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Comments: I bought this shoe in January, but I didn't start playing in them until late February. I was really excited about them because they were my first actual tennis shoe, but the first time I tried them on I noticed some problems. The cushioning in the shoe was horrible, whenever I was running, I could hear the shoe stomp against the ground. After about a month, I noticed that the shoe's outsole was starting to give away, along with the upper, leather part of the shoe around the outsole. Now, after about 2 and a half solid months of playing, there is a hole that goes straight through the bottom of the shoe. Not to mention the fact that the shoe does not breath at all. I have to take them off after every match that I play just to air out my feet. Overall, I would have rather played in running shoes again.
From: Tyler, 4/12

Comments: Tried this shoe and didn't like them at all. The fit and foot comfort was fine but they were like trying to play in street shoes. The soles are so hard and firm that they felt that court movement was extremely difficult. Running forward, sideways, cutting and just moving around the court felt so slow because of the hard unforgiving sole. They felt the same on hard courts and Har-Tru courts. Wore them for about 5 months playing 2 to 4 times a week and they never loosened up. Finally had enough and switched to a pair of K-Swiss and love them. After the switch I realized just how much the Rebels had an adverse effect on my game. Back to winning now! Save your money, buy another shoe or just play in your Wingtips because these are not a deal even on sale!
From: Gary, 2/12

Comments: I'm a 3.5 player and have had these shoes for around 1 year. I play regularly 2 times per week on hard counts for 1.5 hours each and also hit some outside with my ball machine when I get the time. What I like is the shoes are light and give good a great grip to the hard count surface. I also like the design. I get the support I need and I can trust these shoes to do what is asked of them. I'm right in between that normal to wide shoe size so brands and sizes always vary for me but overall these have been great for me. This is my 2nd pair of price shoes and I like the fit and quality is good. I'll be going this way again in the future. What I don't like is I developed a tender spot develop in the ball of my heel which is just over the gel spot in these shoes. I am not sure if I wore some socks wrong or this was a new shoe break-in period but it wore off after 2 weeks of playing and nothing since. Im my opinion, they could use just a little more and would make the shoe even better. They don't last forever. I'm starting to see some obvious wear on the soles now and looking for some new ones. I have a few months left at my current rate so for me, I'm estimating I'll get about 250 hours of play out of these shoes.
From: Jeff, 10/11

Comments: Great shoe with hassle free return on warranty. I have been playing for over 30 years and have used KSwiss shoes for the past couple of years. Rebel outlasted my BigShots and K Swiss requires a $10 check for returning shoes. All around better bang for the buck.
From: Roger. 10/11

Comments: It's a bad design. There is no cushioning. It makes you feel very flat-footed if you like to move. After the T22 shoe, this shoe is a big notch down. After 2 months of wear they still feel weird. You'll get no inspiration to move on the court with these shoes. One of the worse shoes I've owned in my 25 years of playing tennis.
From: Sam, 8/11

Comments: I've spent a lot of time playing tennis in medium width shoes that felt a little sloppy and left my feet hot and sore. Then one day it dawned on me that my foot is suspended betwixt narrow and medium. A straight out narrow is too narrow; a straight out medium is is too loose. The Rebel shoe is the perfect solution! It is definitely on the narrow side of medium but not too narrow. Several reviewers say it fits like a glove and it does. Solid shoe with a six month warranty and light weight. That's a very good deal. I just spent two+ hours playing yesterday afternoon in 90 degree heat. This morning every muscle in my legs, arms and back are chirping but I haven't heard a single grump from my feet. I'm ordering a second pair while they last.
From: Michael, 8/11

Comments: I guess people have lots of different types of feet and that is why the differing opinions. It is a shame though, because these shoes are great. First, this is what my foot is like, so you can judge if this review is for you. I am 5'8" and have small feet and wear a 7.5. I have high arches, so support is never an issue. On to the shoes. They are comfortable right out of the gate. I loved them as soon as I put them on; very light. Forms just right to the foot. No weird poking. They are perfect for me. I will be getting at least another pair in case they discontinue. For what it's worth, my last shoes were Adidas Barricades, which for the entire year I had them they made me sad every time I put them on. They never broke in. They were too narrow and pushed in on my feet in weird spots like they were on the wrong feet. So glad to toss them.
From: Geo. 07/11

