Prince Lightning XX Silver 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: These strings are awesome. They have good texture which allow the player to have crazy amounts of spin.
From: Wins, 4/15

Comments: I am a Prince fan and really enjoy the performance of these strings. I can't continue to use them because of the poor durability. My strings pop about every 2 weeks (8-10 hours of play) with these strings. I cant complain about the performance (good power and nasty spin), but it is too expensive to re-string every 2 weeks.
From: Alan, 10/13

Comments: These strings broke after about 10 hours of play. Power: A lot of power from these strings. My serves probably got upped by 5 mph or so after switching to these from a lower powered Wilson synthetic. Spin: Quite a bit of spin is achievable with these strings. My backhand slices had a nice bite with these strings. Durability: F. Value: Not high. Great cheap synthetics but break way to easily.
From: John, 5/12

Comments: They broke on the second day of use. Not durable.
From: Yazir. 3/12

Comments: The strings simply don't last. I played maybe 8 times (mix of singles and doubles) with them before they broke. I've never had strings break so fast.
From: David, 9/11

Comments: I hit hard groundstrokes when playing against a decent player and tried this string with a Prince Hybrid Spectrum racquet. Unbelievable power and also control. I felt could put it where I wanted and my groundstrokes consistent. Several times I hit winners from well behind the baseline, which I wouldn't do as much with the Luxilon ALU Power I normally use. Sadly the tension dropped after about 5 sets and I began to lose control, a set later the strings broke after approximately 6 sets in total of 1 week. Please Prince make this string more durable as it's fantastic. Similar products that I have tried are Pro Supex Spiral Flex, Luxilon ALU Power variants, Luxilon Big Banger, synthetic gut, natural gut, and many more.
From: Jim, 9/11

Comments: Wasn't very impressed with these strings as a full bed, but once I tried using XX 16 gauge in the mains and Syn Gut 17 in the crosses found my favorite hybrid. And it is now a combination that I now string for many others. Combines comfort (aging shoulder), power and control at a price that is very reasonable. Usually last 4-6 weeks, playing 3-5 times a week.
From: John, Ephrata, PA, USA, 01/11

Comments: I really enjoyed this string. I felt like it gave me great spin, and didn't affect my power in anyway! But as everyone saying they won't last that long. I strung two sticks with this and one of them started to fray apart after a day, but I'd say that I'm a heavy hitter who has a good amount of spin, so depending on the way you hit you could get a couple good months out of them. I'd give them a 6 out of 10 only because of the durability
From: Eric, San Antonio, TX, USA, 12/10

Comments: It's a good string if you're looking for power, but it not durable, moves and a lot, and doesn't hold tension, popped in 4 day. I play every day for at least 3 hours.
From: Ahmed, Sanad, Bahrain. 7/10

Comments: Not the best string out there. I had the Lightning XX strung at 60 lbs on my Hybrid Hornet. Broke after three months use. Playability was usable, but I don't suggest it for stronger hitters like myself at any NTRP level. I'm a 3.0 - 3.5 player
From: Jonathan, Roxbury, NY, USA, 07/10

Comments: I'm a sophomore in high school, and I play for my varsity team. I got this on my Head Youtek Mojo, and it worked well. The durability is fine, if your not a 26 year old hard hitter with an NTRP of 5.0. It's lasted three months and hasn't lost much tension or frayed at all. As for performance, you get what you pay for. This string isn't especially powerful, nor controlling, nor spin-friendly. It does okay at everything. I won't be buying it again, but only because I have a higher price range than I did when I bought it. If you spend 15 more dollars, you can get better string. That's just a fact.
From: Matt, Clarksville, TN, USA. 06/10

Comments: This plays very well in a Head Flexpoint Radical MP strung at 54 with flatter groundstrokes. It has lasted 3m playing 1x/week hitting serve fairly hard.
From: Barry, Chicago, IL, USA.

