Prince ResiPro Replacement Grip Black/Silver Customer feedback

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Comments: One of the best replacement grips! I have used most of the bigger brands (Wilson, Head, Babolat, Gamma, Dunlop, Gosen) and this fits well on my racquet. I used a Head Flexpoint Prestige MP and Radical but recently changed to a Yonex Vcore Tour G 330g and this replacement grip really fits well on my new racquet. Not too thin but gives great feedback. Not too soft or smooshy, and can really feel the bevels well. My hands get sweaty so I am using Wilson Advantage Overgrip and it works well.
From: Jun, 3/16

Comments: My number one go-to grip. Love the leather look, and it offers just the right amount of tackiness while not being too plush or too firm. Excellent replacement grip from Prince! I'll be using these grips for years to come.
From: Jeremy, 11/15

Comments: Easy to make grip changes. It has good feel and is just sticky enough.
From: Anon, 4/15

Comments: Best grip ever. Have it on three of my racquets (none are Prince) and will use this for any others from here on out.
From: Kevin, 5/14

Comments: Great replacement grip got a leather colored one on my red Yonex Tour 97 and looks as good as it feels. Prince has a winner.
From: Marko, 2/14

Comments: As nice as, if not nicer, than any replacement grip I've run across in 20 plus years of doing this stuff.
From: Don, 5/13

Comments: Perfection in a replacement grip! I was looking for a new replacement grip, as I am very particular about size and feel. I was hell bent on a textured grip, and was introduced to this grip by my stringer. The feel is tremendous, as stated, tacky without being overly so, great traction and the right amount of cushion. For years I had been accustomed to using some form of overgrip to enhance the touch or feel, but never had I been fully comfortable with just the grip alone. Not any more!
From: Mark, 12/12

Comments: I like this grip immensely, but finding either the grey or leather version has become quite a challenge. Neither of those ever seems to be in stock (or even carried) ANYWHERE. I had to break down and put a white one on my racket the other day. It will probably get dirty pretty fast, but the combination of traction and feel are as good as I've found in a synthetic replacement grip.
From: BLB, 6/12

Comments: My favorite grips. Thin, yet comfortable and good tack without feeling "tacky". Agree that there is a difference between the grey and the black/leather colors. The grey feels a little softer, thicker and tackier. The black and leather are more similar to each other and are my preference. Great job with the leather color. It looks rich.
From: Paris, 1/12

Comments: My favorite grip of all time (to date), and I've tried a ton of replacement grips (don't use overgrips). Perfect on all fronts, in all conditions.
From: Ted, 12/11

Comments: Great grip. Got it from my new Prince EXO3 Rebel. Great tackiness, super comfy. For anyone who suffers from uncomfortable grips, get this one!
From: Dan. 6/11

Comments: This is grip is great but it gets dirty for some reason really quickly, even the grey ones. So I went out and bought a black one, but it doesn't feel the same. I don't know what it is, and it could be just me, but the black on and grey one just don't feel the same. Both are great, grey ones fit in my hands a little better though (oddly enough).
From: Hyeoncheol. 5/11

Comments: The grip does feel very comfortable and has a nice feel. However, it is VERY difficult to remove once it has worn and needs to be replaced. This is unlike other Prince replacement grip, which are easy to remove and replace.
From: Alan, East Greenwich, RI, USA, 03/11

Comments: This grip is excellent. I love the feel of it - always gives you the dry feeling. I've replaced my Babolat with this grip!
From: Jocelyn, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 01/11

Comments: Great grip. I weighed mine and it's 18 grams untrimmed out of the package.
From: Anon, 12/10

Comments: I bought a gray version of this grip at my local tennis shop and it feels great! It felt really comfortable, but I played with it for 1 day and it attracted a lot of dirt. I have to get a new grip soon.
From: Chris, Winchester State, VA, USA. 11/10

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