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Comments: Got the black ones. They have a rubbery, little unusual feel -- quite different from Yonex and Wilson Pro overgrips. But a really good, durable grip. Need to stretch it a bit when wrapped. Well done Prince.
From: Peter, 7/16

Comments: These are terrific overgrips. Not too thick, not too thin. Plus I've experienced excellent durability from each set. There isn't any adhesive on the back of these, and so I've found they can slip and stretch out if you wrap it too loosely. Just give it a nice taught stretch when you wrap it and you should be fine. I've tried all three colors as well, and can attest that they all feel different from each other. The white ones have that classic soft tack feel and look great. The grey ones have sort of a rubbery feel to them and are less tacky. While the black ones have a much softer, almost leather-like feel to them with very little tack. Even though they all feel different, I've never experienced issues with my grip slipping during match play.
From: Craig, 12/12

Comments: The white color seems to work very well and retains its tackiness and is very "grippy". If my hand wasn't full of calluses from playing it would cause blisters. I tried the black and grey and they were almost slippery - not tacky at all. Would not order the black or grey colors.
From: Tom, 1/12

Comments: This is the best grip ever. The grip is great if you sweat a lot. It stays 'grippy', 'sticky', 'tacky' or whatever you want to call it and when it's time to change it out, you know it. My kids love it. The racquet won't slip in your hand. It is a great all-around grip.
From: Alex, 8/11

Comments: This is not the grip to use if you sweat a lot. I have played tennis for over 30 years and have tried many overgrips. If you sweat use Yonex Supergrap or Tourna, if you like tack use Gamma Supreme, if you like rubbery this is the one. Though I do like the feel of this grip very much, it just simply does not absorb any sweat. I contacted TW and they will not allow a return on an open product, understandable.
From: Julian, 4/11

Comments: Not too thick, not too thin. 'Tacky' is the wrong word for this grip. It's more accurate to describe it as 'grippy.' Tournagrip Tacky is an example of a tacky/slick-when-wet 'tacky' grip. This is not like that. Its grippiness is rock solid, and it's borderline too grippy when first installed. It needs a couple minutes of hitting to get primed. (Try it and you'll know what I mean.) I have not used a more solid overgrip, and I've tried them all. Zero slippage.
From: Anon, St. Pete, FL, USA, 03/11

Comments: This grip has too much friction on my hand, which gives me very big blisters. The secret to this grip is you don't have to hold your racquet very hard.
From: Alvin, Abu Dhabi, UAE. 12/10

Comments: This is the best grip out there. I've tried everything from Yonex to Wilson. This grip doesn't slip at all. The only time I change is is when is gets loose and starts coming of the racquet. I play two and a half hours every day and this grip never slips.
From: Dennis. 12/10

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