Comments: I strung my 03 Speedsport White with this string and my serve was so messed up. Groundstrokes and volleys and the overall spin isn't too bad I guess. This string plays really weird, I can't figure it out, maybe because I've been playing with natural gut for the last year. I don't recommend this string for anyone.
From: Eric, Urbandale, IA, US. 11/09

Comments: I tried this string as what I was looking for was not in stock. I was happily surprised at the power and spin this string provided - Used on a Dunlop Aerogel 100. Compared to previous strings I used, I was able to get a lot more control and spin with out sacrificing any power. I may be switching to this string permanently.
From: Matt, Winston-Salem, NC, USA 08/09

Comments: This string has a really nice feel to it and has great topspin control, but like Zach said if you're an everyday player then I wouldn't recommend it because I used in a tournament played 2 matches and it broke. Other then that great!
From: Em, NJ, USA. 08/09

Comments: Good String. I have strung my O3 Speedport White with Lighting XX 16 gauge three times. The first two times at 58 lbs only to see the strings go flat after about 4 weeks. But the third time was the charm. This time I strung it tight at 63 lbs. Even with the normal loss of 5 to 7 lbs tension over time, the strings somehow stayed tight and are still maintaining good power, spin, control and tension after four months and counting. It's sweet to have this consistent string response over time and it has helped to reduce my unforced errors. I do have a habit of resetting or moving my strings back to their original position many times during a match. Maybe this helps.
From: Bill, San Francisco, CA, 08/09
NTRP: 3.0

Comments: This string does provide awesome power and excellent topspin. I used it in combination with Babolat Max Pro Hurricane Tour and I wasn't crazy about it the first time out but after that I liked it. The strings didn't move bad at all, which I attribute to the hurricane tour in the mains. I found that I was producing so much topspin that I had opponents watching my shots drop in while they expected them to fly long. These string lasted fairly long, about a month and a half, but I was only playing about 3 times a week at the time. Good string I recommend it. 5.0 player, western grip heavy topspin forehand, one handed topspin backhand. 1st serve gets up to about 110-115. I use a Babolat aero pro drive 16x 19
From: zach, tampa, FL US. 7/09

Comments: This string is great on a Prince Speedport Red strung at 60 pounds. It is very durable. It also gives great spin and power, noticeably on groundstrokes and serves. This string tends to lose tension in the summer, but in other seasons it's fine.
From: Anonymous. 7/09

Comments: Good power, great for topspin as well. I use it in my Pure Drive strung at about 58lbs. Looks great in pink as well! Only downside is it loses its tension very quickly. For recreational/club players not necessarily a problem, but for harder hitters it would make it expensive in restrings!
From: Clare, Surre, UK 07/09

Comments: This string is okay if you don't play everyday. Unfortunately it broke in about 2 weeks so I'm done with ever playing with this string.
From: Zack, MI, USA 07/09

Comments: Good String! Love The Power!!! Its Awesome!! But They Don't Hold Tension At All!! :( I Just Got It Back Today From Stringing And They're Already Loose And Moving Around! But The Powers Awesome!!
From: Kristian, Weatherford, Texas, United States. 06/09

Comments: Good hitting for a while. Unfortunately, they broke 3 hours into play on a Wilson (k)factor 6.1 95 at 60 lbs. Wish I could evaluate it further, but ain't going to waste more money to do so.
From: Sam, Singapore. 06/09

Comments: I did a hybrid with these strings on the crosses at 58 and Big Banger Alu Power on the mains at 56. So far, the durability and playability of my racquet (Babolat Aero Storm Tour) is the best it's ever been! Very good string to hybrid.
From: Zach, Trento, Italia. 3/09

Comments: I use the Head Microgel Radical oversize and I use this Prince Lightning XX string and I got it strung at 60 pounds. At first you think the string is stiff but once you get control you really get power and comfort.... I recommend this string for people who have Head Microgel racquets.
From: Hilaire, Canada. 2/09

Comments: First time I tried this string, I used it as the cross string it with the Big Banger, and it does a great job. It's also very easy to work with, I am looking to purchase a reel.
From: Fritz, Boca Raton, Fl. USA. 9/08

Comments: I purchased a Prince 03 Hybrid Hornet OS to replace my Prince Hornet Triple Threat OS, which had Sweet Perfection Strings (no longer available). Prince recommended Lighting XX, so I followed their advice. Big mistake. Significant reduced feel and the strings move often. I finally replace these strings with Gamma Professional 17 -- big difference in price, but well worth it for great feel with the same power.
From: Jack, Wheaton, IL, USA. 9/08

