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Comments: Having read a lot of the reviews on this frame, I was surprised to find that players who complained about too much power did not mention that they may not have tried to add more topspin to their shots. I moved to this frame, (with some extra weight under the grip), knowing I would have to add more topspin. Now all the baseline groundstrokes that I hit (cleanly) drop deep into my opponents backcourt. The wide string spacing makes it much easier to put spin (of any kind) on the ball, and the larger sweet spot makes it easy to place the ball.
From: Roger, 10/11
String type and tension: Wilson Sensation 16 at 60 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0 (All-court singles, serve & volley doubles player)

Comments: I bought this racquet and I'm very impressed. I love the power of this racquet. My power increased tremendously. It also allows great amounts of spins. It takes about about 3 sessions to get used to the power and the different length but after that it is a great racquet. I recommend this to any intermediate or above player who loves power. Great job Prince!
From: Perry, 10/11

Comments: Just got my Prince O3 Silver, what an awesome racquet! Played all evening with my son, and really enjoy the difference in my game! Thanks Tennis Warehouse for the great deal.
From: Luis, Buford, GA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I am a singles player -- only playing for a year. I have used this racquet for 9 months with great success. It is very well balanced and is best suited for players with slower and more deliberate strokes (like me). You also need good strings with proper tension.
This racquet has unbelievable power. My first serve is consistently at 90mph to 100mph. Control can be very difficult on the serve, though. Standard forehand groundstrokes, slice forehand, slice backhand, and junk balls excellent using this racquet.
Once my standard forehand swing gets naturally faster with more pop, I will need to abandon this racquet as its natural power is far too large for a big hitter.
But a great racquet for a 3.0 to 4.0 player.
From: Rick, Austin, TX, USA, 12/10
String type and tension: Alpha Sphere/Cyber Flash at 62 lbs.
Headsize: 118 inches
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: After demo-in' a bunch of Princes old and new, then just about every other major make of racquet, I kept finding myself coming to back to the 03 Silver...its physical advantages suit my game - the oversize head and length are great for extra pop on serves and reach at the net, and that huge sweet spot is great for a chip n' charger like myself who doesn't want to bang it out on the definitely needs to be strung correctly, I'm all the way up at 67# because I have a fuller stroke and want to numb down the power a little, but once there, you can really hit deep and play aggressively, and even with the huge head, I get surprisingly terrific maneuverability and touch at the a 2nd one on the way, highly recommend to hard chargers who are smooth enough hitters to control some of this stick's impressive power...
From: Keith, San Diego, CA, USA, 11/10
String type and tension: Gosen OG Sheep Micro 17g at 67#
Headsize: Oversize
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I like it, definitely get more mphs on my serve and strokes, and definitely lots more rpms....must be due to the significantly larger spaces between the strings, better bite on the ball, I am getting tons of kick. I control it fine on full topspin and slice swings. It will take some getting used on touch shots, it can be bouncy. The head heaviness makes it not feel too light, but will save lots of lead tape in case it starts feeling light.
From: Bob, Atlanta, GA, 09/10
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Love the O3 Silver. I have two of them and am in the process to purchase another one with a little smaller grip. As Florida is very hot in the summer, keeping a good grip has been difficult and a smaller grip might just work.
From: EPN Ormond Beach, Florida. 09/10

Comments: I bought two of these racquets from my coach and I loved them but there is one problem. I am a pretty big hitter and I have had one frame bust after 4 hours of use and the other is cracked (my backup that I haven't used at all). So, if you are a big hitter or looking for something that is light, but durable do NOT get this racquet.
From: Taylor, Farmington, NM, USA. 06/10
String type and tension: Prince Poly Spin 3D mains, Prince Synthetic Gut crosses, both 16L

Comments: Played with this racquet today for the first time. Every strike of the ball gave off a trampoline sound. Gave off too much power from the baseline. Had to really be careful with my swing to make sure balls didn't go out. I'm thinking racquet headsize made it hard for me to get the racquet back in time to hit backhands. Will have racquet strung at maximum weight and give it another try.
From: Dorothy, Virginia. 04/09
Headsize: 118
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: Great racquet but needs to be paired with a great string at the proper tension. Most reviewers compare racquets but never mention strings or tensions so I tend to discount their opinions. For me the best string is Wilson NXT 17g @ 66lbs. Looser strings cause more vibration and more potential for elbow problems (I value my club pro's advice on this topic). I used to rely on a button or snake string damper but now it is not needed. I get great touch and good power. Strings provide enough grab for topspin.
From: Ray, Greensboro NC, USA. 2/09
String type and tension: Wilson NXT 17g 66lbs
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: If you like to take the ball early from the baseline, this could be the racquet for you. My two-handed backhand went from decent to great with the O3 Silver. The depth and angle of my groundstrokes improved tremendously. The only problem is that short balls from your opponent may be hard to keep in the court due to the racquet's extreme power. I had to string it up 4 lbs to reduce the power a little, which gave me improved spin and control.
From: Harald, Oslo, Norway, 08/07
String type and tension: Luxilon big banger alu power 66 lbs
Headsize: 118

