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Comments: I strung it in my Wilson 105S at 56 lbs. The racquet has an open string pattern of 15x16. It definitely felt stiff and without great feel, but after a couple of matches it loosened up a bit and felt good. Nice spin. The Kevlar mains started to fray after about 12 matches. Broke after about 16 (2 months). I guess this is reasonable. All my other strings are breaking faster. On the other hand, I have a slight tennis elbow now. Not sure if it is the intense play or the string/racquet.
From: Ed, 11/14

Comments: I won't use anything else! Unless you can afford a full time racquet technician, this is the only way to go. My record so far is 1 year of no broken strings and I play 3 days a week, 2 hours per day! Great spin also.
From: Jonny DGTL, 9/14

Comments: Great string! Some say they are having problems with their arms after two hours, but I am having problems with my legs for playing 4 straight hours because I enjoyed the string so much.
From: Julacs, 8/14

Comments: I've used many other strings since I was 12, by the time I was 13, I was USTA top 50 champ in Texas using this string. I hit heavy top spin on forehand side, and I can go flat or heavy top on backhand. On my serve I generate a lot of power and spin whether I'm hitting slice or kick. I'm 25 now, I always use low power Yonex racquets I never have had trouble generating pace it's all about swinging freely (not your stick or string even though they can help). But this string in all areas allows me to feel the ball coming off my racquet like no other!
From: Joe, 1/14

Comments: I was breaking my strings way too often, trying different brands to no end. Until my racquet technician suggested Prince ProBlend and I found a major difference -- I will say, these are great strings.
From: Jeff, 1/14

Comments: This string is very durable and provides all the comfort that I need.
From: Tony, 5/13

Comments: These strings are great in a Head MicroGEL Radical OS, strung at 60 lbs. They have a solid feel without being harsh like a poly. I get great spin and control while getting decent pace when I want it. I wish they came in something other than gold, but other than that they're perfect.
From: John, 12/12

Comments: Just another comment on the durability and a nice firm feel. Another good string.
From: Kaishin, 7/12

Comments: I use these strings as they help me improve. I get better control, at the cost of having to swing more and better. But for me its the only alternative, as the ball bounces unpredictably using other strings.
From: Fredrik, 8/11

Comments: I started using this string when I was a teenager for imposed string budget reasons, combined with the gift of a Klippermate from my parents. Over 20 years later, still using it. I've since tried going back to other strings. This is not an exaggeration I hit with so much top that I bust straight synthetic gut in under 30 mins. I tried different poly strings several times and liked them, but they last only 1-2 matches. I get 6 hardcore matches out of ProBlend. Nothing seems to compare for durability. I do have shoulder problems, but I would guess the 20 years of the heavy kick serve motion would have as much to do with it as the string could.
From: Brad, 8/11

Comments: This is a great string. First time using it and loved it. The first time I played with these I noticed that I got a lot more topspin (which I love). I also noticed much more control with volleys and strokes. My serve had more power and spin as well too. Some people say it doesn't give much power, I beg to differ. The power comes from your ability to swing freely and not worry about hitting too deep. All in all, great string: 9.5/10.
From: Daniel. 07/11

Comments: These string just won't break. I used to break strings frequently (every two to three weeks), now its been 6 months. Great strings, but the tension does not hold for very long. However, it offers a great deal of spin and control. Definitely a buy. I wish they would start selling these strings in reels.
From: Abul, Bellevue, WA, USA. 4/11

Comments: This string will not die...I usually hit with it but I stopped getting it for some reason and I broke a string almost every week but then I switched back and they have been on their last leg for like 2 months they will not let go.
From: Chandler, Chattanooga, TN, USA, 02/11

Comments: I have been playing for 33 years. I played college tennis in Texas and coached high school tennis, country clubs and tennis camps for 25 years. I was glad to see the very positive feedback on this string. I started playing with it in 1985. Since then, I have tried many other strings. NOTHING has the control this string does. It hits better topspin than any other string made. As one commenter said - it does not have the power of other strings this is because the string has almost no flex or stretch, which is why it bites into a ball for great spins of all types. The power comes from you being able to swing freely without fear of sending the ball long. Of all the new strings that have come along in the recent years none of them beats this 25 year old innovation.
From: Mike, Dallas, TX, USA, 11/10

Comments: This string offers pretty much optimum control and durability. But as a person with a history of shoulder injury, this is too harsh on my arm. I strung my racquet with 58lbs tension. Groundstrokes and volleys are excellent with this string. Serve is a bit of a struggle, but if you go for placement instead of power, this should be good. Anyway, I'm going to be looking elsewhere for other hybrid strings.
From: madTennisGuy, Boston, MA, USA. 07/10