Comments: These are all right strings. I used them on my Prince racquets, generally lasts about 2-3 weeks. They move WAY too much, though. After every point you will be readjusting it. I put these on my Wilson k-six one just to try it out, broke it in 3 days of playing. Not my cup of tea anymore. I had my tension strung at 58 and 60.
From: Ray, VA. 8/08

Comments: I do not get but 5 hours of court time a week but this is probably the best string I have ever used. Many people say that the durability is so bad but mine has broke like once in a month. The only bad part is that they go flat very maybe 2 weeks.
From: Chase, Jeffersonville, IN, USA. 8/08

Comments: OK string, terrible durability, had to string 2-3 times a week. OK power depending on which strings you are used to, although you will get used to it. Not bad if you have the money and time.
From: Anon. 4/08

Comments: I am a 3.5 player who formerly used a Wilson n5 with its stock strings (most probably their synthetics) and switched to a Prince Ozone Seven strung with the Prince Lightning XX 16 (I'm assuming it's at mid-tension at 58 lbs). I will say that it does noticeably give more power than synthetics, and it seems to hit through the ball more smoothly. However, I also found that I'm not able to generate as much spin as I used to, so I would recommend this string to flat-hitters and those who want a smooth feel to it when hitting long rallies.
From: Jim, Leesburg, VA, USA. 4/08

Comments: I loved these strings. They offer a perfect blend of control and power. When needed, you can put a lot of spin or hit very flat. I hit very hard and so far have not needed to replace the strings. I've had the strings for about 2 weeks and no sign of breaking. I recommend this string to anyone. I strung it at 62 lbs.
From: Gerald, Altadena, CA, USA. 3/08

Comments: Sounds like trick-or-treat time after reading all these Lighting XX comments. These strings do offer good power, control and durability if strung correctly. The Lighting XX strings seem to work best on tweener racquets at tensions below 63 lbs.
From: Moronsky, Mavericks Beach, CA. 1/08
Racquet: Prince O3 Speedport White MP
String type and tension: Mains 58 lbs, Crosses 62 lbs
NTRP rating: 3.5

Comments: These strings are not universal or effective on just any size and brand racquet. Lighting XX strings seem to work best on Prince Tweener racquets, especially on their O3 and O3 Speedports tweeners. String breakers will not enjoy these strings, period. When stringing your Lighting XX, the most important key to these strings being successful for you is to have the stringer apply the tension evenly, smoothly and slowly up to 61 maybe 62 psi max. Anymore tension than 62 psi seems to defeat the benefits of the foil wrapping on these strings and they can destruct, sometimes within just a few hours of use. Cold weather can and usually does make these strings go flat. If all the above conditions are right, these strings can be useful and even offer above average results anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. I use them on my O3 Speedport Red at 58 psi for the mains and 61 psi for the crosses, as a one piece string. These strings have never worked for me in any hybrid combo.
From: Dudmore, San Carlos, CA, USA, 01/08

Comments: I loved this string at first. It has good feel and nice "pop" BUT I am stringing my racquets every 6-8 hours of play. Way too expensive for me to keep up with. I'm a womens 5.0 player who hits a hard ball. I wouldn't bother to recommend it to anyone, too much hassle with constantly having a racquet at a stringers with your fingers crossed your other isn't going to break before you get it back.
From: Melissa, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 01/08

Comments: This is a quality string with average life. The spin is average to high. The main quality with these strings is the power. I'm a 4.0+ player who uses the Prince O3 Red series (strung at 58 pounds). These strings wear out after about 4 solid hitting sessions per racquet. They are a good buy for anyone who wants a great power string with average durability.
From: Tom, Michigan, USA. 12/07

Comments: I thought it was a very solid string. I am a 4.5 player with heavy groundstrokes, and I found the durability to be acceptable, though I started to really notice the tension loss in about 15 hours of play. The string has a lot of power and a solid feel. I would recommend them.
From: Ryan, Tampa, Fl, USA, 10/07

Comments: This string has a lot of power. I think It has moderate durability. I play eight hours a week, and it lasted me five weeks. It's soft on your arm, but isn't the best for control.
From: Marco, Chicago, Illinois, USA. 10/07
NTRP rating: 4.0

