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Comments: Cheap, cheap, cheap! The string snapped after 2 hours of play. Don't waste your money.
From: Bob, 8/15

Comments: Best kept secret in tennis for the non-professional. It keeps tension better than any other string, has exceptional feel and durability, and it only costs $2. People are spending way too much money on Tour Polys, when the fact is, they don't need them. Most pros re-string after each match and practice session, so they get the best out of their strings, but this is lost on the rest of us who use the same string job over and over again. Try it and see for yourself. I just wish they made a 16L or 17 gauge.
From: PW, 6/13

Comments: A pretty cool string. You can find big spin, very comfortable feel but lesser power with Prince Tournament Nylon 15L. I tried it with 55 lbs because I knew it is low on power, but I think 55-58 lbs will be a nice tension for this string. Due to its low price its durability is low but other than that its a good string. I would certainly recommend Prince Tournament Nylon 15L to others.
From: Jafar, 6/12

Comments: I tried this string for about a week. It's a pretty durable but becomes kind of frays when you keep hitting with much spin. It has enough power, but spin was a bit hard to find. I had to work a lot more to get the spin I usually have.
From: Memo, Eagle Pass, Tx. 4/11

Comments: I gave this stuff a try at 55lbs two years ago when I didn't have any other strings. Spin and feel were there but they were not very powerful. I played one set of doubles, having to smack the ball very hard because of its low power. When I went home, I found that the string was broken. I was surprised that it only lasted one set. It is not a very durable string for hard hitters as the impact will break right through the string but I can see how, at lower swing speeds, its hardness prevents it from fraying.
From: Munoz, San Diego, CA, USA. 7/10

Comments: This has got to be the least durable string I have ever tried. all of 6 hours. Unless you own a stringing machine, don't come close.
From: Harold, Singapore. 5/10

Comments: If you want to test out string tensions, this is the strings to try with. Cheap and long lasting so you don't have to worry about breaking them. They lasted me from my beginning stages for a long 6 months with about 4.5 hours a day usage. Again, great string to test out tension before using your quality name brand string at that tested tension.
From: Anon. 12/09

Comments: It is a decent string if you are not concerned with breaking it. This string lasts about 2 matches for me, then breaks. If you are a powerful hitter with lots of topspin, I would advise you to steer clear of this one, despite the great price. If you use less power and or topspin, then I would say give it a is only a buck fifty after all...
From: Nick, Florida, USA. 08/09

Comments: Yes the other posters are right on and it is true, less is more. This string is excellent for all player levels and is also great for your arm or tennis elbow. You also get great feedback on what tension levels mean to your game and how to adjust your tension to fit your strokes, forget the price and give it a try!
From: Steve, OH; 5.0-5.5. 3/09

Comments: Probably the best deal on string...hands down. I've played them all, synthetic (multifilament, monofilament with wrapping), polyester (all the popular names), and now this $1.50 nylon. And I have to say this string blows the competition away. Only way to find out is give it a try.
From: Anon. 2/09

Comments: Worst string ever. I break strings in 3 weeks, but this broke in 3 hours! To be honest, 30 mins...
From: Anon 11/08

Comments: Am I the only one out there who remembers names like Major Blue, Sta-tite nylon, and Leoina 66? I was raised hitting with one of those 13oz. chunks of wood you had to swing really hard, with proper form and hit dead center just to get the ball to go over the net. I've been playing for more than 35 years and hate the new rackets with all of the power, but I am forced to use them like everyone else. It took forever to change to the Wilson Ultra II back in the day and since then rackets have all progressively changed to lightweight high power wands that allow those without form to wail away with great success. I've been using the Volkl Cat. V1 (discontinued now like everything else) and stringing with Luxilon B.Banger, Wilson Sensation 16g, and then Babolot Touch Gut 15g. I'm just trying to find a string that would harness all of that power. The Lux was all over the place regardless of tension. After hundreds of dollars trying to make it work (hybrid jobs, mixing crosses, etc.), I went to Wilson Sensation. It was just ok, but only for the first 10 hours, then it just went dead. It also had too much pop at times and made me hate the racket even more. Changed to gut and strung at max tension. Felt great on the arm, but I was still having issues with fly away shots. I just put the Prince Nylon after string guru suggested it and it's awesome! No more fly aways and I can take a full cut at the ball like the old days. Stringing at max tension. No arm pain. So I've moved from one of the most expensive strings on this website to one of the least expensive and I'm happy about it. If you are having issues with control, and poly leaves you wanting for more, this may be the answer. It's not a glam string, but it's working for me.
From: Mr. E. Mann, Texas. 9/08
4.5+ heavy top both sides- big serve aggressive all court style

