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Comments: I used the red Lightning XX string at 32lbs on my racquetball racquet and it caused elbow pain after 2 days of playing with it. Never had any elbow pain or problems with Gearbox or Forten mono string. 
From: Larry, CA, USA, 04/16
Skill-level: A 

Comments: Nice, softer, more lively string. Used it as a full bed -- good energy and wear. Especially fine as the cross with a thin natural gut in the mains in a smaller 18 X 20 pattern in a racquet like a Prestige Pro. Lightning 17 suits the gut very well -- keeps the gut hybrid very lively (maybe tones the gut down a bit), stays in place well with the gut, and wears very well for this flat hitter. Very nice. The best synthetic that I have found as a lively cross for thin gut -- a winner.
From: Frank, 7/13

Comments: I've used these strings for over two years now (for both racquetball and tennis) and I generally side with the people making favorable comments. The people who complain about it are most likely using this string wrong. Like I mentioned earlier, Lightning is a racquetball string that just so happens to also work well for tennis (very few strings work well for both sports). It is meant to be strung at lower tensions. So if it breaks when you set the tensions in the high fifties and above, then it is doing what it is supposed to. Normal racquetball tension is somewhere between 20 to 40 pounds whereas tennis is normally from 45 to 65 pounds. I'm on the lower end of the tennis tension range so Lightning works very well for me.
From: James, 10/12

Comments: About time I added a comment about these strings...I've used the Lightning XX 17g in several racquets over the past 2-3 years and whenever I've tried to experiment with something else, I always end up coming back to these. They just feel great, at least for my game. The 17g version provides a ton of bite on the ball, allowing my to drive my slice backhand with control and power. It also helps me add some topspin to my normally flat forehand. Also, they are generally a comfortable string...nice pocketing and they feel fine on my arm, despite some elbow problems with other strings. Great job Prince! It's nice to have an inexpensive string that performs so well!
From: JC, 3/12

Comments: Tried 2 sets on a Dunlop Aerogel 4d 300. First at 60lbs broke a string tear the throat smack in the middle of the cross after 29 or so hits against a wall. Tried again at 58 lbs. Pre-stretched and made absolutely sure no kinks, etc. This time last cross broke at the bend while stringing. Pretty miserable experience, all in all.
From: Bret, 3/12

Comments: I am about a 4.0/4.5 player, and the Prince XX 17 was introduced to me by one of my playing colleagues. I was having serious elbow issues at the time; it was a blessing for me to try it out. These strings are consistent, flexible and allows me to really put a beating on the ball. My serves have gotten a lot better, including my second serves. My volleys have improved quite a bit also; the strings are very forgiving. I am a baseline player, who rushes to the net occasionally. These strings are alright with me.
From: Neil, 9/11

Comments: These strings are absolutely terrible. I got them with my brand new exo3 racquet and every time you hit a ball with decant topspin, the strings shift. DO NOT BUY!!!
From: Jay, Normal, IL, USA, 08/10

Comments: I really liked this string. It came pre-strung on my Prince O3 Hybrid Spectrum, so I thought I might as well try it. It has great control (and trust, I need great control) and good touch. I'm young and all, but this string still didn't give me any arm troubles. All in all, it's a great string.
From: Josh, WY, USA, 07/10

Comments: I have been playing for 40-plus years and like tight control strings and have used Ashaway 18 ga. kevlar and Gosen 18 ga. syn. gut. crosses for spin. By chance I hit with a friends racquet w/ Lighting XX 17 gauge and could not believe how great it felt and the spin I was able to generate, this will be my new string. Alta Sr. A-1 player.
From: Jimbo, Roswell, Ga. USA. 6/10

Comments: Great Strings and a great price. I use the XX 17's with the Prince O3 Speedport Black and usually string between 60 and 62 lbs. I play about 50 Tournament matches a year and have been doing this for the last four years. I string my own racquets for consistency and fine tuning. Stringing at the lower tensions has helped me to get the best results from both my strings and racquet. If the strings move around a little I just move them back. It's no big deal to me. By habit now I check and reset (if needed) my strings as I refocus my concentration and my strategy for each upcoming point. The mental part of tennis (play aggressive but under control) is as important as the equipment that you use. When I play competitive tennis I found it's best not to think too much but just let my reflexes take over and flow with the point. I except the fact that it is me and not my equipment that is making all those unforced errors and bad shots. Practice, practice.
From: Dud, SF CA 12/09

Comments: A good string with a crisp feel off the first hit. Although it is inexpensive, this string still feels very decent - get the pink one for breast cancer awareness.
From: Willia, Australia 06/09

Comments: Good job, Prince. The first time I used this, it was great and I was impressed. I strung at 61 lbs on my Dunlop M-fil 500. The durability was great, had really good on power, but it moves around sometimes, but that's okay. I recommend this string to anybody looking for power and durability. Great job, Prince keep up the good work.
From: Danny, mountain view, CA, USA. 11/08

