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Comments: I was forced to change from a heavier, old Pro Staff ROK (which I loved) to something much lighter, due to a right shoulder injury. I was expecting to lose some power, and control. With this racquet, it has been business as usual. No fall off on either fronts. Plus, the lighter frame has provided my shoulder much needed relief on serves. At 45 years of age, I can see this being my racquet of choice for the foreseeable future.
From: Brian, 3/15

Comments: I play up to five times a week and play a lot of competive club tennis. I was using a Head Youtek racquet at 295 grams unstrung and changed to the 100L. I find this racquet is light but very versatile. The power is good and topspin better. At age 23, I find from the baseline I can hit good depth and big winners with a solid frame. Nice racquet.
From: Thomas, 3/15

Comments: This is not just a beginners frame! I stayed away from this one because it was so much lighter than I was used to. However, it plays like a heavier and is a more stable frame. It has plenty of pop and control, a great sweetspot and feel. It just proved to me that there can be stability in a sub 11 ounce frame. Slice is perfect and the 300ish swingweight makes it easy to maneuver. Cannot believe I like this one so much! I strung with a hybrid of poly in the mains and synthetic gut in crosses at 55 lbs and in this frame this combo is as sweet as NXT! Very impressed. One last comment, I don't think the heaviest hitters would love this, but at age 45 plus, it worked for me!
From: CF, 2/15

Comments: I'm a 5.0 player and switched recently from the AeroPro Team 2013. When I hit my first ball with this racquet, it felt really low powered. When I started taking bigger, longer swings, I could really generate lots of pace but still maintain control. I strung it up with RPM Blast in the mains and gut in the crosses both at 50 lbs. I really stay on the offense with this racquet and wasn't afraid to hit big, powerful shots. At the net, this racquet was amazing, it had a perfect blend of maneuverability and stability. Serves were big and very controllable, and slices were good. I would recommend this racquet to 4.5 players and up that take big swings at the ball.
From: Kevin, 10/14

Comments: I'm a 5.0 player and just switched from my 2 year old Juice 100 to this one. I can't say I'm impressed at all. Even my coach found that it vibrates and makes a funny sound. The Juice feels stiffer with more control. So back in the bag after my 1st game, on the look out for a new racquet again.
From: Max, 3/14

Comments: I am a 4.0-4.5 female looking to get my racquet weight down from my current 11.5oz Yonex. Demoed this racquet for about 6 hours so far. 4 1/4 grip with unknown gold poly -- it was very quick and accurate, had good spin on serves but lacks power and plow through. Any suggestions to fix it via strings or adding weight (keeping it under 11 oz) and keeping the fast swing speed?
From: Teri, 3/14

Comments: This is my first review. I have tried Head, Babolat and Dunlop (Extreme Pro, Pure Drive and Biomimetic 500 and 5.0M) all excellent racquets, but wanted some more and tried the Pro Staff. Since I am over 40 years old, was looking for a lighter but pro racquet. This Pro Staff 100L is an extraordinary racquet. Lots of control, and the light weight allows fast preparation helping a lot if you are an offensive player. Strung low because it is very low powered (gut mains at 54 lbs ALU Power Rough at 51 lbs). Unfortunately, broke the gut after 7 hours of play. My trainer says my slices are more offensive and I can go from defense to attack easily. I strongly recommend this to players that expect lower weigth and outstanding response to strokes. Definitely my weapon of choice for many many years.
From: Carlos, 2/14

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