Comments: Strung as a replacement for Luxilon Alu Power 16L's in my Aeropro Drive Cortex. Much more comfortable and powerful compared to Luxilons and helps to soften the stiffness of the racquet (much better on the arm). Cheaper alternative to Prince's Sweet Perfection 16 but not as soft. Durability shouldn't be a problem as I'm not a string breaker. Highly recommended!
From: Satchman, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA, 10/07

Comments: I personally did not like this string. The synthetic gut duraflex works much better than this. The multifilament was also good.
From: Mani, Santa Clara, CA, USA, 10/07

Comments: I bought a Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet Racquet, which I love. It came with this string and even recommends this string on the racquet. I liked the feel of the string initially but it does wear very quickly. If the string would last longer and maintain its feel I would love it. Recently replaced it with Wilson NXT Max and it has lasted longer but I've given up playability for durability. Wish I could find "the perfect string" for me.
From: Matt, Wilson, NC, USA, 09/07

Comments: These strings are horrible. I had my blue speedport strung with these and they broke in a week. They are great at first and make you think that you finally found the ultimate string, but then they break.
From: Danny, TX, USA, 09/07

Comments: My Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet came pre-strung with the Lightning XX. While I loved the feel and the amount of spin I could generate, the lifespan was pitiful (a whopping 3 trips to the court). A teammate had the same problem with his, but apparently had money burn and had his restrung with the same thing. It wasn't any surprise that his second set lasted just as long as the first. If you aren't restringing once a week (or more for someone with a fast swing), do NOT buy this string!
From: Jarod, Ridgeland, MS, USA, 08/07

Comments: These string stand by its name: Lightning. Meaning it breaks lightning fast. Just randomly pick some of the comment below and you'll know what I am talking about.
From: Alan, Toronto, ON, Canada, 06/07

Comments: I hate these strings the most out of all the strings out on the market! These strings tease you with superior performance, excellent spin, and unbelievable power and then 30 min later I'm experiencing tension loss like no other! I had to lose at least 5-10 pounds and then everything went downhill. Excellent string if you can beat your opponents in 15 min otherwise you'd better get 5 or 6 rackets. (I strung my o3 white at 62 pounds)
From: Ronak, Tempe, AZ, USA, 02/07

Comments: I switched to Lightning XX after experiencing breakage problems with Prince Premier Softflex, and I'm very happy. The performance might be a tiny bit compromised, but it's barely discernible -- and the string isn't breaking.
From: Bill, Washington, D.C., USA, 01/07

Comments: This one has all the spin and power except a little bit of a problem; it breaks too easily. I mean I just got these strings and after about a week I broke them. Otherwise, I recommend this string to anybody who doesn't care for re- stringing every week
From: Victor, Tampa, FL, USA. 9/06

Comments: These strings were amazing, until they broke in a week. The string is good for spin, control, and it has the pop feeling, but the feel of the strings goes down quickly.
From: Ronak, Atlanta, GA, U.S. 08/06

Comments: This is a great string. It has a great blend of power and control. I can get good spin off of this string too (topspin, slice, you name it). The only bad part is I break this string too fast. Both times I broke this string within 2 weeks. Other than that, it's a great string
From: Ricky, Highland, IN, USA 08/06

Comments: A pretty good string. Nice comfort and power, until it breaks. Which it did rather quickly. If you re- string your rackets frequently, this is a great string. However, if you're a hard hitter and a frequent string-breaker, this string will frustrate you. Playability, power and comfort are all there.
From: Chris, San Diego, California 08/06

Comments: This string was all right - I got pretty good pop on it. I hit a pretty flat ball so I can't speak to how well it generates spin but I didn't seem to have trouble when I needed it. I do think however these strings lose their feel quite quickly so I was grateful when they finally broke. Probably would not use again.
From: Darren, Vancouver Canada 04/06

Comments: As a college athlete, I used this string for a while when the team ran out of synthetic gut. It had a decent feel for a while, but durability is beyond horrible. Every once in a while it would last more than a day, but most of the time it would last an hour or 2 then break, and I strung it at 62 and consider myself a more consistent based player. I would not recommend this string to any tournament player.
From: Grant, Ohio 04/06

