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Comments: I bought this as an alternative back up to my Spectrum hybrid (which I love for it's light headedness, control & quick swing). The O3 Blue is slightly head heavier but I use it for mixed doubles or singles when playing against = rated players. Allows me more control & power without over hitting but I do notice the difference in head weight. My serves are more powerful & easier to spin serve & slice volleys. But I resort to the Spectrum when playing against heavier hitting players so I can get quicker swings. All in all I find this a great 2nd racquet especially for the price paid!
From: Sushiray, 3/12

Comments: As someone else previously mentioned that the Blue is very similiar, I also have the 03 Royal which I bought as a backup for my Head Liquidmetal. I only bought it because it was on sale, but after several miss shots with the Head, which other than that had great control and power, I decided to try the 03! From the time I was a kid, I'm now 50, I never liked Prince because the early over-sized racquet I tried I didn't like at all! Boy was I wrong and now the 03 is usually the only racquet I use. The power and control, (once I got used to it), is incredible! I also love the balance and weight compared to the Head. Don't get me wrong, I still like my Head racquet, but the Prince is the best that I've personally owned! I also noticed a huge difference in my slice and top spin, which was the cause of most of the miss hits with the Head. I think my accuracy and power on first serves was a little bit better with the Head, but when I get more acquainted with the Prince I think it's balance and oversize will be a great attribute there as well! All the great feedback on the Blue has got me curious if there is even a difference, because the comments are very similar to what I'd say about the Royal! "Prince, you made me a believer!!"
From: Tim. 08/11
String type and tension:syn gut duraflex 60lb
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: First of all, I demoed this racquet after researching racquets that I thought fit my game. As soon as I demoed the racquet, I knew it was the one for me. I played a match with it and won. The ball pops off the strings better than any other racquet I have used in the past. I have more power, control, and topspin than ever. I am a big net player and I have great control at the net, even though this is an oversized racquet. I did buy a 4-3/8 after using a 4-1/2 grip forever. It fits me better and I don't have the elbow issues I have had in the past. It was pre-strung when I bought it and it was perfect. I bought the racquet before I even returned the demo.
From: Linda, Atlanta, GA, USA. 4/11
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: Now in my late 60's and having lost a step or two while playing against much younger opponents, I felt that I needed an advantage. The O3 Blue gives me more power, control and maneuverability. I demo'd it for a couple of days and at first found it to be much too powerful, but after shortening up my swing (just a bit) I now love it. It doesn't quite have the feel and touch of a standard size "player's" racket but it's pretty close.
From: Laurence, Ventura, CA, USA, 03/11
String type and tension: Prince Topspin Plus, 60 lbs.
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I'm a senior at my high school and play varsity. I needed a new racquet after what my old one cracked. When I bought this racquet I managed to have a better swing, it was also very light for me and I felt like I had more power. This is a type of racquet that I would recommend for beginners and sophomore level people. Not to mention it has an oversized head and the grip is very good. I think this is the best racquet that I invested in.
From: Angel, Pasadena, TX, USA, 03/11

Comments: Forty years experience and my most recent racquet has been the Prince Turbo Shark MP strung with Wilson NXT 18g. I had fine comfort, feel, and control with this combination, but I felt underpowered against younger, stronger players of similar ability level. One rub against the Turbo Shark is that you really have to work to generate topspin--shots tend to come off relatively flat. A few months ago, I demoed the Prince 03 Blue and felt an instant sympatico with the frame. I now own one and have another one being shipped to me. Here are the pros and cons of the 03 Blue versus my Turbo Shark:
Pros: Significantly more power on the forehand and serve. Much easier to generate topspin. Quicker and more maneuverable due to O ports in head of frame as well as the one ounce reduction in weight of the racquet--helps with returns of serve, reflex shots, balls near your feet, and low running shots. More touch and accuracy on defensive as well as topspin lobs. Backhand slices get over the net in a hurry (unlike some other reviewers of the racquet, I have not had a problem with my backhand floating--as long as I hold the racquet and swing firmly.) Overheads are effortless. Very easy to whip up and power half volleys.
Cons: Takes more concentration and effort to hit touch/drop volleys due to the increased power of the frame. Because the head of the frame is more aerodynamic and maneuverable and the frame is overall lighter, I find I have to keep a firmer grip on volleys to keep the racquet stable.
Tip: Because I wasn't sure of the best string tension in this frame for my game, I started out with synthetic gut at 58 lbs (Note: I have a Progression drop weight stringing machine and the string tensions I use in it feel about 3 pounds tighter than in a spring tension machine like an Ektelon). This string/tension combo had a lot of power, but I felt like balls were trampolining a bit. Second string job was with a multifilament string, Gamma Professional, strung at 62 pounds. Still plenty of power, but at this tension, I don't feel the ball is pocketing enough--just a bit too tight. I think 60 lbs with a multifilament (my string of choice is Wilson NXT) will give me the right amount of power, feel, and control.
From: Doug, Swansea, MA, USA, 08/10
String type and tension: Gamma Professional 16g, 62 lbs.
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 4.0/4.5

