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Comments: I have used these overgrips for the past several years. In my opinion, these are the best overgrips. They have a great feel and don't develop a wet feeling from sweat. They are also easy to put on and don't move during use. Depending on how often you change them, they may get somewhat dirty changing color to grey non-uniformly. It is mostly a cosmetic problem, and only if you change them once every few weeks, as I do. The supersticky feeling is lost after 5-6 hours of play, but they remain very effective for me, and I actually like them with slightly less of a sticky feel that they have during most of their "service life." It depends on your preference. If you always want a supersticky feel, you will have to change them frequently.
From: Yevgen, 11/16

Comments: Great overgrips for a tacky feel. They also absorb sweat a little bit although they are not designed for that (for sweat absorption I prefer Tourna). The price is good and the performance is great, they are not so thick so they do not increase the grip size that much.
From: Jose, 11/16

Comments: One of the best overgrips on the market. I use these having previously used a variety of the Gamma over grips ad I love the durability and the consistency. Great length to the over grip. I have a 2hbh and wrap my grips higher up on the throat and it is rare that I don't have stretch out the grip to get it to reach where I like it. They hold up well, and I can usually get about 12-16 hours out of them before I have to change it. The 30 pack is perfect in the price per grip and amount. The only issue I have sometimes is how these are packaged it is tough to separate them.
From: Jeffrey, 5/16

Comments: Simply the best! If every color were offered in a 30 pack, then it would be the perfect product!
From: Anonymous, 4/16

Comments: I like these grips and this is a great value considering if you bought these individually it would be about $120. My only complaint is that half of them were white grips and the other half were the other colors they advertised. Would have like some more variety.
From: Christian, 10/15

Comments: I don't know if I am the only one, but this grip slips in my hand a lot! Babolat Feel overgrips are much better -- I'm going back to those.
From: Aakaar, 7/15

Comments: Best overgrip I've used. Soft but it doesn't negatively affect the feel. Good tackiness to start but looses a lot of that after a couple hours. I honestly prefer them broken in a little. Thin enough not to affect grip size. And now in a variety of colors to match any racquet.
From: Christopher, 7/15

Comments: The phrase "your mileage may vary" is never truer with this grip, or at least with the different colors. I tried the grey ones and they felt just slightly thicker than the white ones. They're just as tacky and has a wet, soft feel to it.
From: Anon, 6/15

Comments: Good grip. It is very grippy at first but looses its grippiness after a match or two.
From: Anon, 3/15

Comments: Love it. All I have to say is that there is plenty good reason Federer and several other top pros use this one. Give it a try and see what you think!
From: Bob, 11/14

Comments: This overgrip is amazing! I bought myself a Head Prestige S racquet when I started playing tennis last year and at first the racquet felt very unremarkable, but then my coach put this over grip on and I was stunned by how much better the racquet felt immediately -- it was as if I was playing with a completely different much better racquet. I play 4 different racquet sports and always prefer to keep my equipment vanilla and concentrate on technique, but I'm afraid I can't resist using this over grip now for as long as I play tennis.
From: Sonny, 11/14

Comments: After using Tourna grip and Yonex Super Grap I have finally gotten a chance to use Wilson Pro Overgrip and it is truly amazing. I used Super Grap for a week and it's a good absorber and has good tackiness but it doesn't have a good feel. I then switched to Tourna Grip and it has great absorbency and good feel but the decent amount of tackiness it had wore off in 2 days. Then I ordered Wilson Pro. I'll be honest, I was hesitant to buy this grip because I heard it was similar to Super Grap. But the second I held the racquet with the Wilson pro overgrip I was extremely surprised. It has the perfect amount of tack, amazing out of this world feel, perfect thinness, and it has more than enough length to cover my handle. I got it in the pink color and it looks bright! If I were you I'd buy this grip in bulk. Preferably in the 60 pack bucket because of the variety of colors and the fact that if you buy 60 grips separately it would cost you about 120 dollars. In a sentence summary I absolutely love this grip and it's going to be the my grip of choice for years to come.
From: Joseph, 10/14

