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Comments: This racquet is great and I love it but I am getting very tired of getting it re-strung due to all the string breaks. I've played with it for about 2 months now and have had it restrung 4 times! I use a 16l string. Started with 62 lbs, broke twice, then 60 lbs, broke twice. Now im going down to 58 lbs. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.
From: Mark, 2/16
Note from TW: Hi Mark, These more open string patterns have a habit of shredding strings. Instead of lowering the tension, a better idea is to try an even thicker gauge if possible. Try a 15 gauge string and go from there. Good luck!

Comments: Picked this up due to the lower price, but I am finding the balance of this frame a little difficult to adjust to. It has near even balance, and due to this I find the maneuverability at times a little lacking and it gradually wears me down over the course of a match. The feel is pretty muted, but comfortable with no frame vibrations. Power is high, and with a multifilament you need the string tension to be in the mid to high 60s to tame the extreme string pattern's inherent power. This one may be best suited to either a stiffer multi, or a poly. I think I need more adjustment time to see if I will hang in there with this one.
From: Tom, 1/16

Comments: I have played with the Prince O3 Red racquet for a long time, and when I switched to this racquet, I was really disappointed. In fact, this racquet feels really stiff and doesn't add power at all to me. From all the Prince racquets I've used, this is probably the worst I've ever had. I'm using Luxilon ALU Power strings, and I am a 4.0 player.
From: Alexandre, 11/15

Comments: This racquet is perhaps the best 'feeling' racquet I have played with. I loved it. The only problem is that it breaks strings every other day. Most annoying.
From: James, 10/15

Comments: Great frame, played with it for about 8 months, and recently restrung it with a hybrid of a rough poly and soft syn gut. The spin was amazing! It has a high launch angle due to the open pattern, and it will help with power due to the large headsize. I have no clue what people are doing to break these grommets -- mine are perfect! Maybe they got a bad batch or something. I also think the paint job looks amazing, and the double bridge vibration dampener works great! This is a comfortable, arm friendly, powerful, spin machine in capable hands.
From: Johnathan, 8/15

Comments: Great feel and good performance in all areas. But I had a grommet break. TW restrung the racquet for me. Then the strings broke in three days. The the second string break in a matter of a few months.
From: James, 7/15

Comments: I have played with the Prince Premier 105 ESP for over a year and just yesterday a grommet broke. I have played with Prince racquets for over 25 years and never had a grommet break. I agree with Shelby in a previous posting that the quality should be better for how much I spent on this racquet.
From: Brad, 6/15

Comments: I have had the Prince Premier 105 ESP racquet for about a year. I loved the racquet and it played very well. I loved the open string pattern and only broke a string once while I played with it. However, recently the side of the racquet has cracked and a grommet has broken off, making it unplayable. I might just be hard on racquets, but for this price, I expected the quality to be better.
From: Shelby, 6/15

Comments: I have owned this racquet for a year and am very satisfied. I used to play with the Red and this gives me more power. I am not sure why the other people are breaking strings, but I went with the string recommended by Prince, 15Lg Premier Touch and have not broken a string. I play 3 to 4 times a week and I am a 4.0 player. When I first got the racquet I used a 16L and then switched to the 15L and it does play better.
From: Bobby, 5/15

Comments: I really liked the racquet and purchased it after demoing several racquets. It has a nice feel and good power, but unfortunately I kept breaking my strings every two weeks (with my previous racquet I only broke strings every 4 months or so). I tried several strings, but every time they broke after about two weeks and the shop said that this is normal for this type of racquet (string pattern). So, if you tend to break strings, be aware that this is a major investment as you will have to replace them very, very often!
From: Caroline, 5/15

Comments: The Prince Premier 105 ESP is an awesome racquet for players looking for spin and power with each shot. I had this racqet for 4 months and I played so well using it. It has little shock when hitting the ball thanks to the esp technology. I put some over grip on the racquet and it really helped get the feel I wanted. I would recommend this racquet for people who are looking to improve their game in power and spin.
From: Peyton, 11/14

Comments: I play 3 times each week, and need to replace strings every 3-4 weeks -- kind of costly. Spin is too good, also this racquet generates lots of power.
From: Anon, 11/14