Comments: Have played for 35yrs. several days a week. First day of using the strings. The ball control with these strings is excellent. I have not noticed any loss of power. I am very happy so far and will write again if they do not last longer than other brands.
From: Jack, Kingsland, Georgia, United States. 5/10

Comments: I used it with Babolat pure drive. I got very good feeling, control and spin, but I think it has less power on groundstrokes.
From: SRA, Bangkok, Thailand, 01/10

Comments: I have played advanced tennis for the better part of my young life and am going to play division one tennis for a big ten school next year. This is the only string I ever used. It is great for players who hit topspin and slice, and gives you so much control. I hit with a medium pace usually. This string will not give you much power, but the control it gives you is worth it. And the power comes from you anyway, not the racquet.
From: Jenny, Chicago IL usa 01/10

Comments: I loved these strings. They really improved my game. They're great for topspin and slice. They are really durable, lasted me about 4 months before they even started to fray, and I hit with a lot of spin and power. The only flaw in these strings is that they move around a lot. These strings are awesome!!!!
From: Dylan, Russellville, AL, USA, 09/09

Comments: I have these strings on my Babolat Pure Drive at 62 PSI, and, I gotta say, I love the feel of the stings, and I'm able to get some good power out of them. I haven't had any problems with my elbow, and I've only had to re-string twice in four months.
From: Grant, Anchorage, Alaska, USA 09/09

Comments: I tried one of my friend's racquet with ProBlend. It felt, for lack of a better word, dull. There was no vibration at all, so some people may like it. I didn't; I prefer strings with some feedback. The spin wasn't so great - the difference between a ball that went long and the ball that went into the net was minimal. I was only warming up and I had so many errors. Quite durable from what I experienced. Moves around quite a bit. You can tell when it starts to break - one of the strings is rope-y, and starts to fray. Not one of the better strings out there.
From: Anon. 6/09

Comments: This is the worst string that I have tried in my life after one hour of play your elbow feels like its going to break. I am an advanced player and I hit flat, but the ball never travels enough with these strings. I play 2 hours every day and they have great durability, but I was very disappointed.
From: Laura, Miami, FL, USA. 05/09

Comments: Great Durability. However if you want higher feeling/playability, just put less tension.
From: Nathan, Thailand. 05/09

Comments: These are on my Prince Triple Threat Warrior at 58 tension, and I've been quite happy. Great control, low power and that's what I wanted. Personally I'm not having any tennis elbow problems with these strings...not even close. I use a dampener but I doubt I even need it.
From: Devan, Eau Claire, WI, USA. 9/08

Comments: I am a frequent string breaker. I usually break my string anywhere between 3 days to 1.5 week. So I decided to try out this string hoping it would last much longer and it did. It last about 1.5 month, but did not like this string at all. This string's playability is terrible. You have to supply a lot of your own power. Even though it lasts long, I would never use this string. I now use Wilson EnduroPro. It has lasted 2 months and there is no sign that it will break anytime soon. It has pretty good playability and has good power. Spin is good to. It isn't expensive as well. I would really recommend EnduroPro instead of the ProBlend.
From: Bruce, Falls Church, VA, USA, 08/08

Comments: I usually use the Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour as a full set-up on my rackets. But I recently came upon this hybrid, and I put it on my Speedport Black. I have to admit, I love this hybrid. Although it's still quite stiff, it's not as hard on my arm as PHT, and it also bites relatively well.
From: J. Untalan, Cerritos, CA. 7/08

Comments: I've already had arm problems and was skeptical about trying these because I was not about to have arm problems again but I tried them on my friends Babolat pure drive team OS and they were great, excellent spin and control and just the right amount of power but mind you they were 57 pounds so don't go crazy with the tension and you should be fine.
From: Anon, 04/08

Comments: These strings are as stiff as anything. I would not recommend them to anyone except a pro. These strings have no playability, and they lose tension. The only good thing is they lasted me 4 weeks. When they broke, I was so happy I was done with this string.
From: Axel, Miami, Florida, USA. 2/08

Comments: All Kevlar hybrids are NOT created equal. I usually use Ashaway or Klip Kevlar with Wilson Reaction strung fairly stiff and have had no arm problems. Used Pro Blend once when my regular stringer was out of town and developed pain within a couple of hours. A lower tension may have eased the pain, but just a warning that even a little bit of difference between strings, even the same type of string, can make a huge difference in terms of arm problems. Otherwise, I loved Pro Blend - great spin, great control.
From: Rob, Springfield, IL, USA, 11/07

Comments: This hybrid seemed excellent at first; great control and durability. I do not, however, recommend these strings to any player. After 2 weeks of playing, I got a tennis elbow for the first time in my 4+years of tennis playing, and I just found out that these are the worst strings for the elbow. These strings will last almost forever, but your elbow will not.
From: Jason, Palo Alto, CA, USA, 09/07