Comments: As a stringer, these are the best over grips. I use them for my own racquets. I suggest using an overgrip to most of my clients. Easy to wrap. Provides good feel and grip. While I've tried and have others, these are my go-to when someone wants an overgrip unless they make a specific request for another.
From: Mike, 9/14

Comments: Best value for what you pay for. What it lacks in absorbency is made up by the feel that it provides.
From: Kevin, 4/14

Comments: It's important to note that this overgrip is long enough to easily cover an entire handle.
From: Dan, 9/13

Comments: I've been using this grip for over 4 years and I wont be trying any other overgrips for a very long time.
From: Jason, 8/13

Comments: I officially love these grips. I have to replace them every week or so but they still last longer than most over grips. I play about 20 hours a week. The grips are really tacky and feel great.
From: Shant, 2/13

Comments: I agree with many comments here. I've tried many overgrips, and this one just feels the best overall. It's semi-tacky, but not too much so, and it's decent at absorbing moisture. It's also fairly thin, so the racquet feedback is excellent. The only downside is that it loses tackiness and moisture absorption after 3-5 matches, and when it does, it gets pretty slippery at times.
From: Ron, 11/12

Comments: This grip is really high quality stuff. Place it over a leather grip and perfection in a hand. However, the grip isn't perfect. After long hours of playing with the overgrip, the overgrip apparently shrinks and becomes close to the same size as the grip once was without an overgrip. Just like used and worn out overgrips, it eventually loses it's grippy-ness, and when that occurs, it's awful. At one point when trying to swing, my eastern forehand after making impact with the ball comes close to a full semiwestern edging the full western grip. Just remember to change overgrips after several matches with it on.
From: Stephen, 9/12

Comments: Count me as a convert. Tournagrip can't be beaten for absorption, but I realized after trying this grip that Tournagrip has no "feel" to it. This grip is comfortable, has some cushion to it and just feels great and more connected to your hand than an absorption-only grip.
From: Mark, 8/12

Comments: Best grip ever. My original grip on my racquet was leather! I hated it so much till I got Wilson Pro Overgrip. I love it! I have a brother that plays as well! Overall best grip ever and I am going to use it for a while.
From: Matthew, 6/12

Comments: Great grip! It's got a ton of tack but not too much. My favorite aspect is the comfort and feel and it feels great in the hand. I choose this over my old tourna grip any day.
From: Jonathan, 6/12

Comments: This is a fair overgrip. The tack is great, the feel is pretty decent, thinness is useful, but the absorbency is ghastly, as would be expected from a feel-oriented overgrip. The absorbency was a bit of a downer, but a wristband helps to stop the sweat from running down onto your hand as much. The feel is good, but as soon as I felt some other overgrips, it paled in comparison. All in all, good overgrip. The only problem is the absorbency.
From: Patrick, 8/11

Comments: I switched to Yonex after many years of using this Wilson grip. It used to last a while; however, in the last couple years, they either changed the manufacturer or the material. It is still comfortable to use, but breaks up in two hours. It's very disappointing!
From: Jamie. 08/11

Comments: Best grip so far for me. I've been using this grip for 12 years. White definitely will get dirty but so what? I need the comfort of the grip so why not just change it every 2 months or whenever I feel like it is dirty. Best grip 10/10.
From: Kenji. 7/11

Comments: This overgrip lasts so much longer than other ones I have tried. Many grips except Yonex Grap, the white color gets dirty quickly. The deal for 30 packs for best price per overgrip.
From: Randy, 7/11

Comments: This is a great high quality over grip. I have been using these for a while and I have not found anything better. It is pretty tacky so the racquet stays in your hand. For me they only last about 8 hours before I need to replace so I go through 2 or 3 a week. My hands sweat a lot and after a few hours play the grip becomes a little slippery. The white grip gets very dirty quickly but the grip still works great. For people like me who sweat a lot you will need to replace often. For people like my friends who have dry hands these will last forever.
From: Jon, Providence, RI, USA. 06/11