Comments: I have been playing with the 03 Red for a few years. I tried this racquet and haven't put it down. The only problem I'm having is finding a string that lasts more than 4-6 matches. I currently play with the Prince Tour XS 15L. It has lasted the longest out of the four different strings I've tried.
From: Eric, 10/14

Comments: Purchased the Prince 105 from TW three months ago. The racquet is clearly in a class by itself. I am a 3.0 female player who plays mixed doubles with a male pro player who slammed 4 overheads in my direction. Not only did I get them all back, but to my amazment actually won the point! Nice blend and size. The thing has soul and wants me to feel the shot, which I am doing for the first time in my many years of playing which started off with wood.
From: Michele, 7/14

Comments: I bought this racquet about a couple of months back and have been using it in winter indoor drills. Had the O3 Red previously and the ESP is a definite upgrade in the spin category. Am able to use more pace on both the forehand and the backhand while hitting up on the ball. Unless it is a total miss (frame-hit) the ball stays in play. Decent touch at the net although a little more powerful than the O3 Red so am working on finishing higher and block it back from there. Overall, I'm happy with the 105 ESP so far and looking forward to some outdoor games soon.
From: John, 3/14

Comments: Howdy Sports Fans! I wanted to give my review of the Prince Premier ESP 105 racquet so here goes. First the set-up -- I'm an old school guy and I installed the Babolat Leather Grips to the frame. For my playtest I used 2 strings; The Prince Lightning XX 16 Ga. and the Prince Beast XP 15L. Both racquets were strung at 66 lbs. because I prefer a tighter tension. Although I used a leather grip, the balance didn't change and the racquets were still evenly balanced. Because of the balance the racquet felt heavier than it's advertised weight. Serves were drastically different with each string. The Lightning produced a lot more spin on the serve however I was disappointed on flater harder serves. There was basically no control. The Beast string produced much better results. Although there wasn't as much spin, the depth and power on the serves was much better than with the Lightning. On groundstokes the Lightning was very good at producing spin. The thinner gauge and open bed definitely is a good combination but as I hit with a flatter swing, it wasn't as beneficial. The Beast string on the racquet was definitely more suitable for a player with flatter strokes although I could definitely hit with spin using this string. For volleys I was able to get more depth with the Lightning because at the net, the racquet felt a bit like a springboard. The Beast produced good depth but way better control. Generally, like I mentioned, the racquet felt heavier only because of the balance. I'm still getting used to it but I can say that a thicker guage string should be used in the racquet. Of course a moron like me didn't read the inside throat of the racquet which clearly states 15L Gauge is best suited! On appearance, the racquet looks way better in person than in pictures. The graphics and paint are sharp and pop in the sunlight. I actually liked the green string with the red and black color combo. Just an opinion. Although I'm still experimenting with string set-ups, I like this racquet. As I get used to the balance I feel that I will be able to use it's capability to my advantage in upcoming matches.
From: Robert, 1/14

Comments: I used the EXO3 Red for the last few years and needed a replacement. Tried this racquet and the open string pattern does provide a noticeable increase in spin. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference based on feel between this one and the EXO3 Red. That's a good thing because I really liked my Red. I've heard that the string pattern may contribute to strings breaking more. So far, I've put 15 hours on the racquet and so far so good (using RPM Blast/VS Natural Gut hybrid). Great racquet if you are looking for a little more spin for EXO3 red users. Highly recommend!
From: Ed, 1/14

Comments: The spin you can generate with this racquet is amazing! It is also comfortable and generates a decent amount of power. I did add some lead tape to the 12 o'clock to increase the swing weight. I strung it with some of the new Prince Premier strings -- Warrior (hybrid) that I like a lot. I strung the racquet at 53 lbs, less than what Prince recommends. It's working well. I wish that Prince will make a racquet like the new Babolat Play Pure Drive so that I can keep track of my progress. Also, I hope Tennis Warehouse will review this racquet. I'd like to see what the playtesters have to say. I would definitely recommend this racquet to others and suggest they try the new Prince strings as soon as TW makes them available.
From: Emily, 12/13

Comments: I have been using the red Prince racquets for 8 years and was eager to try the new red racquet with the open string pattern. It is very arm friendly with good power and control. I would recommend this racquet to any player who is a 3.5 or above.
From: David, 11/13

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