Comments: I'm a Prince tennis shoe fan that was looking for new model after finishing the T22. The T22 is a great shoe which offers good stability and comfort as well as durability. The Rebel offers a glove feel that's low to the ground with better arch support which provides excellent stability. However, the disappointment is little or no cushion. Like the previous post, it feels like running on rocks. After the longer period of break in, it is acceptable. The yellow color may put some people off, but it is okay on court and surprisingly good looking with jeans.
From: Derek, Hong Kong. 4/11

Comments: I'm a 4.5 senior who has worn K-swiss shoes the the past 5 years. I wore out the toe of my big shots in less than 3 months. The overall quality of the Rebel is far superior. Shoe was comfortable from the start.
From: Roger, Millsboro, DE. 4/11

Comments: These are great shoes. I'm a 4.0 singles high school player and am therefore forced to move around the court quite a bit. They're comfortable, and I feel much faster.
From: Nick, KY, USA, 03/11

Comments: The Rebel is very comfortable shoes and has no break-in period. The Rebel fits my feet perfectly and the arch support is moderate compared to the Barricade 6.0 or Nike 2K10. My feet size are 9.0 for normal shoes. I wear tennis shoes size 9.5 for the Barricade and Babolat Propulse, but 9.0 on the Rebel with no problem. The outsole wears out fast but reasonable with the time on the court. If you can destroy the shoes within 6 months, go for it since you have 6-month outsole warranty. Furthermore, the look is also good.
From: Bird, USA, 3/11

Comments: I really LOVE these shoes! I have no idea why other people would say there uncomfortable but really they are the best shoes that I have worn. I'm switching to Babolat but just because I started disliking the color after a while, if you don't mind the color the price is great and they truly are comfortable. I love how these shoes feel around the court and have great traction!
From: Guillermo, Eagle Pass, TX, USA, 03/11
NTRP: 4.5

Comments: One of the most uncomfortable shoes I've worn. Bought it because of the great price, but believe me it's not even worth the price. I'm going back to my Big shots, love the comfort and stability of the Kswiss.
From: Agg, San Jose, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I like the shoe: However, because of the shoe or my body, major tendonitis developed, i.e. a torn cafsia on the Achilles Tendon. After six weeks it is healing, but for a 3.5 player, 60 +, and weighing in at 200 pds, playing Rambo tennis....this may not be the boot!!
With that said...I still like it; perhaps my problem is more the body than the shoe!!
From: Dewey, Syracuse, NY, USA, 02/11

Comments: I bought these Rebel shoes right before a tournament. The sole showed good sign of wear after 7 matches of play in 3 days. I felt a little stiff/tight around the ankles sometimes, and they took few days to break in, after then, they were much more comfortable and fit my feet well playing on the court. The biggest downside is the outsole may not last too long if you play a lot.
From: Jeffrey, San Francisco, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: A pretty light shoe with good traction, those are the only upsides though. These shoes were very uncomfortable, sometimes I jog during my warm up and it feels like I'm running with rocks tied to my feet; I get better shock absorption by running barefoot. Also, I found a tear through the outsole up to the plastic in the heel, which has created a flap of rubber, which if I land on that foot in that place, causes me to role my ankle. Very disappointed in these shoes, I am looking forward to going back to adidas
From: Anon, 01/11

Comments: Had a good experience with the Yonex SHT-307, which had great durability, but these were uncomfortable and have the least durable outsole I am yet to have.
From: James, San Antonio, TX, USA, 01/11

Comments: I have worn MV-4, T10 and Rebel. In my opinion, MV-4 is the most comfortable followed by T10. Unfortunately, Rebel is not comfortable at all. Cannot comment on the durability because I only had it for 2 weeks. I do not recommend it.
From: Ken, West Chester, PA, USA, 01/11

Comments: These shoes are 7 out of 10 in out-of-the-box comfort (not as comfy as Fila Alpha II, but much more so that the Barricade series). However, if you're an aggressive, frequent player, the sole may not stand up. I wore through the sole of the first pair on 30 days so go another on warranty & assumed maybe it was a fluke, but wore through the second pair in even less than 30 days. They have decent looks and decent comfort, good toe drag protection, but I won't buy them again for the soles just don't hold up. To be fair, I'm hard on shoes but usually wear them out in 3 months, not one. I've moved onto the Wilson Tour.
From: Aaron, Atlanta, GA, USA, 12/10