Comments: This is an amazing racquet but it does dent easily. I'm not sure if the warranty covers that but it has really improved me at doubles and now I am starting varsity as a freshman in high school.
From: Ben, Freeport, IL, USA. 4/07
String type and tension: Prince Max Durability and Spin @ 62 Lbs.
Headsize: 118
NTRP Rating: 4.0 - 5.0

Comments: Great racquet! I had to tame the power down a little. I upped the tension from 62 lbs to 65 lbs and hit with more topspin. But once I got use to the power it improved my game. I'm 53 years old and play at lest 2 or 3 times a week, I believe it will extend my playing career. It's very lightweight without the banging impact when you hit the ball. The spin potential is great. I highly recommend this racquet.
From: Dennis, Burnsville, NC, USA, 02/07
String type and tension: Prince Premier Softflex 65 lbs
Headsize: Oversize

Comments: Love this racquet! It elevated my game up a notch. I was a beginner 3.0 player and now I feel that I am a very solid 3.0 player and I compete at a 3.5 level. This racquet (prince 03) gave me a lot of confidence. I used to have some spin before and now I've gotten use to this racquet and how it works that I can control what I want out of it. I can topspin, slice and serve with a lot of spin whenever I need it. The next step is to add a lot more pace to my game. I think I just have to play with the tension first before even thinking about another Prince o3. I've had this racquet now for almost a year and I feel that it can take me for another 2 more years or so.
From: Rose D, Hudson, OH, USA, 02/07
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: Great racquet! I had to tame the power down a little. I upped the tension from 62 lbs to 65 lbs. and hit with more topspin. But once I got use to the power it improved my game. I'm 5'3" and play at lest 2 or 3 times a week, I believe it will extend my playing career. It's very lightweight without the banging impact when you hit the ball. The spin potential is great. I highly recommend this racquet.
From: Dennis, Burnsville, NC, USA, 01/07
String type and tension: Prince Premier Softflex 65 lbs.
Headsize: Oversize

Comments: I love this racquet! My game is no longer making me pant (I used to use a heavy Head racquet); now I can really enjoy playing, and the racquet has given me so much confidence, I just want to play everyday! I love it and would recommend it to anybody moving from an intermediate to an advanced level! Fantastic, good one Prince!
From: Louise, London, England, UK, 12/06
String type and tension: Prince Premier 16g
Headsize: Oversize

Comments: Expensive but this racquet definitely helps to improve your game. My game improved drastically, so what they say about its forgiveness is true. Positive racquet feel, without the banging impact when you hit a ball, very dampened. I have a short stroke and this racquet it helps with reach and response, very easy to control. Solid POP on contact and if you get too over zealous you can really launch the balls. I highly recommend this racquet.
From: J, San Juan, PR. 11/06 String type and tension: Prince Synthetic Gut 17 @ 63 lbs Headsize: OS

Comments: A wonderful racquet! Either you love it (me) or hate it (my wife). Once I found the right string and tension, my game improved right away. It gives me lots of power and control (strings), which makes me feel very comfortable when playing either singles or doubles. I truly recommend it for 2.5 players ready to move up to play at a higher level and be able to hang on the court with all of those "ringer" 3.0s out there. A good alternative is the Wilson NCode N1 (same price range) with the same strings and tension (I like the Wilson too, but my wife loves it). This racquet should be able to carry you through 3.0-3.5. Beyond that you'll need to move to the next color (either O3 blue or O3 white).
From: Enrique, Baton Rouge, LA, USA. 9/06
String type and tension: Wilson NXT Tour 17 @ 58 lbs
Headsize: OS
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: This racquet is great! The spin potential, especially on slices is impressive. It seems that no matter where on the head you hit the ball, it goes right where you want it. I myself have a medium length stroke and even though it has a recommended short swing style, this racquet excels in every category. The only complaint I must say is that when you get those real tempting high, slow lobs near the net, the ball sometimes goes long; 14 or 1500 power rating would have been ideal. Otherwise, great racquet! Demo it.
From: James, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 09/06
String type and tension: Prince Lightning XX Silver
Headsize: Oversize