Comments: This is a good grip. If you put it on correctly it will last. It does get dirty because it is in white. I sweat a lot and it seems like it still holds. I have an aggressive swing and this grip holds pretty true. I train and play tennis everyday for about 6 hours and I have to change the grip maybe every 4-5 days.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: This really is the best. I am not someone who sweats a lot. I do live in So Cal. and these overgrips last forever. For me, they stay tacky and I have never shredded one. If you take care of your things, and treat the game and your equipment well, these are the best. I used to teach and work in pro shops, I really feel if you want a nice soft, tacky feel, these are number #1. Add a leather grip with a Wilson Pro Overgrip and you're good.
From: Max, Newport Beach, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: Yes, best grip I have ever used. Have used it for the last 5 years. Love the way it feels and great grip control. Keep coming back to it because nothing feels as good.
From: Frank, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: The grip looks great when first put on, then is filthy within 10 minutes of use (no longer white and nice looking!). The grip has a nice tacky feel for about 20 minutes until you begin sweating. This grip becomes so slick with any sweat and loses all of its initial tack within minutes. I suggest buying Tourna Grip if you want no slippage even though it's not the most attractive, but as much as I like to look good and match my equipment, I rather have a grip that performs and allows me to keep the racquet secure in my hand. This grip is a bust.
From: Austin, Jacksonville, Florida, USA. 10/10

Comments: New favorite overgrip! I used the gamma supreme overgrip since I started playing and this grip is not only cheaper, but it lasts longer, feels better, and is easier to wrap due to its length. I will be using this grip for the rest of my tennis career.
From: Chris, Redlands, CA, USA. 6/10

Comments: These grips are great. They have the perfect thickness, perfect feel, and they take a long time to wear out or peel off. My only complaint is how quickly they get dirty, but hey, performance is more important than cosmetics, in my opinion.
From: Matt, Clarksville, TN, USA. 5/10

Comments: Pro overgrip is the best grip ever. My hands get really sweaty every time I play. Durability= 11 stars. It lasts a lot longer than Tourna Grip, which only lasts one day, at most. It never loses tack, even when its dirty. Also, Federer uses it. :) Pro Overgrip is awesome.
From: McLovin, USA. 4/10

Comments: This grip is fantastic! It is the best grip I have ever use and it comes it comes in alot of different colors!
From: Natoli, Pittsburgh, Pennsyania,USA 01/10

Comments: I like this grip. Great feel but the problem is that it lasted about two weeks and I only play 2- 3 times a week. It is a great grip and I would recommend it to anyone.
From: Jack, Te horo, Wellington, New Zealand 12/09

Comments: Has perfect tack for me. Not too thick not too thin. I don't sweat at all on my hands and this grip works fine. It's very durable, unlike Tourna Grip which rips on the second day. This grip and Yonex work the best.
From: Andy, US. 8/09

Comments: This is the best grip ever. I've been using this grip for the last 2 years and what a difference it has made. My hands sweat like crazy and I seriously thought I would never be able to play tennis properly because every time I made contact with the ball my racquet would slip in my hand. So I had to hold on to my racquet with a death grip which resulted with a very sore arm. But with this grip, it has great tack even after I've sweated a monsoon on it I can still hold it with a relaxed hand.
From: Julius, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 6/09

Comments: I love these grips; they are the best ever. I play 5 times a week and I don't have to replace them for about 3 to 4 weeks.
From: Dylan, Crossville, TN, USA. 6/09

Comments: I don't see what many people are complaining about. I found it to be tacky, and even when shredded it still worked a lot better than TournaGrip, which lasted a set for me.. Sure, the Pro Grip gets dirty quickly, but who cares? I have used this grip inside and out, and used both ends. I can swing for the fences and my racquet will not fly out. True, I do get blisters, but ironically, they do not hurt as much because I have the grip on. This is probably the best overgrip out there - it is durable, tacky, and comfortable.
From: Anon. 3/09

Comments: This is probably the best grip I've ever used. It is fairly absorbent and has the perfect tackiness. The only downside is that it doesn't last too long, but that might just be me and how much I play. Overall a great grip.
From: Jonathan, Bakersfield, California, US. 3/09