Comments: I was looking for shoes lighter than my Nike CB. WOW!! These are the best shoes under 16 Oz. on the market today. Comfort, traction and cushioning are excellent! On top of that, the Rebel fits snugger than the CB on the heel and ankle, which I really like, giving me great support. I feel faster running on the court because I feel I'm not wearing any shoes. Incredible sensation! Bye Bye to Nike CB and welcome to Prince Rebel Light Speed
From: Chris, CA, USA, 11/10

Comments: I'm a 4.5 player that runs a lot, that being said. These shoes are great. I've played on them twice. They are light, fit great, and have great shock absorption in the heel w/a gel pad. The only problem I've had is they gave me blisters both heels. I hope my feet toughen up.
From: Mike, Vancouver, WA, USA, 11/10

Comments: The Prince Rebel shoes are the best shoes I've purchased in some time. The shoes are supportive and feel very comfortable after the first week. I have had them for a about a month now and recommend them if your looking for comfort and looks.
From: Andrew, Falfurrias, TX, USA, 10/10

Comments: I just bought this shoe about two weeks ago and I tried out the Barricades at first but I wanted something else because I'm those people who think there's something better out there. And this shoe really fit me perfectly, I have a more narrow foot and I didn't even need to break it in. This shoe fit perfectly and feels perfect, I love how they feel on the court.
From: Memo, Eagle Pass TX, United States, 10/10

Comments: Great Shoe. If you have a medium to narrow foot this shoe fits great. I've been a barricade 2 wearer for years. I wanted something lighter and more adapted to narrower foot. This shoe is very stable and has no break in period at all. Too soon to comment on sole life but so far very happy.
From: Rich, Chicago, IL, 10/10

Comments: Just got a pair a month ago. I had a lot of good memory with MV4 & OV4 that's why I asked my friend to bring it to me. I want to say this is the best tennis shoe ever. I have Barricade 6 & Nike (Fed's shoe & Nadal's shoe) but this one beat them all in term of durability, cushioning, and tracking. Thank you so much "Prince".
From: Bozo, Bangkok, Thailand, 08/10

Comments: Nice shoes. Very lightweight. Good fit for my wide foot. Comfortable right out of the box. Enough cushioning. Good support and stability when running around on the court. Like them better than the T22's. They seem durable enough and should last (for me) although I am not a person who wears a sole pair of shoes beating on them day in and day out on the court and expecting them to last for a long time.
From: Mike, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 08/10

Comments: I bought these on a whim just because I thought they looked cool as usually I wear Nike Air Max Breathe Free II, but they are becoming harder to find. No break in period and fairly comfortable but they have a harder insole than I am used to. Not real durable but for the price it's worth a shot.
From: Chris, Rogers, AR, USA, 08/10

Comments: Long time user of Prince Tennis Shoes. Best fitting ever. Soles fall apart in about 3 weeks of Play. Shortest Durability of any Prince Tennis Shoe I have had.
From: Nick, PA, USA, 08/10

Comments: I normally wear the T22's. It's hard to beat their durability and comfort. They may have too much cushion. The bad point about the T22's is that they're just a bit wide which allows my foot to slide around a bit. The Rebel's are lighter, slimmer, and fit me a little better. They feel like a glove, and have a little less cushion than the T22's. The bad thing is that they wear out really quick. Soles on both feet fell apart after 3 weeks (30 hours of play on hard courts) I could get about 4-5 weeks out of the T22's. I'll send the Rebel's back for warranty and see if I have the same luck out of the 2nd set.
From: Shad, Tupelo, MS, USA, 07/10

Comments: I normally wear the T22's. It's hard to beat their durability and comfort. They may have too much cushion. The bad point about the T22's is that they're just a bit wide which allows my foot to slide around a bit. The Rebel's are lighter, slimmer, and fit me a little better. They feel like a glove, and have a little less cushion than the T22's. The bad thing is that they wear out really quick. Soles on both feet fell apart after 3 weeks (30 hours of play on hard courts) I could get about 4-5 weeks out of the T22's. I'll send the Rebel's back for warranty and see if I have the same luck out of the 2nd set.
From: Shad, Tupelo, MS, USA. 07/10

Comments: The Rebels are a great option over the T22's for people w/"Flipper like" feet (Like a duck). I have a "D" width but still small girth around the forefoot. The low profile ride secures my feet better over the life of the shoe vs. the T22. There is less space between the top & bottom of shoe to accommodate a foot w/less girth; thus stability has been consistent during the life of the shoe. The T22's were also very comfortable and durable, but are probably suited better w/a person w/a thicker forefoot. Please note that the problem I had is more an issue w/my feet than w/Prince. Both the Rebel and T22 are quality products.
From: Darin, Austin, Texas, USA. 07/10

