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Comments: Just bought this shoe in Red. First, the red is much brighter than the pics. Maybe the caption on the site should read "bright" red. Secondly, the shoe is narrow in the front part and fits snug. I had called TW before ordering and they said the width was an average size but it is not for me -- it's slightly narrower than average size. I have a wider foot and previous Prince shoes I have used have fit well. I hope the materials loosen up over time. The shoe is stiff and feels heavy but the finish materials and ride/bounce is premium and very good. It is all plastic and rubber so if you like a resin/mesh like finish maybe get another one. The shoe protects very well in wet/cold weather, it was snowing here and I used it outside and my feet felt fine after (unlike other sport shoes). I like it slightly heavy and have used insoles in past to keep it grounded while playing on hard courts. The bounce is the best I have experienced in over 20 years of playing tennis. I ordered a half size up and am glad because it would have been really tight other wise. Didn't experience the talked about toe jam issue but I have still to use them on court. I can use a thicker sock too if needed. All in all the shoe is good, fit is bit tighter than expected in the front section, and once it breaks in it should in theory, work. For $39 bucks yes try it, for over $100, not. Thanks TW.
From: JKTennisDude, 12/16

Comments: Picked these up on clearance. They definitely need some break in time. Great comfort and fit, great traction. Toe jamming: yes. I experienced it a few times but nothing major, not painful, just a "why did that happen" kind of sensation. If I played every day, this would be a problem. As a 1-2 time per week player, it's not. The problem seems to be the very hard material above the toe drag. It should be softer, it doesn't need to be hard, that's why you have the toe drag. I'm going to try to work it over by hand to see if it will soften up, but it isn't leather so it probably won't. Keep your toenails short and wear cushioned socks.
From: Anonymous, 12/16

Comments: In most shoes, I wear either a 10 or 10.5. After reading the reviews it looked like these shoes may run a bit small so I ordered the 10.5 and they fit fine. I was a bit concerned about toe jamming after reading the reviews. The first day I wore them I did experience slight jamming, but rarely have from the second time on. I've probably worn them about 20 times now and I'm very happy with the fit and comfort. I did have one experience of toe jamming after the first wear, but it was on a drop shot I was really motoring to and had to stop quickly to no get into the net; I think I'd have had toe jamming in just about any shoe. This is my first pair of prince shoes and I'm certainly happy with them and would recommend to others. I'm normally rough on shoes wearing them out well before the 6 month warranty so I buy whatever is on sale with the warranty. I like these shoes as well as anything else I've played..
From: David, 7/16

Comments: Wow! Just wore my Prince Warrior TeXtreme shoes for the second time -- a great tennis shoe. I thought that all the plastic would be uncomfortable but it felt great! Lots of support and cushioning. True to size, highly recommend these!
From: Scott, 5/16

Comments: After wearing T22s for years, I tried these. Same size is maybe a full size smaller than the T22. The shoe feel heavy and hurt. They seem like they would need several days of breaking in. Sent them back and got the trusty T22s again.
From: Apor, 2/16

Comments: It's a plastic shoe! And it is maybe a whole size too small. I opened the box, tried them on and sent them right back.
From: Jack, 9/15

Comments: I have a wider forefoot and the toes were just a bit too tight for me. I had to send them back. A shame as they otherwise felt quite nice from a cushioning and support standpoint.
From: V, 11/14

Comments: I too switched to the Warriors from using the trusted T22s for many years. They are wonderful! Definite success story. I have to say, these are one of the most, if not the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. Hurting feelings everywhere on the court. They are awesome! I did not notice any discomfort, yet had it all with the Warriors. I'm going to switch as long as Prince makes these shoes.
From: Mark, 10/14

Comments: I have worn the T-22s for the last 2-3 years without any issue and thought I would try the Warrior because of the style. Unfortunately, even though I ordered the same size in the Warrior as I wear in the T-22s, the Warrior seemed a bit small. It seemed like the width of the warrior is slightly more narrow than the T-22. if you want a wider shoe, the warrior may not be your best bet.
From: James, 9/14

Comments: I purchased a pair of the Warrior shoes in an 11.5 size, which is the same size as I wear in the T22s. I'm not sure if they run small in size or the fit is that much different, but they seemed too small. I have never had a problem with blisters or jamming my toes in the T22s, but I had both problems in the Warrior shoe. In short, I'm not a fan, and will be ordering a trusty pair of T22s to replace these. Everything else about the Warriors seems nice, the sole, and support are up to par, but the fit was off. The black shoe can get quite hot, I was playing outdoors in 95+ degree heat, and the shoe was warm, and did not seem to breathe nearly as well as the T22. I have 7 tournament matches on this pair, and they will now be relegated to the back up/practice shoe for me.
From: Mark, 8/14

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