Wilson Pro Overgrip Perforated 12 Pack White Customer feedback

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Comments: A very nice overgrip. The perforation made them last longer and absorb sweat a little better. The feel is very good.
From: Jose, 11/16

Comments: While these grips have a great feel, they don't seem to hold up very well. What I found is they are so thin they start to roll up where the grip overlaps each wrap. I might try to wrap it a little tighter next time and see what happens, otherwise overgrips are so cheap it's worth trying them all.
From: Sheldon, 7/14

Comments: These grips are really bad. The biggest concern is they are not long enough. It goes up to 3/4 of the shaft and the rest of the handle is a different colour. If you really try and stretch out the grip, it will fall apart and the overlaps will come loose. It feels generally good to the hand but nothing special compared to other grips. I have tried the Gamma Supreme overgrip, Technifibre overgrip and even Klippermate overgrip -- all of those are better. Very disappointed and will not be buying again.
From: Ritesh, 7/14

Comments: Pros: Thin and tacky. I have sweaty hands and these overgrips work in Utah's 110 degrees dry summer. I train several hours a day as a 5.0 player and the racquet doesn't slip on me thanks to the perforated overgrip. Cons: Not durable. This will last a match or less. Since I only care about performance, this grip is wonderful and suits my needs.
From: Lee, 2/14

Comments: It shreds and tears too fast, and it's too hard to grip the racquet. I need something more grippy.
From: Charles, 11/12

Comments: Pros: wraps easily, good feel, good initial tack (which I would characterize as moderate tack), good thickness (not too thick, not too thin). Cons: not quite long enough if you have a 4 1/2 grip size or larger, poor durability - it only lasts a couple of hours before losing its tack and feel (talk around the shop is that this is intentional by Wilson, so you have to replace it more frequently and buy more grips). If you like Wilson Pro Overgrip but are looking for an overgrip that lasts longer than one outing, try Babolat Pro Tour overgrip. It lasts 2-3 times longer, it is similar thickness, wraps well, has better tack, but it's more expensive than Wilson Pro Overgrip.
From: JL, 1/12

Comments: I love this grip. It is by far superior in every way to the original plain white Wilson grip. It dries fast, is more durable and just feels better. If you are looking for a little bit of tack with great performance and absorbency, get this grip.
From: Dan, 9/11

Comments: I love this overgrip! It absorbs sweat well and has a good amount of tack. Wilson's grips are of much better quality.
From: Anon, Kansas, USA, 7/11

Comments: I really enjoy this overgrip. It isn't quite as sweat absorbing as the Pro but it is much thinner and more comfortable. With the perforations, they seem to dry quite quickly. I highly recommend this product but I do wish that they made them in black.
From: John, Madison, WI, USA, 02/11

Comments: I've been using Gamma Grip 2 for a few years now, but decided to try these. So far, I'm liking them. It works well for me and I have dry hands. It doesn't feel as thick as the regular Pro and it holds up pretty well. I like Gamma Grip 2 because it's like a thinner version of pro, but with my 1HBH and calluses, they tend to wear out pretty fast.
From: John, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: The grip looks great when first put on, then is filthy within 10 minutes of use (no longer white and nice looking!). The grip has a nice tacky feel for about 20 minutes until you begin sweating. This grip becomes so slick with any sweat and loses all of its initial tack within minutes. I suggest buying Tourna Grip if you want no slippage even though it's not the most attractive, but as much as I like to look good and match my equipment, I rather have a grip that performs and allows me to keep the racquet secure in my hand. This grip is a bust.
From: Austin, Jacksonville, Florida, USA. 10/10

Comments: Have used every over grip out there, and replace often (every 2/3 plays). I like these perforated Wilson grips the best - they stay tacky and dry.
From: Andrew, USA, 09/10

Comments: Wilson Pro Overgrip feels great the moment it's wrapped around your racket; however, it gets dirty fairly easy. If they made a black version, this would eliminate that. But, Yonex Super grap is the best otherwise!
From: Patrick, California 12/09

Comments: I prefer this perforated one over the regular pro grip, it's the same thickness, but it's tackier for heavy- top-spin player like me. I'm so glad it comes in a 12-pack in a nice little zip bag, too, it'll slip in my tennis bag perfectly.
From: Chung, Forest Hills, NY, USA. 05/09

Comments: I tried this perforation rendition and it seemed to get really spongy, very uncomfortable. I want my old Wilson Pro back!
From: Javier, Ft. Meyers, Fl USA. 4/09

Comments: I love this grip because I have a head Microgel radical oversize and the grip on it is hydrosorb and I thought that grip was too slippery then I tried this overgrip and it's much better and better absorption.
From: Hilaire. 04/09

Comments:I have dry hands and these are pretty good. It's not bad but the perforations make your regular grip dirty :/
From: Ken, Oakland, CA, USA. 04/09

Comments: They made something great even better. I love the Wilson Pro overgrip and decided to try the perforated version. It's just as tacky as the regular Wilson Pro, but it stays nice and dry.
From: Kat, USA. 3/09

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