you will love it! Slices are very powerful and deep. This raquet is for the strong players who like to hit powerfully. The way I feel with this racquet is out of this world -- it can manage flat hit, slice, lots of spin. At the net you have the mass to stop a cannonball and get good depth. The serve feels very powerful and you can hit whatever shot you want. This is my raquet of choice -- I have 5 and play very well with them. I am 42 and play 5.0 to 5.5.
From: David, 3/14

Comments: Was very curious to try this frame. Power was low, but had nice precision. Control was also very good. The sweet spot is small, so one have to be very precise. Overall this is my deal: I don't see any reason at all why anybody would want to use this racquet. The great Roger Federer no longer is using this spoon of a racquet with it's 90 square inch frame. He has gone up to a prototype that is 98 square inches, if I'm correct. Not a single pro is using a 90 square inches anymore. If 90 racquets have become a liability to the pros and no longer are useful to them, what makes you think that this frame will improve your game? Even Pete Sampras who used the Wilson Pro Staff 85 said that he wished he had gone to a bigger head sized racquet later in his career. A tennis buddy of mine who used this frame switched to the Six.One 95 and loves it!
From: Van, 3/14

Comments: I hit with a demo of this racquet today from my local shop. It was strung with multi-filament and had no lead at the tip as I typically customize to. My impression was that the racquet is a bit crisper than the prior version. The ball seems to jump off the racquet a bit more. By comparison, my prior racquet felt a bit plusher, although in the long line of Pro Staffs, I wouldn't consider the prior version the plushiest (I'd say the one before that was). I believe that with customization and my standard poly for additional spin/control, this racquet would be good to have in my bag for a slightly different feel than the prior version I own. In general, the play is pretty similar but it comes down to preference. If you liked the K90 and the old black Pro Staff 90 Tour, you might like this one. I'm a 4.5 advanced player.
From: Frank, 2/14

Comments: Without lead tape: It has low power (compared to other tour 90's), nice sound off the racquet but no response felt (had a mushy feeling), less maneuverable than the BLX 90, super easy to chip the paint and expose graphite, good slice but not enough topspin, ball kept on slipping on strings, no depth on forehand or backhand compared to the BLX 90, more precision (on hitting in the sweet spot), accuracy and stability on backhand and forehand shots compare to the BLX 90 on volleys, but on groundstrokes the sweet spot felt underpowered. Terrible serves, with the BLX 90 I hit my serves around 100-110 mph, but I couldn't even reach 70 mph, hard to hit flat shots on serve, give a nice slow kicker on serves. With lead tape: 2g at the head, 4g at 9 and 3, with power pads at the throat (which adds weight without changing balance). Good depth on groundstrokes, volleys felt a lot more accurate, backhands had good power with extreme accuracy, serves got a little better (still spiny), sweet spot had more power, good touch, but I couldn't get rid of the terrible dead feel from the racquet. I hate amplifeel tech, if I wasn't looking I wouldn't be able to tell if I hit the ball or not, amplifeel blocks all type of vibration and feel. I might trade this in for a Pro Staff 85, noting beats the Pro Staff 85, it gives me more spin than the AeroPro Drive.
From: K, 2/14

Comments: I play with the Pro Staff 90 BLX. This newer version is a tad stiffer and a tad more power. I had a little more difficulty controlling shots and it didn't seem as forgiving as the BLX..
From: Ron, 1/14

Comments: Excellent racquet, with really solid feel and maneuverability. I've tried the previous version and just didn't like it, it felt too headlight and flimsy. This racquet, on the other hand, was a major improvement and had better stability on off center shots, the overall feel has also improved and felt much cleaner with less vibration but not dampened. It also felt slightly more maneuverable compared to the K90, as my one backhand didn't struggle as much with timing, yet still remained very stable. This racquet also felt very crisp and gave excellent pop even with softer strings. The quality has also improved as I weighed a couple in the shop and they only varied by +/- 2 to 3 grams. I highly recommend trying it out if you can handle the specs, especially if your a Tour 90 fan.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: So I've been waiting for this stick for a while and I finally got to try it out. First off, this does not feel like the last iteration. The plow through that we know and love is back, but with the same level of spin as the BLX Pro Staff. Feel was not bad, yet not great, but the plow through power more than made up for it. I'd have to say it's one of my favorite tour 90s. You could almost say it's a mix the NCode Tour 90 and the KFactor Tour 90.
From: Brent, 1/14

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