Comments: I'm a 4.0 player who hits with heavy topspin, and a low flat serve. I strung a Prince Turbo Shark DB Oversize with these strings @ 65 lbs. This string has a lot of pop, and is very easy to string. Unfortunately, it's extremely stiff, and gave me arm trouble after only 3 sets. I'm going to try the Original Synthetic Gut.
From: TJ, Norcross, GA, USA, 10/08

Comments: Good Value strings. Bites well with good power but the strings will move around and not last.
From: Roy, Houston, TX, USA, 10/08

Comments: Hey, just got a prince ozone tour strung it up with this stuff and loved it. This string was much better then the demo string (Recoil, which really disappointed me) but still have the problem with realigning and I broke the set in a little over three weeks. Trying out X-1 16g now and so far I'm not impressed. I will be coming back to these before I enter a tourney.
From: Daniel, Mililani, HI, USA, 06/08

Comments: This string is the best string I've ever used. The racket feels like an extra attachment to my arm. It has good feel and playability. I play with the Wilson K Factor K Six.One Tour, and I strung the strings at 55 (you don't want to string so tight on the racket because it already has a lot of control.) I'm like a all-court player. I also live in China, so it's like 35 Yuan to restring every time, that's like... $5 US. To sum it up: THIS STRING ROCKS!
From: Anon. 5/08

Comments: Just put a set of this in my pt300 and I must say it put in some major power and spin; I was really impressed with this string. The only downsides are that they have to be realigned after every rally, and they really are not durable (only around three hours of hitting and they got some major notching).
From: Daniel, Mililani, HI, USA, 05/08

Comments: These strings are no good. I strung 'em the first day I got them and broke it in 3 hours of play. Durability is terrible and you have to create your own spin, but it offers good ball pace.
From: Anon. Simi Valley, CA, USA. 4/08

Comments: I like theses strings. They're on my head metallix 4 racket. I would say yes if your looking for decent strings.
From: Charles, Grand Prairie, TX, USA, 01/08

Comments: Best string I have ever used. I have tried Big Banger mains and Thermo Gut or NXT crosses. Nothing compares to the 5 hours of hitting I get out of these strings. I use 17 gauge 16 broke faster surprisingly. They break pretty easy. But have yet to break under 4 hours. I have my own stringer and these strings are solid.
From: Brian, Boston, MA, USA. 5/07

Comments: This has to be one of the most amazing strings I've ever tried. I put it at 62 pounds on my Prince O3 white and the response is phenomenal! I switched to different strings about 5 times or so and I can't help it... I always come back to this one. I can pound serves as hard as I want and it'll just land an inch before the service line. Hitting a topspin forehand with this string is the best though--no worries on whether the ball will land in, just point and shoot. Surprisingly, I can feel a really big difference between the 16 and 17 gauge strings and I refuse to play with the 16. The biggest downside to this string is tension... In less than a week the tension is all over the place. This string has never broken yet though (maybe because I restring every week or two)... Luckily I can get some good deals on stringing, but if you have your own then look no further!
From: Ronak, Tempe, AZ, USA. 3/07

Comments: I am a 15 year old high school tennis player and winner of a state championship. This is my favorite string! I use a Prince O3 Tour and string it at 62 lbs. This string has lots of pop and I can hit a winner with just about every shot. Unfortunately, this string is not very durable and it sometimes breaks in a single session of playing. If not then, they'll break within that week. Luckily it is affordable. I highly recommend this string.
From: Taylor, Fort McMurray, AB, Canada. 9/06

Comments: I like this string a lot. Great power and very lively. I use the 17G. Unfortunately, it has limited durability. I can break a set in less than 4 hours. If you are a big hitter, stay away unless you have a stringer.
From: Jason, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 9/06

Comments: I really enjoyed this string, but it lasted me only two months before breaking, and I've never broken strings before. I used it in a Prince Blue 03 racket, strung at 60 lbs. The strings also moved around quite a bit; on just about every shot. I'm moving up to the thicker 16g version to see how that plays.
From: Jay, Austin, TX USA 08/06

Comments: I am a 17 year old high school tennis player. First of all, this string has very good feel. I could rip a lot of my shots. However, I hit with a lot of topspin (semi-western grip) and I literally broke this string in 2 hours of hard hitting. I have my own stringer so I can afford it. If you can't, get 16 or 15 gauge.
From: Anon 04/06

Comments: This string is amazing! I use it with my 3 Dunlop M-Fil 300's strung at 62 lbs. The strings get me out of a lot of tricky and tough situations. I play about 20 hours a week and have not broken a set in over 2 1/2 months.
From: Darrell, Atlanta, GA, USA 04/06

Comments: These strings are the best strings out there. They have lots of pop, spin, and power, but also control. They play really well with the 03 White racquet. If you're seeking spin and power this is a good string for you.
From: Natty Schneider, Bradenton, FL, USA 04/06

Comments:These strings are great. I changed over from head RIP's and I am definitely a fan They offer great spin. I string them at 58, and I have not broken them yet. I will be changing them again in the next week or so, but that is because I play around 12 hours a week!
From: William
Buena Vista, CO, USA 1/28/06

