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Comments: The bag is not as large as the cross-section (which is racquet-shaped) would have you believe--racquets *cannot* fit inside without their handles sticking out. So it does not hold racquets "comfortably"; the bag is only 18" long. If you want a backpack that actually holds 100% your racquets without bits sticking out, you need to get one around 30" long like the Prince Tour Team 6 Pack or the Wilson BLX Club Super Six (the one I exchanged this bag for.)
From: Kurt, Wilmington, DE, USA. 07/10

Comments: I've had this bag, now, for about a week. I LOVE it. I wanted a good backpack bag to use when taking motor scooter to tennis courts. It is terrific. First of all, the straps are padded. Secondly, inside, tennis racquet fits great with straps & velcro in its own compartment. Thirdly, in the main compartment, there is a mesh (net type) area where I throw my keys & cell phone. There is a separate hook for keys which I don't use. Next, another separate mesh compartment for my drink bottle. What I really love about this is that the drink bottle sits upright when I am transporting the bag in my car or scooter. In my old standard bag, the bottle was always lying sideways & I always worried that one day, it would leak (onto things like cell phone, etc). Next, plenty of room in main compartment for towel, tennis balls, extra tee shirt, etc. etc. etc. And if that were not enough, at the bottom of the bag is another separate compartment for shoes. Well, hey, I "wear" my shoes so I don't need for shoes BUT I throw my money, bandaids, etc. in this compartment. Finally, at the tennis court this morning, I noticed this bag even has another compartment (on the side). The front straps (pull-up), zippers, and velcro are all top notch & well thought out. I am VERY HAPPY with this bag ! !
From: LRC, Beaumont, Ca, USA 02/10

Comments: I really like this back pack bag. Like the other reviewer said, if you want to carry 3 racquets there is no problem. I play with POG / TT Warrior OS racquets which are 107 - 110 and they fit just fine. This bag was designed for 2 racquets and the Velcro that goes around the throat of the racquets will only fit 2 but the zippers do a good job of holding the 3rd racquet in place when you are carrying one. This is one of the best purchases that I have made so far. The bag carries my racquets well and has a ton of room for other stuff while having places to keep things organized. No more digging around for 5 minutes in huge pockets (in my old prince 6 pack) trying to find my keys or phone or wallet. I'm not that crazy about the looks of the bag itself, looking like a 3 or 6 pack might sound cool in theory but it doesn't look that great. Still, it doesn't look bad either. I looked at other packs and I'm glad I chose this one (and if the zipper goes bad or something happens to it I will probably buy another one just like this).
From: Edward, Dallas, TX, USA, 01/10

Comments: The racket compartment holds 3 of my speedport tours comfortably. The outer accessory pocket is large enough to store my meds & straps or a change of clothes. In the main compartment, there are two mesh, cylindrical, can of balls holders on either side & one main mesh pocket in the center, that I put my phone, keys & wallet in. The mesh pockets are all suspended in the top part of the bag so they don't take up real estate on the bottom. The shape of the bag gives u good room inside. Also it's got little dividers so u don't just have one big open space at the bottom of the bag. I keep my sandals in the underside shoe pocket which also acts as a divider in the main compartment. Overall I can carry, 3 rackets, sandals, change of clothes, first aid bag, can of balls, grips, glasses, hats, wristbands, practice balls, 2ltr bottle of water & my keys & accessories. Also, the backpack straps have a waist clip, which allow me to fasten it to my cooler & roll it around if I'm at a tourney & need more drinks.
From: PJ, So CAl, 11/09

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