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Comments: Really nice, classic racquet. I moved from a Wilson Six.One 90 because this is much more forgiving, but still is very stable and has a lot of plow through. If your looking for a classic players racquet around the stats of the Prince Response 97, definitely try it out.
From: Kevin, 3/14

Comments: This racquet is easy to swing and has a solid response. It works well with all shots -- groundstrokes, volleys, and serves. I noticed a little more spin than with my previous racquet, which was a Wilson PS 90. Although the PS is a great racquet, I wanted a larger head and a slightly lighter racquet. I strung it with synthetic gut at 60 lbs since I like a firmer response. Be aware that you must string this racquet with two pieces. One-piece stringing voids the warranty. Also, I found that it was slightly difficult to push the string through the double bridge. Otherwise, stringing this racquet went fine. Overall, this is a great racket for someone looking for a classic feel and response.
From: Steve, 2/14

Comments: I've been looking for a stiff, headlight, big head racquet for a while because there aren't too many around. I just can't hold head heavy racquets. Also, I've been trying to find one in an open string pattern. This is the picture perfect racquet. The low swing weight helps me. Funny thing is, even though this racquet is heavier than lets say, a Pure Drive, it feels lighter because the Pure Drive feels head heavy to me.
From: Ashok, 1/14

Comments: This is a sweet frame. Practically identical to the old Response 97 that I used back in the late 90s. It's firm yet has great ball pocketing and is very soft on the arm. Keep it strung under 55 lbs with a multi or hybrid. It produced huge topspin from the back court while being very comfortable. Plays like a Prestige or Babolat PS TOUR with better vibration dampening and a larger sweet spot.
From: Lofty, 1/14

Comments: Outstanding racquet in all respects. Solid, hits a nice heavy ball from the baseline, yet very good at net. Serves had great pace and good spin. Hefty weight provides excellent plow through, with very little flex. Racquet did not feel stiff or jaring at any time.
From: Dave, 11/13

Comments: Warning: handle with care, this is a razor. The response is back (spin)! With all of its great specs. Serving and volleying is simply natural, and the weight is not too much at all. I'm happy that Prince is still producing more conventional racquets, along with all of its new technologies.
From: Anon, 10/13

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