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Comments: Who in the right mind would buy this racquet?! It is awful. No control whatsoever and it hurts my arm because I can swing way too freely. String pattern gives me spin, but even with RPM Blast, I still can't find control. Do not buy this racquet!
From: Nicholas, 4/14

Comments: Was playing with a 10 year old Head Liquidmetal Instinct and a 20 year old original Volkl V1 and decided I was overdue for a new racquet. I'm in my early sixties and play 3.5 doubles on clay so I wanted to try spin racquets to keep serves and ground strokes in the court but also wanted controllable volleys. Demoed the Volkl V1 Pro, Prince Tour 100 T ESP, Head Graphene Radical Pro and S, and Graphene Instinct S, Babolat AeroPro Lite and Wilson ProStaff 100 L. With most of these I could hit anything off the ground and bring it down in the court, the lighter the better. But I also found most either to powerful or too unstable for volleying. The Wilson ProStaff 100 LS gave me just the balance I was looking for: less power than some of the others but I would rather have to swing faster to get depth than have to cut back to keep the ball in the court. The way it volleys really sold me, solid and precise on all but really hard hit balls, and at my level that is only about 10% of what I have to deal with. I'm hitting decent hard spin serves right now, still need to try to hit flat. Finally, coming from the Volkl "comfort" racquet, the Wilson has been okay on my arm. I followed Wilson's recommendation and strung with Luxilon 4G. Process took a while but I am very happy with the Wilson PS 100 LS.
From: Joe, 4/14

Comments: I got rid of my Blade 93 because I felt that I needed more spin to my game. I looked for racquets that are known for spin and I decided to chose this one. Big Mistake! First of all, the head size and the open string pattern make it extremely difficult to control my shots. My serve definitely had more spin and power to it, but I felt that I could swing too freely due to its light weight. Definitely not the racquet for me. Even though this is switching to more modern styles of play, I would definitely recommend the older Six One Prostaff 95. I now am using the Blade 98 S with RPM Blast 17 in the mains and Xcel 17 in the crosses.
From: John, 3/14

Comments: It's a real Pro Staff! That, in a nutshell, is the bottom line despite misgivings among the purists about the large headsize. It looks a bit clunky as compared to the 90/95 but most certainly has the classic PS feel. The feel on impact is the most plush (for want of a better word) I've ever felt on a racquet and I've had more than a few. Swinging through the air -- a lot more mobile than expected (again compared to the 90/95) due to the light weight but there was slight torsional instablity that was cured with 4 grams of lead tape each at 3 and 9 o'clock. Interesting to see ruled markings at those positions on the frame, almost as if Wilson expected people to lead tape there. No issues with groundies and serves, I grew up on the PS range until age/slowness necessitated a switch to various Babolat Pure Drives. From the first hit, I was at home and I wondered why I left. A comment on the spin technology: I hit very flat so I can really feel the difference of the string pattern. I complemented this with a spin-friendly string (Toalson Rencon Devil Spin 17g) and when dialed in, it feels out of this world, literally. That said, it takes a bit of getting used to in terms of slight trampoline effect (controllable) and slices still need a bit of work. I'm a big fan of this technology so happy to learn to adjust. All in, a most excellent addition to the PS line for ageing warriors. I'll be looking to get a second frame soon.
From: D, 2/14

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