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Comments: I have been playing with Gosen Polylon 17 (black color) on my Babolat Pure Drive GT 2014 for over two years now. I start at 55 lbs full bed which soon breaks in to near 50 lbs or less and under these conditions, these strings are a pleasure to play with. I get as much control, power and spin as I got from Babolat RPM blast. While I have tons of different strings that I love to experiment with on my other two PD GT rackets, I leave one always strung with this Polylon string for serious games because it is like family; it is familiar, I know exactly how it will play and what to expect, and I can rip serve-returns and winners without hitting long due to increased spin. The string is however low-powered, needs fast/hard strokes, and does become dead after a few hard-hitting sessions but at $40 a reel and with my own stringing machine, it is worth it. I'm an aggressive baseliner, and play at the 4.0/4.5 level.
From: Yunus, 1/17

Comments: I started with this as the mains and the Gosen OG Sheep for the crosses at 63 lbs in the Babolat Pure Control 95 (super flexy, 18x20, lots of control.) The other day I put in a full bed of the Polylon at 30 pounds in the same racquet. It's crazy. It's good. It's weird. There's something very special about it. I tried it at 40 pounds and it felt more conventional. But at around 30, I think it really starts to shine. Yes, you can hit the ball long if you don't spin it, but the spin potential is obscene- even with the 18x20 string bed. And I'm at 5,000' elevation. At sea level this would be amazing. Returns had more easy depth, and I had much better directional control -- shot placement tightened up a lot. I've spent years in the 60 pound range -- I don't think I'm going back. Thanks Gosen.
From: Dave, 12/16

Comments: I tried Polylon Yellow 17 in two hybrids with Gosen OG Micro-Sheep 17 both in the mains and in the crosses. I preferred Polylon in the crosses as I found better snapback with the softer string in the mains. Pocketing was decent, power was a little lacking, control was pretty good, and spin was just average for me. I had it strung in my Pure Aero at 52 lbs in the crosses with OG Micro-Sheep at 54 lbs in the mains. Decent combination, but maybe better at a lower tension for more spin and power.
From: Sn, 11/16

Comments: I'm a 5- player and this string performs very well at tensions below 45 lbs. Everything above feels like steel wire. 45 lbs is the absolute maximum for me! Tried them on an 100 square inch Babolat PD and on a 90 square inch Pro Staff. Head size made no difference. Ended up with 41 lbs on the 90 square inch head. 43 lbs would work for hot weather/flying balls. Below 40 lbs will work for colder and wetter conditions. Use a 10% pre-stretch and they will keep tension forever. The yellow feels way better than black.
From: Dim, 10/16

Comments: I'm a 5.0 USTA player. Excellent string for the price. Cheap enough where you can restring after every match (I prefer fresh strings with every tournament/league match when using poly since they all tend to lose tension). Strung at 45 lbs main/43 lbs cross. Wish they had an 18g version.
From: SP, 1/16

Comments: I've been a stringer for 10 years and have played with this string as a full bed and hybrid with 8 other strings. Here's my results, positives first: For a short amount of play, it is absolutely incredible. Loads of power, control and a great unique feel. Negatives: The tension life. In general it does not offer much spin relative to whats out there. Do not recommend as a full bed. Hybrid with a spin oriented string and this will work great for you. Just note -- I have always cut these out early because they get to be so dead soon than any other string i've used.
From: Matthew, 11/15

Comments: Yellow definitely has slightly more pop and a little more feedback/feel than the black. But both black and gold colors are on the lower end of power spectrum so this is great for those with big, long fast strokes. Very controllable and durable string and really on par with the playability of other durable polys. I string in full bed and in hybrid with syn gut and the stuff is great either way.
From: CF, 1/15

Comments: I string my Wilson Classic ProStaff 4.2 si 95 at 55 lbs with a hybrid of this string on the mains with Gosen Protuff nylon in the crosses at 55 lbs. I liked the Protuff nylon but it locks up too quickly. I get very nice power and control and playability with this set up. There is a break-in period though for these strings but after it breaks-in, these strings play really well with crisp power. Spin is okay but I'm developing my strokes for doubles so I'm flattening out my strokes for power anyway. I'm a 4.0 doubles player. I won't say that these are the best poly strings I have ever played with but for the price it is the best. I still like the Wilson Spin Cycle for my match plays because of the enhanced ball bite which gives me extra control and spin, but the Polylon is a great backup string I use for practice. It is softer than the Wilson, but I just wish it had a little better ball bite.
From: Franklin, 11/14

