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Comments: I switched to this racquet since my Blade 98 was tearing my elbow up. I've used this racquet for about a week with no problems. Sure the racquet is slightly unstable on off-center hits, but that is to be expected from my ladder racquet. I've added about 1 ounce of lead to the butt, and about eight 6 inch strips of lead to the hoop at 3 and 9. I've also added two 6 inch strips at 12:00. The strung weight with dampener, strings, and 2 overgrips (I took the original grip off) comes in around 12.2 ounces. Wow, what a difference! The racquet is still flexible but hits through shots well and it's nice and headlight. I may take some lead off around the butt, or add some to the hoop. Either way, it's a whole lot more controllable than the Blade and way easier on the arm. Age 47, NTRP 4.0
From: Mark, 1/15

Comments: I have to agree with some posts in here that I have no issues with lack of stability. I did put a leather grip on and 4 ounces of lead on the handle but that's it. I hit with a ranked ATP Pro (he has 1 ATP point, but we all know how difficult that is) 4 times a week and this racquet handles his balls fine. Since I've changed to this racquet he's mentioned more than once how my hitting has improved. My previous racquets were the Pure Storm GT and Technifibre TFight. I strung the racquet with a full bed of Tour Bite 16L at 53/51 lbs, the strung weight came out to about 320 grams. If one swings loose, this racquet rewards with depth and spin. It's also vey easy to flatten shots out, my one handed backhand also loves this racquet.
From: Marcos, 11/14

Comments: Tried several new tour/control frames (Yonex, Wilson, Dunlop, Prince, Head, ProKennex) before settling on this one. Best combination of stability, control and predictable response I could find.
From: Jim, 4/14

Comments: Great racquet, great control, power and spin. I don't know what all the complaints are about it being unstable. I haven't had one issue at all with that. I am able to really rip the ball with this stick with a semi-western grip -- it really jumps big time. I will be experimenting with VS gut in the mains and poly in the crosses. Right now RPM in a full bed is good, but I'm having a little arm issue.
From: Chris, 3/14

Comments: The racquet is great! Love the feel at the net, with a lot of precision on my groundstrokes. It also gives a great feel on kick serves, with extra pace. The racquet has the best feel when taking the ball early, so great for aggresive players who like to take the ball early!
From: Francois, 3/14

Comments: This racquet is amazing! Helps me in lots of ways. A good control and good power racquet. I'm still not sure about the string, so I tried RPM Blast.
From: Rahat, 3/14

Comments: I really have to agree with the TW staff that if you play this racquet stock then you definitely will have stability issues. I added 8 grams of lead total at 3 and 9, then added 6 grams at 12, then counterbalanced it with 6 grams under the grip towards the top of the handle. It really, really made a significant difference in how this racquet plays! Much more solid and stable with great access to spin. If you're a player that likes to modify his or her racquet then this is definitely an easy frame to do that with.
From: Mark, 3/14

Comments: You can take full swings with this frame and the ball stays in and goes exactly where you aim. The lighter frame sacrifices about 10% of the power you'll get from the heavier tour frame, but it's very maneuverable. Not a racquet for anyone trying to avoid tennis elbow.
From: Jim, 3/14

Comments: Great all court racquet, but lacking weight that would make it more stable. If the heavier 98 version came with 16x19 string pattern, I would be all over it!
From: Pete, 2/14

Comments: I'm a 5.0 player and find this racquet to be a control racquet. It needs fast swings and good footwork. If you hit as hard as you can with soft wrists, the ball goes in. It is like having a sling -- the ball stays on your strings until you accelerate. Serve needs a big toss to generate pace but you get accuracy, spin and power. Very maneuverable, soft for elbows and impressively steady.
From: Filippos, 2/14

Comments: This racquet has helped me become a great all-court player. I was playing with an IG Radical MP and this has just helped my game in every aspect. Yes, it doesn't hit as "heavy" of a ball, but never being late and swinging more than makes up for that in my book. Great frame for customizing as well.
From: Daren, 1/14

Comments: This racquet is definitely not for me. The ball I was hitting was inconsistent with depth and direction. Because of its light weight, you really have to swing hard to get any pace on the ball. If you're going to play a Babolat 100 head size 16x19 frame, stick with the Pure Drive or Aero Pro Drive.
From: Jessie, 1/14

Comments: I'm a 27 year old, 4.5 player and when I first hit with this racquet, I felt like I could take a big cut at the ball and not miss. I love hitting from the baseline with tons of top spin and I found that to be very easy with this racquet. I switched from playing with the Aero Pro Drive to this and I have to say, I'm not disappointed! At net it feels great, nice pop and great control. Overall, this racquet is great for spin, control and that nice pop!
From: Harley, 1/14

Comments: I am a 4.5/5.0 player and added 6 grams from 10 to 2 o'clock, a leather grip, and strung it with Luxilon BB Original. Very fast, very easy to work with and I must generate power myself, but when I do, I hit a very long and hard ball. There is a lack of stability at off center hits, but I resolved this with some added weight. The specs now are :326 static weight, 328 SW, 32.9 bp. Also not so open as a regular 16x19 on a 100 sq. head size.
From: Cristian, 1/14

Comments: My initial hit with the racquet didn't go all that well. I'm used to using a mid 12 ounce racquet, so this one was way too light for me. But it has a lot of control and feel though. So when I finally got my hands on my own racquet, I swapped a Babolat leather grip on and added 0.5 ounces of lead all the way around the frame. I feel like it still needs a little weight in the handle, some silicone will do. But other than that, it is a beast of a racquet. It plows through every ball so easily. I very much enjoy playing with this racquet. I highly recommend adding weight if you decide to get this one.
From: Jeffrey, 1/14

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