Comments: I am a high school sophomore. I made the varsity team as a freshman though, using the o3 Royal took a little getting use to. I had to slightly adjust my game to adjust to a more powerful racquet, after only a week or two the racquet was hitting fine and I had no problems putting on plenty of topspin. Once you get use to the racquet and learn to control it, it will become a major weapon.
From: Robert, Atlanta, GA, USA, 08/10
String type and tension: Prince synthetic gut duraflex
Headsize: oversized

Comments: I am a high school junior and this racquet is taking me a while to get used to. It provides much more power then I am used to. I have to change my game completely as the strings that come with the racquet have a lot more cut on the ball. I feel that once I get used to this racquet though it will be an awesome one to play with.
From: Michael, Joliet, Il, USA 03/10

Comments: I have played 35 years with a variety of racquets. The prince 03 blue original is second only to the hybrid hornet mid plus in terms of playability. The secret of using it is to move your grip slightly up the handle to de-power the racquet; by doing this you shorten the racquet. Once you do this it instantly becomes more maneuverable & you can unleash the unbelievable power of the string bed into the shot without sending the ball miles out - essentially you can get your body 'over' the ball more. I initially strung it with 17 gauge duraflex but the slightly thinner strings could not handle the hitting power & broke after a few games. This racquet must be strung with at least 16 gauge. If you know how to use this you will feel like you are cheating on the court - if you think this is a 'veterans' racquet - think again!
From: Clive, Windsor, Berkshire, England 02/10
String type and tension: Prince Duraflex 16, 60lbs
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 4

Comments: First impression is too much power for me. I have not restrung and that may change everything. Going from a Prince Triple Threat at 62lbs to the O3 Blue, my drop shots over the net were going 4-5 feet beyond where I expected, and I had to be real easy on my deep shots to not shoot past the baseline. Putting spin on the ball seemed difficult. My serves were more powerful than ever and as accurate as my old racket. I will write an update when I restring at the recommended max of 63lbs.
From: Steven Danville, Jenison, MI, USA. 02/10
String type and tension: 58lbs.
Headsize: 101
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: I am also a 14-year-old high school player like Amanda and Clay. I had the same experience. Liked the touch and power combo at first, but as I started hitting harder, the racquet totally collapsed. The sweetspot didn't help me on volleys because it was so unmaneuverable, (the light weight combined with giant volume made it awkward and sluggish for me...) and thanks to this racquet I have wrist tendinitis at age 14! My wrist doesn't hurt with the Head Liquidmetal 4 which is cheaper, has just as good feel, and for some reason is amazing on serves and slice shots.
From: Derek, Monmouth Beach, NJ. 11/09
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I am 73. I have been using a Speedport Blue and after heart surgery needed the extra power then switched to prince Shark. I liked the even balance and lower power is just right however my eye sight at night is poor and could use a larger sweet spot at same power level etc. I found the 03 blue hits the bill but a little weak on serve compared to Shark but I added a little weight to head gave to racquet a more even balance and kept its other qualities. I now have two racquets that I like for day time and one for night play.
From: Frank Catania, Bradenton, FL USA 10/09
String type and tension: prestrung
Headsize: 110

