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Comments: These shoes feel comfortable but not "soft" which is a good thing. Nike's always felt soft and I prefer the stability that I get in Prince shoes. I'm not too concerned with durability but having a 6 month warranty is nice. When I first got these they felt a bit stiff, but after a day or two they settled down and felt great. Its a bargain at this price and you won't be disappointed.
From: M.F., 11/12

Comments: I have worn Prince shoes for over 10 years. I always found them to be very comfortable right out of the box. These shoes are heavy, feel big and clumsy on feet. The first time I wore them I got blisters on both little toes, and had to tape my toes for a couple of months. They still irritate, but my skin is now thick enough to where I don't get any more blisters. Finally, after moderate wear, the stiched seam near little toe has split and the shoe is worthless. In my opinion Prince missed with this shoe.
From: Mike, 9/12

Comments: I've been through several pairs. I'm having to try other shoes today. I like everything about this shoe except that for me, for some reason, the material on the inside of the heel area near the achilles wears out quickly and exposes a sharp edge of hard plastic in the heel cup. It's happened on every pair and I usually just still wear them, but I notice the exposed plastic with some moves.
From: Peter, 9/12

Comments: Have worn three pairs of these shoes and they do very well for me. I don't have high arches and I find them very comfortable. They are heavy compared to others. As far as durability, I play singles 2-3 times a week and doubles once or twice a week. I've never had an issue with the soles or uppers coming apart. They last 5-6 months before the shock absorption gives out. What is a great pair of shoes for one person may not be for someone else. I've tried adidas and Wilson shoes that have been recommended. When I tried them they were just awful for me. So try 'em on before you buy 'em.
From: Wes, Toledo, OH, USA, 01/11

Comments: These shoes are heavy, but breathe very well and have an outstanding amount of cushioning. On top of the comments about them being good for big hitters, they're an excellent shoe if you have nagging injuries. 2 hours of break-in and you're good to go.
From: Frank, Canada, 12/10

Comments: I really think the comments below can give the wrong impression, these shoes are awesome, and they last forever, comfortable and great support. Underrated shoes, they're great.
From: Joseph, Long Island, NY, USA, 11/10

Comments: Why does the bottom of shoe shows "GOODYEAR" rubber on the internet. when ordered it shows "PRC1000"?
From: Dan, West Palm Beach, USA. 10/10
(Dan, when Prince first made the shoe a few years ago the company contracted with Goodyear to use its rubber compound. However, now Prince uses its own rubber compound called PRC 1000. We will update the image online to reflect the change in the shoe. -- TW Staff)

Comments: Bring back the Scream 2! I find the Scream 3 to be uncomfortable, heavy and clunky....and will be looking at other brands.
From: Michael, Boca Raton, FL, USA, 10/10

Comments: Scream 3 gives me a blister on the little toe of my left foot. I have to tape it every time in order not to be hurt. I would not buy another pair; very disappointing! I wore Scream 1 and 2 before, they never gave me trouble. Scream 2 is the best, but they don't sell it anymore.
From: James, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 5/10

Comments: I've used the Scream 2 and now the Scream 3 shoes. I liked the Scream 2's better because the Scream 2 doesn't have a lacing system the goes around the heel and can pull out of its mountings. The Scream 3s soles are excellent and the comfort is good. I play 3 days a week and the interior of the shoes came apart as well as the lacing system that goes around the heel on the Scream 3s. I've had two pairs of Scream 3s. The first pair of Scream 3s I had, the lacing system pull out of its bindings so I sent them back for a "defective" exchange. 2 months later, my new pair of Scream 3s failed the exact same way. I have now had the shoes since Christmas (4 months) and the interior heel material has completely come apart. I am switching to something by Head or Adidas.
From: TK, Kentucky. 4/10

Comments: Have been using T10 for three years. The Scream III is very stable and more comfortable. It gives a confident wrap around feel holding foot very securely. I am 6'1" and heavy build, I recommend them highly.
From: Bill, Roanoke, VA 03/10

Comments: Have been using T10 for three years. The Scream III is very stable and more comfortable. It gives a confident wrap around feel holding foot very securely. I am 6'1" and heavy build, I recommend them highly.
From: Bill, Roanoke, Va, USA. 03/10

Comments: Great all around shoe, fantastic sole life. Not a top players shoe, but perfect for anyone who plays a lot.
From: Peter Toronto 01/10

Comments: I used to wear the Scream II which I really liked a lot. Great comfort, long lasting. Tried Scream III twice and they blew out in a ridiculous period of time, like two weeks. sole separated from the top part of the shoe. Now looking for something else.
From: Ryan, Austin, TX, USA. 09/09

Comments: Great shoes. Especially if you're a big guy, over 200 lbs. They also have great durability, I went through 2 seasons with these, which normally is impossible for me.
From: Jay, Lawrenceville, GA 07/09

Comments: Comfortable shoe but terrible lateral support. Also, it's a little heavy.
From: Jason, Seattle, WA. USA. 04/09

Comments: Great shoe. It feels great on hard courts. I haven't tried it on any other surfaces. Running is great, side to side perfect. A lot of space inside shoe not squished inside. Very comfortable to wear.
From: Ben, Ottawa, Canada. 2/09

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