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Gosen Polylon Polybreak 18 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I hit with a fair amount of power and this stuff has great feel on the first day. I strung a Head Ti.S5 at 55 lbs on both the mains and crosses. It has a soft feel for a poly, good topspin, and pop/kick on serves. The strings don't move around during a point. If the durability holds up, this will be my new favorite compared to Gamma TNT2 18 at 62 lbs; Gamma was good for a month playing 4.5 hours per week. Price is very good for a poly and directly competitive with the Gamma string.
From: Phil, 9/13

Comments: This string is great for the price, good top spin, good control and strings do not move so it lasts long, it loses a bit of playability but not a major concern.
From: Mo, 1/12

Comments: I love this string and agree with all the previous comments on this string. Great feel and power & durability. Price is fair too just needs to come in different colors!! I give it A+. I use it on Pacific X racquet at 50lbs.
From: MO. 1/12

Comments: This is the most wonderful 18 gage I have ever found. Great Durability, good feel, no shift of string, good spin, at Tension 57 lbs on flexible mid size racquet.
From: Keiji ISHII, Harbor City, Ca, USA. 06/10

Comments: I just love using this for main and Head Synthetic Gut PPS 18 cross. It provides comfort, crispness and power. Very nice string.
From: Paul, Hong Kong. 3/08

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