Prince Poly Spin 3D 16L Black/Clear Customer feedback

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Comments: The string is exceptionally soft for a poly (any type of poly) and does offer a good degree of comfort along with a reasonable amount of power. Tension maintenance is okay but not amazing and once the tension does drop you're left with an overly soft, mushy kind of feel. In regards to spin potential it lacks sufficient bite and grip on the ball. As a result, if you're a player who needs help in generating a bit of extra spin this isn't the string for you (Polyfibre TCS is a signficantly better choice). If you don't need help with spin but are looking for comfort, the string has some merits but due to the cost and average tension maintenance it's probably a better option to use in a hybrid set-up.
From: Andrew, 8/12

Comments: Update from 5/11 this string was stiff with a full bed. Stiffer than RPM blast or Beast. Strung this with the recoil on the crosses and WOW. This is the set up I compare all others to. Tremendous spin potential. Lively (not mushy) but controlled string bed. Just when I discovered this recoil is being discontinued, so I'm looking for another slippery but soft string for the crosses.
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: One of my favorite strings. Nice playability for a co-poly. On a full bed, it is not as harsh as many polys but it is still going to be harder than 100% synthetic/ multifilament. As with many poly's, I drop the tension 8-10% less than a traditional monofilament/ multifilament. There is good bite due to the extruded geared edges on the string. Be aware when stringing as a hybrid. Use a cross string with a stiffer coat so that the 3D doesn't cut into the string. I string the cross 10% tighter than the main. I paired the 3D with the Head ETS 16g. For low cost hybrid, try the Forten Sweet 16g or the Gosen Super OG Micro. All 3 synthetics provided good spin, pop and feel. It's also softer on the arm. There is some some string movement but not bad overall. This string is definitely worth a shot.
From: Darin, 10/11

Comments: I'm used to the Prince Topspin 16g but have been frustrated with the breakage. Strung this stuff at 58 lbs and the stringbed was too stiff. I did come to have more control once it lost some tension. The power was noticeably better than syn gut. Next step is to mix it with a hybrid syn gut 16 gauge on the crosses at 58 lbs, and 3D poly 17g on the mains at 56 lbs. I thought it was pretty durable since I used it all season long about 12 hours a week. When it finally broke there was significant notching. The 3D Recoil hybrid looks interesting because Recoil is low friction and will allow the 3D mains to bite the ball and slide on the crosses.
From: Tom. 5/11
Racquet: Prince EXO3 Graphite 100

Comments: Playability wise, these are my favorite strings so far. Excellent spin, plenty of bite, nice feel. Durability wise, no so much. I'm a hard hitter, and my strings popped after only 2-3 weeks of play (I play at least 5 times a week, ~2 hours each, plus tournaments once a week) although this may be just due to the amount of play. If you are a hard hitter, or you find you are breaking strings very often, you may not want this string. If you are looking for bite, control, and feel, and don't break strings often, these strings are excellent. My favorite strings playability wise, I just don't have the money to constantly restring.
From: Steven, San Antonio, TX, USA, 11/10

Comments: Best 16g string for spin on the market. Beats M2, Hurricane Tour, Black Code, ALU Power Spin, and Cyclone. I use a full set on a Youtek Prestige Pro @55lbs. Adds a unique shiny look unlike any other string. I would not recommend this string as part of a hybrid - it doesn't provide enough playability to warrant the speed of string breakage.
From: Chris, Brookfield, CT, USA, 08/10

Comments: At first I was using a hybrid setup with Gosen Poly and TF syn gut, then I switched. This adds incredible ball bite and a comfortable feel when paired with syn gut. It's a must try.
From: Kevin, Atlanta, GA, USA. 08/10

Comments: I hate this string. I'm not that much of a hard hitter and popped two sets of this in 1 week. The way it's designed makes the string cut into itself fast, I would not recommend this string unless your stringing a hybrid. I would recommend the Poly EXP.
From: Dylan Hernandez, Kaufman, Texas, United states. 08/10

Comments: I used this string as my mains on my prince hybrid ignite and I seemed to like it a lot. After reading a lot of reviews, it seems as prince strings have a smaller life span, but there seem good. My crosses are fraying, but the mains haven't started at all. These strings help me put some more spin on the ball also. I really liked that part. All in all, decent string if you need that extra spin.
From: Daniel, Anchorage, Alaska, USA, 08/10