Comments: I am a 4.5 level tournament player - string my own racquets - and have had no noticeable breakage problem with the 16 gauge Lightning XX. I typically play 3 to 4 times per week - rotating 3 racquets. Normal string life is 5 - 6 weeks or approximately 2 weeks per racquet. The string plays well for me and is a very nice string to work with.
From: Anon 04/06

Comments: These strings are the best strings out there. They have lots of pop, spin, and power, but also control. They play really well with the 03 White racquet. If you're seeking spin and power this is a good string for you.
From: Natty Schneider, Bradenton, FL, USA 04/06

Comments: I am a tournament player using the LM prestige mid and I love this string when I first used it. I soon found that it would lose tension with one hour of play. It was so bad that I would get it newly strung and play a match with it, the first set would be great but if it went to 3 sets my play would significantly decrease because the ball would sail long. I would not recommend this string to anyone who hits hard or plays in tournaments.
From: Matt, Springfield, Massachussetts, USA 03/06

Comments: When I first started using this string I loved it. I soon realized that it lost tension very fast. I went from hitting great in a match to flinging everything long. I wouldn't recommend this string to anyone who wants durability.
From: Matt, Springfield, MA USA 03/06

Comments: This is a solid string, and it does seem to work well on tweener frames, since I use a Prince TT Bandit. In comparison to Synthetic Gut Duraflex, this string is lacking in feel and there is more string movement, but the performance from all-around is better.
From: Ralph, Florida, USA 11/05

Comments: This string does have good power and decent feel. I have had problems generating spin with this string. The outer coating of the string is slippery and doesn't bite into the ball. It is a good string for the money and would work well for flat ball hitters looking for a little more pop. It is a great looking string as well.
From: Eric, Westchester, NY, USA. 9/05

Comments: This string has good power, okay feel, and great durability. I'm a 3.0-3.5 level baseline player that hits hard with moderate to high spin & this string has lasted me over 20 hours so far, strung at 61 lbs. It takes a while to break into but otherwise it's a pretty decent string for the price. Plus it looks really cool with the chrome colored spirals.
From: M. Laval, Quebec, Canada. 7/05

Comments: I am 4.5-5.0 that plays 3-4 days a week. XX works fine FOR ME, lots of power and good feel in my Mid-plus I Radical strung at 55 lbs. Endurance is good, perhaps 8-9 hits. When I strung a friends oversized racquet (4.5 player) it didn't last long at all (1-2 hits). I don't know if it was the racquet size or the way he treated the racquets (leaves racquets in car while at work in TX). I string all his racquets and regular synthetic lasts longer for him, but not as long for me-same stringing machine and stringer (me). Go figure
From: Brian, College Station, TX, USA 07/05

Comments: I thought these strings were perfect...good spin and power...As time goes the performance goes down... and fast
From: Alex, Canyon Country, Ca USA 07/05

Comments: I am a local club player and a boys team High School coach. I have strung with the 16g and the 17g and I find that the durability is about the same. I use the 17 on my frames and put the 16 on the boy's frames for the perceived durability. I play with Babolat PD+ frames strung @ 59 and I get about 4hrs of play on each set. I would not recommend this string for aggressive players. The 16g at the same tension does not even have the same feel. The boys are primarily OS frame players. They swing so hard that the 17g breaks and 16 wears out so fast it's not worth the little extra money. I try to say something positive when I give feedback so... the black looks good with the chrome pieces running through it. For my money and time; for an all-around string stay with the Duraflex same result, costs less and comes in reels. At the same money Wilson Supreme and Gamma Marathon is the better choice. For Prince at this price point its back to the polymer engineering drawing board because the term "If it don't go-chrome it" won't work here.
From: Tom Dundas, Albany, Oregon, USA 05/05
Babolat PD+ and OS Wilson Hype Ham's 5's and 6's
Head Intell's 1 thru 11 @60-62#

Comments: First off, I've been playing tennis for thirty years and play at the 5.0 level in competition, and I DO NOT BREAK THESE STRINGS PREMATURELY, PERIOD! They last me as long as other better grade, solid core, synthetic gut strings, and longer than many others I've tried over the years. There are a whole host of reasons why some folks claim that this or that string breaks after one minute, or one set or...(insert your broke-too-soon play time here), and most of these can be attributed to poor stringing on a cheap machine (usually strung by the player in question or a buddy). Do yourself a treat and have a professional stringer using a pro-grade electronic stringing machine feed your pet racquets: they'll love you for it, and play to the best of your ability. Oh, I forgot--good strings, by the way, have an almost multifilament feel to them but hold tension way better, Cheers...
From: Jack, Los Angeles, Ca. U.S.A.