Comments: These strings are terrible!! The balls get flying of the racket. I could of made a better string!
From: Raja, Baralona, Brazil, 06/07

Comments: After attempting to use Luxilon, Wilson and other strings, I decided to give this string a try; the reviews made it look like a great deal. After purchasing a stringer, I began to string my own racquets. I play about 10-20 hours a week and rate 4.5+ hitting with the Prince Tour midsize. These string really made a good impression. To my surprise, they have good feel, great durability and allow me to experiment with different tensions and string combinations. To date, I have found that they work really well in the mains with a smaller diameter prince syn gut in the crosses. The string holds tension and doesn't move around with the other prince syn gut. This string is a great deal and has helped me improve my game without spending tons of $$$$.
From: BD, Delray Beach, FL, USA. 10/06

Comments: I thought I was set on Luxilon strings until I started breaking them more often as I started hitting harder and really getting my weight behind my hits. So I decided to try the Tournament Nylons because of the price and reviews of durability. That was the smartest move I've made in a long time! They string REALLY easy as they don't have very much coil memory. I strung at max lbs. following the reviews of others. These strings have ALL the characteristics...durability, FEEL, and playability!!! I believe you MUST be a hard hitter in order to get the "pocket" feel that I get. I've had no problems with spin either. No significant difference from any "spin" strings I've tried. So far I've noticed no "notching" or tension loss. So if you're a hard hitter...give these strings a try! I'd pay 1.49 over 12.99 any day!
From: Roland, Ohio, USA. 9/06

Comments: The tournament nylon really is an excellent buy. Even though it is a low gauge, and doesnít give a ton of feel, I think it actually plays better than most other strings out there. I prefer it to almost anything. Somehow it strings very easily and feels very soft while stringing. Itís very easy across the board and across your arm. My only complaint is the lack of other gauges. If it came in a 17, prince would have a customer for life.
From: Graham, Edmond, OK, USA. 08/04

Comments: AWESOME, cheap but long-lasting and great feel. Perfect for hard hitting string breakers
From: Jonathan, Gibsonville, NC, USA. 08/04

Comments: This string is a must for breakers. I usually play with synthetic gut (Wilson Synthetic 16g or Babolat Superfine Play 16g), and they would break after 1.5-3hrs play. Now I string my Yonex with Prince Tournament 15g for the mains, and keep the Babolat Superfine Play for the crosses. I have used the first racquet I strung this way for over 6 hours and it's still going strong.
From: Kiko, Austin, TX, USA. 5/04

Comments: I just got the strings put on my Babolat Pure Drive + racquet and it's awesome. My coach told me nylon would be terrible but I don't think so. I don't get as much feel, but I still get enough for volleys and fast balls.
From: Adam Gregersen, USA. 12/03

Comments: These strings are great. I used to brake strings in like a week. These strings are still going strong. I play everyday and for at least and hour. The only thing is that the feel isn't all that good but because of the price and how durable it is this is a great string.
From: Adam, San Jose, CA, USA. 12/03

Comments: I really like this string. I string my own racquets and Iím a frequent stringer - maybe 1-2 racquets per 4 hours of playing, but this string doesnít break that easy. WOW, I love the way it stays crisp. I tried the 16 gauge Gamma Synthetic Gut w/Wearguard and I broke those really quick and this 15L gauge is great - it still gives me feel.
From: Jonny, Denton, TX, USA. 8/03

Comments: Excellent string, lasted about 3.5 hours of play but still great, great deal and durable, without compromising feeling.
From: Steven, Lima, Peru 7/01

Comments:Prince Tournament Nylon 15L String is still one of the best deals when it comes to strings for hard-hitters. People that hit hard usually do not distinguish the subtleties of the different strings: We just do not have the touch to feel them!! That is why a reel of Prince Nylon is an excellent - and quite durable! - bargain. I was introduced to this string by an excellent college player from Spain.
From: Omar, Laurel, MS. USA 2/00

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