Comments: I started playing with this racquet a month ago. It is very easy to get used to. I practiced with my high school team....and made varsity as a sophomore. This racquet improves your strokes and helps you learn how to play better.
From: Erin, Medina, Ohio United States. 8/09

Comments: I have been playing casually for about 6 years. I thought I'd move up from my initial Wilson racquet and was weary about buying a Prince that I've never tested...well, I couldn't be happier. I've had the racquet for three weeks and everyone I've played with has commented on the improvement in my game. I feel much more confident in actually swinging hard enough to make an impact. My returns are more solid, and spin control is very strong. I don't know if this is 'the' racquet for me, but if you're a moderate to beginner, this is a great step. I may benefit from an even heavier, more control-based stick, but for now and at least a couple more years, this is a good buy (especially on sale).
From: Chad, Atlanta, GA, USA. 04/09
String type and tension: 62lbs
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I agree with clay I am also a 14-year-old competitive player and this racquet did not work for me even at day one. My groundstrokes always sailed out. I now switched to a players racquet with less power and a smaller headsize. I would recommend this racquet for beginners that have trouble generating their own power.
From: Amanda, IL, USA, 07/07
Headsize: 110

Comments: I am a 14-year-old player and have been using the O3 for about 6 months. At first I loved it, but I quickly outgrew this racquet and had to transition to more of a players racquet. My groundstrokes started to sail long and I found myself under swinging or putting excessive topspin on the ball. Overall, I would recommend this racquet to tweener players who would like more pop on their serve and dependable control.
From: Clay, Austin, TX, USA, 04/07
Headsize: 110

Comments: I actually have the o3 Royal which is an exact replica of the o3 Blue; all of its specifications are the same except the Royal is a much deeper blue thus its name. I bought it about a week ago and have been using it almost everyday. It took me a few days getting used to hitting with it. I added an overgrip, which helped a lot. The first thing I noticed was its ability to return hits, even hard ones, with great ease. The second thing I noticed was that it greatly improved my forehand topspin. It gave my forehand topspin a lot of speed without sacrificing power output. It also added more speed and ease to my serve as well as enhanced slice. It is also slice, volley, and net-friendly. One instance during a doubles game while I was at the net, my partner returned the ball with a soft hit; one of the opposing players immediately took advantage so he approached the net and returned the ball with a powerful forehand volley towards me, no scratch that, at me. I did not have time at all to move back so I stuck my racket to repel the ball from me and it returned as a winner. We were all in awe of how a hard hit shot so close in distance, was able to be returned as a winner without much effort put into it. It is an awesome racket both powerful and graceful; two of the most important characteristics in successful tennis.
From: Rikki, Honolulu, HI, USA, 04/07
String type and tension: Prince Syn Gut Duraflex / 60 lb
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: I am able to put more spin on my serves and it gives a lot of power. Topspin shots are really easy to make on this racquet. The only downfall for me is the oversized head. It makes the racquet look un-cool but it doesn't affect the game play for me.
From: Taylor, Janesville, WI, USA, 04/07
String type and tension: 60 lbs
Headsize: 110

Comments: It's been a while since I have played with this, but as for beginners this racquet can be a wonder to use. It will help you muster power in your shots (everything; serves, forehand, backhand) and crisp your volleys. However, the oversize (which is as you normally find for the blue) lacks to versatility required to use this racquet competitively other than as a backup racquet in my opinion. So in all, use this if you are just starting to play and looking for a big boost or simply for practice to increase your power shots, before moving on to smaller headsized racquets for matches that count.
From: Dani, Spring, TX, USA. 3/07
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger ALU @ 56 Lbs
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Have been playing with the red 03 since they arrived on the scene, and certainly took a bit to master the dead feeling that the strings had. Problem solved by keeping strings tight, but I break them far too regularly. The other night I broke string the first game and was lent the 03 blue to play with, loved the step up in power it afforded my game; suited my back hand more than anything and gave me power and control, great racquet to make transition from slice to drive
From: Matt, New Zealand, 01/07

