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Comments: Update from previous review of 8/12: I've been through a few other shoes since I last wore the Prince Rebel IIs. Over time my feet just ached more and more until one day after a 2 week vacation I hit the court and my feet just said "no more." In the end, this shoe has a very thin sole. Thinner than any other shoe that I've ever tried. There are others that are just as quick and light or wear as long or longer at the same or lower price. So I hardly ever do this, but I can't recommend this product.
From: Gary, 10/1

Comments: I have to order 1/2 size larger as this model is narrower than T22. This looks sleeker than the T22 but not as cushy and comfortable as T22. In fact, after wearing it for 3 months, it still feels a lil stiff.
From: Brian, 9/13

Comments: Great shoe. I play every day on hard courts and junior tournaments on almost every weekend. The shoe is comfortable, none of the blisters and huge callouses I used to get with adidas feather shoes. Each pair lasts me around 45 hours of play, a little less in the summer.
From: Austin, 6/13

Comments: These are the best shoes on the market. I would compare them to the Vapor series from Nike, but better quality. They have excellent support and feel for both hard and clay courts. I think I'm going to invest in other colors because the green, black and grey don't match all my tennis gear.
From: Anon, 12/12

Comments: This is an excellent stable shoe. I hit mostly on hard courts but also some on clay. The sole is better than the T22. The shoe does not seem to break down as quickly as the T22. I replaced the laces with other notched black ones that were longer. I have a wide foot and narrow heel. They fit well when laced properly. I'm a 5.5 NTRP level counterpuncher.
From: Carolyn, 11/12

Comments: I have owned 4 or 5 Prince T22's and absolutely loved them. When they discontinued them I read up on the Rebel 2's and decided to give them a try. I have now owned them for just under 6 months. I am about 5'11", 195lbs, and play 4.0 three times a week. I was quite suprised after reading so many positive reviews that I found these to be the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn. My feet actually hurt after playing. They had horrible cushioning! I added inserts and tried thicker socks with little improvement. They gradually (3 months +/-) broke in and don't hurt my feet anymore. I seriously considered just ordering a different pair of shoes but I had a hard time after having spent so much for these. They are quite light and they did make it 6 months without wearing out so those are the positives. I chose these as a substitue for the T22's and having always thought Prince made the most comfortable shoes. The reviews for the T24's are positive and negative, so I am going to try the Asics Gel Res 4 as soon as TW can ship them. If they bring back the T22 I will be back, because it's a GREAT shoe!
From: Robert, 10/12

Comments: The shoe is comfortable right out of the box. I have 3 pairs of adidas Barricades, which quite honestly take a while to break in. These shoes are a lot more comfortable and feel good on the court. I run hard and play hard, and so far so good! This is an excellent shoe! I will be buying another pair.
From: Matt, 9/12

Comments: I've been playing in these for a few months now so it's time to write some comments. I actually have no new comments that others haven't already made, but a combination of several. One thing I have to say upfront is that these shoes came with replacement (all black verses black/yellow) shoe strings which I put on first thing. I have not had any issue at all with the strings. The fit works great for me. These are the most comfortable shoes I tried out of the 10 or so top of the line shoes I tried. The fit is similiar to Nike Vapor and BF 2k12. Medium-medium-medium. They have what feels like a 'thin' but cushioned foot bed that you would think would break down quickly. I'm glad to say that it hasn't broken down at all. The ride is low and more stable than you may expect. The grip is very good, slides when you need it to and grips when you don't. If you like grippy shoes (Yonex) then you'll think these slide too much. If your coming from Adidas the grip is a little more. The sole is wearing quickly on the inside edge, and slowly for the rest of the shoe. I haven't gotten to where the inside edge is worn out so I'm not sure how it will work when worn down. As a comparison, when the BF 2k12 wore down on the inside edge, the entire shoe lost a lot of grip. Breathability is very good for me, no problems there.
From: Gary, 8/12

Comments: These shoes fit what I needed and did it well. The pros of these shoes in my opinion would be the weight. Coming from a Minimus running style, I love the feeling of having a lighter shoe and feeling more of the court surface. I liked how they fit. I have a wide foot and a lower-arching foot than some people and these fit very well. The cons would be the insole which I replaced in 3 weeks and the shoe laces which come untied quite frequently unless you double knot. I felt like these wore out rather quickly but playing everyday for an average of 3 hours will do that to shoes. Overall I would buy these again and I am sending mine back soon for the 6-month durabilty gurantee.
From: Newton, 7/12

Comments: It was either this shoe or the Renegade 2. Maybe the Barricade 7.0's or even the Team's. I like value and this seemed the best option due to my familiarity of Prince and the T9 Roadster and their easy cushioned ride. Firstly, these shoes are stiffer compared to other shoes I've owned and though I've never played with Nike tennis. I began to understand the potential advantage of less durable, yet potentially more nimble shoes. At 6'3, 220 lbs, it took about 10 hours to wear these down with aggressive moving play to wear a noticeable fade was evident. with the bottom sole of its original thickness. I don't see shoes holding up much better than this, which leads me to the feel. Wearing these shoes feels like planks, which is about what I feel I needed for the stability I wanted, and with my height its even more apparent. What I didn't expect is that these shoes put me on my forefoot most of the time. I normally heel strike such as with the roadsters, and the heel contour isn't really necessary for that reason. I don't advise running that way either as that should bring problems to anyone. As far as foot shape (my feet are low and slightly slender). I was just able to lace them tightly without complaint on looseness in one normal pair socks. Prince has excellent heel support, no slippage. Aesthetically they look pretty good green, as for the laces they are sturdy/knots slip out. Just double knot and problem solved. Normal soft laces usually wear and tear for me so this is helpful. I'm quite pleased with the court traction on clay as well as hardcourt good movement all around. They just need some breaking in and adjustment otherwise the heftyness gives that stable feel for movement. As such I like them for doubles at least, they seem good for singles all court as well.
From: Jeremy, 6/12

