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Comments: This is a follow up post. After an extensive amount of time playing with Prince Natural Gut 17 , I found super high quality across the board. As noted, this fine gut plays lively and true to earlier natural guts. I have played it in a full bed and as a hybrid with syngut crosses -- excellent indeed. Wearing extremely well -- far better than the earlier guts yet remains very lively. The coating, additionally,wears very well with the synthetic crosses. Again, great in my 18X20, 90 square inch frame -- endurance is exceptional with my aggressive yet flatter strokes. The durability has me really smiling!
From: Frank, 9/13

Comments: I have played natural gut on and off for decades and this is superior quality. Strings like a dream, superior durability, superb tension maintenance, seems top of the line to me. Agree with earlier comments as the packs I have tried felt more like earlier guts -- yes, springy and dynamic -- not muted and stiff like the current trend, in my opinion. I find the newer stiffer compositions lacking in the 90, 18X20, that I enjoy. And it would be true that I would not recommend this softer gut for larger frames with more open patterns unless the game was a flat one. Again, for me, while the durability is excellent, the traditional superb blend of easy power and feel is all here in Prince Natural Gut. But as Nastase said of Mac in 1990 or so, "Enjoy him now, because when he's gone, there will not be another." With today's trend toward stiffer everything, if you enjoy the unique feel that dynamic natty allows, you may want to grab a few packs now. As with the earlier, thin high end guts that I enjoyed for years, I prefer to hybrid Prince 17 gut with thin synthetic mains as I like middle tension -- very economical and a good, less dynamic feel in a smaller, 18X20 frame. Enjoy -- this string is super across the board!
From: Frank, 8/13

Comments: I was told that this was VS Gut Private labled OEM to Prince. This string is very comfortable but extremely springy. I strung it at 62 lbs on a Becker Melbourne and even with the 18x20 tight string bed, lots of balls would often sail a foot long that would normally land well in the baseline. I was very disppointed. The comfort is good but it's very high powered. I felt like I wasted my money.
From: Basil, 8/12

Comments: I expected this gut to be comparable at least to Wilson's. I never got to find out. Oh, it was enclosed in foil, but there was no lubricant to protect the string from drying out. Inevitably, though I was stringing it at 58 lbs. It broke on my machine, which is computer-driven. Out of the package it reminded me a bit of the UK's Bow Brand which, while it played well, broke down earlier than most.
From: Peter, 4/12

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