Gosen PolyQuest 17 660 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I used to use this string for several years in both the 16 and 17 gauges. The 17 gauge is softer and has more spin. However it snaps when I hit hard overheads just below the tip of the top of the racquet. The 16 gauge also snaps but it happens a lot less. For me, the 16 gauge is usable but not the 17 gauge because of this snapping problem. It snaps because the string can only be stretched to a certain point beyond which it has insufficient elasticity. One problem with his limit of elasticity is that if you use it as a full bed (non-hybrid), you can get tennis elbow once the string is stretched out to its limit of elasticity. However, it is significantly softer than the basic polyesters out there. Because the string is softer than the basic polys, it will stretch with time and become looser. But this string is definitely worth the money if you don't snap it.
From: Anon, 4/14

Comments: This is a soft poly. It provides excellent spin, control, and feel. This string plays well at lower tensions. I keep going lower, and it keeps delivering with increased dwell time and spin, which consequently helps with control. The label on the reel says 45-55 pounds tension range. I don't recommend going over (not sure about the under). This string gives all you need, and it's economical. I am 4.5 player using Wilson K Blade 98 strung at 51m/50x lbs.
From: Brian, 5/12

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