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Comments: These shoes have killed my feet, especially my little toes. I have wide feet. They Tennis Warehouse rep I talked to said to order 1/2 size shorter. Well, I did and they are killing my feet. Called them back and no relief offered from TW except 20% off another pair. I wore them for three weeks.
From: Susan, 6/12

Comments: These shoes did feel like clown shoes at first, but they are the most comfortable "clown/tennis" shows I have had. It's like you're walking on pillows. No more bruised toes or blisters. I'm looking to buy more.
From: Chelsie, 10/11

Comments: These did not work for me, but they would be a great shoe for someone with truly wide feet. I played in them for a couple of weeks and found them to be way too wide, especially in the toe box. I couldn't resolve the issue by tightening the laces. Had to return them. I agree with the person who described them as feeling like clown shoes. I really liked the cushioning in the heel and rest of the sole, and I think that's why I didn't notice how wide they were when I first tried them on. It only became apparent while I was playing, and it really seemed to slow me down on the court. Not something I can afford because I already have trouble moving quickly due to ankle and foot problems: hypermobile ankles, some lingering pain from prior sprains. I am shoe size 8 with feet that are on the wide side of medium, i.e., I have worn wide width shoes in the past but am usually fine with a medium width. In the past year, I have rolled both ankles, so currently play with ASO braces on both feet. Am looking for a shoe with good stability and cushioning - currently testing out Asics Gel Resolution 3.
From: Aimee. 6/11

Comments: These shoes I pretty much blame for a torn Achilles and knee problems. I had been a fan of Prince shoes for a long time until I tried the Scream 3, a BIG disappointment, so darn wide I felt like I was wearing clown shoes. I am back to wearing Nike, which are lighter.
From: Macki, Rogers, AR, USA, 12/10

Comments: Have been using T10 for three years. The Scream III is very stable and more comfortable. It gives a confident wrap around feel holding foot very securely. I am 6'1" and heavy build, I recommend them highly.
From: Bill, Roanoke, Va, USA. 03/10

Comments: Gee whiz, I am with anon from 7/09. These are great shoes. Being a Prince Tennis shoe fan in general, I too bought them two hours before playing in a 4.0 doubles tourney and LOVE them. I was able to do the tennis dance like never before. And my partner and I won the tournament. I wear orthotics and the platform and stability is great in these shoes. Thank you Prince.
From: anon 01/10

Comments: I played with them for the first time and found the scream3 clunky, stiff, heavy, and unnatural. A few games later I injured my calf muscle and I believe it is directly related to the lack of quick flexibility and rigidness. I am very unhappy with these shoes!
From: anon. 01/10

Comments: I loved the original version of this shoe, like no tennis shoe I had ever worn. I bought one of the last pairs, on sale, when it was being discontinued. When I wore them out, I was thrilled to see that Prince had brought back the original shoe by "popular acclaim." I bought 2 pairs thinking they would always be available, since this company listens to their customers. Wrong. The shoes that seemed to make me fly around the court are discontinued - again. And the Scream 3 has worrisome features. (Thank you, Claudia.) I agree with Carla, what ARE they thinking? How nice it would be, in this busy world if . . . Sigh. Back to shopping around.
From: Naida West, Rancho Murieta, California, USA. 12/09

Comments: I agree with Jill they are stiffer out of the box so they are not the same shoe as the Prince 2. They still beat Nike for knee and foot protection by a wide margin; try the T series if you don't need this. I'd buy the Scream 2 without a second thought but will have to think about another pair of these.
From: Michelle, Milwaukee, WI USA 12/09

Comments: My only complaint about these shoes, are the laces. I have had to replace the laces 3 times in less than 6 months! I am a 3.5 player and play doubles 3-4/wk. The strings just keep shredding and finding replacements is no easy task! Yet, finding a mid cut replacement shoe is proving difficult.
From: Sonia, Gilbertsville, Ky USA 11/09

Comments: I bought these shoes an hour before I had to play a match. I have been using them for quite a while know and unlike everybody else... I love them!!
From: anon. 07/09

Comments: I wear Prince T10's and loved them so thought I'd try a more breathable shoe for summer play. The Scream felt very heavy on the court. I also developed blisters on my pinky toe regardless of the thickness of sock or adjusting the laces. When I returned the shoe the retailer told me the manufacturer Prince will take them back no questions asked because Prince wants you to be happy with their products! I then purchased Prince T22's and so far have been very happy with them.
From: Tracey, Roswell, GA, USA. 06/09

Comments: I am a fan of Scream 2 and since Tennis Warehouse didn't offer it I tried the Scream 3. There is no way to tighten the top of the shoes and my heels slides around. The more I tighten it at the top the elastic string hole stretched. Also it appears to be much wider. I am disappointed and will not buy any new versions of the Scream.
From: Claudia, Portland, OR USA. 3/09

Comments: I totally agree with the other comments. I hope the people at Prince read this how disappointed their customers are. I will have to buy another brand. If Prince wants to keep loyal customers they will bring back the original Scream shoe.
From: Marty, Austin, TX. 3/09

Comments: I wore the Scream Low for many years, then in their infinite wisdom, Prince discontinued them. I tried the Scream 3 in its place and was very disappointed. They were clunky and did not fit my feet "like a glove" like the Scream Low did. What were they thinking?
From: Carla, Edgartown, MA, USA. 2/09

Comments: I have worn the Scream for many years and could always count on taking a new pair out of the box and straight to the court with no break in needed. The updated version however, is much stiffer and comes up higher around the ankle causing blisters on both sides of my ankles. They seem to feel a bit heavier as well. I am so disappointed in the updated version. The toe box does remain a little roomier than most. I would love to have the old version back.
From: Jill, Baton Rouge, LA. 2/09

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