Comments: I also used the T22s. When I first put those on, they just felt great. I have to admit they won me over by their comfort. However, the one problem is that they were a bit heavier than I would like. I tried the Rebels and really love them. I have to say that they are not as comfortable, mainly because the padding inside isn't as thick as the T22, but I feel they still feel nice. However, the lightweight Rebel is great for movement around the court and feels great. I like the look too, so that doesn't hurt.
From: Chris, Marietta, GA, USA. 07/10
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I've been using the Prince T22s for the last year, and they are a great shoe, day in and out. Excellent cushioning, stability, fit. Tried the 'NFS' styles. WAY too much slop for my foot. I was a bit hesitant to go to another shoe that was noted to be lower, less cushioning, etc., as I play Open and upper level tennis, and didn't need an injury - or a 'comfortable' shoe I was flopping around in. You need a glove; secure, snug, stable, instant response to the movement of the foot. I usually wear an 11.5, but a 12 in the T22. If I don't, I'll jam my toes and spend a miserable night with my toes feeling like someone is holding a lighter on the tips! The first thing I noticed was that the Light Speeds are slightly longer and narrower - both concerns. With a tourney in 2 days, I measured my T22 side by side, and chose the 11.5 Rebel LS, actually still slightly longer than my size 12, T22s. If the T22 runs 'true to size', then the LS Rebel does not. Match your current shoe against the length of the Rebel to check. Results? Best and most responsive shoe I've ever worn, with no sore feet, knees, etc. Although lower and lighter, everything is there in this new shoe, AND it responds much quicker than the T22's due to this snugger-but-comfortable fit. Glove-like fit, not a bit of slop, instant response to movement, and it's Monday morning, having played 5 sets on Sat (Quarters and Semis), Sunday trained for 1 hour and then played the Finals.....and have ZERO knee, hip, toe, or foot pain. Excellent, excellent shoe. PS: Have a clay tourney coming up soon. Going to give them a practice go next to my dedicated clay shoes; Adidas Feather IIIs. I'll post a report.
From: TT/gosurfboy. 5/10

Comments: I bought these shoes so I could switch between shoes, I must say I don't think I have worn my K-Swiss since. I love the fit of the Prince shoe, snug, light and supportive. When on court I forget I have them on and that's a good thing, My K-Swiss I always knew when I came to a quick stop as my foot would push forward into the toe box. No such problem with the Prince Rebels. They look good too!!
From: Eric, Modesto, Ca. USA. 4/10

Comments: This shoe is an exceptional shoe. From the moment I tried it on in the store I knew it was something I should seriously consider buying. I did buy them and was not let down. I have tried myriad shoes and am sticking with these. The "narrowish" style is intentional so it gives the arch some support and when coupled with the ankle compilation extremely diminishes ankle pronation. They improved my net game and court coverage immediately, and my game had to sort of catch up to the fluidity and litheness of my feet. It was a different planet. Now if I miss a shot, I can never point a finger at my footwork, unless I haven't practiced it, then it's my fault. I am a 5.0 player and my game styles are percentage tennis and serve and volley.
From: Adam, St. Augustine, FL. 4/10

Comments: They are a great shoe. It took me a little time to get use to the responsiveness of the shoe. My last pair of shoes, K-Swiss Defier RS, are very comfortable, but slow my movement on the court. These shoes almost feel like they are part of your feet.
From: Tom, Carmel, CA. 4/10

Comments: Wow!! These shoes are great!! I really like the speedy lightweight feel of the shoes compared to the clunky feeling I got from the T-22s. They are a bit on the narrow side, but I love the glove-like feel. These shoes required NO break-in time, which was a nice plus. I've worn barricades (3-5), T-22s, T9s, Optimas, PrestigePros, and Cages. These are one of the shoes I've tried. I'm not sure about the durability, but they do come with a 6-month outsole warranty.
From: Nick, Honolulu, HI, USA 03/10

Comments: I bought the T22 about 4 months ago,and I love them. So I thought when I saw the new rebel I would give them a try. "WOW" these shoes are even better. I've played a few matches in them, and they fit like a glove from the first set on. They put your foot closer to the ground, so the movement you get with these shoes is incredible. Very true to size, except they may not be great for someone with a wide foot. Give the Rebels a try and you wont be sorry!!
From: Ken, Discovery Bay, CA 02/10

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