Comments: Well I go to IMG academy. I usually play close to 5 1/2 hours a day, and this grip is very comfortable and has great tack. The only downside to this is that it doesn't last for too long, oh well. I would surely encourage anyone to buy this grip. 9.5 out of a solid 10.
From: piercalito, florida, USA. 3/09

Comments: My favourite grip. Akin to when Babolat brought out the revolutinary "Gripsy" in the '80s, this grip is soooo nice to touch and feels like no other. Lasts a long time, dries quickly, doesn't get dirty too much (of course white will get dirty-looking naturally, duh!). If you prefer a more "tacky" feeling grip then my next fav is the Yonex Super Grap.
From: Andrew, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 3/09

Comments: I like the comfort and tack on this grip. But I think it tends to make my grip size a bit bigger, which makes it quite uncomfortable.
From: Anon, Virginia, USA. 3/09

Comments: Nice grip when you first use it. It's good but after one two maybe three hours of play it's useless.
From: Anon, Israel. 1/09

Comments: I won't buy anything else. These overgrips have come through for me time and time again. I'm very meticulous in the accessories I use on the court and these top my list. Great feel and tackiness. A+
From: Jeff, Orange Park, FL., USA. 1/09

Comments: I ordered a number of different types of overgrips to see which I liked the most; for me this was the one. The length of the wrap is very generous. It is soft but very tacky and felt my grip rarely slipping. It was so tacky it gave me blisters at first, but that is just a sign of it working to me. The only con might be the longevity of them, but that is nit picking. I got about a week of tennis out of one(reversing it as well).
From: Sean, fl. 1/09

Comments: This overgrip is great but there is only one bad thing s and that's the grip gets dirty quickly and after it feel hard on my racket. I recommend Wilson Pro Soft overgrip. =]
From: Danny, mountain view, CA, USA. 1/09

Comments: This grip is bad and is such a waste of money. I play on the ATP tour and when I tried this grip I completely lost my game. I had to really put some effort into the technique of my shots so my racquet wouldn't slip out of my grasp as the grip had no tackiness and was incredibly thick. It's the worst grip ever would not recommend buying it. Instead, the Babolat VS Original is a much better choice as it's easy to hold with only 0.4mm width.
From: Shasha Barton, Bagdad, Alabama, USA. 12/08
NTA rating: 5.0

Comments: I just decided to try these because my favorite grips, Tourna Grip II, were giving me really bad blisters. I went to play after putting it on and took it off almost immediately. It made my handle way too big for my hand. It was very slick and felt like it would fly out of my hand. I only played one game, then ripped it off and put a Tourna grip back on. Blisters aside the Tournas are way better.
From: Kris, Linton, Indiana, USA. 12/08

Comments: This grip is very high quality as far as feel and tackiness. But unfortunately the high quality feel does not last long. My hands don't sweat at all and the grip seems to wear out between 3 and 5 hours of use. I would recommend the Gamma Supreme. It has the longest lasting feel EVER. and its cheaper.
From: Christian, United States. 12/08

Comments: It's the best grip I've ever used. The white ones get dirty very easy but compared to other overgrips, the Wilson is the best.
From: jin, Malaysia. 11/08

Comments: This grip has great tack and is very comfortable. I got it to cover my Wilson leather grip which wasn't the best.
From: Wes, post falls, ID, USA. 10/08

Comments: I have used many different brands of overgrip and this Wilson one is the best of all of them. It is durable, tacky, and it is long enough to cover the whole grip. I've had problems with Babolat grip because they are too thin and too short. This grip absorbs sweat like a sponge. I give it a 9/10 just because white grip turns dirty. Overall, the best grip out there.
From: Clinton, Marion, IA, USA. 10/08

Comments: These are great grips but I would love if you could choose your colors.
From: Hugo, Ireland, 10/08

Comments: This is a good grip, although it does not last very long at all. If you can buy a lot of these, then you're in good shape for these grips. At first, it feels very nice and tacky, but the problem is that it starts to slip in hot weather, even if it's not worn out!
From: Maurice, Key Biscayne, Florida, US. 9/08

Comments: Very very durable, the perfect amount of tack, and it feels great. The 12-pack is the most convenient to me. After every two weeks (15 hours of play), I usually take off the used one, and slap on another overgrip.
From: Anon, NJ, USA. 9/08