Comments: I love this string! I've been through several strings with my Dunlop 800G ICE, which I purchased from TW last year. I've had Tecnifibre, comfort max, and Prince Sweet Perfection, but this is buying far the best. I'm a 3.0 player and haven't broken any strings yet, but I put a lot of topspin on the ball and have great control. I needed a string with more power that wouldn't move around so much, so my stringer recommended the Prince 17 Lightning strung at 58 tension. It definitely gives a bit of zip to my game. Thumbs up!
From: Tara, Ellicott City, MD, USA. 04/05

Comments: I'm currently a College Student, I did not try out for the team this year; however, based on my High School experience, this string is a very good string. I am a very aggressive player. The only problem with aggressive players is that we like to take hard shots. If you give us a 17-gauge string, it serves us well, gives us the power, control, and maneuverability for our aggressiveness. However, the draw back is that it doesn't last long (in high school, I had to restring before every meet, and that's once a week). I tried to switch to the 16 gauge, but that didn't work out, it just wasn't the same happy marriage as the 17 gauge. I highly recommend this string to anyone who is willing to pay for the restringing.
From: Kong, Appleton, WI, USA. 03/05

Comments: This was a pretty good string. It had good feel and pretty decent power. I'm a 13 yr. old and this string lasted me 10 days. I recommend the 16 gauge of this string.
From: Drew, ATL, GA, USA. 03/05

Comments: What a hard hitter, you are! The Lightning XX 17g can serve me for more than a month. I play almost every day using my Hyper ProStaff 6.1 oversized stringing at 58 lbs. Very good string at a good value.
From: Boyd, Chiang Mai, Thailand. 01/05

Comments: This is a good, all-around performance string. I got all the power, spin, and control I needed from it. It gave me some pretty good pop and it allowed me to have some extra cushion on my volleys and serves. I am a baseline player and I am currently using a Wilson Tour 90. I have switched from Babolat Ballistic Polymono because it felt like when I hit the ball it would bounce off and do nothing else. The Prince Lightning gave me the spin and control that I was missing from the Ballistic Polymono. This is a great string with a decent price.
From: Blake, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA. 1/04

Comments: I am currently a high school player that has used this string on several occasions. I really like the way the string felt off the ball because of the spin and control it produces. I hit a lot of topspin and I first found the string to be great for my game until I finally broke one of the strings. The first time I broke my string it took me over a week before it snapped, the next time I used it only lasted me five days. Now after using it a third time it wasn't two days before the Prince Lightning snapped. After I used the string I found it much too weak for my hard hitting. Although the topspin and control give the string a nice advantage this is not for the harder hitting player.
From: Joe, Pueblo, USA. 10/04

Comments: At around $6, this is about as good a string value as you'll find. Good pop, spin and control. Better than the basic synthetic gut strings, with a little softer feel, yet still crisp. I'm not a string breaker, so the 17g lasts me until the next re-stringing (I'm a 4.0 with plenty of topspin). The clear (silver) color is very attractive and distinctive, and lends an air of individuality to racquets that make them stand out from the crowd. I have settled on 17g Lightning XX as my standard string for all my racquets. Works for me.
From: Chuck, Tuscon, AZ, USA. 10/04

Comments: I've been playing it in 17 off and on for a couple of months and I really like it. Good spin, good balance of control and power. Nice feel. Comfortable too. It's just a nice all around string and the low price is a bonus for me.
From: Ben42, Talk Tennis. 4/04

Comments: I am a member of the Prince Pro Team. I play events on the tour and I am also a teaching pro. This string has a great feel with a bit of added power. The thing that I found with the 17g was that it is not very durable. I was going through 3 sets a week and that was when I wasn't even playing every day. Over all, it's a great string and is worth the try. I have advanced students that have love it.
From: Jeremy, Overland Park, KS, USA. 1/04

Comments: This is really one of the better strings on the market today. I am a high school varsity player and play at a 5.0 level. The string offers plenty of pop without minimizing control and has a nice clean bite to it. You get a lot of bang for your buck with Lightning XX 17. Serves feel a little stronger than usual, but trying to spin your second serve becomes more difficult. Yet, at the same time, it provides just enough topspin on the groundstrokes to keep it in the court. Unfortunately, many volleys don't feel quite as crisp as they should. I strung mine at 60lbs on a Wilson 5.2 Hyper Hammer, and the string satisfies me for now.
From: Max, Madison, New Jersey, USA. 10/03

Comments: I am a former college varsity player, now 42 yrs old. Big swing, serve and volley and counter punch player. I generally like spin strings, and don't need power since I supply my own. I use a Prince TT Warrior and usually string it at 62 so the strings don't slide around. I strung the Prince Lightning XX 16 g. at 64lbs just for kicks. At that tension, they felt taught but not too stiff. Although they don't appear to have a coating that would bite the ball effectively, I would have to rate it above average for spin control. Plenty of power, but not trampoline-like. Crisp on volleys but not at the high end for touch. I would call it average on both touch and power. I liked that I could swing away and feel confident the ball was going to land in and not 10 feet long. I would recommend trying the string. Appears quite durable too.
From: Nat, Boston, USA. 6/03

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