Comments: This is the only textured poly that I have used that I have been satisfied with; I pair it with a multifilament in the crosses and it has excellent bite on the ball. I recently strayed to the Volkl Cyclone because it was far cheaper, but that was a mistake. However, it advertises as a "soft poly" but it is actually quite stiff. Overall, an excellent string, especially when paired with a multifilament in the crosses.
From: Taylor, Farmington, NM, USA, 07/10

Comments: I've played with this string for a little while now and I am very pleased. It has significantly greater bite than the twisted poly, and durability is not a problem seeing as I paired it with a multifilament in the crosses and they are now starting to fray. However, it seems to lose some bite as it gets older (more than 8 hours of use)in comparison to the unused set that is in my backup racquet (also paired with the same multifilament). Overall, if you are looking for something with more bite than a regular polyester, you definitely need to try this string out.
From: Taylor, Farmington, NM. 6/10

Comments: I love this string in the mains with Prince Lightening in the crosses! Mains are at 60/ crosses 58. I play with the Prince Rebel Team 18x20. The 3D adds the spin and the lightening gives it that little bit of extra power over other Synthetic guts. Love this combination!
From: SHAY, Hemet, CA, USA. 06/10

Comments: Durability is an issue so far with this string, maybe I just got a bad reel!, but this string has not last more than 45 minutes max, hitting on clay. It definitely has good spin potential. I am stringing it on the Prince Ozone Pro tour 18 x 20 SP @ 53/51, so right now I must say I am confused. All 3 breaks have been in different places, not once in the sweet spot area. We also use the Tour silver 17g and the EXP Poly Spin 17g, at the same tension and both strings last 7 to 10 days, and when the string breaks, it is always at the center sweet spot area. Will keep testing and figure out what is going on, since stringing technique is good and knots are never over tighten. Also maybe this string cannot be used alone has to be combined with a softer less cutting string, could be, so for now we will try to figure whats going on, since we want to give this string an honest chance.
From: Nicholas, Panama City, Panama. 5/10

Comments: I purchased this string and had it strung at 60lbs on my Babolat Aeropro Drive Cortex. I was looking for a slightly softer string than the Babolat Pro Hurricane 17 and this seemed like it could be a good fit. I was, however, a bit skeptical when I first purchased this string only because of the way it looked. My forehand is like Rafa's (lasso-like) and my backhand is like Graf's (ginsu-slice). This is the string I've been looking for. It's crisp, yet not harsh on the arm...and provides tons of spin. Not that it should matter, but I liked the shine of the sunlight off the strings. I also thought it played thinner than 16 gauge...maybe like a 17. I will definitely be buying more of this.
From: Ryan, Alexandria, VA, USA. 5/10

Comments: This is the softest co-poly I have used. Since it is so soft, I agree with Nicholas, you have to string it 2 or 3 lbs higher. Unfortunately, I hadn't read his post until after I strung it up. He was dead on. I completely disagree with Geoff, the string to me is softer and less stiff than Fluoro. Heck, I thought Fluoro was great until I tried Sigma's Pro Poly Plasma, which is softer and has better feel than Fluoro. Prince Poly Spin 3D 16L is even softer than Pro Poly Plasma. I strung my whole string bed with it (57 main, 59 crosses) and it played to loose for me. I'm going to bump it up to 59-61 and give it a try.
From: Steve, Madison, CT, USA. 4/10

Comments: Great spin, not as stiff as I thought, the 16L gauge is more like a 17g or 16L Luxilon. It does move more around more than the tour silver, similar to the poly exp in power, but slightly more string movement. I use the Prince Ozone MP pro tour 18x20 sp, @ 53/51 lbs, I have used the tour silver string 17g and the poly exp string 17g, and now I am testing this particular string, because of the spin potential, it moves more, but that is because it gives more bite on the ball. Will need to go up 2 to 3 lbs overall. Will keep testing this string, but so far the spin potential is definitely there, next time around, I will give a more complete feedback on durability and playability.
From: Nicholas Giuseppe Guarnieri, Panama City, Panama. 03/10

Comments: Great spin. Just enough power. Got it set up with Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament in the crosses. 54/56 and its very crisp but not harsh on the arm. I admit it takes a little bit of break in time about 10-15 mins but after that it's good to go. It's my new poly due to the spin.
From: Dave, Los Angeles, CA. 2/10

Comments: True to its name - great spin production. It seems to be noticeably harder than some of the "softer" poly strings such as Luxilon Fluoro; however, it is not as harsh as some of the stiffer options in the poly category.
From: Geoff, Birmingham, Alabama 01/10

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