Comments: I'm a 5.0 player and there's zero playability in this string, it lasts forever but after the first week you start to loose tension and only gets worse and worse. If you are looking for durability this is your string.
From: Jay, Reno, NV, USA. 5/07

Comments: I'm a 3.5-4.0 player and these strings worked beautifully with my Yonex Muscle Power Tour 5. I'm a heavy hitter and spinner and these stings helped both playing styles. I have easy placement in my shots and I can generate my "snake" move (topspin sidespin lob shot) without severely ripping up the strings. These strings lasted for 3 months and they were very durable and had an excellent feel. I recommend them, whatever playing style you are.
From: Roel, Hayward, CA, USA, 11/06

Comments: This string rocks! I am a heavy hitter with lead tape on the head of the racquet and this string gives me the durability and control that I so crave. In a word...nectar! Pure nectar! However as I've gotten into my early mid 20s I've noticed that my shoulder get a nice sharp pain if I try to spank my serve a little too aggressively. So I am going to try a different string to see if it will help. The feel is kind of stiff and unforgiving, but I have a power game and it still provides enough touch for those aggressive drop shots to counter my opponent's 50ft retreat behind the baseline in a vain attempt to squelch the damage of my unrelenting, heavy topspin groundies.
From: RJ, Orlando, FL, USA. 10/06

Comments: These strings are extremely hard to break and cause a huge drop in my hitting. They hit like wood, but last an extremely long time. I'm trying to break my racquet to see which will snap first. They're hard on the arms so I stop trying to hit hard, but I usually snap prince topspin in about 3 weeks.
From: Kevin, NJ, USA. 10/06

Comments: I am an 18-year-old 4.5 level player who uses heavy topspin with lots of power. I hit a very hard first serve with spin and I was breaking string every three days. Strings that claimed to be durable proved to be not so durable. But this is not in the case of Pro Blend. I have been hitting with it for 2 weeks and this is a personal record for string staying in my racquet. I play quite a bit and I recommend to all people out there to give this a try. The only thing is that after about two weeks it doesn't bite as hard as before, but after two weeks I am glad to restring it.
From: Josh, Fairfax, Virginia, USA 08/06

Comments: A great feeling, long-lasting string. As several people have mentioned, definitely string at a lower tension otherwise you'll soon be feeling pain in either your shoulder or elbow.
From: Brian, Cumberland, MD USA 05/06

Comments: Great durability but hard on the elbow -- will still use it though -- maybe string a little lower tension as others have recommended -- also tried ashaway crossfire 2 -- similar string and a little cheaper
From: Ron, Charleston, SC, USA 04/06

Comments: I tried this string at the recommendation of my coach because of its durability. It was exactly as he described: very durable and hard on the arms. I've never had problems with my arm before, but I started to after hitting with this string. It may be because I play with a racquet with a small head (90 sq in) and low power. This string may work better for racquets with larger heads and more power. I also found that I had to hit all out to develop any power on my shots with this string. The string did give me good control, though.
From: Robert, Pasadena, CA, USA. 9/05

Comments: I'm 16 and a 4.5 player and number 2 Singles on my team after only one year of tennis. I play every day and since developing topspin I have broken 2 sets of synthetic Gamma and Head strings within a month. My local pro recommended this string and wow. I have it strung at 60lbs and its just great. It's a little stiff but not horrible, I have tons of control but really have to hit the ball hard to get power, which I actually like very much as opposed to holding back on the shot. If you are breaking your strings a lot and don't mind generating your own power and possibly icing down your elbow/shoulder on long days, GET THIS STRING!
From: Dan, Tobyhanna, PA, USA. 9/05

Comments: I used this string extensively in my college playing days with a Mid Plus Head Radical Tour 260 (the yellow and black racquet that Andre Agassi first used with when he signed with Head) because I am a big hitter and break a lot of strings. It does not have great but decent durability. Although the durability is a bit overrated the playability is somewhat underrated. People who tried this string told me that hitting with this string was like hitting with a board. I did not find that to be the case at all. It had very good feel and control, but was lacking in the power department. Overall this is an excellent string but not the best.
From: Bryen, Irvine, California, USA

Comments: The string lasts in terms of not breaking it... but it loses all its power and POP after about a week of play for me. I tried this string because I was popping strings often...but string with no pop and string breaking is the same to me.
From:Gary, Mahwah, NJ

Comments: Great strings and they last a long time. If you find yourself breaking strings a lot, then you should give these a try.
From: Chris, Dallas,TX, USA. 11/04