Comments: The first impression of this racket is that it provides ENORMOUS UNDENIABLE power! I have used many Prince rackets before but I just thought they are lacking power! But this one is absolutely different! O ports provide you a LARGER SWEETSPOT! And you will hear the "POP" sound of every stroke you lay! Though you hit with the out-center area. It's still working with enough power to cross the net! For groundstrokes, it's a piece of cake without any problems. Stability, consistency, power ----all optimal! For volley, as its large headsize, sweetspot and light weight, it can rally very easily! For service, It's amazing! A "POP" sound would be heard every serve and you will only see the ball fly over the net with amazing speed! In conclusion, it's an awesome racket that I have ever used! It worth any cent though it's expensive price! It deserved the EDITOR'S CHOICE! Cheers!
From: Sunny L, Hong Kong, China 6/06
String type and tension: Prince Premier Softflex 16 with 62lbs
Headsize: Oversize
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I purchased an o3 Silver after demoing one at my club and can't believe how good this racquet is! Admittedly I am a doubles player only but this racquet has added a new dimension to my game. It has power to burn and has immensely improved my backhand spin and given me a much more telling volley! I am a touch and place type player rather than all power and this racquet definitely suits my game. If I had one slight criticism of this racquet, it is a bit of a handful when you first start using it. Once you have mastered its incredible punch, it will win you more points in the long run. I would not recommend it for a high swinging top spinner or power player, it will prove too much to handle and will not offer the control required. Great for doubles players who favor net work and need power on tap at a moment's notice!
From: John, Auckland, New Zealand 05/06
String type and tension: 60lbs
Headsize: 118 sq in

Comments: This racquet definitely has some pop to it. At times I'll barely tap the ball and it goes sailing out of the court. I get god spin and accuracy off my serve and I noticed for backhand improved a little, however my forehand is much too powerful for this racquet and this racquet lacks quality spin for me on the forehand. I'm going to try the O3 Red which hopefully will suit my forehand better then this has. Good racquet and all, just way too much power for me. Plus I am out of the NTRP rating for this racquet. The string I chose on this racquet is pretty bad too. The softflex moves constantly after I hit the ball and ends up being wildly out of place after I hit a hard topspin shot.
From: Rob, USA 5/10
String type and tension: Prince Premier Softflex 17g 62lbs
Headsize: Oversize
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This raquet has got a certain flare to it, but if you are an advanced hard-hitting player, you are better off not using it, but that's just how I see it.
From: Anonymous

Comments: I am always hungry for more power from my racquet and so I decided to try this one out. It has great control for a racquet with such a large head size. It is very lightweight and surprisingly easy to maneuver even at the net. In fact my volleys improved with this racquet. It gives amazing pop to my serves and I would hit 2 or 3 aces in every serve game. Excellent for back hand shots and particularly for shots where your opponent has hit a winner and you are barely able to reach the ball. With this racquet I could turn the tables in many rallies. On the forehand you have to generate your own speed later in the swing and as a result I could hit the tough shots with amazing speed and accuracy but could not kill the loose shots that my opponent barely lobbed over the net.
From: Eddy, India 03/06

Comments: Awesome racquet, just the right amount of power for players who can't produce too much power, improved my game
From: natasha
Medford, Oregon 3/10/06
String type and tension: Luxilon big banger ace @ 65
Headsize: oversize
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: Good racquet but not for a player that can generate a lot of their own power. I maxed out the tension @ 67 lbs for control with 17g for spin, and still too much power. I have to take a lot off my swing just to keep it right on the baseline.
Very comfortable though...great for someone looking to feel like their swinging at air and then watching a ball shoot across court. Again, a racquet not for me since I like to hear and feel it. It looks and feels big and bulky in my hand and I'm 5'10, 180. So if you're a small person, it might feel EXTRA Oversize for you. I've always played PRINCE, and I'll continue to stick with them but I'll probably sell my Silver and check the Red or Tour o3 out
From: Roland 9/24
Ohio, USA
String type and tension: Gamma TNT2 ProPlus, 17g, 67 (Max'd)
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I bought the 03 in the begging of the summer. The first time I used this racquet it felt great and I played great using it. After I noticed I was trying to over hit the ball too much and therefore the ball was sailing long. This racquet has a little too much power for me. Although it has a large sweetspot and is lightweight, this racquet is not working for me. Volley wise, the racquet is very good, enabling me to be fierce with my volleys. However, the control with the volleys wasn't the greatest. Spin wise the racquet was decent, giving me a good amount of topspin. This racquet was great for me when I was serving because it was very large, had a great sweetspot, and gave me the strength and power I need. Overall a decent racquet but not the perfect one for me.
From: Conor, Old Lyme, CT, USA. 9/05
String type and tension: Wilson 17 gauge @ 65lbs.
Headsize: Oversized.

