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Comments: Good overgrips. Really thin and you lose a little feel, but if you do not want to increase the grip size these are very good. I bought them in black and did not like the feel, prefer the white ones and actually ended up returning to the regular Wilson pro overgrips.
From: Jose, 11/16

Comments: I really like this one. A cheaper alternative to the Kirschbaum Ultra Thin overripe.
From: Wayne, 11/15

Comments: I am an upper level 4.5 player. I compete on several league teams throughout the year. This over grip deliveries on its word. I just wish Wilson would lengthen the grip, so it covers the entire handle. I stretch it and it still doesn't make it all the way and I have a 27 inch long racquet.
From: Irvstir, 6/15

Comments: I prefer regular Wilson Pro overgrips. These are great for 1 match and then they start to roll at the edges. It is the most annoying feeling to hold a handle with a bunch of tiny rolls. Also, they are much shorter than regular Wilson Pro overgrips. I would suggest trying both to see which one you prefer.
From: Anon, 6/15

Comments: Perfect for me. I like sharp bevels and the lowest possible ridges where the overgrip over laps. As a long time Tournagrip user, I consider this an improvement. It is thinner, longer lasting and provides the right amount of grip to my hand. I have only used it inside, so I have yet to feel how it will work in very hot and sweating conditions. I use an RF97 Autograph with this wrapped over the standard Wilson leather grip. Very glad TW carries it, as it is not available in any store near my home. My favorite overgrip. Thank you!
From: Rob, 1/15

Comments: This grip is narrower than the standard Wilson Pro Over grip. Thus, if you have a long handle racquet like my Aeropro Drive+ with a 4 1/2 handle, you can't even come close to reaching the top of the handle.
From: Long, 9/14

Comments: Pros: it's a very thin grip but it fits like a glove and gives you immediate feedback. If you like a traditional feel it's a great layer over a leather grip. Cons: since the grip is about 2.5 grams less than the regular Wilson Pro overgrip, it changes the weight/balance of the setup you may be used to. In my case the balance went from 6pts HL to 5pts HL. This is a minor point that only the pickiest of players will notice, but worth mentioning. It also has less vibration dampening ability than the regular Wilson Pro Overgrip so off center hits may rattle a little more, especially if you have a leather grip at the base. I use it on a Wilson Blade 98 18x20 and am a 5.0 all-court player.
From: Jeff, 8/14

Comments: Satisfactory product if you're primarily seeking a thinner grip with enhanced bevel feel. I was forced to use this grip as most of my preferred OGs (Supergrap, Tournagrip etc) were too thick on my specific racquets (even with thinner replacement grips fitted on them). It is impossible to fit this grip in a totally smooth manner; any winding of it up the handle will inevitably scrunch the thin grip, giving it a wrinkled feel. But for an OG that won't blowout your total fitted gripsize, this is a reasonable product. I just wish Wilson would offer this in deep or royal blue.
From: MAXXply, 3/14

Comments: It seems like this overgrip is 50% thinner. My racquet handle feels thinner than when it is wrapped with regular overgrip. I do not feel comfortable holding my racquet with this grip, and i play worst.
From: Yang, 10/13

Comments: This overgrip has an awesome feel, my hands get very sweaty and this provides enough tackiness that I need, but not too much it gets very dry. I prefer this over any other overgrip because it is thinner and it feels like it is not even there at all. Downside is that I have to replace the over grip after 10 hours of play, but I can live with that.
From: Paul, 9/13

Comments: I have been through every type and brand of overgrip. G Supreme, W Pro, V S Grap, Tourna, and this is my favorite. It's plenty long enough and it has a slightly tacky feel but also dry enough. It's amazingly thin, and allows for a great feel of the racquet. Enjoy.
From: Danny, 4/13

Comments: I love this overgrip. It's thin enough to still feel the bevels. The only problem is the pink dye bleeds into the white replacement grip.
From: Emily, 1/13

Comments: Avoid this version of the Pro Overgrip. When Pro Overgrips are stretched, it loses its tacky surface. Since this version is super thin, it is very prone to stretching. I can't use the grip over half the time because there is no tack. I have to regrip, making sure the grip sits on top of the grip without stretching. It's very frustrating to bring out a newly gripped racquet, just to find out every shot twists the frame.
From: Tom, 12/12

Comments: I have found this to be a very nice overgrip to use, and it certainly offers more feel than the Wilson Pro overgrip. I wonder if the length of the product is shorter than the Pro Overgrip though, as I struggle to wrap it right to the top, even though I am experienced in this process! Also, I find black overgrip is hard to wrap onto a black grip as you cannot tell it apart from the Pro Hybrid one!
From: Ian, 10/12

Comments: Very nice overgrip. It's not slippery compared to other grips.
From: K., 7/12

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