Comments: I really like this racquet. It has improved my game light years. I don't have a lot of power and this racquet really added a lot to my power. Gave me power in my serve that I never had before. Good control also. Biggest problem is that this racquet is so forgiving. I can get away with really bad technique and the racquet will cover for me and still give me a good shot. So, it makes it difficult to improve because there is no penalty for playing poorly. Also, I have a hard time with topspin on this racquet. My prince triple threat gave me better topspin. This one doesn't have it. Also, the strings move on it all the time and it drives me nuts. A small price to pay for a good racquet. I highly recommend using the Lightning XX string with it!
From: Don, Twinsburg, OH, USA. 9/06
String type and tension: Prince Lightning @ 66 lbs
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 2.7

Comments: I am 38 years old hit hard and with a ton of topspin. I wanted to try the o3 line so I demoed this racquet, gave it a few days but did not like it from the get go. Maybe it was a bad choice on my part and I should of went with the o3 White for my style of play. The racquet seemed to have a trampoline effect and a dampened feel. I am currently using a Prince Bandit TT and finally found a great string and tension for it and love it (gamma infinity 18 @ 65lbs). For me, to go from the bandit TT to this racquet makes no sense. I loose too much feel. Not to mention the trampoline effect drove me nuts.
From: Terry, Leominster, MA 09/06
String type and tension: Gamma Infinity 18 @ 65lbs
Headsize: 110

Comments: I demo the Prince line and was on the fence until I tried the 03 blue. I have always used the Prince line of racquets and did demo other brands but came back when I was able to consistently initiate solid groundstrokes some of which I had not been able to complete during match play confidently. I agree with others that the cushion effect takes a pop out of the serve. I circumvented by going VS gut 17 gauge and stringing at the upper recommended range. Now great pop or spin serves with accuracy. I can consistently cross-court passing shots on the run and volleys are incredible. Extra touch allows for the annoying drop shot or well placed "just out of reach" volley. I generally hit with topspin so this gives me the extra put away power shot when necessary. No elbow issues. I added a vibration dampener as well to be safe, this increased performance, made it even more solid.
From: Tom, San Ramon, CA, USA 08/06
String type and tension: VS Gut, Babolat, 17 gauge
Headsize: 110 Sq In
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I have bought them to replace my Wilson nCode 61 team. The one RF uses. I wasn't convinced by the Prince racket, until I played a match. Since then I haven't missed a shot or serve I don't think. I've also started serving aces again. This racket has inspired confidence and is SO forgiving. I played county in the UK, and am now considering playing in tournaments for over 45's. Brilliant racket.
From: Chris, UK, Devon 07/06
String type and tension: Prince Top spin x16 60lbs
Headsize: 110

Comments: I'm a strong 3.0 player and this may be a little too much racquet for me...for now. I'm determined to grow into it. It has given me a LOT more power on my serve gives me a lot of pop at the net. I'm just having some problems controlling my groundstrokes-I find that without a good amount of topspin, I over- hit the ball. No regrets on the purchase, but I would not recommend this racquet to a beginner, or even a weak 3.0 player.
From: Neiley, San Francisco, CA, USA 5/06
String type and tension: what it shipped with
Headsize: Over
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: What a great racquet! A nice blend of power and control. My groundstrokes continue to be deep. My serve is more powerful and more accurate. Another great racquet by Prince.
From: Scott, Longview, Texas 04/06
String type and tension: Gamma 64lbs
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: The racquet seems very light, but has a nice, crisp, enjoyable hit. Powerful, but not in an uncontrollable way. Placing serves to a spot is very easy with this racquet. Very firm on volleys. For me, the most notable quality might be the shock absorption. I have a seriously flawed shoulder that takes shock very poorly. I'd compare this to Head's expensive Protector racquet in shock absorption, yet this has better playing qualities. I've had far fewer shoulder problems since beginning use.
From: Adi
String type and tension: Prince Lightning @ 62lb
NTRP Rating: 2.0

