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Comments: I am a girls tennis coach and I'm constantly giving players and parents advice on possibilities for new racquets their daughters could use. I have had many players who have injured themselves by selecting players racquets over the years, so I'm very cautious in suggesting tennis racquets heavier than 10.6 ounces for high school girls. I do suggest all players demo racquets to find the feel they like in any brand they wish because at the end of the day, the girl has to like the racquet she chooses for a significant period of time. I have demoed the Prince 03 Pink LS racquet myself after one of my players demoed it. I am a 4.0 male tennis player. She did select this racquet as her racquet of choice. She plays #1 doubles for me and this racquet has been a solid choice for her. She is an athletic girl with great hand eye coordination and hits great volleys and groundstrokes (topspin and backspin) with this stick in competition. The Prince 03 Pink LS Racquet is a medium weight option for players who need a maneuverable racquet for doubles and singles, but heavy enough to handle heavy hitters. It has a muted feel like a players racquet and it won't wear you out after 3 sets. It has a predictable amount of power and the ball generates the power you put on it without losing control. I would suggest a person who has pretty good hand speed would like this racquet. I think people with shoulder problems or tennis elbow would also appreciate this racquet. A very nice option for anyone who needs to play a lot of tennis, generate their own power, and doesn't want soreness after the match. Solid 7 out of 10 for me.
From: Matt, 10/15

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