Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty Tennis Balls 24 Can Case Customer feedback

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Comments: Without a doubt the best tennis ball I have ever used. The only thing that comes close in regards to feel and durability balance would be Penn ATP World Tour Balls. Those are my second favorite choice of ball. The 24 case lasts an incredibly long time, especially if you alternate ball responsibilities with hitting partners. My partners and I typically crack the ball incredibly hard for our 2-3 hour hitting sessions, and I would be perfectly content to use the same can for the next session. I am very satisfied with this ball, and the aesthetic of the can does not hurt it's appeal! Would definitely recommend to players of various skill levels.
From: Tunde, 10/16

Comments: We play with this ball for high school and they are quite durable and well suited for our hard courts.
From: Anon, 2/15

Comments: Best ball money can buy in my opinion, priced that way too though. I've been a big fan of Dunlop Grand Prix balls for a few years because they play much more consistent than the small, light and bouncy basic Penn ball. But GrandPrix balls do fluff up excessively sometimes and tend to become dead after 2 sets or so. Pro Penn is similar, but a bit firmer than Grand Prix and plays more consistent over longer time. Just to add for comparison -- Wilson balls are even stiffer, don't like them too much.
From: Anton, 6/13

Comments: Great tennis balls. The durability is top notch, as they easily outlast Wilson US Open and the inferior Penn Coach (as to be expected). And these are essentially the elite version of Penn Coach balls, as they're brighter, slightly softer, and more durable. Yes, they are softer than Coach but not as hard as, say, Dunlop Cahmpionship balls. I work at a tennis resort and the pro shop received boxes full of these balls for our sponsorship from Head. They're really the perfect practice balls. The playability might not be 10/10, but it's still very good.
From: Brian, 1/13

Comments: These are the best! I've played with these in Los Angeles and Houston on hard courts with no complaints. Pro Penn's are my favorite balls. The updated version with blue felt is more durable than the prior version. Very even wear. All 3 balls will generally have the same wear pattern after 1-2 hours. The balls are not horribly hard, as suggested by other reviewers. Compared to Wilson US Open or Dunlop GrandPrix or regular Dunlop, the balls are not hard at all. 4 stars!
From: Ronald, 12/12

Comments: Exclusive ball! Those balls just painted the lines! Incredible durability.
From: Mike, 9/12

Comments: This is a great tennis ball for the recreational player who is looking for durability and good bounce. I'm an intermediate level player playing 2-3 times per week and have not experienced any arm or elbow pain while playing with this ball. I can't say the same when I played with Dunlop balls.
From: Spencer, 8/12

Comments: These balls are hard as rocks! I don't know what has happened to Penn over the past few years. The Pro Penn+ balls were horrible quality, breaking after 30 minutes of play so they came out with these. What happened to the Penn Masters Series balls, as those were the best! They had perfect pressure, great felt with optic yellow brightness. My wrist and elbow hurt after playing with these last night, plus there was no feel coming off my racquet. The good news is that these should last about 10 sets per can based on how hard they are, and maybe at that point they will be broken in enough so that you can feel the impact of the ball on your strings.
From: Jason, 8/12

Comments: These are the best balls you can buy. They last a lot longer than any other balls on the market.
From: Carlos, 7/12

Comments: At last a ball that bounces well and is very responsive to serve those kick serves. It has all the benefits of the old Pro Penn, but it feels more solid and hard, but not to the point that will hurt my arm. Best ball in my opinion, but expensive.
From: Chris, 6/12

Comments: Not impressed with these new balls. My college team used Pro Penn pretty much exclusively for the last 5 years. The balls were fine up until about 2 years ago. Then they started popping. During a typical singles match, I was breaking about 2-3 per match. Not that I cared since I wasn't paying for them, but my coach wasn't happy. Now Penn releases these new "Marathon" Pro Penn balls and I don't like them at all. Way too heavy and hard rubber. Very tough to get a consistent hit/bounce and they are hard on the arm. Basically, I feel like I'm playing with Dunlop Championships with these new balls. That being said, if someone doesn't play at a very high level or doesn't have issues with rock hard balls, these new Pro Penn balls could be perfect. They definitely will last longer and have plenty of felt on them.
From: Erik, 5/12

Comments: I played indoors with these balls this morning. Too Heavy! And the balls skidded on all kinds of shots. My partner complained of arm pain in 20 mins. I wil not buy these balls again.
From: Rick, 3/12

Comments: These are really, really nice balls. Remind me of the Masters Series Penn balls that were discontinued. Better than Penn ATP and way better than Wilson US Open. Three things stand out - 1) visibility is better than a traditional ball, optic yellow has a little more green in it and has better visibility (think pale yellow vs bright yellow-green), 2) consistency of cover wear is very good, you don't get some that fluff up while others stay matted, and 3) overall durability is excellent. Playing 3 sets of singles with one can of balls is much more likely with these, and when you take the used balls out of the bag for practice or warm- up a couple of days later, the pressure maintenance is excellent. Not sure if they're worth $1/can more for most, but if you play a lot you'll notice the difference. These are the best balls money can buy.
From: Rich, 2/12

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