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Gosen Polylon 16 660' Reel Natural Customer feedback

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Comments: This string is very stiff to me. I have never had arm problems until I played with a full bed of this string. It is fine in a hybrid setup though.
From: Ben, 4/14

Comments: I am comparing this with the Polylon Ice. If you are looking for durability, tension retention and feel, the ice version is much better. Using Polylon natural is like using a synthetic -- they notch very easily, break after 10 hours of hitting (which is miserable for a polyester, the ice version easily lasts double the time), and lose tension fast.
From: Harold, 11/13

Comments: This string is very good and works for me. It is softer than the Titanium Polys I've tried, so not as stiff as I had thought. it holds tension well, I use the transparent one and it looks like a fishing line. I'm entering my next tournament with this string, I'm happy with it.
From: WKSOH, 6/12

Comments: This is what I play with. They never break on me and I always end up cutting them off after a few weeks as they ware thin. Have used this stuff for years now. It's stiff but not to the point of being harsh. I've strung it everywhere between 50 and 60lb. These days I string around 55lb in a 95 frame. Good stuff.
From: Alex, 6/12

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