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Comments: I have tried this racquet just today. It is strung with Volkl Cyclone 16g in the mains and Wilson Sensation 16g in the crosses at 52 lbs each. Compared to my old racquet, the Head Titanium Radical Midplus, this Prince O3 White has much more power and feel when I hit. I could access more racquet head speed easily too. I need to hit some more with this racquet, but so far it is pretty good. Smooth, but then powerful. I'm pretty happy about my purchase.
From: Rae, 10/16

Comments: I just got back into tennis this year after a nearly 20 year hiatus. I played through junior high and high school frequently. This racquet has amazed me with how easily I can control my shot placement, as well as the incredible amount of topspin I can put on the ball with this racquet. I've had trouble getting much power out of my swing with this racquet, but that very well could be just me being 20 years older and expecting to be able to play like I used to. Tremendous bargain for this price range.
From: Brian, 10/16

Comments: I bought this to replace the Shark Mid Plus. There are huge differences though. That one has power rating 950 and feels much more stable/solid when hitting the ball from baseline. This racquet has a vibrating or jarring feeling as if its too light weight. The extreme light weight feeling does help at the net some times. And serve also has more head speed. Its easier to do a full loop with this racket on ground strokes, because maneuvering the lightweight head is easier. Due to holes in the head, you cannot apply a head guard tape.
From: Adam, 4/16

Comments: This is one of two racquets I received for Christmas, and have played with during the Holiday break. My son has been playing with an O3 White for a year, and so I put it on my Christmas list. I am impressed. It has more mass than the O3 Red (played with it last year), but has more power than stepping up to a Prince Tour level. I especially like the stiffness (mid 60s) on this racquet. Some of the pro-style racquets are too low-powered and muted for my taste. But yet the O3 White is not so stiff and overpowering like some tweener sticks. I strung it with Solinco Tour Bite 18 gauge in the low 40s. So far I like everything about it -- groundstrokes, volleys, and the serve. I can really slice the serve with this 16x19 string pattern, but it is also easy to hit flat serves. In short, it is an all-around racquet. At the current price it is a fabulous buy. Thinking about buying another one for a backup.
From: Brad, 12/15

Comments: Love this racquet. I have found that the 03 racquets manage to maintain control in a way the Exo racquets never quite could. I can't think of a frame with a better combination of power, control, spin, stability, comfort, and maneuverability.
From: Michael, 9/15

Comments: My first real racquet, and I love it! Several frames later and I still love it! Stock up while you can, I know for a fact, they are being discontinued. Great frames, before their time in my opinion. After everyone breaks their arms with Pure Drives and AeroPro Drives, they will be wishing this iconic frame was still around. Comfortable, spin friendly, good directional control, and power on tap. I used it with synthetic gut for a while with great results. Now I have been trying hybrids and polyester, and it's amazing! Do yourself a favor and grab one before they are gone. You can thank me later!
From: Jonathan, 8/15

Comments: Very underrated racquet for some reason. If you're thinking about buying a Babolat Pure Drive or PD+, give this one a try first, you might like it more and end up saving a lot of money. Longtime BPD+ user, I liked this racquet just as much.
From: George,5/15

Comments: After trying a lots of racquets last year and buying two of those (the Head Graphene Speed MP and Wilson Blade 104), I finally found my new racquet, which was in fact an old model in a fresh cosmetic. This year, I tried the new Head Graphene XT Instinct MP and the Pro Staff 97 LS wich are great racquets but the Instinct was too stiff for me and the Pro Staff has not powerful enough, but had nice touch and feel. For my arm pain and tennis elbow, I decided to try the Prince White LS 100. What a pleasure! Nice muted feel (thanks to the O3 technology), no vibrations, enough power, nice spin, stable at the net. Almost perfect for me. I think the Prince Warrior 100 is the same spec and maybe the same feeling. I'm glad that I found this O3 White LS so arm friendly. Hope this review helps you find your new racquet -- have a nice tennis day!
From: Guy, 4/15

Comments: I switched from a Babolat AreoPro Drive to the Prince O3 White. Babolat is too stiff for my arm. Right after I used the Prince O3 White, I finally found my racquet. It's so easy for my arm that I can not feel any uncomfortableness, even when I block heavy volley from 4.5 players. It's very easy to control the balls. I wish I had use O3 White at the beginning when I first started to play tennis. By the way, I also think this racquet has the best paint job.
From: Jun, 6/14

Comments: As a long time user of the original Prince 03 White MP (8-10 years), I was happy to see an updated version of the 03 White the 03 White LS. I've demoed a lot of racquets over the past 4-5 years thinking that I needed to replace my 03 White with something that has a slightly lighter swing weight for quicker responses at the net. Although I've purchased 2-3 racquets over this time period, I always seem to gravitate back to my trusted standby. So, I was pleased (and surprised) to see an updated version of the 03 White, which now has a lighter swing weight but maintains the same head light balance and slightly lighter strung weight. I've played with the updated version several times and it's definitely a keeper. The lower swing weight helps with the quick exchanges at the net, while maintaining all of the original 03 playing characteristics. The added bonus is that the price of $119 is very reasonable. Strung with Head FXP Tour, 16g, at 58 lbs.
From: Eddie, 6/14

Comments: First my background: male, 42 years old, playing tennis since 3 years after 25 years of rest. Level 4 in double play. Now playing with Prince EXO3 Speedport Red 105 or Prince Graphite 97 longbody (old one!) both strung with Babolat Extreme Power. Now looking for a racquet in between: heavier then the red, little more headsize than the graphite. My tennis shop advised me to try two racquets: the Prince White LS100 (stringpatern 16x19) and the Prince Tour 100T ESP (strinpatern 16x16), both 300 grams. The difference between the two racquets is less then I expected! The White is a very solid forgiving racquet. Enough power, regular spin/slice, stable on forehand and backhand. accurate in serving. lots of control, sweetspot more then enough. Very forgiving racquet when you hit the ball not very well. Volleys better then de speedport or graphite. For most players (< level 4) it is a very good racquet! The 100T ESP feels lighter, frame is about 15% thinner which makes it feel easier to move especially with volleys. This racquet generates much more spin/slice (due to the stringpatern) but is also less forgiving. For double plays I preffer the 100T ESP but will recomment the White to every player to try this new racquet! It makes you feel you got a solid reliable friend on the court!
From: Jeroen, 2/14

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