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Comments: I purchased this racquet to replace my Thunder Cloud of 15 years. I purchased 8 of them as they always change the color or style and being a bit OCD I wanted all my racquets to match. I am very pleased with the performance as I am a serve and volley occasionally player and tend to play on the baseline most of the point until that short ball is available. I am a rated 4.5 USTA player and the racquet provide sufficient power and control for my game. In addition to the racquet I was directed to a great product from one of my playing partners and picked up the racquet bag to carry these racquets. I'd buy 10 more of these racquets if I could afford them but am very satisfied with the power, control and performance.
From: Tom, 12/15

Comments: I'm 58 years old and re-entering the game after not playing for 35 years. Started when I was 12 and played regularly until I was 19 (at about the 4.5 level). Now I'm a 3.5 trying to get back to that 4.5 level. I started playing again this spring with a cheap Head Ti Radical, then demoed 4 racquets -- the Wilson Steam, Dunlop Biomimetic 400, Wilson Pro Staff 100LS, and the Prince O3 Red. I have a very full, strong stroke and needed a racquet that would take some pace off the ball so I could keep them inside the baseline. The decision came down to the Wilson PS 100LS or the Prince. The O3 Red gave me the best all-around game so I bought it. I don't have much experience with strings, so had it strung with Prince Duraflex Synthetic Gut at 60 lbs. I love the racquet and it gives me all the control I need. My best stroke at this point is my serve and I hit it with a lot of spin. The racquet is extremely accurate and solid as a rock. Nice pop without the vibration of the Head I was using, and it has a nice large sweet spot which helps this old geezer greatly! I see another of these racquets in my future so I can start experimenting with strings. I'd recommend this racquet to any intermediate player with a full stroke looking for an arm-friendly racket with great control. Two thumbs up! Thank you TW for recommending I try this racquet!
From: Brian, 10/15

Comments: Fantastic racquet! I have had the Babolat AeroPro Team 2013, Wilson Blade 104 2015, Wilson nBlade 106, Babolat Pure Drive, Prince Tour Team, and Prince Speedport Red. I am very satisfied with my new Prince O3 Red LS 105. I like the power to serve, stability against big hitters and control. I bought this racquet after seeing Jelena jankovic and I want to thank her for this.
From: Marariu, 4/15

Comments: Looking to pick up another one, I have the older red and black 03 Red OS. Huge flat serves, almost PD like, a 315 SW enough with the added 1/4" length, big spin serves, and smooth for groundies and volleys. Mine is strung at 40 lbs with Solinco Tour Bite16 -- crisp and solid. Best part is, with no acclimation time needed, I can switch directly to my Aero500s when needed, as 1/4" is not that much difference.
From: Domond, 3/15

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