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Comments: I bought these to replace my Dunlop S-Gut 16s, which are made with a rough surface for extra spin. Went hitting with a 4.0 friend for about an hour and was blown away by the pop and power of this string compared to the Dunlop. I felt incredibly confident with my forehand and backhand. Spin took a bit to get used to as it doesn't seem to spin as much as the textured Dunlop, but not by much. There are tons of strings and tons of players. What works great for one person, may drive another crazy. I have a full swing and feel comfy on the baseline but even more comfy volleying. This string improved my game over the listless but spin loving Dunlop. My one-handed backhand took a little adjusting, using less power produced better control, pop, and spin.
From: Billy, 9/13

Comments: I haven't tried this string on its own but I use it in the crosses strung at 52 pounds with Lux BB TiMo 17 in the mains strung at 48pounds on a customized Wilson BLX PS 6.1 100. The string bed is firm but not board-like so it doesn't give me any soreness in my arm. The power and control is amazing for both rallying and putting winners away. I find it to have excellent feel and control for volleying too. My serves seem to have a lot more bite (I'm a short guy so I rely on a lot of spin for all my serves). It seems to hold the TiMo mains in place well as neither strings have moved and I hit with varying amount of top spin.
From: Gerard, 2/13

Comments: I'm a big fan of this string. Reason being, it softens the racquet feel for volleys and touch shots while still offering good spin. Its like having a full bed of poly for control and spin but gives you the touch of a multi.
From: Mesa, 12/12

Comments: I have tried this string, and it is very good. It is similar to the Wilson NXT and the Tecnifibre X-One, only better. It is a bit more comfortable, feels a bit more solid and gives less vibration. The main pro for these strings is that is has quite a bit more control and a bit more durability. All in all a very very good string, and will be my chioce for the coming times.
From: Jim, 8/12

Comments: I bought a package of this string based on Mikeler's review on the TW discussion board. I have to say I'm very impressed. Several people I've played with recently have asked me how I'm generating noticeably more "action" than before. I'm hitting fewer balls each point now because the extra "action" - whether topspin or slice - is really eating people up. It also has nice pop as Bob and Hayward below mention. Not only are my slice and kick serves moving more, they are getting more penetration, and my occasional flat serve down the T has just enough extra juice to be the difference between a weakly returned ball and an outright winner. Haven't played with it long enough to comment on durability, but it seems to be holding up better after four sets of action against a 4.5 level player who hits hard with a ton of topspin than Wilson NXT, which I used most of last year. There is some string movement with the Prince, but not enough to drive me insane as some strings do.
From: H.C., 7/12

Comments: I strung this on my Dunlop 100 and it's the most no feel, stiff as a board, no spin, pain in my arm type string you can imagine.
From: Song, 6/12

Comments: Put this in a Radical Microgel MP at 59lbs and it plays well. Good power and spin. Good value.
From: Bob, 4/12

Comments: This is a new string from Prince that covers a wide group of players. It is a very comfortable string, yet it still has a good deal of pop. This multi also holds up quite well. I have tried it in the Prince EXO3 Tour and the EXO3 Tour Team. I found it to give really good feel and spin. I think the spin results from both the racquet design, and the three core design, which helps the string maintain its tension. I pushed the string very hard by hitting some really heavy topspin shots. I could hit hard and flat or with heavy topspin, from all areas of the court without fear of losing control. Nice string for someone seeking comfort and playability without sacrificing control.
From: Hayward, 2/12

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