Comments: A fair warning to all you ProBlend users. When weighing the costs of restringing, weigh those against the cost of replacing your shoulder joints. ProBlend, as it uses Kevlar, is the string that will over the long term, cause damage to your body. Combine it with something like the Wilson 6.0 and you got yourself a dangerous tool. I have seen it happen to me (I am 41 and have been using ProBlend for probably 5 years between 33 and 37) and to several of my friends' children who played at a high junior level (nationally ranked in 16s). It is cheaper to restring than to not be able to play at all or have surgery.
From: Mark, Dublin, OH, USA. 7/04

Comments: Prince Problend with Duraflex is very durable and worth the money. With Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex on the crosses and this on the mains, it makes a great combination of feel and durability. I give this string a 10 out of 10 for the playability I receive from it. 2 times better than Babolat Hurricane in my opinion.
From: John, FL, USA. 4/04

Comments: I like the durability and the feel personally. I have broken the strings a few times but usually have them replaced before they break. I usually get from 28 to 35 hours of play out of these strings. I'm hooked.
From: Tim, Powder Springs, GA, USA. 3/04

Comments: After discovering the miracle of topspin in the game of tennis, I also discovered that by using topspin constantly my strings broke about every 1-2 weeks. I asked my stringer what I could do, and he recommended the Problend. The cross strings are normal Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex, but the mains are Kevlar, the material they make bulletproof vests out of. After I started using this string, I no longer had to shell out 20 bucks a week for the Synthetic Gut, I now pay about 25 dollars every 2 months. It is extremely durable, you won't believe it. Warning, those with tennis elbow or arm problems this string can possibly be uncomfortable to the arm because of its hard texture, though using a vibration dampener deals with the problem. If you are going to get this string, I suggest you string a pound or 2 looser on your racquet, it is tougher to get power with this string, though it has excellent control for a hybrid.
From: Nick, Pittsburgh, PA. USA. 7/03

Comments: I am 14 and I started to use topspin to add a new level to my game, and it did. The only problem was I was breaking my strings every two or three weeks. The stringer gave me Prince ProBlend Duraflex 16 and I love the durability, and for playability it is pretty good for a Kevlar hybrid.
From: Harris, Richland, GA, USA. 5/03

Comments: Decent durability but not great, I have used them for the last year and a half and break them about every 10 days. Good control though, and very stiff. You gotta swing the hell out of your arm to get any power. And after about a week they are worn and the crosses are shot, sometimes the crosses go before the mains. Not the best buy for your buck. Gamma TNT Fusion Plus 16g. lasts a little longer but loses its playability quicker. But this string does have great control!
From: Aaron, Paoli, IN 3/03

Comments: Man, this string is one of the most durable strings I have ever used. I've tried other so called "durable strings" and they never seemed to last long. I know I hit with a lot of spin, that's what causes the strings to break. The only con about ProBlend is the feel. If you have weak arms or tennis elbow, then I don't think this string is right for you. But if you are looking for durability, like me, then you've found the right string.
From: Alvin, Alhambra, CA. USA 2/03

Comments: Although this string may last awhile, it lasts too long to the point where you just lose the feeling of the string. Also, this string has been giving me arm pain. It's a little stiff, but if you don't really have a problem with the pain, then I totally recommend it. I used the Pro Blend at first and loved it. But chronic arm pain has made me stop using it and now I use the Wilson NXT.
From: Brian, Newport Beach, CA. USA 2/03

Comments: Prince Problend is the best string I have used ever. It feels great and it lasts for a long time. I am 14 and I'm a frequent string breaker. It takes me about 4 weeks to break these instead of 2 weeks with the other strings that I have used.
From: Patrick, Fayetteville, NC. USA 1/03

Comments: Prince Problend Duraflex is the most exquisite and elegant strings I have ever used. I'm a high school senior and love the top and flat usage. My coach introduced me to this miracle and saved me a lot of money. It costs a little too much but it's worth it.
From: Sherwin, Euless, TX. USA 6/02

Comments: I strung the Prince Problend Duraflex 5 lbs lower than normal because I have a stiff frame and it really helped my arm problems. Prince Problend has excellent control.
From: Eyre, Lake Placid, NY. USA 6/02

Comments: For many years I have always strung my racquets with Gamma Synthetic Gut 16 gauge. I hit with a lot of topspin and would always break strings. A friend advised me to try the Prince Problend Duraflex string and I fell in love with it. Although it costs a little bit more, it sure is a better investment in the long run! I won't ever use any other string than The Prince Problend Duraflex.
From: Rafael, California. USA 4/02

Comments: I had been having a hard time finding a string that gives the playability and durability I need. I'm a 4.5 NTRP level player with a big serve and use a lot of topspin. Other strings were breaking by the 2 or 3rd time I'd use them. The Prince Problend Duraflex string seems terrific! I still get a lot of feel and control and it's lasting longer than any other string so far.
From: Pete, West hills, CA. USA 4/02

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