Comments: Pros:best shoe ever fits really nice first time you put it on. Feels like the lightest shoe. Felt like I had no weight on my feet. Great feel on the court and looks better than the pictures. Cons: Laces need to be pulled super tight or they keep coming undone but the laces look good on the shoe so not a big problem. Most concerning after warming up and playing one set saw a little to much wear on the bottom. Soles are good just could use some improvement. Overall: If you like the look get them they are worth it. Best fitting shoes I have played in a long time. Before these I was playing in adidas Barricades which is a good shoe but these are a lot better.
From: Anthony, 5/12

Comments: I bought this shoe in January, but I didn't start playing in them until late February. I was really excited about them because they were my first actual tennis shoe, but the first time I tried them on I noticed some problems. The cushioning in the shoe was horrible, whenever I was running, I could hear the shoe stomp against the ground. After about a month, I noticed that the shoe's outsole was starting to give away, along with the upper, leather part of the shoe around the outsole. Now, after about 2 and a half solid months of playing, there is a hole that goes straight through the bottom of the shoe. Not to mention the fact that the shoe does not breath at all. I have to take them off after every match that I play just to air out my feet. Overall, I would have rather played in running shoes again.
From: Tyler, 4/12

Comments: Typically I can't and don't wear Prince shoes because they have always been a little heavy or just were not comfortable. However, these are very comfortable and very lightweight. They fit like a glove right of the box and required no break in at all. At first I thought they were going to be too narrow based on solely on their looks; they just looked real narrow. But they turned out to fit more like a wider shoe. My only complaint is the length of the black/yellow laces is a bit too short unless you lace them real tight and then the length is barely ok. They come with another set of solid black laces but I did not try them yet. The laces seem to have a bit of a waxy coating and therefore are hard to make a tight knot stay tight. I usually have to retie them at point during the match. I am 6'2" and about 185 and they give me all the support I need. As with all shoes the insoles in these are worthless. I removed them and added my own which did not affect the fit of the shoe. The size is true too. I play on clay typically and they are well suited for clay. Great shoe, very comfortable, stable, and light weight
From: Bill, 3/12

Comments: I've been looking for a shoe to replace my Asics Gel Resolution 2 for a couple years now. This seems to have the closest feel to that shoe. Great fit out of the box, feel relatively lightweight on the court, even though the specs indicate they're a bit heavier. The shoe feels extremely stable for baseline shots. I've only play-tested the shoes once, but my one concern is the rubber is a bit harder than most, and the traction is poor on hard courts. I'm used to sliding a little bit on hard courts, but with this shoe you have to be more careful because you can't really control the slide once you get into it. Maybe the rubber needs to break in a little more, I'm not sure. I hope so, because this shoe is a winner otherwise.
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: These shoes are great in just about every way. Low to the ground, yet still comfortable. These shoes have a lower than medium arch & fit me perfectly. Kudos to the Prince shoe design team.
From: Edwin, 3/12

Comments: I have worn asics gel resolution 3 and K-Swiss Bigshot. This shoe feels more like the Bigshot -- low to the ground, medium wide not narrow like a barricade, feels stable and I feel fast (the shoe feels light even though it says 16oz). The color scheme is very nice (granted my fave color is green) the green accents does not look too garish. I have gotten a few compliments on the shoe. There is a rather nice reflector logo on the back that says light speed and the pivot point on the sole looks like a shuriken (how awesome is that). I really loved the fit and performance of the Bigshot and this is as good. One thing it is a half-size smaller than comparable sizes so if you are 8.5 on a k-swiss or asics, you will be a 9 on the prince. Also Tennis warehouse is awesome!
From: Russ, 3/12

Comments: I think its about time I leave a review for this shoe. Have to say, there are quite a few qualities that make this shoe a winner in my eyes with the only clouding being one thing... Durability. Starting with the good: comfortable, light, supportive, breathable, and a nice cosmetic. Coming from the barricade 6.0s, these felt slightly more narrow with a lower arch (good for my foot) and much lighter. I felt like I could wear the shoes all day without any discomfort. On court they feel light and stable, didn't have any ankle problems or problems with traction. As I had mentioned before though, durability was not near what was expected. I have worn the shoes about 3.5 weeks and they are just about worn out. Apart from that however it is a great pair of shoes, probably better for someone playing 2-3 times a week. I play college and am on the court 4 days a week for 3 hours each plus matches and any extra time during the weekend.
From: Luke, 3/12

Comments: Let me let the cat out of the bag here. I play hard court and I love Prince shoes. I have had numerous T- 22 and T-24 but strayed because they fell flat before the soles began to wear out, I have a wide foot. These Rebel 2 will put Prince on top with tennis shoes again! They look very cool and feel superior to anything I have worn. Now I have my confidence back, even on clay. The material used on this shoe is unlike anything I have seen - strong and durable but yet super light, so I feel like you have substance on your foot. look at the 360 view to see what I mean. Thanks Prince, glad to be back home.
From: Mike Noble, 2/12

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