Pacific Premium Power X Synthetic 16L String Customer feedback

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Comments: I used this in a hybrid (Pro Supex Blue gear 17 at 54 lbs) and Powerline X 16 crosses 58 lbs. Really good performance and very durable -- 5 stars -- this setup kept tension very well. Great feel, great sound, not that much pop from the baseline, oddly from what I'm reading and it is named Powerline. Serves were another story, 4.5 stars - awesome power. I found this to be very controllable 4 stars out of 5, excellent bite on slices but for overall spin, meh, 3 stars; comfort 4 stars. As a cross, overall 4 of 5 stars.
From: RVM, 8/13

Comments: My favorite string. A bit out of my budget but for playability there is nothing (sans Natural Gut) that I have found equals this string. Great power, great bite. String has pretty decent durability as well. I have only used as a full bed, but I imagine it would excel in a hybrid, as well. Easy on the arm, nice power, great spin, superb feel, good durability. A+ string.
From: Steve, 3/12

Comments: This string has more power than any other string tested. It is very durable, soft and holds tension well. It is a soft string but not as soft as Head Power Gel or Kirschbaum Multitouch. Softness is similar to Dunlop Comfort. The outside layer (double) does not fray and is very durable. I am a power hitter who likes to use spin a lot. The combinations below are excellent for spin. Here are few results, both racquets are Prince Speedport Black.
Racquet # 1: 58.5 lbs (Pacific Premium Power), 58.5 Tecnifibre NRG2 (17)
Racquet #2: 58.5 lbs (Pacific Premium Power), 58.5 lbs (Kirschbaum Multitouch (17 gage)
Results: Racquet #2 had more power. This combination had more spin and more control. Both rackets required no dampener. Kirschbaum Multitouch is a very good string. However, it is not as durable as Tecnifibre NRG2. Moreover, I compared all three strings, individually. Pacific Premium Power had more power and more durability than strings mentioned above. The price is very high. I hope that the price comes down. I recommend this string for people who are seeking power, tention maintenance, durability. PS: Kirschbaum Multitouch is a powerful string, very soft. It is similar to gut like playability (agreed). However, it will fray for power hitter. Outside layer needs to be improved.

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