Pacific Power Hybrid 16L String Customer feedback

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Comments: I had these on my Pacific racquet and I love the balance of control and power it provides. I don't feel any stiffness and board like feel into it. I was amazed with it so I put it on my Babolat AeroPro Drive to see if it will counter some stiffness feel and it did.
From: Roosevelt, 4/14

Comments: Terrific hybrid combination. More than adequate control and spin potential with comfort and excellent tension maintenance. Playing with ATP Power Hybrid 16L on my Pacific X-Force Pro, Vacuum 90 and Fischer Pro no 1s. I initially received this free with my Pacific racquet purchases -- buying reels of Powerline 16Lg and Polyforce 17g brings the cost down to around $10.00 a set. I cannot think of any better hybrid.
From: Jim, 8/13

Comments: Recently bought this strings set and so satisfied to use it. First - very precise strokes, I'm hitting the balls exactly where I need (almost, but that is not the strings fault, solely mine). Second - nice balance, power and comfort. I am able to generate good spin, hit hard and don't have a problem with my elbow, that hurts normally even when I play with Wilson Shock Shield. Unlike this string that moves so freely, Hybrid Power 16L stays like have some bond force- no movement at all. Conclusion: one of the best mixt poly+synt.gut, you won't regret buying it.
From: Eugene, 2/12

Comments: Disappointed with durability as I am not usually hard on strings. Powerline crosses snapped quicker (20 hours) than my usual strings (Silverstring/synthetic hybrid). String movement got nasty after about 10 hours even with an 18x20 string pattern.
From: Sven, 12/11

Comments: I used this string and absolutely loved it. Great control and power. If you like hitting using lots of spin, I would highly recommend it. The tension holds really well too and most importantly for me, very comfortable. Go ahead use this string you won't be disappointed.
From: Daniel, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 7/10

Comments: I hit with mostly power and wanted to be able to swing through my stroke without hitting the ball long. These strings are the perfect mix of power and control.
From: Mason, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA. 01/10

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