Comments: I've used this grip for many years and it's a great grip, but the problem with me using it is that my hand sweats a lot and this grip wears out easily. It slips after 3 hours of play and you have to keep changing grips every few sessions. This is a good grip but beware that it will slip after a while.
From: Maurice, New York, New York, USA. 8/08

Comments: It's very similar to Yonex Super Grap & a lot better than Tourna Grip. For me, it's well balanced between tacky & absorbent. You can't go wrong, probably the best overgrip there is.
From: Angelo, Machias, ME, USA. 8/08

Comments: I use this grip and its great, my favorite one! The only downside is that it doesn't last too long, but it's still my favorite grip. I always put a new one on for a USTA match and it works very well!
From: Brendan, Boston, MA, USA. 8/08

Comments: This is my preferred overgrip. It has the perfect blend of grip and tack. The only set back is that if you get white, they get dirty very easily. I usually change them every 2 to 3 times I play which is around 1 to 2 times a week for me. Overall definitely the best overgrip on the market.
From: Andrew, NC, USA. 8/08

Comments: I use these grips, they are pretty durable, I play tournaments most every weekend, and they last for all my matches, then I have to regrip. But I recommend this for any player who is having racket slipping issues.
From: Jim, Somewhere, Somewhere, USA. 8/08

Comments: I use white grip, and it feels so great when you first put it on, and it holds really well!
From: Antwan, Shelbyville, Tennessee, United States. 7/08

Comments: Good tack and good feel but don't last very long. Wilson Pro feels identical to Yonex Super Grap when new but doesn't last as long as the Yonex.
From: rich, Atlanta, GA. 7/08

Comments: Very tacky, undurable. I like them better than the Babolat overgrips, though. Get the K Grip replacement grip, all of your problems will be solved.
From: Kiefer, somewhere, nowhere, everywhere. 7/08

Comments: I re-grip my racket twice a day (even if i don't play that day) just because it's so fun to grip rackets with these grips. I love them!
From: Jay, Eagle, ID, USA. 7/08

Comments: I like the Wilson, but I still prefer Yonex Supergrap because it is a it more durable.
From: lexy, louisville, kentucky. 6/08

Comments: I absolutely love this grip! It is just tacky enough to keep your hand from slipping from the racquet grip, but not so tacky that it gives you blisters. I really like the colors available (I use the pink). It lasts for quite some time, but then again the only real use it got from me was when the high school tennis season rolled around. Even so, it comes highly recommended.
From: Kristina, Chicopee, MA; United States. 6/08

Comments: This is the best grip you cand find! This grip has the best feel, and the tackiness is perfect. If you complain about how easily this grip gets dirty, well what do you expect if you get a white grip? I highly recommend this grip to all kinds of players.
From: Ben, Boston, MA, U.S.A. 6/08

Comments: This is my favorite overgrip so far. Compared to Tourna Grip and Babolat, this is definitely my grip of choice. I got the white ones and personally don't care how dirty they get because they do the job very well. Kudos, Wilson! I am a 3.5 who plays a healthy mix of singles and doubles for probably about 8 hours a week.
From: Chuck, NEPA. 4/08

Comments: The tackiness of this grip is amazing! I don't play very often, only during the high school season. I agree with some of the other reviews that they do lose tackiness pretty fast. But it's awesome when you first put it on!
From: Anon. 4/08

Comments: The Wilson overgrip is the best in the market. Has good absorption, tack, and it's thin. Great for players who want the maximum performance and no blisters. I definitely recommend it to everyone!
From: Anon. 4/08

Comments: I go to Evert Tennis Academy, and I play for 6 hours a day, and these grips last at least 5 days and still work great.
From: Anonymous, Florida, USA. 3/08

Comments: I seriously thought this would be the best grip ever, but after just a few hits, it had already lost its tack and then within 5 days it was already shredded! I was hoping it would at least last a fortnight, but I play about 3 hours of tennis a day so I was probably expecting too much. Otherwise this is a great grip while it lasts, especially compared to the Babolat XL grip.
From: Sorin, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 3/08

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