Pacific Pro Leather Grip (Black) Customer feedback

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Comments: I love this grip. I used it without an overgrip for a while and it has decent tackiness for leather. As it got sweaty it got a little bit slick so I eventually went to a Tourna overgrip. Using the thin tournagrip definitely allowed the feel of the leather to shine through. I am replacing all my grips with this one.
From: Eric, 8/14

Comments: I think if you use a leather grip and then an overgrip, it does not really matter which leather grip you use. If you use strictly a leather grip only like myself there are obvious differences between brands. I personally found that this is the best leather grip in terms of comfort, feel and tackiness. My only other three experiences with others include Gamma, Dunlop and Tennis Warehouse brands. It is a little shorter than other brands but the fit is still perfect for a standard 27" frame. I would highly recommend it.
From: Lambert, 3/14

Comments: This leather grip is of good quality, but the manufacturer's claim that it is "extra-long, to fit the longest handle" is patently untrue. Leather grips aren't stretchy, like so many of the synthetic alternatives, so in practice they are often shorter than a synthetic grip of the same length. But these leather grips are especially short, even so. No, leather grips aren't cheap. But I would happily pay Pacific an extra dollar or three for a grip that actually fit. As it is, I find these virtually unusable.
From: Naimit, 8/13

Comments: I used this leather grip before and I agreed with the other reviewer that the length is too short to cover a normal handle completely.
From: Henry, 2/13

Comments: I have used the Pacific ATP Pro Leather Grip (Black) and compared it to the Wilson and Prince leather grips. The Pacific grip feels the thickest. It tends to round the bevels the most compared to the other two grips. Its stiffness is about the same as the Wilson leather grip (that is to say, stiff), with the Prince being the softest.
From: Andrew, Arcadia, CA, USA. 4/10

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