Comments: This is the worst string ever made, don't buy it. I strung 4 rackets with these strings testing them for the first time and they all snapped in fewer then 4 hours of hitting. I have prince graphite rackets and my strings usually lasts 10 hours or more at 62lbs. Don't Buy!
From: D, Alameda, CA, US

Comments: Was not impressed with performance. I play a prince shark and the strings gave no visible power or spin amplification and control was not very good. If looking for all around great strings, try the gamma tnt2 or the Wilson sensation. I play a prince shark
From: Steve, Laguna Nigual, California, USA. 04/05

Comments: This string is very nice, though it didn't last long. I had it for about month and a half and played for about 10h a week. Good string, great for spin.
From: Leon, CT, USA. 01/05

Comments: I thought the string was an average string with surprisingly excellent durability. For those of you who say they broke their strings after a set or less...they must be stringing their racquet wrong or something. I use prince more attack racquet and I got at least 8 sets of hard hitting out of these strings.
From: Joe, hbg, pa, USA. 10/04

Comments: This is the absolute worst string I have ever used. I am an advanced player using a Wilson 6.1 and the string broke in 1 hour. I think that intermediate players and beginning players should use this string and all advanced players should stay far away from it. Also, the string doesn't have good feel whatsoever.
From: Ben, New York, USA. 08/04

Comments: I do a lot of Lightning XX string jobs and it plays a lot better than it's low price. It's pretty economical, except it snaps and doesn't fray or really give much of a warning sign .Good tension holding, good power, but it'll move around on you right before it goes. Good control in a soft, but not mushy package. A winner in my book. Comparable to Gamma TNT, Klip Scorcher, and Babolat Fiberace in certain aspects, but almost half the price.
From: Hawaii 5.0, Talk Tennis. 4/04

Comments: I was pleasantly surprised by the durability of the string, I expected to bust them sooner. However I experience I huge tension drop after a week or so. These strings gave a extra power boost to my shots, but didn't have enough spin potential. Its an ok string.
From: Wei, Atlanta, GA, USA. 3/04

Comments: I am a baseline 4+ player playing with a Wilson 5.3 110. My personal experience is that this string sets new standards for breaking quickly. My first set broke after a few minutes the corner main string (of all strings) broke. A freak case perhaps I thought. But then my next one broke after just a hour or so even though I had put on Babolat Elastocross. I have one more set of string left, and I am going to junk it since it's just not worth spending the effort stringing this stuff.
From: Jay, Sunnyvale, CA, USA. 2/04

Comments: This String felt really good when I first started using it. It had a good bite on the ball which enabled me to hit the ball even harder. I thought it was great for a while. After A month of constant use during my season last year, it started losing its string performance and they didn't hit the ball quite as well. After a second month, the strings broke. They were good while they lasted but they were not worth the 30 dollars I paid for them when they were first released.
From: Chris, Saratoga, NY, USA. 2/04

Comments: To my surprise, this string made my Prince More Precision MP racquet play like a cannon. I strung it at 60lbs. and I thought it gave me way too much power. I'm 16 years old and was rated 5.0. You'll get good spin and it is a comfortable string to hit with, but overall I thought it gave too much power and not enough control for me to use.
From: Mike, Chicago, IL, USA. 12/03

Comments: This is only an o.k. string, nothing special, IMO. The durability is not improved over other Prince synthetic gut strings in my experience. I feel that Tecnifibre E-matrix is a better value.
From: Gaines, Marietta, GA, USA. 11/03

Comments: This is the best string on the market for overall play. It has power, control, durability, and looks. It's good for a hard hitter strung very tight, or for a soft power string strung light.
From: Bowman, Ocean Springs, MS, USA. 10/03

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