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Comments: This is a fantastic string! It has great feel and it makes every ball feel nice and crisp. It wears out a little fast for the price though, but I still recommend it!
From: Deanna, 8/11

Comments: Great string with great feel. Soft and comfortable feel. Not durable, though. Probably not worth the price for most players due to its durability. Duraflex 17 is probably more durable, still has a great feel and is 1/3 of the price.
From: Kelly. 6/11

Comments: A comfortable feeling string but not durable.
From: Steven. 5/11

Comments: Didn't like the string at all, I strung it at 58lbs on my Donnay X-Dark Red 94. I hit with a lot of spin and the strings snapped after 4 hours of play. Not as durable as I thought. I noticed that the strings moved around quite a bit, had to straighten them after each exchange. I won't be buying this stuff again.
From: Javier, Corona, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: I got these with the prince ignite team at 58lb, I can feel the vibration even with dampener. I put on the string saver and it went away. After the string broke, I tried TNT2 pro plus 16 and it felt very good just with the damper on. Guess it was the string after all.
From: Alex, Tucson, AZ, USA, 09/10

Comments: Great string. Serve and volley game feels much improved over syngut multi. I use this as a alternative to natural gut on wet/humid days.
From: Tony 4.0, Atlanta, GA. 5/10

Comments: Played a few sets now on a Wilson K Six One Team. Has a very nice feel to it and pretty good pop. My hitting friends noticed a bit more spin as well. Don't know about durability yet, but all in all not a bad string. Also arm friendly, haven't had any issues with soreness. Definitely recommend people to at least try it and see if it suits their game.
From: Nelson, Toronto/ON/CANADA. 5/10

Comments: I got this string in 16 gauge and it feels great. I was able to get the perfect amount of spin with power and precision. It was not super durable but lasted about a month. Definitely the best string out in the market. Highly recommended!
From: Eden Prairie, MN, U.S.A. 3/10

Comments: Prince Premier LT 17 ga. felt very crisp in a friends Wilson KFactor KZen. I put it in my Prince Ozone Pro Tour MP at 60 lbs. and found it too lively and imprecise. It felt like monofilament nylon (a.k.a. synthetic gut). Either it needs to be strung at a higher tension or it is not a good choice for and O Port racquets (and me). I'm going back to Head Rip Control or FXP.
From: Bill, Hood River, OR, USA 12/09

Comments: Used the 17g in my Kpro Open @ 60LBS, felt awesome all around control, power, spin and feel. I have tried many different strings and this is the best so far.
From: George, TX, USA 07/09

Comments: Great string! I had my prince red exo3 strung with this at 60 lbs. This string has a comfortable feel and even makes a great sound! I feel like I've improved ever since I started using this string.
From: Ryan, TX, USA, 07/09

Comments: Tried this instead of my normal Wilson Sensation. Very similar feel, hard for me to tell the difference. These lasted exactly half as long, one month instead of two, for almost double the price. Back to the Sensation for me.
From: Bob, Alpharetta, GA, USA. 04/09

Comments: Very good string, despite the 16 gauge -great feel(especially on slice backhand), really plays like a natural gut. Fantastic pop and crisp ball pocketing sound. Durability looked pretty good-strung at 58lbs on a demo Prince Graphite 100 after 30 minutes of hard hitting there was no sign of fraying. As a comparison used the same brand racket with Gamma Live Wire17(at56lbs). The new string from Prince was way better. Highly recommended. Can't imagine how good the 17 gauge would be.
From: R.F.-teaching pro, Atlanta , GA. USA. 4/09

Comments: Best string I have EVER hit with...multi OR poly. I use the Rebel 95 and I was able to generate more then enough spin (FH's up by opponent's shoulders) and an excellent blend of pace & control. Touch & comfort were top-notch. Not exceptionally durable but at my level I don't expect it. GREAT STRING!!!
From: J R, KC, MO. Open player. 3/09

Comments: OK string with decent feel. I hit flat, and it gave me some bite not a lot cut it out pretty quick so I don't know about durability. I'm a 4.0, but I like Wilson Sensation. It's nothing special for the extra money over Prince Synthetic Gut or Wilson Sensation, so if you like your current multifilament there shouldn't be a huge difference between this and that.
From: Austin, Kansas. 2/09

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