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Comments: These strings were amazing, for about an hour. I hit for an hour, put my racquet in my bag, 3 days later, the strings were broken.
From: Greg, 5/16

Comments: Great string. Put in in a hybrid with a co-poly and it played great. As somebody said in another comment, the string length is very misleading. I cut it directly in half for the hybrid setup, and I made sure to double measure everything, but at the last mains of the racquet, I didn't have enough string to feed it through the tensioner. This resulted in a bad string job, which annoyed me. The second time on my KBlade, I made sure to prestetch it before stringing. It made it the whole way, and it plays great.
From: Tanner, 10/13

Comments: Got two full sets, first set went into two frames as mains strung at 53lbs w/ 10% prestretch and MSV crosses less 4 lbs (no prestretch). Pretty successful there. Second set into supposed to be in two more frames but 1st half broke during stringing. This is on a Babolat Star 3 stringer with 12 yrs of USRSA cert. No kinks, each string straightened before pulls and frame been strung before. Second half-set snapped midway into the mains as well. Not buying these again. Nice packaging with bad quality control. Waste of time and money. Hit and miss. Beware. The good thing about this string is that I bought them at this web store therefore it's backed up with Tennis Warehouse's world class customer service and support.
From: Mark, 6/12

Comments: I've used them as mains in a loosely strung gut-poly hybrid for nearly a year now, and just love them. Good durability.
From: Noel, 3/12

Comments: This is a very good string. It is on the stiff side like many report but you still get some soft pocketing like natural gut is supposed to give. I have played both Babolat Tonic and VS and they are both too soft for my liking. I tried this on a hunch that the 17 gauge would be stiffer to begin with, and I wasn't disappointed. I am a 4.5 with an all court game. I use a Babolat Pure Storm Tour 2011 strung at 62 lbs.
From: Joe, 9/11

Comments: This was a good gut string while it lasted. However, it lasted me only two hours of playing. The Pacific Classic Natural Gut 16g lasted a little longer. Although for a 17g natural gut, I have found Klip Legend 17g to be better than Pacific 17g. First off, the Klip has lasted more than 2 hours of playing.
From: Doulers, New York, NY, USA. 2/09

Comments: Heavily coated gut results in easy stringing, great tension maintenance, and durability. Strung at 55lbs in n95 18x20 resulted in stiff stringbed with very little string movement between points. Not as much feel or power as guts from Babolat and Klip, but much better durability. I suggest stringing at lower tensions than other guts due to the characteristics of this string.
From: Duane, Colorado, USA. 11/08

Comments: The ad and package says,41ft. had 3 sets all were short 1-38ft 1-37 1-37 feet. I was hoping to get 2 racquets with hybrid but could not, what a shame you can't count on manufacturing these days!!!
From: gl, dayton, ohio. 9/08
3.5 all court player, Gamma T-5

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