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Comments: I strung up my Rebel 95 (2009 version) with this at 54lbs. Have to say it was the worst string I've ever tried. So stiff and harsh. I've never had any arm or wrist problems and I've played a lot of tennis, but this string would have caused it. Maybe I just strung it way too tight but I'm not using it again! I'm a 4.5 level player.
From: Ashley, 3/13

Comments: Good pop. Optic yellow is cool and bright. Good spin. Good sound. Not to harsh on arm. Took awhile to acquire the taste for this string, but now i like it.
From: Josh, 2/12

Comments: I used to play with this until I started getting thumb and wrist problems, and all I can say this was a very good string! Now play with RPM blast 17 (m) and Gosen Tecgut 16 (c) for the RPM may be a poly but is rather soft, but with the Gosen in the crosses, it adds to the comfort. This string is good string if you're looking for something that holds tension well (for a poly) with good durability.
From: Kevot, Sweden, 11/10

Comments: MMmmmMMMmmm KFC Extra Crispy! This is the most responsive poly I've ever played, the spin and responsiveness are the best I've ever had. It is rather stiff but I just love how that impacts my ball! I'm ordering a reel :-)
From: Racket Stringer. 06/10

Comments: Sponsored by Prince and must say this is the worst polyester I have used. It feels flat and it loosens quickly. The Twisted is quite good, however. Some may like this if they like the very old style polyesters that were made a long time ago. Many of the newer polys feel much better than this. Give the Twisted a try if this one doesn't suit you.
From: Coach, South Carolina, USA. 4/10

Comments: I strung this in a K90 @ 58lb all round for a test, and first thing is how cool the optic yellow colour is! Felt really good from the first shot and played very nicely - got plenty of bite on the ball and was not harsh at all. I found it very similar to PLII & SPPP with the main difference being the colour, and it kept it's tension longer than most poly's. Very impressed.
From: Nathan 3.5ish, Melbourne, Australia 12/09

Comments: Very good string, better than any polyester string I've tested. If you like poly string, give this one a try. You've love it as a main string. With something soft on cross.
From: anon. 10/09

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