Comments: I have been using Polylon 17 for several years now in a Wilson BLX Tour 90 (Federer). My NTRP rating is 5.0-5.5 and I'm a former competitive player. Currently, I average about 2-3x/week with very hard-hitting players. These strings are extremely long-lasting, much to my surprise considering how thin they are (17 g). For reference, I usually break 16g Syn Gut in about 2 weeks. So far, my current string job has lasted about 2 months and I may get another month. Incredible playability with durability that rivals the old Prince Kevlar hybrids (remember Problend?). And at a price point below 5$, you can't ask for more.
From: Rahul, 6/14

Comments: I've tried this string in many different combinations and found similar results throughout. This string produces significantly more spin and a soft poly feel. It plays extremely well for the first 15-20 minutes than quickly dies and feels like a rubberband. While hitting serves with a hopper, the string becomes noticeably dead by about 100-120 serves. There is great appeal with the price but at the end of the day, I don't feel that it's worth it. I'm 39 years old and a 5.0 rated player, former D1 player, and a stringer for 20+ years.
From: Joel, 4/14

Comments: OK string, but very stiff and hard to string. Good spin and tension mantanince but too dead for me.
From: Ertem, 3/14

Comments: Very durable, low powered poly at a great price point. Black is more muted feeling but gives great spin and feel. I strung this for a guy who was chewing up other strings in days and now he is getting weeks out of the string. It is lower powered so may need to drop tension a few lbs but it does lose tension after first hour or so of hitting with full stringbed. So if you can live with the break in period that is a little harsh, tension will be fine. It doesn't have the pop of RPM but spin is similar and durability is a little better. But at a fourth of price of RPM, cant go wrong with it. I highly recommend it.
From: CF, 3/14

Comments: I am a solid 5.0 player and have tried many strings, and I will tell you that this string is awesome. One of the top NCAA players I coach at times recommended it to me and I intially laughed at it! I tried it and now I love it. Yes it looses tension fast, but for a few matches or for practice, it is perfect! It is my main string, but sometimes I combine it with RPM balst. If you are looking for a very comfortable string that is cheap, this is a good one to try. If you are a good player, dont listen to what some bad comments say here. Trust me you will not regret it!
From: Fernando, 1/14

Comments: Probably one of the best polys on the market based on performance and price point. It is very soft so my elbow does not hurt. I have elbow issues, so I am sensitive to harsh polys. I strung it at 53 lbs on a Head Youtek IG Radical Midplus. It has good control and spin.
From: Brian, 9/13

Comments: I've been using this string for years and it has nice pop, topspin and it doesn't break. I do have lots of control but be carefull, don't let it touch the water, if it rains, it loses a lot of tension. I recomend this string for the main and a Syn Gut for the crosses if you have a mid-speed swing but I am using my Head speed MP 18-20 full poly 50 lbs. and it is very very good.
From: A.J., 6/13

Comments: Strung this on a Wilson nTour at 55-60lbs. You need solid contact and racquet speed for these strings. They are incredibly stiff and will kill your elbow if you aren't regularly hitting the sweet spot. I think a 5.0+ player can handle these strings. On my good days, these strings are the best, but playing average or below, feels like I need herculean strength. Overall, I would recommend to advanced players with full strokes.
From: MP, 5/13

Comments: I have used ALU Power Rough for many years, I gave Polylon a try as I wanted some more pop (haven't been happy with any hybrids) and a thinner gage poly might do the trick. I've been hitting heavily with it for two days and absolutely love it. I love the extra pop and spin. My 2 handed backhand is finally doing some damage. Slice is slicier, top spin forehands and serves have more action on them. If I have to restring every week to maintain this, it will be worth it.
From: Ben, 2/13

Comments: I've used this for several years on the mains or crosses, but on mains especially where it will pocket nicely. I use a soft type in the crosses like Gosen Sheep or Gosen SP (now called Polyquest) at less then 50 pounds tension. It's extremely economical. I restring often and get great performance.
From: David, 10/12

Comments: I have been using this string for over a year now, and I absolutely love it! I used to pop Babolat polys in weeks, and when I tried these strings (mainly for the price) I was pleasantly surprised. They last me at least a month of intense hitting (10-12 hours a week), and they have an amazing and genuine polyester feel. If you are a big hitter spending a lot on strings, I highly recommend you give them a try. And if you don't like them, its only $3!
From: Andrew, 8/12

Comments: I have been using these strings for the past couple months. The strings play well, good spin, can hit deep, decent control, but the feel of the string is horrid. When I used it with my Wilson BLX Tidal Wave, it didn't bother me too much, but when I switched to an AeroPro it started to bug me a lot. Also the string power dies after a couple of days, but the strings do not break. I would recommend this string to a person that strings their own racquets but has a tight budget. (I strung at various tensions all with very similar results)
From: Aaron, 7/12

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