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Comments: The best string I've ever hit with!
From: Gaspar, 7/16

Comments: You can compare all polyesters together -- Luxilons, RPM Blast, TCS or Black Widow and they are great strings, but I have far better results using Pacific Poly Force Original 16L. I am stringing my Volkl PB at 52 lbs in he mains and 49 lbs in the crosses. This string lasts forever for me! After 4 weeks I cut it out.
From: Jan, 6/13

Comments: Got this string on my new Dunlop Bio 500 tour. First two hours giving funny feeling - after that pure monster! No, I'll repeat NO string movement @ all. Wonderful after Tecnifibre X-One (18 gauge even) it's probably a little bit less bite and feeling but so much consistent - I got stability that I was looking for with great feel almost same as Tecnifibre. Will update review when string will be broken - don't think it will happen soon.
From: Daniel, 3/12

Comments: The best polymer string for feel and spin. It is nowhere near as stiff as Luxilon ALU Power. Great string!
From: Justin, 8/11

Comments: It's simple. This strings is the most durable on the earth! The other brands only strings last for 1 day or 2. There's a lot of spin potential, minimum tension loss, and full control.
From: Bill Mcdonald, San Diego, CA, USA. 12/10

Comments: My favorite poly string. Tension does drop a tad after the first few hits but it maintains awesome playability throughout its whole life. Control is excellent, feel is pretty good for a poly, and power is just right. On my racquet it plays well until it breaks, which is a big deal.
From: Naz, Bru. 04/09

Comments: I'm a former Div-I college player who has been using Luxilon ALU for around 6-7 yrs. I recently have been trying some less expensive poly’s with similar playing attributes. I have tried poly force 16L and find it gets good spin, a little more feel than Luxilon ALU but doesn't seem to hold tension or last quite as long. Still a good string for the price.
From: Nick, M'boro, TN, USA, 12/08

Comments: Very good string. It plays like ALU but holds tension much better and is cheaper.
From: Joseph, Texas, USA. 12/07

Comments: After three years I have finally found a combination of string that I am completely satisfied with. I put this in the mains and Pacific Prime Gut 16L in the crosses. I am a string breaker, too, and this combination lasts as long as any other I have tried. The feel is out of this world and the ball goes right where I aim it. I have no interest in even thinking about other string. I've played other manufacturers of gut and nothing feels this good. Tad expensive but definitely worth it.
From: Steve, Clearwater, Florida, USA. 12/07

Comments: I'm a 4.5 level player that has broken a lot of strings and this is one of the first high performance strings I've ever played with that does not break. I use Poly force on the mains and Price synthetic gut on the crosses. The crosses are always the strings to break first. I'm able to generate a lot of topspin with this string, it provides good power and with the hybrid combination, there is a decent amount of feel. It is a fantastic string...that I would highly recommend to tournament level player.
From: Brian, Atlanta, GA, USA, 02/07

Comments: My favorite poly string!
From: Josh, KY, USA. 1/04

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