Comments: I LOVE my O3 Blue racquet!! Previously I played with a Triple Threat Hornet racquet by Prince, and when i got my O3 it was a little hard to get used to. But as soon as I played with it for a while, I got used to the difference and soon came to love it! My volleys have improved a lot and I am able to hit a harder and crispier overhead! I am also able to put more spin on my serve!! Thank you Prince for making the wonderful racquet!!!
From: Leah, Gladstone, MI U.S.A. 02/06

Comments: The 03 Blue packs a lot of punch. Groundstrokes are hit deep and hard and I got a lot of pop on my serve. Volleys were crisp and clean and slices were no problem. Maybe a little too much power at times but otherwise a fantastic racquet.
From: Steve, Livingston, New Jersey, USA. 12/05
String type and tension: Prince Lightning XX @ 62lbs.
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I had some adjusting to do with the Blue 03 racquet at first but decided to give it 6 months. I am sure glad that I did because I just love it now. It has a lot of power, control, very comfortable and 90% of my mishits are winners. My serve is much faster also. I need to get it strung a little tighter next time because the strings tend to slip a little.
From: Pauline, Oakland, CA USA 11/05
17 gauge @ 60 lbs.
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I used Wilson Triad 4.0 for years before I bought O3 blue. The racquet creates crisper slices, deeper strokes and additional pace on serves. However, I developed tennis elbow after playing it for couple month. My wrist and shoulder hurts too. So I had to go back to my old Wilson for a month. After that, I changed my string tension to 55lb with Wilson NXT string. It does make the Blue more friendly to arm, but I lost bunch control and my elbow still feels the impact after an hour play.
From: Joe. 11/05
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: I like the power and feel of this stick. However, I have two issues with the Blue. First, in 26 years of playing tennis, I have never had tennis elbow. After one month of playing with the Blue, I will be out for 1-2 months (may be due to the light weight and over-extension of the arm). Second, I cannot get these racquets strung tight enough. I have had them strung at the max (65) and then at 68 and then at 70. Still they are too bouncy. Good for power but not control. Overall, good but a miss for me.
From: Max, Greenville, SC, USA. 11/05
String type and tension: Gamma Live Wire @ 65lbs, 68lbs and 70lbs.
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This racquet really has a larger sweetspot as it claims to have. There's not much vibration and you can enjoy the deep feeling of ball impact in its frame. I really enjoy this racquet and can do a better flat and much control serves. It provides a great backhand slice too
From: Aizat, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. 9/05

Comments: I love the balance of this racquet. It is easy to swing and quick at the net. Great combination of power and control. It is also quite easy on the arm. I have owned a dozen different racquets over the past decade - all carefully selected. This one is the best of the lot. It is also an unusually good-looking piece of equipment.
From: Alan, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA 08/05
String type and tension: Prince Lightning XX at 60lbs.
Headsize:110 sq. in.
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: is racquet was better than the silver in control and depth. It also has a more conventional feel than the silver. For a 110 size racket, it was very good. The blue will probably be one of prince's best sellers.
From: Lewis, Treasure Island Florida 08/05
String type and tension: demo
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This racquet is a pleasure to use. It is very maneuverable, just the right weights and has a really nice balance of crisp power and dependable control. This is the first racquet I have used in several years that I didn't feel the need to do some "customization" with lead tape. Compared to my Wilson T-3s, I lose just a little pop on the serve, but all other playing characteristics are a little better. The 03 Blue is especially nice to use around the net.
From:Alan - Maryland Prince Lightning XX at 60 lbs. 3.5 NTRP

Comments: Enjoyed practicing with my new O3 Blue for the first time today. Really like the comfortable feel, solid hit of this racquet. Seemed to help me with top-spin!
From:Dawn City, State, Country: Ohio, USA String type and tension: tension 60, Prince Duraflex String? Headsize:110 NTRP Rating: 2.5

Comments: I don't know what's not to like. My wife and I both use the blue and it is great. Keeps the hand dry so there is no worry of the racquet slipping. We both play about four times a week at a 4.0 level. We've been using it for two months and are just starting to see some signs of wear and tear.
From:Troy Fontana City, State, Country: Louisville KY, USA

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