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Comments: I normally use Pacific Tough gut as my go-to gut. I ended up buying the Prime Gut set because TW was out of Pacific Tough gut. I have three identical racquets (all have the same weight and balance). One with a gut/poly hybrid, one with Tough Gut and now one with the Prime Gut. I played one day with what I thought was the Tough Gut racquet. It felt great with all my shots and serves as well. Once I was done, I started to put it back in my racquet bag and noticed it was not my regular go- to Tough Gut racquet but the Prime Gut racquet. I am really impressed with how it plays and how well my shots feel with the Prime Gut in it. I string my racquets, with gut, at 58 lbs. I will be ordering a few more sets of Prime Gut. Tough Gut will be my second choice now.
From: Mike, 2/15

Comments: I strung my Prestige Mid at 62 lbs with no pre-stretch. This string is the most incredible string I have ever played and because of where I work I have played a lot of string. The power I can generate along with the control and spin is everything I want. After 2 months it still maintains a tension of 58 pounds (I check this regularly using an ERT 300 along with a Gamma string meter and a Tourna Stringmeter) to ensure I have as close to an accurate read as possible. I also have it on a Volkl Organix 10 which I loan to other people on the courts that I play on. I always get very favorable input on both strings and racquet. The string performs as advertised and I have no intention of changing. I will continue to test other strings on back-up racquets so that I know a little about them but the Pacific Prime Gut is what I play all of my matches with.
From: Chris, 10/11

Comments: My Babolat Pure Drive Lite is strung with this particular string. I must say, it is one of the worst strings I have ever played with. Poor pocketing, fraying within a week, harsh on the arm, I would pay Pacific money to not make this string. The list of negatives is endless. This string makes you feel like you're playing with a wooden board. There is no Trampoline effect. Hitting topspin is ok, however, flatter shots will have NO penetration and power. Please do not ever consider buying this string. If you are a fan of Natural gut, stick with the Babolat VS is so much better.
From: Dyson, Australia, 02/11

Comments: I found the Pacific sixteen gauge Prime Gut to be a very poor product in terms of playability. The string is rigid and has no feel, and offers the same dulled playability as synthetics. The string is purported to hold its tension well and durability may also be better than Babolat VS, but I do not know for certain, as I cut the strings out after an hour. Switching back to a racquet strung with VS was a revelation and really underscored how poorly Pacific gut plays. For players accustomed to the precision of feel of natural gut, this is a string I would studiously avoid.
From: John, New York, NY, USA, 01/08

Comments: Pacific Prime Nat Gut feels very powerful to me compared to the Babolat Team at least the 16g. I did not have the control I required plus the Pacific seemed a little too trampoliney, but this could have been the tension also. I received some Pacific Tour 17, which is rated to play stiffer, I will have to see.
From: Fontenell, USA. 12/03

Comments: Pacific Prime plays firmer than its French counterparts. I like the firmer feel and find it to be a superior product. It strings easily, although you still have to be careful with kinking, and durability is great. Pacific gut plays firm and retains tension until it breaks. The firmness of Pacific lends itself to better control, in my opinion. Price/performance, you can't beat Pacific.
From: Robert, USA. 12/03

Comments: It's good stuff, but just doesn't pocket the ball as well as the Babolat VS does.
From: Healy, USA. 12/03

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