Comments: I played with this demo racquet for a week and found it a pleasure to hit with. Although I can generate plenty of my own power, I found this racquet helpful in forcing me to play with more control. Serving with this demo was awesome and it added the extra power I needed to my weak backhand.
From:Alex City, State, Country: Lewiston, ME, United States NTRP Rating: 2.5

Comments: This racquet has way too much power for me. I know I'm out of the NTRP rating scale that tennis-warehouse recommends but it just doesn't give a feel that I expected it to. If they toned down the power just a hair to around a 1400 level, this racquet would be all around perfect.
From: Bob, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 08/05
String type and tension: Prince Lightning 17 gauge
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I absolutely love this racquet. While I normally use a heavier Head racquet, this racquet is great control and the sweet spot is outright amazing. Going from a smaller headsize, you walk away feeling that you can't miss the sweet spot. It takes several practices to get the proper control/power ratio. You will have a lot more power than you ever thought possible. It is worth every hard-earned cent!
From: Jackie, San Diego, California 07/05
String type and tension: Gamma Live Wire 16g
Headsize: Oversize

Comments: I played with this demo racquet for a week. Like everybody else, I noticed this racquet provides remarkable power. My two handed backhand, which is hit with lots of topspin, is much more powerful. My volleys are crisper. It requires a lot of control however, with, at least, my forehand topspin ground strokes because it wants to fly through the ball. I think if I learn to control my groundstrokes a little better with it, it'll be perfect for me.
From: Jan, St. Louis, MO, USA 05/05
String type and tension: Wilson Nxt 16
Headsize: Oversize
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I did a comparison of the O3 Silver to a Wilson nCode nVision for a week and found the Wilson outperformed the Prince in every category. The O3 is light, but it lacks touch and feedback on groundstrokes. I found its power to be unreliable, too often over-hitting hard fore and backhand topspin shots. I was not able to place serves with spin as easily as with many other racquets, and I found it to be too powerful for reliable volleys at the net. For the money, this racquet is over rated. The Wilson nVision does everything very well at almost $100 less.
From:Bob, Dataw Island, S.C., USA 05/05
String type and tension: Prince Premier 16g
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I bought this Zero 3 Silver last week after testing and comparing many other brands new models. This Zero 3 Silver is the best ever and powerful racquet. It generates good control and ball feel at every shots even awkward one. Excellent design on the O -port for balanced string movement at every ball contact!!!!!
From: Carwell, Hong Kong

Comments: his racquet is awesome! I've improved my game by 100%! It's light weight and contributes to a powerful forehand swing and 9 times out of 10 my opponent cannot return my hit! I absolutely love this racquet.
From: Vickie, Athens, Georgia, USA String type and tension: 16m 19xpattern; 62+5 lb Headsize:Oversize NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: Purchased this racquet two weeks ago. I am female, 67, 3.5 and play inter-club and recreational. LOVE this racquet. Absolute dream for getting awkward shots and adds a whole new dimension to "power" for regular shots. No comparison to previous Wilson 2.6 Roller or Nano. No vibration at all!
From: Nadine, Scottsdale, AZ, USA. 4/05

Comments: The most noticeable thing about this racquet is its power. It has tremendous power. I have a long loopy stroke, and I couldn't control the power. Best used for short stroke topspinners.
From: Ken, Morgantown, Kentucky, USA. 04/05
String type: Prince Premier 16g
Headsize: Oversize

Comments: I played this one as a demo, it had tremendous power. Belted out a few very fast serves, yet even with heavy topspin it was hard to keep control. The power of this racquets is overpowering.
From: Justin, Decatur, Illinois, USA. 04/05
String type: Prince Lighting XX synthetic gut
Headsize: Oversize

Comments: I was able to try it out in a practice session earlier this morning and I found it to offer a splendid and balanced amount of power, control and stability.
From: Terra, Independence, Missouri, USA. 04/05
String type: Prince Premier 16g
Headsize: Oversized

Comments: I have just purchased this racquet after trying several others on the market! Excellent control and power. A little expensive but worth every penny.
From: Sofia, Niwot, Colorado, USA. 03/05
String type: Prince Premier 16g
Headsize: Oversize

Comments: I play competitive singles every day. Excellent on defensive shots, great control for a 118-inch frame, head heavy balance overcomes its lightweight. Expensive but after playing with the demo I may buy one.
From: Lewis, Treasure Island, Florida, USA. 01/05
String type: Prince Premier 16g
Headsize: Oversize

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